Coming to Calgary!

When:  Sat, April 30, 8:30am – 1:00pm
Where:  Cardel Theatre, 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Physicist and Consciousness Expert, Thomas Campbell will discuss his book ‘My Big TOE’ (Theory of Everything).   Tom has been exploring consciousness for over 30 years and he will be in Calgary answering questions about his book and his journey. I hope you are able to take this opportunity to meet a man who is both a scientist and a philosopher, talking to him is like what I imagine it must have been like to learn from Galileo or Socrates at the height of their explorations into uncharted waters of thought and science. If you have longed for some answers of your own, don’t miss this chat! For further research please visit his website and explore what he so freely shares at his web site:  My Big Toe (Theory of Everything).   To have one of your questions answered at the event you will need to submit them in advance to the event coordinator so that they are included.
For tickets, contact:
Beth A. Haley
Outreach Facilitator for The Monroe Institute
Local Chapter Regional Coordinator for TMI


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