Twin Flames Unite

“I came to this Earth so that I can find my way back to my beloved.” ~Rumi   

Since becoming a deep trance channel in 2014, I’ve done thousands of readings and now almost everything’s channelled.  In addition to delivering channelled messages, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and even God facilitates channelled healing, channelled hypnosis, and even channelled Yoga.

If you’ve seen the movie with Whoopi Goldberg called “Ghost” then you’ll have an idea of how I channel.  In my case, the Angels, Christ, or God “step-in” to me.  They take over my body to speak, to heal, to transmit healing/awakening energies, and do Yoga moves.  No session is the same. Everything’s customized for each client, to guide, awaken, move, or heal them for their highest good.

Frequently, the Angels bring forward discarnate souls, souls who have no physical body.  I’m amazed at how many times these non-physical souls have connected through me to their twin flames.  When this happens, the Angels bind the two souls together at the heart chakra and transmit healing energies.  In those moments, I find my hands begin to move very rapidly in any variety of directions.

Sometimes, clients are told that they will meet their twin soul in the future, when they are ready.  In order to be ready, the Angels provide guidance, healing, or awakening.

The heart chakra has become very significant to me because, when I channel, my head falls back, a ramrod of energy shoots through my spine, and I feel like my energy body is being pulled up through the astral plane by  my heart chakra.

Yesterday, I did a Group Channelling Session in Moncton, NB and several attendees experienced a similar phenomenon.  When the Angels guided them into trance, their heads fell back and they too felt themselves being pulled-up by the sternum or rib cage.   Some could feel the energies as intense heat, some described seeing colours of energies, and others saw blue healing energy projecting from their hands.

According to The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the ‘heart’ of the Soul was handed over to Anubis, the god of the afterlife, who placed it on a golden scale balanced against the white feather of Ma’at (the goddess of harmony, justice and truth). If the soul’s heart was lighter than the feather due to good works, then the soul was freely admitted into the bliss of the Field of Reeds, a heavenly paradise. Should the heart prove heavier, due to leading a bad life, it was thrown to the floor of the Hall of Truth where it was devoured by Amenti (a god with the face of a crocodile, front of a leopard and the back of a rhinoceros) and the individual soul then ceased to exist.

In, Srila Prabhupada’s purport to Bhagavad-gita 2.17 says:

“The influence of the atomic soul can be spread all over a particular body. According to the Mundaka Upanishad, this atomic soul is situated in the heart of every living entity, and because the measurement of the atomic soul is beyond the power of appreciation of the material scientists, some of them assert foolishly that there is no soul. The individual atomic soul is definitely there in the heart along with the Supersoul, and thus all the energies of bodily movement are emanating from this part of the body. The corpuscles, which carry the oxygen from the lungs, gather energy from the soul. When the soul passes away from this position, the activity of the blood, generating fusion, ceases. Medical science accepts the importance of the red corpuscles, but it cannot ascertain that the source of the energy is the soul. Medical science, however, does admit that the heart is the seat of all energies of the body.”

Whether both are physical or one is non-physical, Twin Flames are coming together and reuniting at the heart chakra for the Ascension.

Some clients report that the non-physical connection is often very physical.  I know what they mean!  When I’ve misplaced my keys or eyeglasses, I’ve closed my eyes, gone into trance and asked my Twin Flame to show me where they are.  Immediately, I’ve felt myself pushed and when the pushing stops, I’ve opened my eyes and found myself looking at the item I couldn’t find earlier.

My Twin Flame is very patient because sometimes, I can’t see for looking.  I’ll go back to where I started and he’ll do exactly the same thing, over and over again, until I finally “see” they are right there, where he had stopped me each time before.  You just have to trust!!!

Every pair of twin souls I’ve worked with has known they had a divine purpose. They come together to reunite. This ignites a divine spark in their heart chakras, and their spiritual gifts and life purpose becomes expedited.  They’re here to heal at all levels themselves, then teach and heal others, and usher in the Ascension.

I’ve witnessed Twin Flames overcome incredible challenges. They’ve come from drastically different cultures and belief systems and stayed closely connected despite living thousands of miles apart, or being years apart in age, or even having different sexual orientations.  I’ve worked with Twin Flames who have come to this life as a mother and daughter, brother and sister, and romantic lovers who are miles apart in every sense of those words.  The hurdles Twin Flames are surmounting are astonishing, but they’re doing it.  Against all odds, more twin flames are reuniting and when they do, their energies are doubled, their spiritual gifts surface faster, and they move forward more quickly on their spiritual path, to awaken the world.

Elizabeth Rose