Aura colours – Indigo Knows All

The aura of Indigo is considered a relatively new colour to the realm of Planet Earth.  Indigos are leaders, often in the spiritual sense of the word.  There is no pretense with an Indigo.  What you see is what you get.  They are genuine people who feel comfortable in their own skin.

Indigos arrive on the Earth plain with a heightened sense of awareness.  They tend to be highly intuitive, self-realized, and more spiritually awake than the majority of us.  At the same time, like everyone else on the Planet, they cannot escape the physical challenges and often harsh realities that are presented as a result of living in an un-evolved world.  This can be frustrating to an Indigo.  At times, they may become impatient with people who carry emotional baggage, such as guilt, anxieties, or insecurities, and are afraid to relax and be themselves.  Though sympathetic, Indigos will leave these people alone to sort out their problems by themselves.

Indigos are hyper-sensitive to the environment.  They absorb emotional, physical and psychological information at a rapid pace.  As a result, they can become exhausted from the over-stimulation experienced in crowded night clubs, shopping malls, or congested cities.

An Indigo’s heightened sensitivity may extend to food intolerance, such as cow’s milk or wheat.  One Indigo I know suffered for years from sinus infections and a weakened immune system before she realized she had a diary allergy.  When anaesthetics failed to dull pain, this particular Indigo also discovered that she had an expanded nervous system.

Indigos tend to be intelligent, inquisitive and alert.  Their high speed minds function in the abstract and comprehend complex concepts in a flash.  Indigo children have a maturity about them that distinguishes them from other children.  Meditation, classical music, and spiritual rituals that provide peace and quiet work well for them.  Indigos find physical work therapeutic.  They also benefit from studying or working on projects in solitude and are happy to stay in isolation for long periods of time.

Indigos carve out their own path in life.  They tend to be emotionally strong individuals with unique personalities.  They are independent thinkers who are both honest and ethical.  As seekers of the truth, they prefer to make their own decisions, based on extensive testing and evaluation, rather than following previously set rules or regulations that seem illogical to them.

Personally, I know three Indigos.  One is a Dale Carnegie coach, another is a very psychic Buddhist practitioner, and the third is a highly evolved Tibetan Buddhist Lama.  This makes sense to me because Buddhism teaches how to rise above fear.  Indigos provide the world with an example of how to live without fear, guilt or shame.  Their heightened awareness of everything makes them comfortable to co-exist in both physical reality and the non-physical world of spirit.  We have much to learn from Indigos.  To them, God exists in everything and is a part of everyday life.

People with an Indigo Aura are attracted to Yellow, Green and Blue auras.

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  1. Wow, this is cool. I’m an Indigo child :). I’ve finally learned about myself and my aura.

    • I believe that I’m an indigo child, too. I suspect that it’s important to acknowledge the strength of the other six energy centres, despite the insight available from perceiving through the seventh, because an omnipresent perspective seems to impart little power to affect change unless an indigo person can safely navigate through lower energy fields.

      I have a very strong notion of the Big Picture, which I feel is an indigo trait, but since my heart chakra is weak, I have a difficult time relating this omnipresent perspective to the people surrounding me. Too much indigo, and too little structural balance in the lower energy centres, seems to impart the personality of being “holier than thou”, my mother has said.

      Check out the work by Dr. Dean Howell about a procedure called NeuroCranial Restructuring if you are at all interested in expanding your other energy centres, in the event that you feel that any of them are weak. Amazing personality changes have been recorded, as well as a much broader and uniform aura, once an individual’s cranial shape has been optimized.

      I feel that indigo children are going to pave the way into the new era of peace and love, but without being able to survive in the lower energy fields for the time being, I fear that the lower energy fields might swallow many indigos up. I also suspect that the Buddhists described in this article, while being perhaps predominantly indigo in their perspective, also had harmonized their six other energy centres.

      Take care!

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Tyler, Thank you for your comments and point of view. You and your mother are wise! Indigos play such an important role but each aura colour has strengths and weaknesses. Such is the nature of duality on this school called Earth. It would be ideal if all our energy centers were developed and balanced. Glad to know you’re on the path!
        Wishing you a clarity, strength and courage.

