Heart …to Heart …to Heart

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”  Buddha

Four days ago, I discovered that new scientific evidence suggests our hearts communicate with one another energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions) by transmitting emotional and intuitive signals.  Of course, this is not new.  Jesus transmitted Divine Light through his heart and the ripple effect became global.  Healing your own body, heart and spirit will heal others simply because our hearts communicate in this way. When we heal and the Divine Light shines through us, that light shines in the hearts of those around us, and the same ripple effect occurs.

Three days ago, I heard a channeled message by a non-physical being to read a book called : “The Heart Code”.  I haven’t read it yet, but suspect it will assist in understanding more about how to heal our hearts, and how our hearts can heal others.

For a decade, I have experienced troubling nightmares where I carried my luggage to the airport but did not manage to board the aircraft, or missed my flight.  In the dream, dashing to the airport, clothes would be falling out of my suitcase and I’d be stopping to stuff them back in, and would miss my flight. In some dreams, I’d finally be seated on the aircraft, but would remember something I forgot to pack.  Rushing off the plane to find something, I’d miss my flight yet again.

Just yesterday morning, I dreamt that I carried my luggage over a massive white brick wall to a car parked in the driveway. I climbed into the car to go to the airport.  However, as it pulled away, I looked out the rear window and was horrified to see my suitcase left behind.  In a panic, I watched as traffic crushed my suitcase leaving it half buried in the mud, clothes strewn all over.  My driver, a woman, just smiled and refused to go back to pick up my luggage, so we kept driving. At the airport, I boarded a plane, enjoyed a peaceful flight and smooth landing.  Then I woke-up.

Dream Interpretation:
Luggage Symbolizes the emotional baggage we carry in life.
Rear Window  Signifies the past
Airplane Departure  A successful take-off in an aircraft means a successful launch of a new project or a new venture.

To me, the dream suggested that any emotional baggage I carried would soon heal and be released.  In this way, I could move forward with my life, …and finish some important projects, …perhaps my life’s mission?  Hypnosis was working wonders.  However, I was curious if there might be other tools?

Well, last night, when I dialed-in to listen to Darren Jacklin’s ’90 Day Productivity Challenge’ webinar, he had a surprize guest named Dr. Brenda Wade.  I was amazed when Doctor Wade provided another tool to clear, heal, and open the heart in order to clear the subconscious mind of emotional baggage left over from childhood.  Like hypnosis, the tool is surprisingly simple:  Tapping the sternum (thymus) while visualizing and engaging all sensory modalities.  It worked wonders!  I tend to yawn when I release energy.  For example, during a massage, I’ll yawn thoughout.  Last night, during two minutes of tapping, I yawned continually, then felt light as air afterwards.  What an amazing emotional release – in the space of just two minutes!  Dr. Brenda Wade his written four books and she also teaches her techniques at seminars.  Her web site is: http://www.docwade.com/.   It’s my guess that this kind of emotional healing can create another ripple effect to heal you, others, and our precious planet, Mother Earth.

Thank you Dr. Brenda Wade!  Thank you Darren Jacklin! I believe Darren will bring Dr. Wade to Canada in the near future.  (http://www.darrenjacklin.com)