How to Erase Time

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.”  Einstein

According to one of The Monroe Institute’s channeled recordings, our physical experience of time can be slowed or even reversed to the point that we can age far more gracefully:

“The cells within your body hold onto memories.  They remember what you believe aging is all about.  If it is in a particular manner, they will follow your instructions and at various points in your body will have stored, to discharge, certain substances at the appropriate time and stop others.   This is a process you have been involved with since you began your physical journey.”

“If you wish to change this, then you must seek out an idea that you’ve held, and have held since you were a child for instance, about what aging is, and if you become acquainted or reacquainted with this idea, you will find that you stored it within a particular place within your body.  And if you find it there, you may coax it out.  You may coax it out so that it is no longer necessary.”

In my experience, energy work such as ‘ NET’ or ‘Body Talk’ are two ways to heal energy blocks that are causing disturbances in your health or negative recurring patterns in your every day life experience.  ‘NET’ and ‘Body Talk’ identify where ancient wounds, unresolved traumas, or belief systems are lodged in your body.  Once located, massage or chiropractic techniques can release them.

The last time I attended an NET session, the practitioner identified a violent trauma when was I attacked 17 lifetimes ago.  She asked my body certain questions.  Through energy testing and the process of elimination, she deduced what  had occurred, the emotions that remained unresolved, and where they were still stuck in my energy body and physical body.  In those days, I was a young Japanese Geisha in my teens who had experienced a brutal attack by two older men.  As a consequence, I had lost my value as a Geisha and this left me feeling sorry for myself.  According to the practitioner, the unresolved feelings were still playing like a broken record in my subconscious and causing some health issues in this lifetime.

What I found interesting was, once the NET practitioner identified the unresolved emotions, they surfaced to my current memory and I felt intense feelings of rage and sadness rise up out of nowhere.  The feeling of ‘poor me‘ flooded through my veins like a tidal wave, then, to my amazement, the image of that ancient and violent event suddenly flashed in front of my eyes and was gone.

One might think this was due to a vivid imagination.  However, when I walked out of the doctor’s office that day, I felt lighter than air and the health issues have been steadily disappearing.

Heal the Problem Child Within You.