Is developing psychic ability important?

Success is a welcome gift for the uninhibited mind.
Adlin Sinclair

Some people see auras, visions of the future, or ghosts.  Other people can heal through touch or remotely by using their intention.  However, many people experience nothing paranormal at all.  For many people, there is nothing beyond physical reality.

Is developing your psychic ability important?

No.  It’s an indicator, a benefit, and part of the process.

Personal growth is what’s really important!

Physicist, Thomas Campbell, commented that psychic ability is the result that comes from expanding your awareness.  Once we have grown and expanded in consciousness, we can see beyond the everyday physical reality to the larger non-physical reality that is the bigger picture.  However, first and foremost, Earth is a school and we are here in a physical state to learn lessons.  Free will is the mechanism by which we grow and when we make decisions out of love, we grow and evolve in consciousness.   The reverse is true as well.

Having established that the number one goal is to grow in consciousness and consistently come from a place of love, psychic experiences are also opportunities for growth.

Your intuition might have been developed in a past life, perhaps when you were a guru, a shaman, or a monk.  The universe will provide reminders.  I’ve had many such ‘reminders’ of the non-physical reality or spirit world.  At first, these experiences were alarming.  I didn’t understand what was happening, though my awareness expanded on the spot!  Now, I understand that everything is a lesson so the thing to ask is, ‘What can I learn from this?’

Many people don’t recognize their psychic abilities and too readily dismiss nudges from the universe.  However it is important to take notice when vivid dreams, strange coincidences, or bizarre unexplainable events happen.  We are being helped along the way.  Recognize that the universe is working to broaden your awareness and accelerate your growth.   Simple things, like an old tune or a thought dropping into your head, might be a nudge to pay attention.  Ask, ‘what does this mean’ or, ‘what am I being told to pay attention to’?

For some of us, it is very tempting to make exploring altered states of consciousness a priority in order to understand the non-physical reality.  However, the task is to focus primarily on being a loving, compassionate and caring person.  Psychic ability will develop as a result and let you know that you’re plugged into a much larger reality.

..I wrote this as a reminder to self 🙂