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12369159_10153760736233328_1712090775808923383_nGet Michael Sheridan’s latest, “My Journey to Awakening” on Kindle for FREE over the next three days.  In Chapter 19, he describes his experience with me at The Rose Cottage where he completed the “Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive.”

5 Star Reviews:

ByJaime Dyson January 12, 2016

Not only can one’s dreams open them up to their own inner psyche, but they also give a glimpse behind the veil, unlock some of life’s greatest mysteries and change you forever. I speak from experience. And the reason I can do that is because of the incredible work of Michael Sheridan. It is no understatement to say that his dream analysis can change your life. Here Michael shows another side of himself by guiding us through the ups and downs of his own journey to Awakening. And what an incredible journey at that! From a staunch skeptic, to one day seeing spirits, Michael takes us along with a sly wit and gives common sense advice along the way. The spiritual path is not always an easy one. Michael’s story will make you laugh, challenge you to think differently and inspire you on your own journey. Highly recommend!!

By Bernadette Guinan January 11, 2016

I really liked this book – full of honest and practical advice and at times amusing – yes the journey can be fun too! I think it would be a good read for anyone going through a sudden awakening or for someone experiencing a sudden shift. In my work as a Holistic practitioner, I have come across many people having new experiences and reaching out for advice and I think this book can help them.

I have also noticed that more and more people seem to be having ‘wake-up’ calls – so this book comes at a very good time and will hopefully reach it’s intended audience. It takes courage to share your story, even after many years on my own path, I’d still have to think long and hard about it! So thanks to Michael for showing us all we are not stuck and we are most definitely not alone.

By Anne M. Zulian, January 12, 2016

A Great read explaining how one goes from being a non believer and denying the spirituality of others to becoming a wonderful teacher of Spiritual studies through Dream Interpretation. I love the down to earth descriptions of the lessons learned, including the fear and denial. I love that it was a journey that took time and patience and will use this knowledge on my own journey. Oh, and I love the Eye!

By Amazon Customer on January 12, 2016

I had no choice but to read this book in two days – I couldn’t put it down. Michael writes with unapologetic honesty coupled with an amusing dose of self-deprication that endears him to any reader on a quest for an authentic experience of journeying to spiritual awakening. Thanks to Michael for sharing his experiences with us so vividly!

By B. Price January 12, 2016

I read Michael Sheridan’s first book, “How To Interpret Your Dreams And Discover Your Life Purpose”. After reading his first book, I contacted him to interpret one of my dreams. That analysis started me on the path I continue to be on today. I can tell you that Michael is the real deal and I don’t think he has any idea how much he has impacted my life. His new book describes in a very practical way his spiritual journey. His insights and lessons rang very true to me and did in fact inspire me to new levels. This is not a dry reading of spiritual facts and truth. This is truth coming from a very humorous and wise man who has taken the actual journey and tells it in a way that makes you want to keep reading. I hope there are more books coming!

By Amazon Customer January 12, 2016

When reading a book like this, one can not help but wonder who it was written for. Was it written for people who are already familiar with spiritualism or the people who are just finding out about spirituality and those already deeply immersed in it? Michael says it is for both. I am certainly the one who is just finding out about spirituality and I have read this book with special attention. I was interested in seeing how one transitions from religion to spirituality and what kind of conflicts one encounters. It is definitely both shocking and traumatic to completely change your outlook on life, from religion to atheism and then to spirituality. This book is full of deeply personal events that depict that transition I was wondering about. The events in Michael’s life sound so traumatic and profoundly life changing that I just can not imagine myself in his situation! I think I would go crazy if I was in his shoes! Yet, Michael kept his sanity and just did his best in the new and constantly evolving situation which I want to call a “predicament”. Anything that shakes you out of your comfort zone, anything that challenges your well established views is a predicament to me. I do like my comfort of the well known. Michael had to face the new and unknown and you clearly see a “human” in him that will soon be taken out of his comfort zone and become a spirit in his human body. He took it and used it and made the best of it. The question that the people that are just finding out about spiritualism, like me: “What are we, human bodies with a soul or souls in human bodies?” was clearly answered for me in Michael’s book and I know now we are spirits in our bodies, and much more! I strongly recommend this book and I think it is an excellent read!

By Elizabeth Rose January 13, 2016

Michael, I love your book! “Journey to Awakening” is fascinating, fun, and hopeful. It will educate anyone who wishes to better understand themselves spiritually and also fathom the astonishing world of spirits. “Journey to Awakening” is a page turner. Your stories are both entertaining and provide easy instructions on how to explore consciousness through different modalities, including Dream Interpretation. Some of your many encounters with the non-physical world of spirit are comical to the point of being hilarious. Have you considered stand-up comedy?  I sincerely appreciated the vivid description of your experience with “Full Immersion into Spirit.” You’ve written a wonderful book that will open hearts, minds, and lift spirits. Wishing you great success!
Elizabeth Rose, Author,



  1. Nancy Ouellet says:

    Thanks for the share regarding this book Elizabeth. I have it downloaded on Kindle already and look forward to reading it; in particular, his description of his experience with his “Full Immersion into Spirit” with you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your comment and for downloading Michael’s book! Hope you enjoy it. He’s had some fascinating and amusing experiences. I was grateful Michael included his experience at The Rose Cottage. Let me know your thoughts.
      In love and gratitude,