Kissing Toads Part II

photo by Mike Smith

photo by Mike Smith

Truth is stranger than fiction.
Mark Twain

One Frog
Two Frog
Red Frog
New Frog

Last week’s saga continues.  Did you manage to think of a fairy tale that best described your life?  I couldn’t think of one so my version of Dr. Seuss’s book title still stands.  1 Frog, 2 Frog.  Now it’s time to meet Red Frog and New Frogs.

Red Frog

In my new apartment, I lived with a roommate.  She and her boyfriend were eager to set me up on a date with their friend Richard because they thought we’d be the perfect couple together.  Perhaps they were a little too enthusiastic because, for over a year, I had no interest in meeting him and he never seemed to be around when they wanted to pull us together.  Time passed until one night, when I was sitting alone in the apartment watching TV, the front door opened.  My heart skipped a beat when a SUPER CUTE guy walked in wearing a sheepish grin on his face.  He looked at me and said, “Hi!  I’m Richard.  You must be Elizabeth!”  My roommate and her boyfriend walked in looking triumphant.  Yup.  They were right!  Soon, Richard and I fell into a whirlwind romance filled with exciting trips and exotic vacations.

At one point, Richard changed careers and began building.  He started with a luxury house up north.  He wasn’t in town very often, but we spoke regularly on the phone.  After completing the house, he sold it and started building other homes.  Sadly, each one was located further and further away from me.  Every new building project created more distance between us until, finally, he just disappeared.

Did I mentioned that I did receive a lovely gift from Richard?  It was a beautifully carved wood statue of a red frog, standing upright, dressed as a warrior.  A warrior frog!  How thoughtful.  I put it on the shelf beside the other three frogs.

New Frog

Thereafter, people assumed that I collected frogs and more frogs showed-up in my apartment.  I had never requested frogs.  Regardless, they appeared as if by magic.  My roommate bought me a beautiful cement garden frog.  My dear friend Sarah sent me a unique Russian frog.  Friends and family ensured that I received all things frog, until they adorned every surface of my apartment.

There is more to this story.  Tune-in again next week!

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Written by Elizabeth Rose, Author, Diamond Lantern


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