Dawn of a New Era

RonGallagherA Channeled Message:

A voice speaks: Now Elizabeth, you are in a deeper state of trance than usual, so you shall receive clearer information. This state can be achieved with less difficulty. Now, keep your eyes focused upward, as I speak.

Elizabeth, it’s God speaking. Surround and protect yourself with golden white light. See the energy rising to find golden white light flowing from your toes to the top of your head, out and around you. Feel how I lift your head now. It is much lighter and easier to lift. You are more buoyant now. Begin to receive my messages starting now.

This is a time of great renewal. The people of Planet Earth shall embrace a new dawning of time. They are encountering a shift in the time space continuum that will appear and will come as a great feeling of love.

Now the Angels speak:

We are bringing in a new year filled with love, the dawning of a new age. It is the Age of Love. Be very aware. These are the end times, the end of time as you know it. It comes upon you far sooner than you all expected. Now is the time of the dawning of Christ Consciousness.

Jesus speaks through Elizabeth Rose:

“I am come. I have arrived on the planet at this time, born in Arabia, on the 24th of December, 2014, at 6:30pm Atlantic Standard Time.”

God speaks:

This announcement is from Christ himself through Elizabeth. He speaks in spirit form.  He is with all. All are with Him though they know it not. He shall appear in physical form in the not too distant future. He is but a babe in a hot country in Arabia so much time will pass in Earth years before He comes knocking on your door, but He comes and He brings great love, suffering, and change.

The suffering will be of your own choosing, whether or not you desire to pay heed to the coming dawn of changing times, a New Era of Love. Those who do not carry love in their hearts will face irreconcilable differences with Christ. So be in-tune with Christ. Be of good conscience and consciousness. Love one another as though each were your brother and sister. You shall find the time has come sooner than you expected and it is set upon the Earth, a great time of change.

Disaster will befall many of you. This is the darkness before the dawn. It comes in many ways. You shall not know it until you perceive it right in front of you and then you have a choice. You can embrace change, be of good cheer, love as you have never loved before. Sacrifice yourselves for love, for love is all that is. All that is, is love.

You have a great opportunity, the greatest opportunity to redeem your soul in a trial by fire of the soul indeed. It is a trial by fire of the soul that comes with the dawning of the New Age of Love, Christ consciousness, of My awareness. Heightened awareness is the gift of making the right choices in this time. Heightened awareness, intuition, knowing what is right and taking that path. Seeing the light, recognizing the light for the great value it has, and walking that path. That is the right choice at this time. The high road, the highest road, will be the right road. It is a test of faith, of endurance, of love.

Love and you pass the test. It is simple enough. When you come from a place of love deep in your heart and act upon that love, it’s only then that you are on-track and well on your way to the highest consciousness and that will be your redeeming quality, your gift of redemption, salvation. Those words were misconstrued over so many centuries, but they have real significance and meaning and purpose. It is the redemption of souls that is being discussed, that is at hand. That is what Christ brings in, the dawning of the New Age of Love and Christ Consciousness. It is an ancient message, but the Earth concludes in ways you cannot understand for it will be a new beginning, the dawning of a new era. You shall not understand. The turbulence will come when you least expect it, in ways you never thought of, and now, this is your opportunity to change with the times, get on board, and be the love you truly seek.

Each of you has within the core of your very being enormous potential, often untapped. Truly, who you are, all of you are love manifested as a human being, a plant or animal, a rock and so, that is the power of love. Love is creation. Creation is love in action. You have the power to create, bestowed on you long ago. Now, your powers can be far greater than you had ever imagined, but, there are lessons to be learned and the greatest lesson is Christ Consciousness. Each of you has Christ Consciousness in his and her soul. It smolders. This is the time for it to burst forth as a bonfire of love. This is the time to exercise that contract you have deep within your soul, that Agreement with God to follow the Christ as He brings in the dawning of the New Age of Heightened Awareness and Christ Consciousness. Buddha-hood would be another name for Christ Consciousness. There are many names. They apply to all souls. Religion has many confused. This is the one and only faith, Love, Christ Consciousness, Buddha-hood, to be the best you can be to yourself, to all on the planet, including the creatures, the water, the land and the air, and to your neighbours, strangers, people you could never understand. You need not understand. You only need love.

Now, this is the time of redemption, of salvation. The soul is being challenged, tested, in ways you cannot understand but understand that this is the time to deeply dig down into the core of your being and find the compassion, the love, the understanding, the caring, the wisdom, to always come from a place of love. Sacrifice yourself for love as Christ sacrificed himself for love on the cross, for that was the message. That was the great message. The symbol of the cross is the symbol of sacrificing yourself for love. Amen.

There is great wisdom in each and every one of you. You must find it now. You must take time to focus on the inner wisdom that dominates your soul. The material world is but fleeting, and it is but a test of endurance, and a challenge, thus now is the time to pass that test and to find the love in your hearts. That is your guide. God, Christ, the Angels speak through your heart and guide you. Listen to your heart. That is where you find the great wisdom within. It is a loudspeaker for those who guide you, from the nonphysical world, from the angelic realms, from Christ Consciousness.

I guide you. I am God. I am a part of each one of you and now, time will stop for no one to catch up. It is time to be who you really are and step-up to the plate, so to speak, and to be who you really are is to be loving. Amen

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