The Moral to the Twin Flame Story

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-7“Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

These days, I’ve been guided to combine hypnosis, healing and channeling. Whether working with clients directly, via Skype or telephone, they often receive channeled messages, energy healing, hypnosis, and yoga, all at the same time. Recently, I’ve noticed an interesting twist.  While deep in trance, more clients are finding themselves connecting to their twin souls.

One woman from the USA purchased a Skype channeled reading.  She received messages from the Angelic Realm, found herself guided into hypnosis, and was given new awareness about her life’s path.  Near the end of the session, I was surprized when she reported coming face-to-face with a man who introduced himself as her twin flame.  She didn’t recognize him and he explained that their paths would cross in the future.  He said they would marry and have children so he gave her a number of ways to prepare.

A client near Toronto, Canada experienced both a past life regression and an inter-life regression via Skype.  During the inter-life session, he too came face-to-face with his twin soul.  However, his twin explained that she would not meet him physically in this lifetime.  She would be guiding him through some challenges he was facing now.

My client explained later that he had always sensed a female presence nearby and sometimes caught a glimpse of her, out of the corner of his eye.  However, that was the first time he’d communicated directly and seen her face.  He reported that she was breathtakingly beautiful.

Another client stayed at for the Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive.  For seven days, she went through different types of guidance on nutrition, energy healing, received channelled messages about her life’s path, did daily Yoga with the Ascended Masters, plus experienced well over 20 or 30 past life regressions, inter-life regressions, and future life regressions.

During the last 2 days, the client was surprized to experience several past life regressions with her twin flame.  A pattern appeared.  In previous lifetimes, they had frequently come together in great love but each time had been broken apart through lack of communication, not seeing eye-to-eye, and tragedy.

In one lifetime, she was a tiny non-physical spirit, like a fairy.  He was a greedy man who ate and drank excessively plus focused on accumulating possessions.  She worked desperately to awaken him and shift his focus from the physical to the spiritual but failed miserably.  It wasn’t until the very end of his life that she succeeded in opening his eyes.  As he lay dying, he suddenly saw that he too was a spirit and they reunited in the heavenly realm.  She reported that she had saved his soul!

During one lifetime, when the twin souls were husband and wife, the man felt inadequate and constantly disappeared on quests for fame and fortune.  He did not understand that his wife loved him just the way he was.  Always alone, she became tired and depressed while he traveled further and further away attempting to prove his worth to her.  They both died feeling lonely and isolated.  These twin flames were shown that their future life would be similar if they did not break the pattern.

What is the moral of the twin flame story?  You decide.  Perhaps you can share your thoughts in the comments below.