While Waiting for Your Twin Flame

Toulouse_Lautrec4“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

I’ve found that an increasing number of my Full Immersion into Spirit clients, and even clients who have Channelled Readings have been connecting with their twin flames on the astral plane.

During one session, a client connected with a twin flame that she hadn’t yet met in the physical world. Deep in trance, she received spiritual guidance to transmit love to her twin soul. The Angel speaking said, “Do not pull your twin flame down energetically. They’re your spiritual other half. When you pine away for them you’re “pulling” on them and draining their energy. Instead, when you’re feeling low, ask for assistance from the realm of spirit, the Angels, your Guides, Jesus, the Ascended Masters.  Transmit only love to your twin soul.  Do not pull!

When my client came out of trance she said, “That was very important!  Thank goodness I know now.  You should post this information.

So, I’m posting this for those of you who are twin flame seekers.

Every client who’s done several days, weeks, or months of  “Full Immersion into Spirit” has been connected to their twin soul.  This is because it’s time. Twin souls are the energetic half of us.  We can’t ascend to highest consciousness without them.

Robert Monroe founded The Monroe Institute after he spontaneously began to astral travel and have out-of body experiences.  At one point, he decided to return home, to God.  He actually made the journey but when he arrived, a booming voice said, “Why are you so small?”  The booming voice wondered, “Where is the rest of you?”

This experience reminded me of how we’re incomplete when we haven’t yet reunited with our twin soul.

Lately, through extensive work with past life regression, I’ve also realized that we’re to collect soul fragments. Somewhere along the line, through time and space, we’ve disconnected from energetic parts of us.  In previous lifetimes, part of our consciousness has sometimes splintered off.  When you recall a previous lifetime, that missing piece will often merge with you.

Once, while I was deep in trance experiencing a past life regression, I opened my eyes for some reason, and was amazed as the person that I had been in that past life suddenly appeared, as if through the wall, and stepped into me.  She was the same size as me, had similar facial features, but was much thinner and wore an Egyptian headdress.  Once she was “inside” she started chatting to me.

Only once last week, when I was working with a client, did the Egyptian woman surface as a separate personality.  It turned out that my client and I had both shared a past life together in Egypt.  It was a bit like a family reunion and very emotional.

Every day, consciousness exploration just gets more fascinating.  However, the importance of reuniting with your twin soul becomes clearer every day.  You can work to connect with your twin soul by going into trance and simply being open.  Ask them to come through and deliver any important messages.

Blessings and enjoy a wonderful day!

Elizabeth Rose