Aura Colours – Purple has Purpose

I think it annoys God if you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice. Alice Walker, from “The Colour Purple”

People with a purple aura are visionaries.  In their mind’s eye, they see the potential of humanity to evolve and create a better world for all.  They know that the entire Planet could become a place of beauty, peace, and harmony.  This vision is not just a dream.  Extremely capable and resourceful, Purples are big picture thinkers, movers, and shakers.  They dedicate enormous amounts of time, energy, and funds to bringing about social change.

Purples are emotional, spiritual and highly intuitive and often spend the early part of their lives struggling to pull these into balance.  They face a daunting inner challenge.  From the start, they are driven by a strong desire for perfection and as a consequence, Purples can be plagued by feelings of guilt and self-loathing.  As young children and teenagers, they may feel so guilty about making mistakes that they become apologetic for their own existence.  It is their vision and focus on the greater good that draws them away from this type of destructive thinking.  Their challenge as adults is to overcome self doubt, a sense of inadequacy, and fear.

Intelligent, strategic, and analytical, Purples have rapid-fire minds that generate endless ideas.  So driven are Purples to make big changes in the world, they might be perceived as power hungry or greedy for money and material things.  However, none of these things mean much to a Purple.  They are simply the tools required to effect major change.  Though you will find Purples at the upper echelons of society, perhaps working in high level finance, networking at an elaborate gala or a high powered political fundraiser, they live relatively simply.

When guided by a noble vision, Purples make inspiring leaders.  As deep thinkers who are living on purpose, their conversations, letters, and speeches are highly motivational and even transformational.  Their efforts successfully attract money, power, and followers, eager to manifest the dream.

Purples thrive on knowledge and do well in knowledge-based industries such as law, financial services, and journalism.  As visionaries, their abstract minds think from the end with crystal clarity.  If it’s not tangible, some people have trouble imagining outcomes so another challenge facing Purples is to depict the vision with the clarity required to make it visible to all and motivate action.

The intuitive side of Purple seeks ways to open the eyes of others to the magic that they see in the world.  Most Purples are in touch with the non-physical world of spirit.  They carry the message that we are divinely guided and are all co-creators with God, in that we truly create our own reality.  Purples cannot rest unless they are making a positive impact.  Their vision is the light at the end of a tunnel that pulls them, and everyone else, forward, toward achieving the dream.

Purples are attracted to people with Red, Green, and Blue auras.

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Try a channelled reading to learn more.

Elizabeth Rose


  1. This is wonderful!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you Ant. If this description resonates with you, you’re probably a Purple. Wishing you great success in positively impacting the world!

  2. It drives me always crazy to many things, but how to control the overwhelmed thoughts?? and i am a bit introverted and lazy. Any idea?? 🙂 Thanks for this blog.

  3. Hey, I’ve recently been told that I have a strog purple aura, I was really happy after reading it as it related to my life so much. I now feel as though I need a direction to go in

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you! In terms of direction, tune-in to your heart’s desire. When you were younger, who did you want to be, what did you want to do, when you grew up? If you could do anything in the world, and money was no object, what would you do?
      When you focus on what your heart is telling you to do, persevere and the people plus resources show-up.
      Wishing you great success!

  4. Hello,

    I was having a spiritual awakening event around a year ago, I believe it was triggered by difficult situation, and since then everything feel lighter, and there is a subtle difference in my state of being. After that event i was meeting with my indigo friend that he told me my aura is transformed from orange to purple.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Well done! In my book, Diamond Lantern, I describe how to see auras and the meanings of the colours. Purple means nobility of purpose, which means you’re never truly happy unless you’re making a positive impact in the world. Wishing you great success with that!

      • Hi Elizabeth,

        Thanks for the reply,

        I wish I can get your book, I’m staying in Indonesia right now, It’s true that the happiness come when I help the other, but yet my mission is still unclear, I guess it will reveal itself along the way. About the aura, my wife got solid and bright yellow, do you think the color is destined? or everyone in the world is progressing to certain color?


  5. This is me, I have started a business in my country and gave a ‘Purple on purpose’ slogan. I hope it will work out.

  6. I feel like crying. I was told today I had a purple aura, so decided to look it up – your description feels like it could have been written just for me. It’s spot on. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you for letting me know the post on purple auras resonated with you! It means you’re an amazing person indeed.

      Much Love & Light,

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