What to Expect from Twin Souls

Eternal truth, eternal righteousness, eternal love; these only can triumph, for these only can endure. 
Joseph Barber Lightfoot

…So, what can you expect from a Twin Soul?


I’d end this post here, but perhaps it requires a bit more explanation.  A woman asked me to channel the Angels to better understand her situation.  Her twin soul was the love of her life, but he was decades younger, miles apart, and would never be her lover.  Though she accepted her fate logically, and they became the greatest of friends, her heart was shattered emotionally when he began to carry on his life without her.

The Angels explained:  “A twin soul has a most difficult path. It is not easy for a twin soul to be on the Earth, love their twin unconditionally, and be available to them at all levels, no matter what.  In times when it is easy, it feels delightful.  But in times when it feels difficult, it is traumatic.  The intense energy can be painful and explosive. However, the explosion is a healing, a healing of the pain, the anger, the rage, and the sorrow.”

The Angels went on to say, “The twin flame cannot truly be the twin while in physical form. He cannot be “one with you” in the way that you want him to be and in the way that he wants to be. It is just as frustrating for him, though he may not express it.”

The issue is about being unable to merge with a twin soul.  This is the source of all conflict between twin flames.  However, when you rise above this conflict, you become far more connected than being a lonely isolated half-soul.

All twin souls seek becoming one, but they cannot truly become one in physical form.  They can only merge as one in a spiritual sense, in non-physical form.  Occasionally, twin flames merge as one on the astral plane and in those moments, their love is intense, explosive, and expansive.

“It is the venting of the frustration that causes the friction in the relationship between the two twin souls.  They want to become one with each other, but cannot. It’s physically impossible, so they may seek that which they desire from others.  This can feel very hurtful but a twin soul can never be replaced.  Their connection is more powerful than any other relationship and their love is eternal.”

Twin flames are generally decades apart in age, often of a different race or religion, and may never come together as a couple.  If your twin flame is seeking romantic love from someone else, whether a romantic relationship with your twin flame is possible or impossible, you may find yourself in an emotional tail spin. However, twin flames must recognise that they’re seeking a “spiritual” merging when the only thing possible is a “physical” merging” on the Earth plane of existence.

When twin flames reunite in this life, it’s a test of unconditional love.  That’s why twin flames come together in the first place.  They’re working to create a model of unconditional love for all.  It’s also one of the final tests before the Ascension.  Unconditional love is the goal of humanity.  When you can love your twin soul unconditionally, no matter what, and no matter who they’re with, then you can end your cycle of reincarnation, win a ticket home, and merge blissfully together in non-physical form, somewhere in the Light.  Worth the effort!?

Have no expectations and your expectations will be exceeded every time!

Wishing you eternal and unconditional love!
Elizabeth Rose

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