How Dreams can Save Your Life

“Dreams are the seedlings of reality.”  Napoleon Hill

Dreams provide you with extensive information about how to fix your life.  A while back, I had a dream that I was sitting on a wooden porch.  The porch was rotting and I could see a massive worm and two centipedes in the soil below.  Before that, I had a dream of a wooden chair with a white cloth on the seat.  A four year old child walked by the chair just as I realized there was a poisonous snake hiding under the cloth that was about to strike the child.  In the dream, I sprang into action and moved the child to safety.  In another dream, I found myself blocking insects from coming through a screen door.

According to Dream Interpreter, Michael Sheridan, snakes and worms warn that something you’re doing, such as poor eating or exercise habits, may lead to cancer.  It’s a warning to change something in order to prevent becoming ill.  The ‘seat’ of the chair and me ‘sitting’ on the porch signified issues with the colon.  The age of the child in the dream suggested that something that happened when I was four was now affecting my health.  Dreaming of a ‘screen’ door or window meant I needed to be screened through a medical facility.

The dreams were vivid, memorable and told me to take action right away.  Since cancer loves sugar and ‘dead‘ food, I reduced my sugar intake and consumed far more raw fruits and vegetables.  To heal whatever happened when I was four, I tried hypnotherapy, past life regression and NET Neural Emotional Technique.  Finally, I got screened.  Since taking all of these measures, the threatening symbols no longer appear in my dreams.

Digestion System Symbols

On his web site, Michael Sheridan provides a handy chart to interpret dream symbols that may indicate potential issues with your digestive system.  Since there’s a lot of stress in the world, it is our digestion system that can suffer the most:

Anger Anger is the emotion most often seen as a cause of digestive problems. People ‘eat with anger’. All the negative emotion being poured into the food adversely affects our digestive system.
Back door The back door of the body (house representing the body) is the rectum.
Car trunk Elimination system.. The back of the car (with the car representing the body)
Cooker (hob) Where we cook food. A dream showing milk boiling over on the cooker and spilling down onto the floor indicates an allergy to milk / dairy products. It would also indicate anger (boiling) that needs to be dealt with.
Dirt tracks / roads Colon. The colon is our ‘dirt track’.
Dark passages (especially with dirt or dust on floor) Colon.
Drainpipe Colon. Our ‘drain pipe’.
Food items Dreams showing food items in a negative way indicate that the body has difficulty eliminating the specific food item. For example a dreamer could find himself removing soggy milk cartons which are clogging the toilet. Literally indicating that the body cannot properly eliminate dairy products.
Food items exploding Speaks for itself. Don’t eat / drink the food item in question.
Fridge Indicates the stomach because we store / place food into the fridge.
Garden path, cemented ‘back passage’ Colon. Indicates the path that food takes through the body is ‘cemented’.
Grave, tomb, burial place Stomach. Probably sounds morbid but symbolically we put dead meat into a grave and the stomach.
Hosiery, tights Intestines.
Kitchen A place where we prepare and eat food.
Kitchen table A place where we eat food.
Mixing bowl Bowl is a pun on bowel.
Mouldy hay / barn Mould is growing inside the colon. Usually indicative of the condition Candida Albicans.
Mouldy room, paper / plaster falling off walls The state of the kitchen / bathroom shows the state of our digestive system. If the room is mouldy it indicates that mould is growing inside the colon. If plaster / paper is falling off the walls it indicates that the lining of the intestines is damaged.
Queue / line of people, cars (etc.) A common symbolism is to see a line of people at a bus stop but the dream could show any queue, e.g. a line of taxis at a taxi rank. This indicates a slow moving colon.
Rubbish disposal Colon / rectum.
Sewer Colon is toxic.
Shopping trolley Stomach. We place food items into a shopping trolley.
Slugs, slow moving animal Indicates that food moves through the colon too slowly. Keep watching your dreams for signs of improvement which would be indicated by faster animals.
Sink. Represents the kidneys (two taps) and bladder.
State of floor The state of the floor often indicates the elimination system.
Things falling into tea or coffee Cut down / eliminate consumption of the drink in question.
Toilet – toilet bowl The elimination system / bowels.
Train tracks, tractors Pun on digestive tract.
Turf Colon. Mostly because of the color of turf.
Wash basin Represents the kidneys (two taps) and bladder.
Washing machine A very common symbol for the stomach because of its ‘churning’ motion.


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