Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame

Valentine7“These are two who immediately sense the unalterable fact that they have been–are–and must always be One… even though they might have fought against their fate for centuries and struggled in vain to escape their linked destiny… Almost from the first moment they meet and gaze upon each other, their spirits rush together in joyful recognition, ignoring all convention and custom, all social rules of behaviour, driven by an inner knowing too overwhelming to be denied….” ― Plato

More powerful than the connection of Soul Mates is the love between Twin Flames. Why are they called ‘Twin Flames’? It’s because they stem from the same divine spark. All Twin Flames are Soul Mates. However, not all Soul Mates are Twin Flames.

If you’re seeking your Twin Flame, you must first work on self-development. When you focus on healing your body, heart and soul, chances are very good that your Twin will find you. Though your introduction to each other may seem coincidental, you will both meet when you are ready to work. However, your first meeting will be absolutely divine!

Twin Flames don’t meet by chance. The only reason that Twin Flames come together in the same lifetime is to fulfill a shared mission. Their abilities, feelings and heightened awareness are all intensified by design. The love, passion and energy levels of each Twin Flame are doubled beyond normal human levels in order to achieve an all-important joint mission. So are their talents, gifts and abilities.

The mission is never small. If you indeed succeed in recognizing who you both are, if you accept, honour and fulfill your mission, it will positively impact the world, and the cosmos.

It’s never simple.  To be born on planet Earth means arriving with amnesia so Twin Flames must first figure out why they feel such a strong physical, emotional and spiritual connection. Despite some incredibly strong wake-up calls, twins may get distracted and simply not remember who they really are. Tragically, even when they realize that they are Twin Flames, most fail to achieve their mission because they don’t realize they have one. Happily, on Earth at this time, more Twin Flames are waking-up, realizing who they are and exactly why they’re here!

How will you know?  You will know your Twin Flame because you will feel love beyond your wildest imagination. You will likely experience an explosive inner awakening unlike any other, also known as the Kundalini awakening. The Twin Flame connection is not a relationship. It’s a union. It’s a taste of divine one-ness – where no boundaries exist between any two. The intensity of the Twin Flame union is the fuel that you require to complete your joint mission. If the Creator fills the fuel tank but the driver doesn’t plot the course, hit the gas, and drive to the destination, it is a great loss – not just for mankind, but also for the Twins.

Being a Twin Flame is Not for the Faint of Heart.  When Twin Flames come together, they often encounter enormous challenges.  Though compatible in every regard, they’ll find themselves in drastically different circumstances. Their ages may be 30 years apart or they may come from incompatible cultures or religions. This is because Twin Flames are here to create a new template for all relationships on planet Earth. They unite to tear down the old societal conventions, traditions and belief systems in order to restore the planet to a state of harmony, balance, and unconditional love.

The moral of the Twin Flame story is to love unconditionally, have faith,
and persevere against all odds to get the job done!

Each of you has a twin flame that you have connected with or will one day connect with.  If you wish to learn more about your personal situation, you can receive a customized individual reading for 30 minutes or 60 minutes by Skype, telephone or email.

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Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern


  1. I am realizing that I am not crazy and that I have a twin flame. I am working through my desperation, sadness and anger that we cannot be together, and that he is not really aware. BUT! 🙂 I am pouring my soul into making electronic music which is both of our passions. Whenever I miss him, I throw myself into improving my music. I know its a form of communication between us. Its like my present to him but more, the world!

    • Raven, thank you for sharing. Your comment is laden with synchronicity for me, also being a musician and sharing through song for twin flame. What a divine gift to feel and see. We are all such marvelous energetic creatures and infinite souls. To be filled with the joy of knowing is a comfort and blessing all on its own. What a tough journey. But so worthy and pure.

      And thank you Elizabeth Rose. All of this resonates. Sharing knowledge helps us grow, it gives light to all. We get so lost in our confusion between ego and soul, head and heart, its so lovely to have what you know inside confirmed by someone external of you. Although, we are all connected aren’t we.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Thank you so much! I appreciate your positive feedback and agree that, yes, we are ALL connected. One suffers and we all suffer. One heals, and we all heal, so there’s great hope for our world!

