Angel Cards

Last year, someone at a conference gave me a package of angel cards.  Curious, I started using them each morning before heading out to work.  With eyes closed, I would shuffle the deck while asking beings of a higher vibration, guides, or angels to tell me what I needed to know or do that day.  When a card fell out of the deck, I would open my eyes and pay attention to the message. My skeptical mind sometimes wondered if I was truly receiving divine guidance, but since the messages were always constructive, they consistently gave me something positive to think about.

One morning last week, I faced a lot of pressure at work with travel, time constraints, and multiple meetings and wondered exactly how I could possibly accomplish everything.  It had been a while since I had used the Angel Cards, so closing my eyes, I quickly shuffled the pack until a card fell out.  The card that dropped out of the deck said ‘Relax. Allow yourself to be lazy.  It’s okay to ‘do’ nothing.”  This made no sense and I thought, “That’s ridiculous!  I’ve got way too much on my plate to relax!”

Picking up the card deck, I shuffled again. With my eyes closed, I shuffled more thoroughly this time.  Another card fell out.   When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking at the exact same card.  I laughed out loud.  Truly, my message for the day was to RELAX!

Upon reflection, I realized the message made perfect sense because a calm mind allows you to think clearly and function at your best.  Also, it is only when your mind is calm that you are open to receiving divine guidance.  Fear, anxiety and turbulent thoughts block out all guidance from the spirit world.

When we have a lot to do, most of us have a tendency to try and control things.  We jump into action and physically push ourselves to accomplish as many tasks as we can in the shortest amount of time possible.

As an alternative, try this.  Instead of reacting physically, stop, relax, and get yourself into a meditative state.  It is in this state that you become plugged into the world of spirit where all things become possible.  Think from the end.  Picture the outcome that you wish to achieve. Know that everything will get done.  Then stop thinking.

You must still take action, but in an altered state, you are far more likely to find that things come together smoothly, with less stress, and greater ease because you are plugged into a higher consciousness.




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