  2. THANK YOU! I was told by a woman that I was an indigo some years ago, but never knew what it meant. I stumbled onto a quiz and then took another that said I was a crystal indigo. After reading several descriptions, I understand more about myself and don’t think of these qualities as being too “soft” or sensitive and feel like I can embrace myself.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Danielle, thank you for your comment.
      “Know thyself and all will be revealed.”
      ― Pamela Theresa Loertscher

  3. vernon c. vouga says:

    I love the ability to speak my mind on the internet. This is something that isn’t taken advantage of as often as I’d like to see. Apparently I’m an indigo. Or was. Unfortunately, the ability to see auras is beyond my capability at the moment… however… I feel the need to speak.
    We can live in a world created by those who fail to understand. We can change the world for the better. As a personality that has only understood the physical side of reality until recently, I can say with absolute confidence that all it takes is one person. One person who doesn’t fear asking one question. Yes, we were born to this environment, but this doesn’t mean we have to pass it on to our progeny. “Because I went through that” is a dated mentality reserved for those without the internet in the palm of their hands.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed reading what you had to say and agreed. Alexander Graham Bell, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Buddha, and Jesus Christ were all just one person who changed the world. We each have the same power to change the world in a positive way.
      Light & Love

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth. You have renewed my hope and my sense of purpose. I am grateful for your insights and much appreciate the light and love you have shared.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Glad that my pondering have helped you!
      Light and Love,

  5. Charles says:

    Hello. I’ve come to the realization that I might be an Indigo Child, too. I believe I inherited my abilities from both of my parents, where one (my dad) claims to have been visited by an alien as a child. He was also born in 1977. My mother is connected to a Native American Tribe which was heavily involved in the otherworldly, spiritual affairs. I am currently sixteen ad I’ve always disliked rigid authority systems or rules. I am definitely more sensitive than others and a lot more caring. My teachers and friends tell me that I have a “magnetic” aura that attracts other ppeople to me and that I have a certain “glow” about me. While I am flattered, it is sometimes frustrating because I tend to absorb other people’s energies and it makes me extremely moody and bitter. 2014 and 2015 have started this mysterious journey I’ve been on. I’ve suddenly been drawn to learn more about the Universe on a more spiritual side rather than scientific or religious. I am extremely intuitive about everything and my friends always tell me that I’m usually right. As a child, my sisters and I were able to see “rainbow dots” at night (we still do) and to this day we are unsure of what they are. I also have a strong disgust for seeing violence to the point where I have stopped watching the news altogether but remain loosely informed about it. I read somewhere on the Internet a few months back that this will be a “Year of Light” for all of us. Thank you for writing this article; I hope it will benefit others as it did me.

  6. Indigo child also. Had my 7th Chakra opened at 24 years old. Really want to learn under an enlightened Master and saving up to make the move to Texas to live with one and his students. Nothing else seems as important once you compare that to what today’s society can give you.

  7. Nomi Partlow says:

    Wow, i was able to see my daughters aura the other day so i tried to look and see mine and found it was indigo. All of the descriptions seem scary accurate. I relieve my stress by medication, yoga and kickboxing. I’m a libra to my core so I’m very logical when it comes to contradictions or arguments. I tend to stay home because I do consider myself an empath. I can’t take crowds and feel overwhelmed and almost ungrounded. I also have been able to feel strong electronic currents like from my laptop. I can feel the beam of emergency that connects to my apple airport. Same with peoples energy. I would like to have some tests run to see how far I can go… lol anyway nice to know im not alone

  8. I agree with a handful of the above comments pertaining to the absorption of energy from others. As an Indigo, it feels as though other’s emotions are washing over me, and their thoughts become clear through my heightened awareness of their body language and facial expressions. This absorption of energy from others often causes drastic mood swings, so much so that some have speculated that I may have multiple personality disorder/bipolar disorder (a mental affliction said to be common among Indigos). I also find that working out is more of a spiritual, therapeutic necessity rather than a way to get in shape, and I study my emotions (having a recessed abstract tan aura beneath my Indigo) to the point of exhaustion in an attempt to deeply understand them. Speaking of extraterrestrial life, I’ve always had a fascination with it, and can attest to the possibility of experience with abduction. Since Indigo is a relatively new auric color to this Earth, I feel that it only makes sense that we are spiritually in tune with the possibility of life beyond our planet.