How to Stop Judging?

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Today I became very frustrated with myself because I couldn’t seem to stop judging people.  Walking to work, crossing the street for a coffee, and finally walking home, I became increasingly conscious of my tendency to judge people simply by noticing their differences.  That person was very tall, this person was particularly short, another person looked uncomfortable in his own skin,  …and on it went.   Annoyed at myself, I thought, ‘Enough already!  How do I stop judging people?’

As a streetlight turned red, I paused on the corner.  Waiting for the light to turn green, I watched in silence as cars and more pedestrians passed by.  For a moment I stopped thinking and then it hit me.  None of this is real!

If you, like the Buddhists, the Eckhart Tolles, and the Thomas Campbells, of the world conclude that it is only our ‘consciousness’ that is real and the rest is an illusion, then there’s the answer.  If NONE of the physical stuff is real, including a person’s skin and body, then looking at a person is like looking at a painting.  When you look at a piece of art, you will likely catch a glimpse of the artist’s mood, see their expressions or concerns, perhaps a hint of their personality.  However, you will not truly know that person intimately or see into the depths of their soul by looking at them from the outside.

Seeing people as works of art helped me to make the shift.  Each soul was now wrapped in a different design.  Their body had started out as a raw canvas and was now painted with every thought, or shaped with emotions and experiences.  The skin is not the person.  The cover is not the book.  Gee, where had I heard that before?!  Finally, this ancient wisdom had moved from my head to my heart.  A eureka moment and freedom from judgement at last!   …at least for today.

Wishing you Light, Love and Joy!!!