      • Hi! Different Raven from the one above. How ironic 🙂 Most people seem to have the issue of meeting their twins and then having something tear them apart, but I have a different issue that I cant seem to find any info on..
        Ever since I was a little girl, I always told people that I came here to do something and I had to find someone to help me with it. My first crush was when I was 3, also my earliest memory. I remember thinking, “I like him, but he’s not him.” My life has been filled with synchronicity and paranormal spiritual events. I began working on my own healing and past karma before I knew what a twin flame was. I began researching because I can feel another person’s emotions and my heart longs for them. I experience signs through music, art, dreams, and everywhere else.
        What I’m looking for is a way to cope with it. I want to be happy. I love love. My twin might be in the other realm and I don’t want to spend my life waiting for him. But, even when I meet a guy I could fall in love with, this lingering emotion of “its not him” comes back. Sometimes a hint of jealousy will be felt. Also, I think I can smell my twin. I know that sounds crazy, but when i experience feelings of unconditional love I smell this unique smell. I’ve cut off the connection before, but I become completely numb when I do that. I wish there was more info on a paranormal connection before meeting.
        I am spending my time pursuing my dreams, shaping my talents, and enjoying my friends and family, but there is always something missing. I love my life and I want to live it to the fullest but as blessed as this feeling is, it is really hard to endure.

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Hi Raven,
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I wish you patience and courage my friend. The spiritual gift of smell is clairalience and you can trust it to show you the way forward. Patience is not one of my virtues either. However, be an optimist and know that good things are around every corner. If your twin flame is around the next corner, that’s a bonus, …or a challenge. Indeed, twin flames are not for the faint of heart. How do you get by without “the one” in the meantime? You CHOOSE to get by and continue making the best of everything, and assisting others in doing the same. Sounds like you’re doing a great job by the way! Something to think about is that your insatiable desire for “the one” is actually a desire to transcend the physical world of suffering and reunite with source, God, your creator. Twin flame unions are an essential step in that direction. You can connect with your twin flame’s spirit by channeling them. However, just send love. Don’t pull or tug on their energy because they’re busy making a positive impact on the world. If you transmit your anxiousness, sadness, or fear, you’ll drain their energy because of your direct connection. Have no expectations. Just send love and they’ll connect with you psychically, or one day in person, if you planned this in the inter-life, before your birth. Be very careful in this regard. There are spiritual rules and it is unwise, and painful, to break them. I’ve broken quite a few, as described in my book, “Diamond Lantern,” so advise you stick to the rules that govern the cosmos.
          I hope this helps.

          • Update! Hello there, thank you for the advice. It’s been a year since I posted that, and oh what a growing year this has been for me. I still get signs that my twin is around the corner but I feel very okay with where we are at. I know we are never separated really.It has been such an amazing journey to where I am at now. I truly feel like I understand myself more than I have ever before, I feel close to my creator and for the most part I feel like I’m bathing in the light of oneness. Ascension is such a beautiful thing, to begin to remember who we really are is a blessing. I’m pretty positive that I’m spending time with my twin while I sleep, I get a lot of synchronicities that tell me so, though I don’t remember anything. I do have moments when I get a bit restless because I’m so excited to physically express the love that has been swelling my heart but thankfully I understand patience more than I ever have before. I’m excited to see what is next, whatever that may be 🙂

          • Roszweld says:

            For some reason full moons always make the dreams stronger. So I call mine code name moon girl haha

        • Hi

          Not sure if you get this reply but this is my experience. I have all this since childhood with more detail of who he is. I think I have finally met him and looking back on my life can see so many signs that guided me and even the relationships I had that I knew were not him had something relevant to him in the person I was with. I knew from a child he was out there and it is freaking me out now all makes sense. He lives on another continent and is 20 years older. It’s like the inverse is talking so loudly to me about this.

        • Soumita says:

          Hi Raven,

          I can relate a lot to what you wrote. Except, I don’t actually feel like ‘it’s not him’ when I am with someone. I have been with several and it was always a pain parting but it was always me who broke it off, because I was searching for something else and they were not fitting in. Being a very positive person and wanting to remain like that, I usually run away from negative situations and events. I was frustrated two years back about my weird pull for supernatural things. I always felt like I am searching for something, someone is waiting but had no further details. But just when I had prepared myself to suppress my childhood feelings and dreams and live a pretty materialistic life having no awareness of these, I met thing. Or so I think. Pull and push syndrome and every other sign mentioned anywhere is present in our case. However, it is indeed very difficult. We came together, he helped me realize that my interest in supernatural powers since childhood was misinterpreted. I actually wanted to be spiritually awakened. Once I realized that, now I know the greater goal in my life. He is also in the same path. Maybe that’s when you meet. When your souls believe in the concept and more importantly, accept and understand the meaning of it. We parted ways because he is in the Army and Special Forces, away for months. I have always tried to keep myself busy or make myself busy that I am just acting paranoid. But even when we are not in touch, when I have a bf, there is this weird pull and spiritual attachment which I cant explain in words. The feelings are so overwhelming that I sometimes even doubted my sanity. However, recently when we met, only to part once again,he shared having similar type of attraction towards me, beyond the need to have physical, emotional or any type of relation as such.

