Are Trees People Too?

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.”
William Blake

Recently, I became engaged in the question of whether trees and forests are sentient – sentient meaning being aware, able to make decisions and take action.

Research at the Monroe Institute describes how trees can decide whether to grow big, strong and healthy or not.  Experiments have demonstrated that plants tend to wilt or die when exposed to to hard rock music and tend to flourish when exposed to classical music.  At The Ontario Hypnosis Center, people who have gone through past life regressions have sometimes regressed back to a former lifetime when they were a tree and described how they had thoughts and feelings in that form.

A friend who is intuitive has several very old trees in her yard.  One day, she became aware that they all had names but they were strange names that she had never heard of.  When she did some research, she discovered they were very ancient names in an old language that is seldom used today.

On a kayaking expedition to Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, I met a woman named Florence who communicated with trees and considered herself to be a tree healer.  She described saving an entire grove when it was being chain-sawed to death.  She turned the grove into a garden and spiritual retreat and said the trees became very thankful.  She doesn’t generally share this story with her guests, but when people walk through the trees, they consistently report feeling an enormous sense of gratitude.  She also said that trees are connected to each other through their roots.  When erosion occurs and a tree starts to fall over a bank or ledge,the rest of the trees will hold onto its roots to prevent it from falling down.

Are trees sentient?  We can only ‘know’ what is true through our own senses and unique experiences.  However, keeping an open mind seems to be the best policy.




  1. youaredumb says:

    Do you know how stupid you sound? Have you thought about your post before you hit the submit key? Why do you feel the need to make false claims without any evidence.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear YouAreDumb,
      I mean no disrespect when I re-state your choice of title. Much of what I describe is my own first hand experience plus I share the stories of others who have had similar experiences. The levels of awareness achieved during hypnosis and other meditative states are subjective and can’t yet measured with the mathematical equations of science, but should not be dismissed. Think of consciousness exploration as the new frontier. To quote Robert Monroe, “You are more than your physical body.”