Digging into Past Lives

“I have been born more times than anybody except Krishna.”  Mark Twain

It’s been an interesting few weeks.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying and practicing various hypnosis techniques to eliminate phobias (e.g. fears of heights, spiders, or making cold calls), vanquish bad habits (e.g. smoking, stress and over-eating) and also embellish good habits.  Hypnosis seems to work because the techniques allow you to by-pass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious.  I’ve witnessed amazing and positive changes in just two short weeks.

In between classes, I took the opportunity to dig into Past Life Regression and Inter-Life Regression.   Gadzooks!   Past life regression and inter-life regression can be such huge wake-up calls.  Past life regression is using hypnosis to take your soul back to the memories of previous live where issues still need to be resolved.  The reason most of us are still living on Earth is because we haven’t resolved issues and haven’t yet completed our respective missions.  Karma can be a downward spiral that sends us a few pegs lower on the ladder leading to higher consciousness and enlightenment.  With past life regression, I’m told that you can begin erasing karma and move forward.  Re-living parts of your past life while living in this life gives you amazing perspective.  You shouldn’t need to re-live that type of experience again because the lesson is usually learned during the past life regression.  Freedom from karma?  What an amazing gift!

There is a spiritual council that watches over you and keeps track of your progress throughout each lifetime.  Everyone has  a council.  When you watch the news, you might think very few people matter.  However, everyone’s life is an extremely important piece of the cosmic puzzle.  We ALL matter.   Inter-life regression is a trip to visit your spiritual Council of Elders to see if you’re on-track to completing your mission in this lifetime.  If you don’t know what your mission is, you will be reminded by your guides who accompany you to the Council meeting or you will be guided directly by the Council.  Once you know where you’re off-track, then you can adjust your life accordingly.

Sounds simple doesn’t it!?  Perhaps it’s more simple than we think.

Only fifty percent or so of the population accept reincarnation as a cold hard fact.  However, for me, seeing and feeling are believing.  When you find yourself sobbing your way through a past life trauma, that past life becomes very real.  I can talk a blue streak about my experiences and provide historical details that are very compelling.  However, nobody but you can really ‘know‘ what is real.  In a past life regression, the images and strong emotions that bubble up inside you can be so incredibly intense, these are pretty good clues that the past life you’re experiencing is not your imagination.  More stories to follow.

“Live so that thou mayest desire to live again – that is thy duty – for in any case
thou wilt live again!”  Freidrich Nietzsche