This week, I visited a friend who has powerful psychic abilities to clarify some things and assist me in making some major decisions.  When I arrived, she commented that I was still very ‘open’ after my visit to Virginia to attend The Monroe Institute’s Gateway program.  Certainly, this seemed to be the case because as she gave the reading, I found myself falling in and out of the theta state.  She was also jumping in and out of trance and we wondered if it was because we were both wide open.

Throughout the reading, a number of guides made their presence known.  They were all kind and wise.  One in particular had a sarcastic sense of humour.  My friend kept laughing at his jokes.  There is a lot of humour in the non-physical world of spirit.

My friend repeated words I could not hear.  She said, “They are asking why.”  She could hear a chorus of ‘Why? Why? Why do you not have faith in us?”  They were instructing me to have complete faith in my talents, gifts and abilities because these were  God-given.

The reason I am sharing this story with you is because many of us don’t follow our calling.  We may get caught-up in doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing,  what others, perhaps our parents, want us to do, or we may fear that our gifts and talents won’t be appreciated and won’t support us.   Fear of poverty is an ancient fear that can run very deep.  The spirits promise that when you follow your dreams and desires, and use your natural talents, gifts, and innate abilities, you will flourish.  You have received these gifts to assist you in accomplishing your mission in this lifetime.

At one point during the reading, an ascended master visited.  I could feel the shift.  My friend faded from view  and I could see only her aura, which appeared as clouds of purple and green.   The air took on a different density, the room became strangely quiet and my breathing became deeper.  The master directed me (more like yelled at me) to get centered.  He instructed me to train and practice breath work and explained that he had entered our beings so that we could feel exactly what it was to breathe deeply, from the base chakra, to arrive at the theta state.  He instructed me to, “Breathe deeply.  Train and practice your breathing, so that you can rise above the pain, and ascend.”

May we all rise above the pain and ascend.