Aura Colour Meanings – Easy Being Green

People with a green aura are very analytical, creative, and solutions-driven.  They have active minds that generate tons of ideas.

Though Greens are great thinkers, they tend to have a poor sense of self-worth. To compensate for this, they will work very hard to get ahead in the world.  They seek perfection and as a result, can be very tough on themselves.  Greens can eventually achieve peace once they realize that they are perfectly great people just as they are.

A person with a green aura will generate income by using their head, not their hands, so don’t ask them to fix anything.  Greens will work hard to make sufficient income so that they can afford to pay others to do the physical labour.  Since Greens are initiators and self-starters, they will envision and kick-start a project, but they often rely on others to pull together all the necessary pieces to get the job completed.

Greens are abstract thinkers. A logical person’s thought process looks like the alphabet.  To arrive at a solution a logical person will start at the beginning and working through sequentially until they arrive at the end.  For example, they will start at A, then move to B, and work through the entire alphabet in order to arrive at Z.  In contrast, a Green’s thought process looks more like a random-dot-pattern.  Greens will instantly arrive at an answer without knowing how they got there.  If you asked a Green to explain the steps they took to arrive at Z, they’d probably look at you with a blank stare.  Regardless, you can be confident that Z is the right answer!  Since a Green’s mind can instantly envision the end result, this makes them great visionaries and leaders.  Their challenge, however, is to bring others along with them.

I suppose it’s not surprising that people with Green auras are attracted to people with physical aura colours such as Orange and Red.


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