Already Out-Of-Body

Talking with Thomas Campbell is the conversational equivalent
of an out of body experience.

We just spent the weekend with Thomas Campbell.  A physicist, out-of-body explorer, and expert on consciousness, Thomas is brilliant at cutting to the chase about what matters most.  He made it clear that what matters most is how you’ve grown up as a ‘being’ of the cosmos.  What’s important is focusing your time on evolving in consciousness.  He explains that, on Earth, what you see is what you are.  When you turn on the television and feel shocked by current events, or or when you are terrified while watching a scary movie, you alter your consciousness and de-evolve a little bit.  The reverse is also true.  When you help an old lady across the street because you care, your consciousness evolves a little bit.  When you help an old lady across the street because your mother told you to, nothing changes.

High entropy is a state of chaos.  Low entropy is a state of order.  The goal of all beings is to lower their entropy.   How do you accomplish this?  By learning to control your thoughts and by coming from  a place of love.  Thoughts become things.  When you add emotion to a thought, it’s like adding fuel to the fire.  If your thoughts and emotions are chaotic, your life will be chaotic.  You will attract the people and situations that are chaotic.  The goal is love, peace and ordered thought.

Relative to other beings in the cosmos, Thomas commented that most humans are in Day Care or Kindergarten.  He says we’re very low on the totem pole in terms of our collective level of consciousness.  However, we’re given every chance to lower our entropy, rise above fear and ego, and ascend to levels of much higher consciousness.  The keys are to become aware, practice coming from a place of love, and learn to control your mind.  Over time, as you shift from a fearful state to a loving state, your own personal experiences will teach you more than any book or any religion.  Meditation is one of the best ways to become aware of who you really are, a spirit having a physical experience, and that the only thing that matters is love.

Oh yes, this part was pretty amazing.  In terms of what it takes to  go ‘out of body’, Thomas said, your consciousness does not reside in your head.   Your brain does not contain your thoughts.  Your consciousness resides in the cosmos.  Therefore, you’re already ‘out of body’.  Technically, there is no ‘out of body’ state.  Our bodies are part of the virtual reality in the game called Earth.  We’re virtual characters that are governed by a specific rule set designed to help us grow.  As soon as we die, our spirits carry on and that rule set is left behind in the virtual game on Earth, until we come back through reincarnation, or ascend to a higher consciousness game that is completely different.

Lots to think about!