February 18 in Calgary

“May The Force
Be With You
from the movie, Starwars

This morning, while waiting to catch the train to work, I played a manifestation game with myself that I developed based on ideas taught by Law of Attraction Coach, Elisabeth Fayt.  Elisabeth spent 18 years studying with the Masters of India. In the spirit of these great masters of meditation, I relaxed, tapped into the cosmic energy available to everyone at all times (‘the force’), and deepened my breath.  I pictured everything slowing down until things came to a full stop, like a movie in ‘freeze frame’.  Using my imagination, I made adjustments.  For example, I changed frowns to smiles, imagined a large pile of successfully completed projects sitting at my computer, and visualized happy clients ringing my phone off the hook.  As a finishing touch, I pictured four empty seats on the train so that I could sit down during the crowded morning rush.  Then, I let go and trusted that the universe do its magic.

When the train arrived, it was packed full of commuters with standing room only.  Quickly, I forgot my visualization and stared out the window.  However, at the next stop, when four seats became vacant beside me, I smiled as I recalled my visualization.  Sitting down and relaxing in a comfortable seat, I sent thoughts of gratitude into the cosmos, and to Elisabeth Fayte.

Elisabeth Fayte calls this technique ‘paving it forward’.  She has written a book of the same name.  Elisabeth has paved her whole life forward and created an amazing reality.  Her vision has been much bigger than just finding a seat on a train.  She intended for herself to appear in a sequel to the movie ‘The Secret’ and  she succeeded.  That movie is called ‘The Opus’.  On Sunday February 18th, Elisabeth will be sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra, remote healer Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer, and others at ‘The Seed Event’ in Calgary.  The day should be very enlightening.  For further information and tickets, here’s the link:  http://www.seedevent.org/