Jump Out of Your Skin

Calm Relaxed OpenSpirit is Love Set On Fire

How often have you found yourself immersed in the daily trials and tribulations of life, caught-up in negative emotions.  When untreated, these emotions can lead to illness and physical pain.  Emotion can be healthy, but uncontrollable emotions, the ones you just can’t shake, are an automatic response left over from childhood.  How your subconscious was programmed in childhood is what controls you 95% of the time.

It can actually seem simpler and easier to drown in misery, or limp through pain, than to make the effort to change your emotional wiring.  Working to rise above your inner child programming takes effort.  It can feel far more challenging to rise above your autopilot mode of fear, and easier to endure suffering, when your subconscious programming has made suffering a familiar and comfortable place.

If you’ve always felt anxious, suddenly finding yourself without anxiety may be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and even scary.  If you’ve spent hours each day filled with anxiety, emotional eating, or contemplating worst case scenarios, what will you fill your days with when the anxiety’s gone?  Maybe it’s easier not to rise and shine.

How can you rise above pain and suffering, transcend, and uplift your spirit?  Perhaps you can even go so far as to ascend into the uplifted world of the spirit.  Meditation is the ticket.  To fast-track this process, try hypnosis by visiting a clinical hypnotist or metaphysical hypnotist.

Meditation, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis take regular training and practice.  Not everyone is motivated to eat healthy food and work-out daily.  Why would you add another 10 to 60 minutes to meditate, go into hypnosis, or self-hypnotize?

Meditation can do amazing things.  People who practice meditation find themselves sleeping better, achieving improved longevity, and feeling more relaxed.   Hypnosis is simply meditation with a purpose.  A hypnotist uses suggestions and a variety of mental exercises to target and alleviate all forms of suffering, plus create desired new behaviors.

There’s another benefit to meditation and hypnosis.  When you relax, your mind becomes open and the universe takes this opportunity to teach you things.  In a hypnotic trance, you may experience new sensations or feelings, or you may see imagery or experience lucid dreaming, and have new awareness or insights.  You may even become conscious that loving spirit guides are working with you.  Regardless of your experience, with practice, you will feel better and better.

I once thought the spirit world was the stuff of myths.  When I depended on common sense, and all the other senses like taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound, the world appeared void of magic and mysticism.  I suppose that’s why the ‘spirits’ finally chose shock tactics to get my attention, described in my book, “Diamond Lantern.”  Much later, I realized that the spirit world has a sense of humour. Those stories will be in my next book.

Even when I had a sense of the paranormal, at first glance, I didn’t see it.  It took many attempts at meditation, and a few so-called “ghosts” jumping out at me, to finally snap me out of my daily trance and explore the world beyond the five senses.  With enough exploration, it becomes pretty obvious that we are all just spirits having a human experience.  Put another way, we’re just ghosts in a body suit.  Any near-death experiencer or out-of-body explorer can tell you how they floated up and looked down at their body.  When faced with emotional or physical trauma, many people can recall jumping out of their skin, in the most literal sense.  It was a knee-jerk response they couldn’t control.  At the Monroe Institute, I learned to astral travel.  You have more control over your consciousness than you may realize.

Twenty years ago, nobody in my circles talked about spirits and consciousness.  Today, spirituality, consciousness and spirit guides are becoming main stream topics.  People are becoming more aware of the spirit world that governs our world and paying more attention to the messages they receive from spirit guides.  They’re working harder to connect with their own soul or higher self.

Spirit connects with you when you’re in a meditative, hypnotic or lucid state.  In these states, innovative ideas, profound wisdom, and unconditional love are knocking on your door.  In my experience, the unconditional love you experience in the spirit world is far more intense than anything you’ll ever experience in the physical world.  It’s love set on fire.  My experiences with the spirit world have been life-changing because my awareness became heightened.  To get there yourself, all you have to do is feel calm, become more relaxed, and allow yourself to be open.  Wishing you great success exploring your own consciousness.