A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Eternity

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops.”
Henry Brooks Adams

My time at The Monroe Institute was a deep trance vacation.  Adorned with headphones, tucked away in a cozy isolation unit, I enjoyed hours of relaxation while basking in the natural sounds of ocean waves and TMI’s Hemi-Sync.  Drifting into an intensely meditative theta state, nothing could be finer than the thrill of suddenly finding myself out-of-body.  What an adventure!  However, on hearing my story, someone asked me a great question:

Q.  Should you go Out-of-Body for Recreational Purposes?

Adventure seeking sounds like a great reason to jump out-of-body (i.e. move your consciousness beyond the physical).   Certainly the non-physical world for scientists, truth seekers, and thrill seekers alike is the new frontier.  However, once out in the ‘no time’ world of spirit, the larger consciousness system will likely take advantage of the opportunity and work to teach you something.  During his lecture in Calgary this past weekend, Thomas Campbell described the spirit world as ‘the greater reality’ that controls our reality.  You’re here to learn and grow into higher consciousness beings.  When you work with the larger consciousness system, it works with you.  When you work against the system to satisfy your own ego, you can expect that a lesson will be presented.  Add in the fact that pain and adversity are our greatest teachers, and things get interesting.  Whether you’re working with the system or against it, the opportunity for personal growth will always be presented.

Q.  What About Aging?

At Thomas’s lecture, someone asked why ‘enlightened’ gurus age regardless of their years of meditation.  Thomas Campbell responded that aging is a part of the Earth’s rule set.  You can affect age with your intent and age more slowly.  However, when your ego’s involved, the opportunity for slowing down aging is very limited.  He said that longevity is a goal of the ego.  Rising above fear and ego, and achieving higher consciousness are the real goals.  We’re here to learn, not drink beer, party and live as long as possible.  As long as you’re learning to lower entropy and evolve in consciousness, you’ll remain on Earth.  If you’ve nothing more to learn, you’ll die and move on.  We can’t learn everything in one lifetime which is why reincarnation exists.  Death is simply transition to the next phase.

Q.  What about Eternity?

Something I’ve always dreamed of was a state of eternal bliss.  However, according to Thomas Campbell, there is no eternity.   The greater consciousness system is a finite system.  Eternity is an abstract concept that comes in handy when you’re describing something that you cannot see the end of.  Each system is about growth and Earth is about how you’re going to deal with things.  On Earth, every choice is about whether you will come from a state of fear, ego or love.

Wishing you great success in the virtual multi-player game of life on Earth!!