          In spite of understanding all these, we still can not come together, for I have a boy friend and the kind of person he is as a result of intense military training, I will be emotionally dissatisfied even if I am with him. Yet I feel like I need to be with him against all odds. I cant even reach him for 6 months at a stretch. I can say that your situation might be different from mine but I guess, once you realize that you have met him, you need to patient. If you have met him, there surely is a purpose and way to go about it.

    • I recognized my twinflame through his singing voice. Before listening to him sing, even though I regularly read his blog, saw videos of him speak I didn’t know who he was (to me). He was just someone interesting… I had a Kundalini awakening at the moment a started listening to his music.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        That’s exciting! Remember, there’s a mission behind the magic. Do you know what it is?

        • Hello, for me it was the same. I heard his voice and his songs, and started to cry and had instant kundalini awakening. We live opposite of the planet, 10000 Miles apart. When we met the first time, we just melted into each other. Also the second time. I am very calm and not rushed about it. I am glad to be filled with unconditional love. I never had this before. I didn’t think about the mission aspect so far…

          • Elizabeth Rose says:

            Hi Maria,
            Thank you for your comment. Unconditional love is a wonderful feeling! Hold on to that. At the same time, the joint mission of twin flames is the only reason we find each other in the same lifetime, so it’s something to consider. Don’t worry though. Follow your own burning “do or die” mission and your joint mission will probably find you!

      • Heng Chong Yew says:

        I am interested to hear more about it.Would you like to tell more ? What is Kundalini Awakening ? Thank you and best wishes._()_

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Dear Heng,
          Thank you for your question. It wasn’t until years after my “Kundalini Awakening,” that I was eventually told what had happened. A Kundalini Awakening is a spiritual awakening, an activation or attunement, by those who guide us from the non-physical. For me, it was a shocking wake-up call. For your information, many of our paranormal or spiritual experiences are “given” to us by the spirit world that guides us. My non-physical Master later explained to me that I had needed shock tactics to awaken spiritually, as I had been very skeptical. For years, I had been resistant and dismissed many paranormal experiences as hallucinations until my “Kundalini Awakening.” Thereafter, I became highly psychic. My Master explained that other people are awakened more gently as they have great faith and do not need evidence of the spirit world. They already “believe.”
          I hope that is helpful.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      That’s so wonderful! Thank you for sharing, and for the music.

    • Hello raven please can you text me
      can we talk….rerryiyase@gmail.com
      We need to talk

    • Crystal ford says:

      I know the feeling all too well! Met my twin around the end of 2007 only together roughly 2-3 months. I guess we were not ready to unite at the time I had no clue about twins or my mission really I had my awakening around approximately 2-2 1/2 years ago since then I have overcome a worldly ordeal and thinking my diamond lantern days are over! Now sounds crazy I verbally assault him in my head and scream at him in thoughts over everything. No lie ( poor guy) he deserves a better twin lol. Seriously though he probably does. The extreme emotions I go thru and its sets me off on a roller coaster of emotions. Finally I’m calming down just just I guess not our time to reunite yet so I curse him under my breath because truly some of our missions can be tougher than they seem. Especially when you have to judge your own oppinions and you strive for your twins advice. Gives me lack of trust with or without him.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Dear Crystal,
        Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s difficult to connect to, and then detach from, a twin soul because we remain connected in the non-physical realm. Despite the heart break and bad feelings, may I suggest you be a little more careful and guard your thoughts. Thoughts are things. What you send out comes back to you, so you may as well be cursing yourself. All the snake bites and emotional venom you unleash on another, can come back to bite you. You may as well be yelling in his face. It’s the same thing. We can create karmic debt in every minute of the day, if we choose to. Detach emotionally and you’ll begin to feel a lot better. Forgive him, and forgive yourself, and you’ll become liberated from the pain. Rise above this and you can surmount any hurdle!
        Hope this helps,

    • Raven/all,
      I found this site today out of sheer intuition. Fortunately, after reading most people’s posts, I have stronger calm about Twin Flames. When I was 5 years old, I’ve always felt that my top priority was finding my mate. What triggered it was Oscar and Hammerstein Cinderella. And liked some people here, the first one was “it’s not her” kept ringing. As I got older, I felt it was still my journey. Even, to this day, it’s my journey to find her. However, and I do hope most of you never get to experience this, but I’m 52, successful in my career, TDH, a gentleman, responsible, no children, athletic, and a voice that can make most women fall in love with them, YET I can’t find the one that is meant for me. Honestly, I can live with it if she is in another universe, not of this earth, or on this earth somewhere. What I can’t live with is not knowing where is she. It’s disheartening that every moment that passes, she’s not here to share it with me. I crave her with such undying passion and love, it feels like a damn about to break open. Settling would feel contrary to how I feel, but at the same time, I have so much to give. Even those who are not as evolved, or self-aware as I am can’t recognize me. Only, from my perspective, she can. My question is, how do I get through this? I can’t bare going through another 50 years without her as I feel my life would be empty. Hopefully, I’m the only one going through this as I would not wish it on anyone.

