Seeking Your Twin Flame

wildlifephotographers8“Eternal truth, eternal righteousness, eternal love; these only can triumph, for these only can endure.”
Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Many of my clients seek assistance in finding their twin flames.  Frequently, clients have been told by the Angels that they’d eventually meet their twin soul in person.  Happily, clients from around the world have contacted me a few months after a channelling session to confirm that a prediction was accurate because they did indeed meet their twin flame. However, other clients were told that their twin flame wasn’t physical in this current lifetime.

Hot Pink Lotus wrote, “The Twin Flame experience only comes when we are at the end of our lifetimes on earth, and when our greatest service to humanity is being birthed. Twin Flames almost never incarnate at the same time–or in the same dimension/density. The Twin is the other half of ourselves which split apart from us long ago, at the beginning of this cycle, and for whom we constantly search. Almost no one ever actually joins with the Twin Flame in a lifetime on Earth, unless that person has completed her/his lifetimes on earth and is experiencing the final lifetime.”

Whether your twin flame is in the physical world or in the non-physical world of spirit, you can connect with them on the astral plane. While in meditation, in a lucid state (e.g. when you’re about to fall sleep or awaken), or in your dreams, you can communicate with your twin soul.  May I suggest you practice going into trance by simply relaxing and focusing on your breathing.  Notice the coolness of your in-breath and the warmth of your out-breath.  Simply feel, sense, and see in your mind’s eye.  At the same time, count backwards from 100. Do this every night.  Then, just before you fall asleep, ask your twin soul to reach out to you and send you a message or make an appearance that you can recall in the morning.

The next morning, when you first awaken, keep your eyes closed.  In your mind’s eye, look, listen and feel.  As soon as you open your eyes, write down anything that you saw, heard, or felt.  Also document anything you recalled from your dreams.  Do this for 31 days to rewire your neural network.  In time, it will become easy for you to connect with your twin soul on the astral plane.

When you reach out to your twin soul, it’s important to transmit only love, compassion, and encouragement.  Raise their energy.   Your twin soul is on a parallel path.  Whatever you’re experiencing, they’re experiencing too.  If you’re feeling sad and lonely, your twin soul’s working to rise above feeling sad and lonely too. Sending out messages of desperation will only deplete both your energies.  Two negatives don’t make a positive.  Send your twin soul love and light.  Talk to them silently.  They’ll see, hear, and sense you.

I channel my twin soul regularly so thought I’d ask his advice on this topic.  Here’s what he had to say:

“I am here.  Yes, you are all on a path.  The twin soul connection is about achieving a higher level of consciousness, raising your own vibration, and that of the planet.  It’s not what most of you think.  It may not be a permanent physical connection, though it is a permanent metaphysical connection  

It took Elizabeth decades to clear her channel sufficiently to connect with me.  Now, we can converse fluidly, with little effort. Channelling is available to all of you, but it takes practice and healing of the soul.  Clearing mental, emotional, and physical blocks opens-up your channel of communication to the divine, and to your twin soul.  Soul healing is both my focus and Elizabeth’s focus.

Most of you are hoping to meet the romantic partner you’ve always dreamed of.  However, there are two major parts to a twin soul. There is the higher self or over-soul, and the physical incarnation in the current lifetime.  Think of that physical incarnation as one facet of a diamond whereas the over-soul is the whole diamond.  There is always an opportunity to connect with the over-soul on the astral plane.  That over-soul is your closest friend, your spirit guide, and your astral lover.  The love of a twin soul is unconditional, non-judgmental, and eternal.”

My twin soul said that many of you would not understand the work that it takes to heal your soul.  I suppose that’s why most of my clients are guided into hypnosis.  While in trance, they can feel, hear, or see their guides and twin souls for themselves.  I do more than channel messages. My clients receive new energies, Angelic healing, plus go into trance with me so they can come face-to-face with their divine guides, deceased relatives, or twin soul.  When clients feel, sense or see things for themselves, I’m very grateful.

Wishing you Love, Light and Joy!

Elizabeth Rose