The Eternal Love of Twin Souls

img_20161114_172214During this time of change upon the planet, many of you are discovering that your twin flame is in fact a star being, that they have incarnated and that they are hovering, literally, above Earth or on your—what you would think of as—your home planet. And this creates a yearning, but it also creates an awareness of where they are and how you are working together. It is a piece of information about your own mission and purpose, and of course their mission and purpose as well.
Linda Dillon channelling
Archangel Michael   

In my previous post, I wrote about my trip to Australia.  It was a whirlwind tour plus I taught hypnosis, did healing and channelling at both a workshop and with individuals.  Some of the experiences were profound, deeply moving, and even amazing.

In Melbourne, I channelled for a lovely woman whose husband was gravely ill.  She wondered why he was dying at the young age of 71.  During the reading, the Angels explained that his mission on the Earth was complete.  They said, he’s been a gifted pianist, enjoyed a fantastic career that has brought great joy to many people, and now it’s time for her to step into her magnificence.

The Angels brought her husband’s higher-self forward.  When his spirit stepped into me, he told his wife how much he loved her and that he would be standing by her side for the rest of her life.  He also explained that he was her twin soul.  Indeed, his emotions flowed through me like a tidal wave. He expressed so much love for his wife that tears poured down my cheeks.  I’ve found that the love of twin souls is beyond imagination.

Today I learned that he passed away on Monday.  I tuned-in and he connected saying, “I’m here, …for a while.”  I was flooded with more love and brought to tears again.  Suddenly, my arms were wrapped around myself in a “hug” as he again expressed great love for his wife.

img_20161114_164933In Australia, there were other intensely emotional experiences when more deceased loved ones stepped-in to speak with their beloved family members.

A woman’s brother had tragically died of a drug overdose.  His sister and brother-in-law were grief-stricken.  When the brother’s spirit stepped into me, he was distraught and tears poured down my face as I felt his pain.  He’d died recently so his emotions were heightened and his spirit was clinging to his sister. He’d been unable to let go and explained that he was desperately attempting to fix things from the other side by staying closely connected to his sister on the Earth.

In this case, however, the Angels counselled the sister.  They asked that she tell her brother to go to the Light for healing.  After many spontaneous “hugs” and more tears, he finally agreed but said he’d check-in on her from time to time.  I was grateful for the opportunity to assist and am hoping that his sister and brother-in-law feel more peace.

When I did a reading for my client Matt, the spirit of his brother Dom stepped in.  Dom had passed away tragically a few years earlier.  After Matt’s reading, Dom kept stepping forward to speak to Matt.  He also stepped-in when I did individual readings for other members of the family.  There was so much love flowing between Dom and his family that I remain in-awe of everyone’s tight bond.

As Dom kept coming through, he was sometimes deeply loving and emotional, other times he expressed a hilarious dry wit, and one time, while counselling his nephew, he sounded more like the captain of a ship.  I got to know him a little more each time and recall Out-of-Body Pioneer, Bob Monroe’s comment during an interview, “As you know, I have a lot of non-physical friends.”

When Dom spoke to his beautiful wife Danielle, he told her that she was his twin flame and that he’d be at her side forever.

Another twin flame!  Though their time together had been too brief, here was another case of twin souls reunited on the Earth.  How amazing!

The Angels didn’t intervene by sending Dom to the Light so I know he is truly a guide for everyone.  He dearly loves his wife, son and daughter, his brother Matt, his other siblings, nieces and nephews. I’m still in awe of Dom’s deep love and commitment to remain by his wife’s side and watch over the entire family.

After Matt completed Full Immersion into Spirit, he’d become a Direct Channel himself.  On the second-last day of my trip, while we were chatting, Dom stepped into Matt.  Matt’s face suddenly transformed. The upper half of his face was no longer Matt’s face and I found myself looking into Dom’s eyes.  Matt was aware of the transformation and said he could feel a tingling sensation.

Dom said, “It’s subtle when we step-in. Not everyone notices.”

It wasn’t subtle to me!   There was so much love in his eyes that I found myself looking away to avert his gaze.  This was strange and I wondered, “Why is it so difficult for me to look into Dom’s eyes?”

Back in Canada, I got an answer to that question because the same thing happened with another client.  The spirit of that client’s father stepped in and I automatically avoided his gaze too.

img_20161116_154945The way I see it, we’re all spirits having a human experience, but we forget this.  Caught-up in the so-called physical world, we become quite numb and detached from the non-physical world of love that governs our world.  Since the non-physical world of spirit is the “real” world, when a higher conscious spirit steps-in and looks into your eyes, it’s as if they’re looking right through you.  Their love feels more intense than humanly possible.

Thank you again Matt for bringing me to Australia.  I’m grateful for having met your wonderful family and friends, both in person and in spirit.  I’m still in awe at how Dom and the others let everyone know just how deeply loved they all are, and that they’ll be checking-in periodically, and standing by their twin soul’s side.

Love really is forever and it’s what matters most!

Elizabeth Rose

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