Aura Colours – Fun to be Yellow

Yellow is another physical colour.  People with yellow auras tend to be physically sensitive to their surroundings and to other people.  Given their physical sensitivities, yellows often feel most at ease when surrounded by nature. Yellows are generally playful, young at heart and enjoy being outside the house in the sunshine.

A challenge that yellows face is they often have addictive tendencies.  This can cause enormous set-backs if the addiction is a negative behavior such as smoking, alcohol or drugs.  However, addictive tendencies can be very positive if the addiction is a healthy one such as exercise, sports or preparing interesting health foods.

Yellows are highly organized and efficient.  They are energetic, hard working and productive.  They have a pitch-in attitude and enjoy helping people with physical chores such as house-keeping, the children’s science projects, or general maintenance.

Yellows can have strong personalities.  They love to have fun and will go to great lengths to tease their friends and loved ones mercilessly.  Sometimes their jokes and teasing can be a way to avoid tense situations or conflict.

Yellows can be excellent teachers.  They are patient with students and have a passion for education.  They have a lighthearted and playful team approach to learning.  Their interest in experimenting works well in a classroom setting as it captures both the imagination and attention of the students.

One of my friends has a yellow aura.  I had no idea that she had any addictive tendencies until she listed them.  Happily, early in life, she exchanged bad addictions for good ones.  When she had children, she stopped smoking cigarettes and taking drugs.  Instead, she took up exercising and gourmet cooking.  Now, she says that the one habit she can’t quit is her morning coffee because caffeine is the only thing that will shake her out of a bad mood.  I had no idea she woke up in a bad mood.  To me, she has always been a happy, fun-loving and wonderful friend.  I just assumed that, like blonds, ‘yellows’ have more fun!

People with Yellow and Blue auras will be attracted to each other.