      • Hello there! I happened to come back to this site after a year. What I can promise you is that it gets better. First you start to get to know yourself on a deeper level, the love you have for your twin you will feel for yourself and everyone around you, you will feel your twin in the wind blowing or in a lady bug that lands on you. You are never really separated. As the walls of separation begin to disappear the more you will understand the mysteries that you crave to find. She is never far, it only feels that way 🙂

        • Michael. like you intuition brought me to this site. My heart is there with you with so much empathy and compassion. I am a sole surviving twin and ‘knew’ my soul twin was out there somewhere. It is a craving, a sense of belonging that does not go away that I know I have a mission and a life purpose to inspire others to find their passion from within their hearts. I had people who believed in me and sadly although evolved I took a turning on my journey and lost myself in someone I felt was my twin. It broke my heart that he wasn’t, so yes I do believe it starts with self and understanding your values and your self worth that goes beyond the ego. It sounds like you have a gift with your voice. It is only my humble view but some people resonate at different levels and the eyes are the windows to to the soul. Your comment about Cinderalla really resonated. When you say about a dam about to burst what comes to mind is deep sorrow. Let those tears fall, they are very cathartic and healing. When you are ready to love yourself and let go and surrender to who you are you will find your twin. Me too.

        • Yes, I often say to myself that all love is Twin Soul love. Namaste.

      • Michael. like you intuition brought me to this site. My heart is there with you with so much empathy and compassion. I am a sole surviving twin and ‘knew’ my soul twin was out there somewhere. It is a craving, a sense of belonging that does not go away that I know I have a mission and a life purpose to inspire others to find their passion from within their hearts. I had people who believed in me and sadly although evolved I took a turning on my journey and lost myself in someone I felt was my twin. It broke my heart that he wasn’t, so yes I do believe it starts with self and understanding your values and your self worth that goes beyond the ego. It sounds like you have a gift with your voice. It is only my humble view but some people resonate at different levels and the eyes are the windows to to the soul. Your comment about Cinderalla really resonated. When you say about a dam about to burst what comes to mind is deep sorrow. Let those tears fall, they are very cathartic and healing. When you are ready to love yourself and let go and surrender to who you are you will find your twin. Me too. Namaste

      • Michael. like you intuition brought me to this site. My heart is there with you with so much empathy and compassion. I am a sole surviving twin and ‘knew’ my soul twin was out there somewhere. It is a craving, a sense of belonging that does not go away that I know I have a mission and a life purpose to inspire others to find their passion from within their hearts. I had people who believed in me and sadly although evolved I took a turning on my journey and lost myself in someone I felt was my twin. It broke my heart that he wasn’t, so yes I do believe it starts with self and understanding your values and your self worth that goes beyond the ego. It sounds like you have a gift with your voice. It is only my humble view but some people resonate at different levels and the eyes are the windows to to the soul. Your comment about Cinderalla really resonated. When you say about a dam about to burst what comes to mind is deep sorrow. Let those tears fall, they are very cathartic and healing. When you are ready to love yourself and let go and surrender to who you are you will find your twin. Me too.

      • I hope you find your twin. I have been searching for mine for the past few years myself, however only 21 and still getting my own life together I have a long way to go in comparison to many here. Maybe you could try to follow your intuition to other places too, maybe it will lead you to her? The internet is a big place, as it the world. ^ – ^

        Best Wishes,

  2. Weirddddddd.

  3. I met my Twin Flame in February this year not knowing that something like TWIN FLAME exists. I found out about it at the end of July. Burst out crying thanking God that I’m not crazy and all I feel is real. I had many signs before I met him and even more after we met. And I’m still getting signs all the time. Because of drastically different circumstances, we cannot be together… But for some reason I feel we’re closer and closer and moving in the right direction.
    This love is so beautiful. I’m experiencing many wonderful feelings. I wish all the people could feel with my heart and see through my eyes. Everything makes sense now. It’s a real blessing to love unconditionally 🙂

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful message!

