How to Achieve Happiness, Success and Abundance

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” Buddha

Our friend Molly is a highly successful entertainer, entrepreneur, and generous benefactor.  She is also the most energetic and positive person that I have ever met.  She is tons of fun to be with and everywhere she goes, Molly spreads joy and makes a positive impact.

To me, Molly stands out from the crowd because she does everything with such great enthusiasm and an enormous sense of fun.  She is gifted at manifesting golden opportunities and creating an abundance of wealth.  She is also a high achiever, sets big goals, and is a very hard worker.

Since I had never met a person like Molly before, I just had to ask, “What makes you – you?  How can you be so positive ALL the time?  Most of us find life to be a struggle.  What’s your secret?”

Molly told me, “Well, it was my parents and my grandparents.  When I was growing up, they trained me with only positive reinforcement.  They only praised me when I was doing something right.  They never said a word if I was doing something wrong!”  Molly laughed and added, “So you see, I grew up believing that I could do no wrong!  That gives a person enormous confidence.”

You might think, “Well, I was brought up differently so I can’t be as positive as Molly.”  In fact, you can be.  Everything is a choice and comes down to intention, and determination.  The only difference between Molly and everyone else is her state of mind.  The good news is that, with a lot of positive reinforcement, you too can change your state of mind.  Molly received only praise from her family.  You can start right now by giving yourself praise for every good thing you do throughout the day.

In a book called, ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog”, Behavioural Scientist and Animal Trainer, Karen Pryor, teaches similar positive reinforcement techniques to train animals.  She doesn’t stop there.  The same techniques can be used to drastically change our own human behaviour.   It’s definitely worth a read.

“How do you make a wonderful day? One wonderful moment at a time”  Molly Hamilton,