Childhood Clues about Your Mission in Life

“The Final Mystery is Oneself.”  Oscar Wilde

When we choose to take notice and open our eyes, the clues to our mission in life are everywhere.  When you were a child, do you recall glimmers of truth or sudden flashes of comprehension?  When I was a child, I occasionally saw visions floating in front of my eyes.

At ten years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and in front of me appeared a distortion in the air.  As I watched, the airwaves became like a small vortex, spinning rapidly in front of my eyes then blew-up into a small movie screen suspended in mid air.

In next instant, I found myself peering out from between a stack of sheets. It was as if I was in a linen cupboard looking out through an open door. Everything was white and I realized I was in a hospital.  There were two children lying in hospital beds. I watched for a moment but they weren’t doing anything, just lying very still. I couldn’t make out their faces and wondered who they were.

There were some small bouquets of flowers and a few toys on each of their side tables. On one table, something green and fluffy caught my attention but it was too far away to see clearly.  The image evaporated.

About six months later, after suffering from a terribly sore throat, I suddenly found myself in the hospital booked for a tonsillectomy. There was another girl in my ward who was booked for stomach surgery. My operation happened right away and when I woke up, I was in terrible pain. Not knowing what else to do, I lay very still, hoping the pain would go away. When my family came to visit, they brought me a small bouquet of flowers and a large furry lime green frog puppet.  I felt so sick, I didn’t play with the puppet but continued to lay still.  I recall looking over at my roommate and noticed she wasn’t moving either.

To me, gut feelings, dreams and visions warn of major events looming on the horizon.  They can help us prepare in advance psychologically for shocks to the system and even amazing spiritual wake-up calls.  What do you think?  What gut feelings, dreams, or premonitions have alerted you to future events?