Aura Colours – Orange Rises and Shines

People with an orange aura are very physical. They enjoy tough physical challenges and will push themselves to great limits in order to test their strength, power and courage. They have a daredevil attitude and openly embrace any level of danger.  They will attempt to overcome huge obstacles just for the thrill and are forever testing themselves. Oranges will take enormous risks because it is the exhilaration that makes them feel alive.

Oranges love to conquer high places, whether this means climbing the highest mountain or seeking the highest political office.  Oranges can be enormously successful because they are also cunning strategists and brilliant planners, which assists in their rise to great heights.   Before any conquest, their preparation is extensive and detailed.  In addition, oranges can easily read people and are quick to assess the modus operendi of their competition. This gift makes them formidable opponents in any arena.

Oranges seek freedom, independence, and tend to stand alone.  They do not require approval or seek fame, but are simply motivated by challenge itself.

I have noticed more men than women with orange auras, likely because it is such a physical colour.  A woman next door has an orange aura. She is a gifted athlete with an adventurous spirit and courageous heart.  She spends endless hours in the mountains and no mountain is too high for her to climb.  She is a long distance runner, a champion basketball player, and will accept almost any dare.  She has raised her children to take on the same kinds of risks so her children are fearless rock climbers, mountain bikers and skiers.  She is also politically active in the community and has lobbied hard for improvements to our infrastructure.  At City Hall, she is a tigress and commands enormous respect from the local politicians.

Some males that I’ve known with orange auras include two Karate black-belts, several athletes, and one high-powered politician.  When I met them, all were at the top of their game.

People with Orange auras are attracted to Green auras.