Aura Colours – Red is Hot!

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness” Bill Blass

Red is both a physical and a sexual colour.  People with a red aura are logical, pragmatic, and grounded.  They are also courageous and self-confident.  As they live very much in the world of the five senses, a Red must see it in order to believe it.  They will always favour material proof over subjective evidence.

Reds love nature and thrive in any environment that Mother Earth has to offer.  They respect and embrace all aspects of nature’s power and will approach new situations with energy,  enthusiasm and courage.  Reds are so completely physical and so highly in-tune with nature that they would rather face the force of gale winds, torrential rain, or a hurricane than confront a mental or emotional challenge.  Philosophy and theory are foreign concepts to Reds.

Reds are builders who strive for tangible results.  Curious about how and why things work, Reds will take things apart and put them together again.   They are frequently lifting things, moving and rearranging objects in order to create environments that suit them.  Extremely handy, they can achieve amazing feats of craftsmanship in short order.  Reds have enormous tenacity.  Like a bulldog, once they latch onto an idea or project, they will hang on and not let go.  You can count on them to see things through to completion.

Reds are driven by their instincts.  Their senses are keen and they can quickly assess any situation involving risk or physical danger.  They will act in a flash to keep people out of harm’s way and make excellent survival trainers.   They are independent, industrious, and like to keep busy.  So busy that they become impatient if they are kept waiting.  They are happiest when they fill their time with productivity.  With the aura of red, comes a fiery temper.  It can be a challenge for some Reds to control their anger.  Happily, however, if their emotions heat up, they will evaporate quickly.

Reds are action takers.  One of our friends is a Red.  He’s a courageous Fire Chief who doesn’t give a second thought to entering a burning building to save a child’s life or stepping into a crowd of strangers to stop a fist fight.

People with a red aura are attracted to people with yellow, green or purple auras.


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