How to Get More Out of Your Day

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Each Day

1              Purpose

How can I serve greatly?
High performers are always connected to purpose.  They`re always connecting to the meaning of life and the meaning of why they`re doing what they`re doing.  People feel it.  At the end of our lives we all ask, did I live, did I love, did I matter?

2              Presence
How present am I? What Level am I? (Scale of 1-10)
  Get to a level ten – kick-it up.

Presence – the ability to become fully invested in the moment emotionally, energetically.  Where are your body and emotions in the moment?  Get fully present when it matters.

3              Psychology
Am I living my truth, my highest self?

Psychology – Direction in terms of your identity.  When I think of myself, my identity…

Personal Identity:  Define your personal identity.  For example, Brendon`s personal identity comes down to three words:  He is Present, Enthusiastic, and Bold (willing to stretch himself)

Social Identity:  Define your social identity.  For example, Brendon`s social identity is: Caring, Inspiring (trying to uplift this person) and Engaged

4              Physiology
Ask yourself every day:  Am I rested? (sleep 7-8 hours/day)  Am I hydrated? (drink 6 litres of water a day)

Physiology is about a sustained level of energy and engagement in life that does not go away.

5              Productivity
Ask yourself multiple times a day, what is my mission today?  What must I accomplish today to move this project or my life forward?

Producing is the root word of productivity – getting things done that are relevant to what you have to accomplish in life.  Give yourself something that lights you up every morning or every day, so you`re excited about tackling it.

6              Persuasion
Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm?

When you`re demonstrating bold enthusiasm, you are willing to push the status quo.  Bold enthusiasm is enthusiasm, excitement and optimism for the future and the moment.  Nothing sells like enthusiasm.  It`s an emotional contagion.  If you`re trying to influence your team, your community or your kids, have you been demonstrating bold enthusiasm?  What level have you demonstrated (not just felt) but demonstrated.  People who grow empires, mobilize their communities, have one secret.  The development of the persuasion skills.  They influence people, take ideas and transform them into inspiration.

ref:  Brendon Burchard, Author, Millionaire Messenger