Chasing Deepak Chopra

“Everything that is physical comes from the non-physical”  Deepak Chopra

This past Sunday, I gave Deepak Chopra a copy of my brand new book!  Here’s the story.

Two years ago, while working in Toronto for a day,  I noticed that Deepak Chopra was scheduled to speak at Roy Thomson Hall on the same night that I was there.  Starting with ‘Quantum Healing’, I’d been reading Deepak’s books and listening to his audiobooks since the mid-eighties.  However, I’d never seen him in person and was amazed by this unexpected opportunity.  Without hesitation, I went to the ticket office and succeeded in purchasing one of the last tickets.  That night, I found myself in the highest balcony at the very back row.  Happily, the sound quality in Roy Thomson Hall was amazing and Deepak’s profound wisdom resonated clearly so that all could hear, including me.

As it turned out, the lady sitting beside me was one of Deepak’s students.  We chatted about her fascinating experiences of self-discovery and I found it interesting that she, like me, also saw the colour purple each time she entered a state of meditation. My explanation for this is in the free book that you can download from this site.  We enjoyed an animated discussion about all kinds of similar experiences and then Deepak arrived on stage and began speaking.  Every time I hear him, I am reminded of how powerful his teachings are so I would encourage everyone to study his books or attend his lectures.

Just five minutes before Deepak concluded his lecture, an idea struck me that he should read my book.  Although I didn’t have a draft manuscript on hand, I exited the balcony and ran like a maniac down many flights of stairs and a series of ramps until I found myself in a line-up to get his books signed.

When I finally found myself standing in front of Deepak, I explained a little bit about my book and asked if he would be interested in reading it.  Deepak looked up at me and asked, “Where is it?”  Embarassed, I explained that my book wasn’t quite finished yet.  Hastily, I scrawled some information on a business card and passed it to him, hoping that he might become curious and follow-up.  Not surprizingly, I didn’t hear anything from him.

This past weekend, another opportunity presented itself at the SEED EVENT in Calgary where Deepak Chopra was scheduled to speak after Adam McLeod.  However, once again, I was empty-handed as my completed book was not yet in final print.  Amazingly, on Valentine’s day, George surprized me with flowers and a few specially ordered copies of my new book in advance of the mass-printing which will happen in the next month or so.  Off I went to the SEED EVENT with my new ‘hot-of-the-press’ books in hand, hoping that Deepak might do another book signing so that I could finally hand him a copy.  With so many amazing speakers like Sequoyah Trueblood, Elisabeth Fayt, Anne-Marie Collette, Adam McLeod and Deepak Chopra, this time, I made sure to procure a front row seat.

Deepak was the last speaker of the night.  The auditorium was darkened as he finally appeared on stage.

Once again, his teachings were profound and his message very important.  I must have written at least ten pages of notes.  More on that later.  At the conclusion of his lecture, Deepak was given a standing ovation.  As I stood and clapped, I watched in dismay as he was escorted off stage and disappeared into the darkness.  As I realized there would be no book signing, I wondered if he would exit out a secret back door.  However, as I continued to watch, I noticed two people walking hastily from behind the stage to an exit sign on a far wall in the distance.  Hoping one of them was Deepak, this was my chance.  In front of the clapping crowd of thousands, once again, I ran like a maniac.  I wondered if I was chasing a total stranger.  However, just a few yards from the exit, a security guard opened the door which shone light on the two peoples faces.  One of them was indeed Deepak.  Intent on exiting, he was just steps away from the door.  Regardless, I ran faster and called out something along the lines of, “We met in Toronto.  You asked me ‘where is the book? ‘ Here’s the book!”  Still being steered by the security guard, Deepak barely looked back.  However, his left arm shot-out and he reached his hand behind his back for the book.  It was a relay race!  I ran closer and put the book in his hand.  Without glancing back or losing stride, Deepak took my book and continued rushing forward, through the door, which was immediately shut by the security guard.  Plunged into the darkness of the stadium, I giggled to myself.  If nothing else, life can be highly amusing.  Thank you for your wisdom, your message, and my big adventure, Deepak Chopra!


  1. With havin so much content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright violation? My site has a
    lot of exclusive content I’ve either created myself or outsourced buut it seems a lot of iit is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Do you kow any solutions tto help
    reduce content from being ripped off? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Syreeta,
      Thank you for your comments and concerns. For the blog, I haven’t focused much on the issues you mentioned because I’m writing to spread a message. When that message is spread across the internet, then my mission is accomplished. If someone takes credit for my work, or my experiences, then it’s their karma that’s at risk. When you publish your work on the web, it’s a form of protection because it’s dated material and proves you published it at a certain time. However, if you’re super concerned about protecting a number of original ideas, you might be better off to publish everything in a book, in the same way that a scientist works hard to publish a paper first. Everyone will copy that scientist’s idea in order to prove, disprove it or build on it. However, the scientist with the original idea gets the credit. You can also seek advice from a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property. Generally, publishing first, and great marketing, is your best protection. I hope that helps.
      Good luck and best wishes,