    • I also met my TF in February this year, exactly on 2-2 (1 1 1 1)! It was incredible, he found me and literally walked into my house from a long distance trip. It was the most intense feeling I ever felt for anyone and I was in a few strong relationships in the past. This bond is so deep and transcendental, I never imagined existence of such a feelings between human beings. After he left back to his country I started to look for some logic of what ‘just happened’ and then I learn about this phenomenon which is happening more often lately. We are the lucky once! 🙂

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Wonderful! You’ve re-ignited with your twin flame for a reason. What’s your purpose in life? It’s important to figure our your mission in life because you now have double the energy to complete it. That’s what the reunion with a twin flame is about. If you don’t focus on your mission, your energy will get cut in half again, so figure out, what’s your burning passion in life? If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you LOVE to do, that would make the most positive impact on the world? You have double the energy, double the burning passion,for a reason – so you can change the world!

    • Love unconditionally. I know what you mean. I have met someone who has many many issues to deal with that others would walk away from, but I can’t. I am so comfortable, connected and energized by his presence. Unfortunately, he is 29 years younger. We have had an amazing couple of years but cannot get past the age difference. He has recently started a new relationship. When I try to distance myself, he plus me back in. It is so painful. We can’t be together but we can’t be apart. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

      • And that’s another thing…constant synchronicity. After I posted this, I looked at the time and its 10:10. :-S

      • Red Eye Wolf says:

        Abide. Mine is more than 20 years younger, too. I looked at myself and asked what the hell does this young guy with so many attractive gay men (and straight women) after him want with me, this rumply, crusty, sometimes mean older lesbian?

        Who knows what it is. All he knows is he not only wants it, he can’t live without it.

        Abide. Forgive. Stay open-hearted. Trust. Things will become clear. Just make sure you both navigate around those every-few-weeks rocks that are Twin Flames Arguments this lady writing this site talks about. Those can become ugly. I so want to stop hurting this poor sweet boy how I do. Every day I work harder on it.

        Be kind. Before you lash out, express your fear, or say something, ask yourself, is it kind?

        Does he/she really need to hear this?

        • Aye yay yay. Twin flame arguments every few weeks? I hadn’t read that but so true! We are talking 29 YEARS DIFFERENCE. I don’t understand this. And every time we argue it is initiated by me. From frustration of circumstances. I don’t feel like I belong here and then I pull away cuz it seems like the logical thing to do given the ages, cuz it can’t be possible, can’t be what is supposed to happen. He pulls me back. I’m drowning in confusion. How is it that something that makes me so happy can hurt so much?

          • I think of it this way… if soul years (we are both old souls) are a thousand years (like the song A Thousand Years) then we’re about the same age, that brings us closer.

  4. This is something to new to me, reading a lot about twin flames right now. I am really going to work on this to attract my twin flame. Thanks for great information.

  5. I have just discovered twin flames and am trying to learn as much as possible, great info here.


  6. I showMy love for my TF through my writing. I am an artist but found a new passion which is writing.

    • Edwina I know what you mean, she and I are both artistic she paints and I draw it’s an equal balance like Ying and Yang, and we both write even more when I’m around her I can’t really word the way I FEEL but through paper woah… When we both met everything seemed to make sense like night and day and we both feel like we have something to do here on earth and trying to figure it out.

      • Red Eye Wolf says:

        I’ll bet you already know, Frank.

        I’ll bet it might be the purpose you most of all fear.

        It usually is :/

        Be ready for it

  7. My twin contacted me first, our souls being separated for well over 12,000 years. He came to me through several visions..unfortunately, he’s physically ten years older – meaning my mom would have him arrested faster than you could blink (Considering I’m almost 17). I personally don’t see a problem with the age, but oh well. My biggest problem is attracting him. I know everything about him, yet we have never physically met. I don’t even know where to start on self-development, nor on how to go about everything. I seem to have strong intuition about everything, but myself.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Sapphire, Thank you for your comment. You’ve had a fascinating experience with your Twin Flame! Remember that everything happens by divine design. You two will meet when the time is right for your collective mission to be accomplished. You don’t have to work on attracting your twin. Just work on yourself, be the best you can be, so you’ll be ready when you connect. You know he’s there and you’ve seen him, so try to connect telepathically. Learn how to go out-of-body and visit him on the astral plain. Meditate, meditate, meditate and intend to be there. While you’re in trance, ask for his contact information. You might get a phone number or an address. Remember that twin flames are here to do big things, so it’s better to focus on being ready mentally emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Wishing you great success!

      • Sapphire says:

        Thanks for the reply, and I apologize for my late one!

