Kissing Toads Part III

4FrogNothing takes the taste out of peanut butter like unrequited love.
Charlie Brown, Peanuts Cartoon

1 Frog, 2 Frog,
Red Frog, New Frog

If your life was a movie, what theme song would you play in the background? To set the stage for this next post, tune-in to my favourite by Rickie Lee Jones, as you read this post and the saga continues.

4 Frog  

In my late twenties, I was young, naive and in love with Al.  He was handsome, popular and dedicated to many social causes.  We did everything together.  We partied, volunteered at all kinds of fundraising campaigns, and enjoyed wonderfully long canoe trips in Algonquin Park.  He was always the center of activity, surrounded by great friends, and devoted fans.  He was a lucky guy and I felt lucky being his girl.

I didn’t tell anyone the real story behind my collection of frogs and one day, was alarmed when Al bought me an assortment of colourful plastic, origami, and even lime green marzipan frogs.  Soon after that, he telephoned to say he couldn’t celebrate my birthday with me as he’d planned a camping trip up north with the boys and would be gone for a long weekend.  Later, I lost my appetite for marzipan when I discovered that “the boys” had included two gorgeous women.  Deeply hurt, I confronted Al and he responded by breaking-up with me on the spot.  Another toad kissed and no prince.

5 Frog

Next is a long story but I’ll try to cut it short.  I was in a relationship with a brilliant man for several years.  One day, in one of his less bright moments, he arrived from work smelling of perfume.  When I asked if he’d been sprayed by his little niece, or perhaps a sales clerk, he became very angry, so I let it go.

At another time, he embraced me to say goodnight and my nose picked-up the familiar scent.  My hackles raised as I envisioned a woman’s perfumed wrists against his neck.  This was the final straw of many.  But, no!  The man was smart.  He talked his way out of that scrape.  Like a highly skilled litigation lawyer, he pointed the finger at me, accusing me of mistrust, intolerable insecurity, and insanity.

A short while after that, he surprized me with a gigantic frog statue to decorate the garden and I finally woke-up.  It was a sign and time to end things.  So I did.
Toads: 5.  Prince Charming: 0

There is a twist to this tale of toads, so tune-in next week!

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Written by Elizabeth Rose, Author, Diamond Lantern








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