Aura Colours – Blue is True

“Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a source of delight” John Ruskin

Blue is an emotional colour.  People with a blue aura are the nurturers.  They are the kindest and most generous people that I know.  They give, give, give, and almost never take.  The challenge for Blues is to find balance between giving and receiving.  If Greens live in their heads, Blues live in their hearts.

Blues can be highly sensitive and intuitive in that they will know what others are feeling.  They are fantastic at grasping situations.  If Green thinks from the end, Blue concentrates on all the aspects of the here and now.   As a result, Blues may not be sure of what direction to move forward in.

Blues are brilliant at customer service.  They are particularly attentive and forge tight relationships that make clients feel very cared for.  Given the dedication, reliability and trustworthiness of a Blue, client retention will be at an all-time high.

Excellent listeners, Blues can pull together and make sense of all the pieces.  When they remain emotionally detached from situations, Blues make excellent advisors.  They can shed light on confusing situations and provide much needed perspective.  However, once emotions get involved, that clarity can become clouded and the decision-making poor.

One of my former colleagues was a Blue.  She could listen to someone else’s trials and tribulations for hours.  By the end of the story, when everyone else was walking away with a glazed look in their eyes, my colleague would step up to the plate and provide a comprehensive and clearly defined road-map of next steps for that person to follow.  Her advice would be bang-on.  Certainly, I benefited from her talent many times!!   She told me that when she was younger, if angry or upset about a situation, she could become stubborn to the point of irrationality.  Happily, she had learned to catch herself and mostly prevent these situations from happening.  To summarize, Blues provide enormous support, clarity, and wisdom.  They are honest, loyal and true!

People with a blue aura are attracted to people with yellow or purple auras.