        I have been working on myself, and am a lot more comfortable in my skin and being who I am. I am able to astral, but I do not do it as often as I would like – school keeps me on my toes and I barely have time to relax.

        I have a feeling that he lives near me – or has recently moved in close to my house, and I can feel our time is close. I know I’m ready to meet him, I’ve waited for him my whole life. My soul yearns for him and my heart weeps because he’s not near.

        My biggest issue is the fear. The fear that my gut is wrong and he’s not anywhere close to my town, and the fear that I’ll never meet him. I know it’s destined, and that if it’s meant to be it’ll happen. I just cannot shake off this fear.

        That, and I’m absolutely terrified of how my mom will handle things. She does believe in Pagan practices, but she doesn’t believe in twin souls and such. I cringe at the thought of her finding out, and calling the police on him – as he’s 26, and I’m 17. It’s a huge age gap, but it never bothered me. My mom however…She would overreact and wouldn’t listen to me, claiming him to have brainwashed and manipulated me. I don’t want to have it come down to that, but I know it probably will. How do I prepare for something like that? My mom wouldn’t listen, and would try to keep me away from him. I don’t know if I could handle that…

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Hi Sapphire,
          Thank you for the update. May I suggest you try to relax and “let go and let God“. Divinity gives you only what you can handle. Besides, most things happen in ways you don’t anticipate, and when you least expect them. Trust your intuition. Ask for guidance. Try a mantra like, “Show me the way Lord!” Here’s a great article about why your fears won’t come true: http://www.raptitude.com/2011/03/why-your-fears-wont-come-true/
          Divinity loves both you and your Mom.
          Wishing you peace and joy!

        • Hi, you said, “I know it’s destined, and that if it’s meant to be it’ll happen.”. I don’t believe in that but that’s just me; I believe it’s all in your choices and beliefs.

          • Elizabeth Rose says:

            Hi Divy,

            Agreed. Most life events are destined. However, your choices are not. Each event is a growth opportunity. How you respond to each life event creates a lesson learned, or not learned, karma or spiritual growth.


  8. After six very painful and life-altering years, my twin and I have finally settled into this idea of a shared mission. We acknowledge the “why” we are here and are working on helping others to understand that the love we have for each other isn’t profane. It’s going to take a long time for others to see it, but that is OK. It’s all a part of the mission. I feel blessed that I have him in my life and that now is the time for us to work together towards healing and helping others. It has been a difficult road, but just as others who have met their own twin can attest, there isn’t an option of not trying. Just the thought of not working with him causes me physical pain. We’ll be alright…I know that now. And how very fortunate.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for sharing your story of how you accepted the challenge of being a twin flame. It can be a rough ride. Though it’s a daunting task, we’re all benefiting from your joint efforts, courage and strength because we’re all connected. The world thanks you!
      Wishing you great love, harmony, and constant courage!

  9. I am actually freaking out. I have met my twin soul. We can’t be together for personal reasons. I am in tears right now. I miss him. 🙁

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your note. To help with the sorrow, try watching the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. It reminds of what it’s like to be in a relationship with a twin flame. You’re on the right track because the best way to heal is to cry your heart out – get the emotion out, literally. If you’re part of a Dojo, punch it out. Watch romantic comedies to find the humour in all this. We mortals are highly amusing and I get the best laughs when I look back at my own predicaments. May you find some chuckles too!
      Light, Love and Laughter!

