2012 – Make The Shift

 “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything. What we think we become.”  Buddha

You don’t have to be psychic to feel the shift taking place. Turn on the television, pick-up a newspaper, or talk to a friend. What most people don’t realize is that the times they are a changing …because of the thoughts and emotions of each one of us.

It’s time for mankind to take-note.  The physical is not as important as the metaphysical yet we’re caught-up in it.  Our consciousness is stuck in the physical world of want, greed and accumulation.  We’ve become caretakers of material goods.  We spend endless amounts of time, energy and money, accumulating, preserving and guarding our material goods.  We measure our worth by the value of our ‘stuff’.  Too many of us have lost sight of what’s real because we’re so emotionally attached to our various collections of stuff.   Eckhart Tolle explains that we think our stuff defines who we are.  This is hurting us, hurting mankind, and hurting Mother Earth.  We can fix this.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are
so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Ghandi

Most of us are caught in a web that we ourselves created.  It’s time to get un-stuck and set yourself free.  Those who have denounced material things, dedicated their lives to service, or perhaps gone inside their soul through meditation and arrived at a place of love are on the right path.  The churches and the temples too often provide an interpretation of the truth that can be a detour around it.  Buddha, Jesus, and our own hearts show us the truth.  Love is the path and the destination.

Many have felt the Earth shake beneath their feet, experienced the explosions of a volcano, or witnessed the destruction of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.  The renowned sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce was not the first to tell us that human negativity is the cause of sun spots, volcanos, and other natural turbulence.  Hypnotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss heard this from hypnosis clients who recalled events in previous lives that were lived in chaotic and destructive societies.  Edgar Cayce and countless past-life regression clients who, through hypnosis or meditation, recalled past-lives in Atlantis, reported this society as greedy and out of control to the point of self-destruction.  They have stated that too many negative people in our global society are headed in the same destructive direction.  Edgar Cayce’s readings warn that Mother Earth will clean the slate to restore balance if we do not clean it first ourselves.  However, fear not!  Have you ever noticed that when you want something urgently enough, the solution or pathway miraculously appears and change becomes simple, quick and easy?  Beware doom and gloom predictions of the future.  You create your future.  You ARE the miraculous agent of change.

Humans are magnificent manifestors with the capacity and wisdom
to correct the Earth’s current course and restore balance. 

Robert Monroe who founded The Monroe Institute, Physicist Thomas Campbell, Buddha, Jesus and countless others have many times explained how ‘Thoughts are things!”  Negative thought manifests into negative reality – not just in your life, but in the lives of those around you, and in ground beneath your feet – Mother Earth.  Humans have generally been stuck in a largely negative state of consciousness, manifesting greater and greater karmic debt.  This has been wreaking havoc on our world for centuries.  The wars, turbulent weather, and planet instability are all a reflection of our collective state of mind.  Eckhart Tolle has spoken clearly, and Oprah Winfrey has helped carry his message that our egos, our fears, our greed and endless ‘grasping for more’ are destroying our world, I would suggest in both a literal and spiritual sense.  Ironically, the more we grasp for things outside ourselves, the emptier we feel, and so we grasp for more and more, without satisfaction.  It’s like craving processed sugar – it leaves you empty of nutrition but wanting more.  Endless grasping for more has devastated families, companies, and entire countries.  Our desire to be ‘have more’ and be ‘better, bigger, and richer’ than the other guy or the other country is destroying our lives, our children’s future, and our planet.

 It’s time to stop grasping for things outside yourself and
now go within.

By now, many of you have realized that Mother Earth is conscious and sensitive to every thought, emotion and action that we humans inflict on her.  This is not a new message: http://green-agenda.com/gaians.html  We humans can be great beings, compassionate and loving.  The future is ours to redesign with love.  Though we have been far too destructive in the past, as co-creators with God, we have been gifted with magnificent powers to shift ourselves and this planet to a loving and healthy state.

My experiences with Mother Earth have been less than loving – explosive expressions of hurt, outrage and agony.  When I figured out that it was Mother Earth communicating in this way, I searched the world-wide web to see if others were on the same wave length and picking-up her messages of desperation.  I chatted with Thomas Campbell, communicated with Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer, and also found The Monroe Institute’s reports of Mother Earth’s state of mind.  Thomas Campbell, Adam McLeod and Robert Monroe are all aware of her plight.  A non-physical teacher, recorded by Robert Monroe at The Monroe Institute in the 1970s, reported that Mother Earth was indeed conscious, overwrought, and crying out for assistance.  The following is a partial transcript of the recording by the Monroe Institute in the 1970s.

Chanelled Entity: 

“There are many levels of changes that are taking place and many that you are aware of as far as the physical changes in the Earth, there is a shifting that is taking place, a polar shift at this time and the tremblings and the shakings that are taking place around the Earth are merely a beginning because the shifts of the inner-workings of the Earth are great. However, this is important because the Earth in itself is shifting into a higher form of consciousness and in order for the Earth entity, it is a live form, to shift into this consciousness it has to go through the shake-down of those negative forms that have existed around it and all of the levels of thought that human beings have brought to the Earth have caused great imbalance, especially in the areas of large concentration of negativity.  And as the large concentration of negative thought forms grow to a higher magnitude, this affects the Earth therefore the shake-down is beginning.  But as with all growth, this is important, and besides, the physical aspects of the shakedown, there are many levels of energy that is being projected in the Earth’s direction.

The Earth is sending out its antennae’s to all aspects the universe and therefore it is receiving much more attention from other forms of life and therefore it is attracting to itself many forms of consciousness levels in the physical level and in the etheric.  And therefore, they are studying the Earth because the Earth is like a baby in the cosmos.  It has yet much to learn in its emotional level, it is very young emotionally and it is time now for more growth to take place and that shift is coming very very soon. But those, like yourself (Robert Monroe), and others with whom you have been working are ready for this because you have been willing to look into all levels of consciousness and know it is not just one level, the physical.  That is important but the dimensional levels of existence are the important aspects of life and man must be in touch with himself or he will destroy that which is most important to him, the very nature of his existence, the nature of his consciousness.  Man must come into attunement not only with himself, but with all levels of consciousness around him in order to preserve, but in order to go with this shift in growth and consciousness.” 

Robert Monroe:  “How much time do we have to prepare for this?”

“The preparation is taking place and has been taking place.  Your preparation has been taking place for many lifetimes.  Therefore it is not a matter of preparation.  It is a matter of going with the happening as they come to adjust and go with this shift. You are prepared and you have been prepared and the great test as you are able to go with the flow and you are able to realize that when the breakdown begins, this is a very important part of growth and you are working very hard to prepare many many souls in the right direction. It is mainly the ability of the self to be in balance and to be in-tune to understand what is happening because the physical is not the important aspects of life.”

For those of you who have never experienced a chanelled teaching direct from the non-physical realm of spirit, you may enjoy listening to The Monroe Institute link posted below.  Note from TMI:  The Monroe Institute downloads are not predicated on any particular belief system or doctrine. The only philosophical point you are asked to consider as a serious possibility is that you are more than your physical body:


It’s NEVER too late to fix things.