It’s Time!

Canopy of TreesTime flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” –Nathaniel Hawthorne

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that time is always ripe to do right.”  –Nelson Mandela

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” –Bil Keane

There are many quotes about time but the most powerful words I ever heard were simply, “It’s time!”

These words can come to you when you’ve had enough.  They’ll rise from your heart to your head when you’re ready to take on a new challenge, get things done, or make a change that you’ve been avoiding for ages.  At times, I’ve been a master at procrastination.  Perhaps you’ve also avoided something in your life.  Maybe a deep-rooted but irrational fear has kept you locked-up with its vice grip hold.

How easy it can be to lose yourself in the daily grind.  Instead of conscious awareness, do you notice sometimes that you’re on auto-pilot?  Throughout the day, do you respond to familiar stimuli with clichés, repetitive phrases, and comments?  Even when the topic’s new, has it occurred to you that your take on that subject may be ‘as old as the hills?’  How often have you watched and been amazed, or perhaps disappointed, when your own history has repeated itself, over and over again.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

We’re all on auto-pilot most of the time.  Like a broken record, the subconscious mind replays our ancient theme songs.  What’s yours?  Have your comfort zones become increasingly uncomfortable?  Do they sometimes feel more like a trap?

Major shocks can break you from this state of trance and awaken you from your daily routine.  When your sleep walk through life comes to an abrupt end, once fully alert, and present in the moment, you may suddenly remember who you really are.  Perhaps you’ll recall forgotten talents, gifts, or abilities.  Perhaps ancient dreams and desires will come back to haunt you.  What once mattered most to you?  What haven’t you done that you really wanted to do, all your life?  Why are you even here, on Planet Earth?

Sudden shocks can work like self-correcting mechanisms that reconnect you to your core values.  They push you off your beaten path and land you in new, unfamiliar but revitalizing territory where you can become filled with new realizations, insights, and inspiration.  Things that mattered previously diminish in importance, and no longer have meaning.

There’s a short-cut.  Instead of waiting years for an unexpected shock wave to tremor, shake or crumble the ground beneath your feet, why not try a more gentle wake-up call?  Hypnosis is a time tested and proven technique, that allows you to become more confident, self-aware, or eliminate fears, anxieties, and destructive behavior patterns.  It’s also an amazing opportunity to explore consciousness and spirituality.

All day long, we work hard to look good on the outside and keep up appearances, no matter what.  Day in, day out, it can be difficult to consistently maintain our professionalism, appear calm, cool and collected, while putting out the little or big ‘fires’ that flare-up around us.

A solution lies within.  With the aid of Hypnosis, you take care of yourself on the inside, more easily cope, and better manage the world around you.  With hypnosis, when you heighten your awareness, change your subconscious programming, you can feel a whole lot better, in every way.

Maybe it’s time to change your theme.  Try hypnosis  and sing a new song!

Elizabeth Rose