A Spiritual Law for Sunday

Deepak Chopra practices a different spiritual law each day of the week.  Here is Sunday’s law:

Sunday – #1  Law of Pure Potentiality

The field of spirit is the field of pure potentiality.  Your mind thinks in limitations.  Your spirit is infinite, unbounded, eternal, beyond space, time and causality, and therefore, there is no limitation.  Whatever consciousness can imagine, it can accomplish.  Once it does that, it imagines something more.  Imagination is also a never ending horizon.  Your soul is that part of you.  In order to get in touch with your soul, you must get past the secret passages, dark alleys and the ghost filled attics of your mind.  Your soul is in the space between your thoughts.  It is the stillness that is the field of pure potentiality.  There are three ways of getting there:

1.        When you practice meditation, your mind gets past the turbulence, it gets quieter until it finally slips into the stillness of the field of pure potentiality.

2.        Practice of non-judgement.  We are always trying to classify things as right and wrong.  When you feel the urge to judge, simply say, “Stop”.  And then say, “Next”.

3.       Commune with Nature

H.G. Wells described self righteous morality as jealousy with a halo.  Even Jesus Christ said he who is without sin should cast the first stone.  Contemplate that today I shall judge nothing that happens.  You will feel much lighter physically and emotionally because carrying burden of judgement is a huge burden.  Instead of judging, instead say, “I will create silence in my mind and get in touch with spirit.”

Nature is the body of the spirit.  The trees are your lungs, extended lungs.  If you didn’t breathe, the trees wouldn’t breath.  Nature recycles through us.  Air is our breath.  Rivers and waters are our circulation.  Stars and galaxies with all their infinite particles of light is what creates the universe and ultimately we are beings of light as well.