Why Twin Flames Matter

Twin Flames“I told you. You don’t love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song only your heart can understand.”
― L.J. Smith

The Bible teaches that humans were made in God’s image.  According to Edgar Cayce, an American Mystic who lived from 1877 to 1945, this meant that God, being androgynous, with both male and female energy, created androgynous humans with an equal balance of male and female essence.

Cayce’s readings go on to say that around 106,000 BC, God realized that humans were lonely so he divided and pulled out the feminine side (not a rib) to create “couples” so that humans had either a feminine or masculine body.  Whether feminine or masculine, both beings were equal.  One half was the male body of consciousness and the other half was the female body of consciousness.

These two energies continue to exist within a single soul, but have two very different YIN and YANG energies. Regardless of their differences, they coexist in a very harmonious way, like a magnet with two polarities.

These original couples are twin souls or twin flames and each person has only one twin.  Cayce explained that if you want to achieve full consciousness, you must first reunite with your twin flame, the other half of you, in order to start your journey back to the source.  Oneness is the goal for all of us.

Edgar Cayce’s Timeline

12 Million Years Ago: 1st Root Race, first influx of androgynous “ghosts” into Lemuria/MU

10 Million Years Ago: 2nd Root Race, second influx as thought-form projections

310,00 B.C. Atlantean Civilization begins: First truly physical bodies are androgynous “Blue Maze People.” 3rd Root Race. First entry into a body. Soul was androgynous so the body was androgynous.

106,000 B.C. FEMALE & MALE Yin & Yang: The Logos enters to help. Genesis Chapter 2 Yahweh Elohim, Lord God, notices androgynous beings are lonely so he casts a deep sleep upon the Earth and pulls out the feminine side to create two physical beings from the one the feminine and masculine. The Hebrew word Rib and Side are the same word. Hebrew word ‘being’ and ‘man’ are the same word. Adam is Eve (i.e. men and women) are equal beings, that together make up the whole being.

50,700 B.C. First breakup of Atlantis into five islands. Negativity shifts motivations.

28,00 B.C. Second breakup of Atlantis

22,800 B.C. The Great Flood begins. God decides to begin anew. Genesis 0.

13,000 B.C. 4th Root Race: The Logos again enters: Adam and Eve, Adamic Body

10,500 B.C. New training and initiation centers are built around the planet

10,014 B.C. The Final Destruction of Atlantis

ref: Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

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  1. Hi, I posted sometime within a week ago, I was looking for my post and can’t find it…but in the process of looking for it, I came across this article that I somehow missed in trying to find as much information on understanding why I feel the way I feel about this guy..i can’t stop missing and wanted to come home and back to my life. I had mentioned that there was an instance adam and eve had popped into my head while standing at my dresser and looking into the mirror..he was adam and I was eve..I thought it was a crazy thought…but after reading this… now more firmly then ever believe that David is my Twin Flame/ and I am so deeply in love with him…I also have to assume that he must still feel the same about me, because isn’t that how it works? I’m guessing that although we may not have been literally adam and eve…my subconcious mind was trying to relay to me, that he is my soulmate and my truest of loves..and then I go an mess it all up and lose him and now I feel like there is this huge hole in my life..and it’s shaped like him. 🙁

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Benita,
      Thank you for sharing. Your story was sad but your writing was poetic! “…this huge hole in my life, and it’s shaped like him.”
      We can only work on ourselves to become the love that we seek. It’s unlikely that he was not your twin flame, so stay open.