Stepping Out of a Perfectly Good Body

Every morning before dawn, and every evening after the sun sets, try taking a quiet meditative walk.  Stop thinking.  Still the mind and this will open the heart.  Ask for guidance and repeat affirmations to  surround yourself in the Light.

When you log sufficient hours of meditation, colours will start to appear.  In my experience, a rainbow might appear before you.  Next, Buddha, Jesus or another enlightened Master or Guide might also become visible because the rainbow signifies the awakening of the inner self to the vast reservoir of knowledge that is available to you before you transition to the state of Nirvana.  While in a physical state, it is a good idea to become very aware that there are an infinite number of non-physical realms of both higher and lower vibrations.  The ‘goal’ is to evolve in consciousness and constantly work toward achieving a higher vibration.  When we develop a higher consciousness, our vibration increases, and our energy centers (chakras) develop to their full potential. This is especially important for when we eventually outgrow our physical bodies.  After ‘death’ for example, Nirvana is a heavenly realm of existence available for all beings, regardless of race, religion or colour, who have a fully developed heart chakra (i.e. they come from a place of love).

The good news is that you can travel to the non-physical realms while very much ‘alive’ on the physical plain of Earth.  We humans are more than capable of unlimited ‘mind travel’.  Our electro-magnetic fields can stretch around the world and out into the universe.  Our astral bodies, the non-physical part of our soul/spirit, can travel to almost any part of the cosmos.  Everyone astral travels in their sleep.  There are also many techniques to assist you in stepping from your physical body while still fully awake.  Meditation techniques work well.  Bob Monroe, who founded The Monroe Institute, designed a system using sound waves that safely assists individuals in astral traveling.  It all comes down to technique plus practice practice practice.

But why would anyone want to step outside of a perfectly good body?  To become fully aware, evolve in consciousness, and learn to be the best you can be (i.e. achieve perfection).  😮