Earth Hour Tonight

“Man’s interest in a forest usually means it will be consumed, a dangerous prospect for all living things.” Steve Pilcher, Production Designer, Pixar

Outside my window the trees are bathed in Mother Earth’s purple aura.  Every day, she reminds me that she is watching and aware of our every move.

In 2001, it was so exciting when I first learned how to see my own aura.  As I further trained my eyes and began to see the auras of other people, animals and trees, I realized that everyone and everything had an electromagnetic field around it.  However, the awareness did not stop there.  Very quickly, I realized that the aura was not just a random cloud of colour.   It was an extension of our own personality and emotions.  When your mind becomes quiet and you become psychically ‘open’ to someone, their aura surrounds you.  In that moment, you may also discover that you can feel exactly how they are feeling .

It was just a year ago, in 2010 that I first became aware of our planet’s electromagnetic field.  Mother Earth’s enormous aura energy overshadows all of our smaller energies.  Her aura carries with it a strong personality and powerful emotions to match.  Often, I have wondered how could I have missed this powerful lady’s presence?  For decades, having missed what I now perceive as such an obvious being, I can sympathize with others who haven’t yet seen or realized that they exist in the purple field of Mother Earth’s energy.  Tonight might be a good time to look for it.  Her aura is best viewed at dusk.  With your eyes slightly out of focus, look at a tree that is back-lit by the fading light.  The tree’s branches will have a green light and between all the branches in the negative space you will notice a faint glow of purple.  With practice, the purple will become as vibrant as the flowers in the picture.

The western world has for many years been turned away from the natural world and instead been focused largely on monetary and material gain.  As financial systems shake the world’s economies and earth quakes shake our towns and cities, we are realizing that much of what man has created is temporary, unsustainable and not at all aligned with nature.  Perhaps now would be a good time to align with Mother Earth and honour the very planet who sustains our existence.