  10. Hello, Elizabeth. You have a very impressive site here, chock full of All kinds of goodies – and Wisdom. (its because you’re Canadian, eh? We Love our Canadians to our south.) I do believe that You are who I have needed to find to answer this question… I do believe that this is a TF/TS situation though I may be the Ultimate runner. I’ll make it short as I can. Why in an initial TF/TS meeting would the other person remember EVERYTHING in minute and stunning, colorful detail and I myself absolutely Nothing until only recently receiving “downloads” as memories from what I am pretty certain is my Soul/Higher Self. Really quickly, this thing is driving me nuts. I further believe that my Soul initiated the.KAIROS time encounter – Chronos time Stopped, we were in Eternity that occurs between seconds as we generally know then, also all physical place and space disappeared. We were off in the Cosmos with the stars, colors and music unknown anywhere on Earth. While www were off for Eternity all the people who had been around us and who had not been moving were suddenly “awake” when we got back with absolutely no cognizance of anything “strange” having happened. My query is, have you come across anything like this and Why is it that the other person has always remembered Everything perfectly whereas I am being “reminded” only now. We’ve met one time since, at which time I do think that there was another, my Soul initiated “occurrence” and again least two times that I know of when I was STRONGLY drawn to where I found out later we were in the same place, another time 2 years ago, in another place another where I found out that this person would be there, but I did not feel up to a meeting. There’s more but it gets sensitive and please excuse any coherence here typing, etc. I evidently don’t know how to use this little device. Thank you SO much for any assistance you may be able to give me.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Magnus,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Glad to be of service. Please clarify TF/TS (Terrestrial Flight Telecommunication System, or perhaps Time Frequency Time Scale?) To answer your question, “Yes”. Sometimes I have an out-of-body experience with someone and they don’t recall it. Sometimes friends have had astral encounters with me and I can’t recall it. Regardless, we both feel a powerful connection beyond space and time. Also, I’ve found that every time I’ve astral traveled or had a paranormal experience (through meditation, hypnosis, or when wide-awake, for example, while walking down the street), my consciousness has been cracked-open. It’s like opening-up a file. Once that file is open, things can continue to surface in fragments – in dreams, visions, recollections, flashes of awareness and sudden insights. Sometimes your friend was ‘conscious’ of a paranormal experience you had together but you’re not, …until later. There’s our physical self that we’re all familiar with, and the non-physical energy body we’re less familiar with. Your non-physical self has a lot going on that you’re not consciously aware of. Also, there are many parts to your non-physical self (read Robert Monroe, Journeys out of the Body, or Thomas Campbell, My Big TOE). Realizations will continue to float back to you, once your consciousness (the file) is open, and once you’re ready – spirit decides when you’re ready. Time does not exist, except on planet Earth. Ask any atomic physicist to explain time and they can’t. It’s a mystery. So, while your physical body is conscious of the clock ticking and the days progressing, your spirit body exists in a place without time. Your spirit body is highly active and sometimes you’re made aware of what it’s doing and sometimes you’re not. To separate your spirit self from your conscious critical over-active mind, meditate to become more aware of your spirit self. Also, Author and Physicist, Thomas Campbell once explained to me that we’re “given” paranormal experiences, when we’re ready to learn a particular lesson. Ask yourself, “What did I learn from this?” Glad you’re asking questions. Trust trust trust that you’re being guided and are also loved beyond your knowing. Keep going and be courageous.

  11. Iyiyi. INcoherence.etc. One other thought; while I truly appreciate your help in getting people to see abusers in a more compassionate way- I must state strongly that you are describing a SOCIOPATH, and people truly need to be WARNED TO STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. I wonder if any of your readings would say that they are perhaps soul-less. Thanks again.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comment. As far as I can tell, every human that I’ve encountered has a soul. People who hurt have been hurt, deeply. Those who hurt, in an emotionally crippling way, may lash out and appear to be without a soul, but it’s there. It’s buried under decades of emotional scars.
      I’m less sure about the occasional non-physical demonic entity that I’ve encountered. Regardless, everything comes from the light and that’s where everything goes back to, in the end, in one form or another.
      Many humans are less-connected to their divine spark, but they’re still divine beings. Everything is of God, even evil came from the light. It’s just energy that can be converted to goodness. You can feel compassion and still take steps to protect yourself from harm. You can be angry with someone who’s hurt you, but still love them. There is also the sacrifice. When you sacrifice yourself for love, you’re on-track, divinely speaking. Should you follow Jesus’ example? He sacrificed himself for love. He died loving murderous torturous killers (and everyone else on the planet) because he understood that they were unconscious of their thoughts, words and actions. To me this is not religion, this is what we’re all striving to achieve – coming from our highest power, to make a positive impact. Deciding that someone doesn’t have a soul may be a judgement that we’re unable, or perhaps unauthorized, to make. There’s a group of monks who greet each other by saying, “I recognize the divinity in you.” Even when I can’t see that divinity, I’ve tried to follow this example by looking for it in everyone I meet. Once I can see a seemingly soul-less person’s energy, their aura, in that instant, I’m reminded of their divine spark. Another thing to consider is that, perhaps the seemingly soul-less person is here to provide a lesson. The cruelest people can be our greatest teachers when we rise above adversity and still come from a place of love. We can only guess, and send light and love into the darkness. We’re all candles and we’re here to illuminate, not judge. Finding courage and letting go of the fear are big lessons that all humans are working on. This life is a school and we’re all students. Perhaps I should have prefaced with response with, ‘don’t get me started.’ I think that’s why we were given a sense of humour. To lighten-up and enjoy some comic relief!
      Lots to think about, learn and do. Thank you again for your important comment.
      Light, Love and Laughter,

