Go Beyond Your Five Senses

Before the final curtain goes down on my life, I shall say to my Mother-Earth, “My gratitude-heart is all for you, All for you.” Sri Chinmoy

By now, many of us have accepted that we are more than our physical bodies.  It might be hard for some of you to believe, but we are not the only spirits on Earth having a physical experience.  I stumbled into the harsh reality that our very planet, Planet Earth, was also a spirit having a physical experience.  You can read the story in my first eBook.

Since ancient times, Aboriginal communities have referred to our planet as Mother Earth.  Certainly, this seems logical every human body is physically born of the Earth and when we no longer need our bodies, they are returned to the Earth.

What I realized is that Mother Earth is an ancient and intelligent being who is evolving in consciousness, in the same way as we are.  She is also highly sensitive and now requires far more sensitivity from us.  It took me almost ten years to fully understand that the Earth is indeed sentient and also communicating telepathically.  Many of us are receiving her messages on a subconscious level.  However, we can do better than that.

Intuition is just one of several communication systems that we humans have.   Most of us need to work on developing it to the point where we can become like two way radios, both sending and receiving information.

At this time in our evolution, many people have realized that thoughts become things, emotions intensify the energy of our thoughts,  and every time we think or feel, our thoughts and feelings are transmitted out to the cosmos.  Movies like ‘The Secret’ have illustrated how thoughts and feelings impact ourselves and everyone around us.  In addition, since we were made in the image of our creator, our thoughts and feelings also have creative powers.  This is why it is important to develop the ability to control your thoughts and emotions, so that you manifest toward the highest good.

Every one of us has intuition that can be developed.  When you develop your intuition, you will start to become more aware of who you really are.  You are an eternal spirit.  Your spirit is essentially your personality, thoughts, and memories.  Your spirit can never be destroyed.

When you still your mind and open your heart, you can then receive the ever present guidance available from your Guides, Masters, Angels, and other beings of a higher vibration.  When you develop your intuition, you will become aware of other souls like you, like Mother Earth, who requires our immediate attention.