How to Get Un-Stuck

“When you change the way
you look at things,  the things you look at change.”
Wayne Dyer

How many times in your life have you felt stuck?  Certainly I recall many times when I’ve felt stuck in a rut and couldn’t see my way out of it.  Years ago, I saw a cartoon that showed a little man who was stuck in a rut that was depicted as a small crater in the earth.  The first frame showed the man falling into the rut.  The second frame showed him grimacing, sweating, leaping up and down and struggling to jump out of the rut.  In the final frame, the little man was sitting on the floor completely relaxed and smiling because he had decorated his rut with pretty pictures and a bouquet of flowers.

Absolutely everything in your life is a choice.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are making choices every few minutes and it is our choices that dictate our lives.  I can recall times in the past when I have felt stuck and thought the situation was due to circumstances beyond my control.  However, when I started to really analyze what led me to a certain place, I saw that it was a number of my decisions that got me to that point.  All day long, we are making decisions and weighing the pros and cons of each one.  We are thinking, should I go left or right, should I say yes or no, should I make lunch now, or go do the laundry first and make lunch later.  When you stop and think about it, you can easily catch yourself in the middle of your decision-making process, and learn to control it.  When every decision takes you closer to your dreams and goals, you will get there faster.

Recently, I listened to an interview where Author, Lynn Pierce provided a handy set of ‘Personal Inventory Questions‘ to help people get-unstuck.  These are tough questions, but if you can answer ‘why’ to all of them, chances are you will begin to take control and your life will flow.

Personal Inventory Questions

  • Why are you in the relationship that you’re in (personal and professional)?
  • Why are you doing the job that you do currently, whether you have a career or not?
  • Why are you working where you work now?  For example, do you work for someone else, own your own business?  Why do you work at home as opposed to having an office?
  • Why do you spend your free time the way you spend it?  (Don’t answer that you don’t have any free time.  Free time is the time technically that you’re not sleeping or working in your job.  So why do you spend it the way you spend it.)
  • Why do you live where you live?  (Don’t answer with, ‘I can’t’ live anywhere else’.  When you create a blue print for your life, things shift so much more easily.)

These questions will help to keep you on-track.  When you can answer “Who am I? What am I here for? Am I living my life on purpose?” then everything is possible for you!