It Is Time

“There’s a big inner revolution coming up.”  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder, Sahaja Yoga

A friend asked me last summer, “What are you seeing? Is it time?”  I breathed a deep sigh and recalled all that I have seen, heard or felt over the last ten years and responded, “Yes, it’s time”.  In my body, soul and spirit, I have always sensed that a change was coming, a major shift from our current path.  Now, the signs are appearing at a more feverish pace.

For decades, our Planet has been reaching out to us for help.  It took me the last ten years to finally understand that she has been communicating regularly with different forms of telepathy.  When she has been unable to penetrate our thoughts, she has resorted to sending messages through people who can channel (i.e. communicate with non-physical beings).  I suspect I am  just one of countless humans who have been receiving her messages.  The messages from Mother Earth are now clearer, louder and more urgent than they’ve ever been.

In my case, Mother Earth has repeatedly transmitted an image of a path leading back to nature.  I have seen this same path many times now, in one point perspective, with trees or mountains on either side.  Other times, Mother Earth has transmitted the most breathtaking images of nature, then contrasted these with pictures of the stark devastation caused by mankind.  I have also seen an image similar to a dog shaking the water off its back, but it was the Earth shaking human parasites off her back.

Humans may indeed face major geological changes and upheavals that result in pain, devastation or death.  However, physical survival is just a brief moment in the existence of a spirit.  Everyone who reads this knows that their physical life will eventually end.  From what I’ve learned, we’re only in a physical state because the Earth presents opportunities to learn and grow.  Staying physically alive is not the point.  The point is spiritual growth and heightened awareness.

Humanity has reached a critical point. In front of us is an opportunity to take one giant step in order to make a collective quantum leap in consciousness.  Perhaps that is what 2012 is about.  Repeatedly, I am hearing that we Earthlings have one chance to evolve, or remain stuck in the karmic cycle of reincarnation for much longer than needed.  Some, like Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, say we could be stuck forever.

Create your own best case scenario.  Meditate, meditate, meditate!  Connect with your higher self.  Enlightenment is contagious.  When you grow in consciousness, everyone around you is lifted.

“So this is the time of new human evolution.  This is the time.  If you miss it, you’ll miss it forever.”  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder, Sahaja Yoga


  1. Dear Elizabeth, I just want to tell you how much I like reading your articles and I do agree, it’s so true that the humans may indeed face major geological changes and we’re only in a physical state because the Earth presents opportunities to learn and grow, and in fact – The point is spiritual growth and heightened awareness.

    The other day some friends of mine, called “colleague’s of art” in facebook excluded me because they did not like me putting Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer’s short video clip – how to encourage healing of our planet, on their wall. It’s a pity they didn’t understand and are aware of what ‘s going on in our world, but since everyone has to make their own choices I simply accept that we have got different paths to walk in our life’s.

    Even though some people prefer to miss this time of mind shift I wish to do as much as possible to make them change their minds, but some may be stuck in the karmic cycle forever like Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says. I wish that we all could come together and be the ONE that we really are so that we can all grab this forthcoming opportunity and take one giant step in order to make a collective quantum leap in consciousness. So meditate, meditate, meditate is absolutely the path we all should join.

    An other thing that struck my mind is that I would very much like to translate your Dreamhealer Essey into Swedish because there are so many similarity’s to my own experiences but I can’t find it on Adam’s new web site, neither here. I have got this, kind of strange feeling and I wonder what made me feel so drawn to Vancouver, Canada and that there must have been a reason for it. Last night I had a message in my mind which told me that now Carina, it’s time for you to write all about your own experiences and hopefully some more swedes can open up for their own ability’s!

    Do you mind if I translate your Dreamhealer Essey into Swedish?

    Much Love, Light & Joy

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Carina,
      Thank you so very much for your kind comments and please go ahead and interpret the Dreamhealer Essay in Swedish. This would be a great honour for me and I would also love to have a copy of the translation. I will post both versions of the Essay on this site.
      You have such beautiful artwork ( Your artistic friends may be on a different path, but that’s okay. No matter which level of consciousness we are working on, eventually, I know in my heart that we will all come together again as ONE because we all started out as ONE, and hence are all loved equally in our creator’s eyes.
      Carina, thank you again for your thoughts.
      Much Love, Light and Joy!