How To Interpret Dreams

  “All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams. Elias Canetti”

Lately, I’ve received some strong directives from my dreams.  In my opinion, the best book for dream interpretation has been written by Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation.  When you read his dream dictionary, it becomes apparent that your dreams are often pointing to your spiritual gifts that may be under-utilized.

Recently, I dreamed of two identical silver airplanes.  I was flying one of them.  In formation, our two aircraft took off from Earth, flew up through the clouds, through the atmosphere and into a space that had nothing in it.  I stepped out of my plane and my friend stepped out of his plane.  We stood floating in a void that had an interesting orange glow to it.  As we chatted about our mission, I played with my silver plane, floating it around like a toy.  He was floating as he was chatting with me.  Eventually, we climbed into our aircraft and headed back to Earth to fulfill our mission.

So what does this mean?  When you see two of anything, it can mean you are a medium or a channel.  The colour silver indicates intuition and psychic ability.  Taking off in a plane is about starting a new project.  Orange is about career.

Here is a summary of a few dream symbols from Michael’s book that indicate spiritual gifts.  When you start tracking your dreams, you’ll find a lot of clues, nudges, and crystal clear directives about what you should be doing in this lifetime.  Have fun!


Colour Green with Pink (or Peach); Books, Newspapers, Libraries, Pearls, Snakes, Bridge; History of isolation; Ability to harmonize opposites; Counsellor as guide.

Hands on Healer (Energizer)

Color Gold, sun, gold coins, hands, food, powerful horse, powerful car or motorbike, power source, generator, influence of dad; A rheumatic healer is indicated by copper or copper coins in dreams;  A crystal healer is indicated by diamonds and other crystals; Healer as guide, waiter serving food or drink.

Intuitive / Psychic

Color Silver or Indigo; Silver coins, moon, light, lamp, third eye.Babies born developed or with a sixth sense; Unusual large windows or glass doors on a house; Influence of mother is important so may show up in dreams; Psychic as a guide.

Medium / Channel

Reference to twins or two of anything, attention drawn to aisles between rows of seats in a church, flying with guide, post office, music, puns on the word channel, dolphins, whales, cylinder, tube; Postman, singer, actor, film star or medium as guide.