  12. Hello Elizabeth,
    Thank you for the usefull information. 🙂 Well..I have an experience , too, but it is at a point that I’m so confused if he’s my twin flame or not, that honestly, I can’t get more confused…!
    We met through internet almost 5 years ago , and he was (and still is ) living at the other side of the country, really far away. We had a four year relationship through distance. But, things haven’t gone that smoothly, we’ve broken up I think, 7 times in those 4 and a half years! He is 6 years older than me and since I got spiritually awakend I tryied to help him on that too. Honestly, when I saw his picture first time ever, I got goosebumps all over me and recognized that energy being. I’ve never felt SO INTERESTED in a human being, and I’ve never felt THAT huge love, ever. Though, half of me wants to hugh him tight and half of me wants to beat him hard HAHHAHA! It’s so wierd!!! Lastly, I want to share with you the wierdest spiritual expierence I ever had or heard anybody to have…We were sitting one next to the other during a team meditation, and there was a glass door in front of me that was reflecting us , like a mirror. And as I was looking at myself on the glass door , I saw my body having his head instead of mine..I got scared but it wouldn’t go away..I started having tears and saying “please, go away because I m scared” . After some minutes , it did. To me, there wasn;t any difference between having my head or his head … Though it;s really hard we are apart, we don’t even talk to each other and he is flerting with other girls sometimes, and seriously is he really a twin flame ..
    Thank you again, and you are doing a great job 🙂

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thank you for your compliment and for sharing your interesting story. It’s hard to say if he’s your twin flame, but it sounds like you’ve had a past life together. The twin flame connection is always about your joint mission. Figure out your purpose in this lifetime and your twin flame will just show-up.
      Regarding merging energies, may I suggest you protect your energy field by visualizing yourself in a bubble of protective light.
      Wishing you light, love and laughter!

      • Victoria says:

        Hi Elizabeth,
        I am really moved. I can tell you that, I had a rememberence, in a dream two years ago, where I was a man and he was a woman and we were together and she was hit by a vihacle and I couldn’t save her and it was the most awful experience I’ve had, even if it was during my sleep. So, I told him that this was a past life we’ve had because the same feeling I had that I lost her, I somehow keep having it for him in this lifetime.
        The wierd thing is, that during the period of being my best self and higher consiousness, I told him we can’t be together because I have a mission he doens’t participate in, and we broke up. The same night , in my dream, a young man , with white clothes, levitating, came to me and , it was the happiest moment I had, just because he was there, and I remember I couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of me, like if we had to see each other thousands of years. I was so happy, I was acting like a child, and he smiled at me and let me eximine his face. Feeling his energy simply, was making me feel ascended. Then he showed me a house and explained to me things I didn’t remember in the morning.
        Also, I do have a problem with protecting myself, you picked up all that was important to say…Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate very much the information you gave me .
        Love and blessings ,
        Victoria 🙂

  13. ****Also, I would like to say ( 🙂 ).. When he was working on healing my body, I had a dream where a gold flower-like symbol was slowly growing itself on my root chakra. It felt so sacred and true. When I asked what that means, I was told that it is the activation of Kundalini!

  14. Viginia says:

    I feel like I should not be confused about my twin flame, so it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂 I went to a school seven years ago and met a guy there, he and I kissed and it was the most magical kiss i can remember ever having, that is all that physically happened besides hand holding i believe. We were 17-18, I had no clue at all about anything spiritual, and i was not aware of love that could be anything like a twin flame or soul mate. I was “dating’ another guy at the time so i did not put as much effort into the man i am confused about now. I wish I would have now. I did feel a stronger attraction to him over the other guy i was with. I have been going through past relationships thinking they could be the one, i am not sure if that is a good or bad idea, but i feel very good doing so, cleaning up the past i suppose. but when I finally got to him, it was different, i felt so strongly to find him online and talk with him, so i did. He did not reply for a few days so i wrote him once more, and then again telling him how i feel about him. He has not replied, and it says he has not read the messages, but i do feel so much better at least expressing my feelings for him, but i do feel very in love with him, planning my future and he is the only one i have ever imagined myself dancing for him, letting him unwrap my naked soul, does this sound like it could be a soul mate or twin flame? I am so anxious for him to reply, but i know that i will be ok with any outcome because then i would know someone is still out there for me,i asked him to at least be kind enough to let me know if he does not want to talk so that I do not have to go through the wondering. i just can’t wait haha. I still can not remember much of our encounters, is that a sign it is not meant to be? Would i remember if he was my Twin Flame? We share so much in common, he used to call me after we separated across the states, we are far apart but that does not matter to me. If he feels the same i would do anything to be with him. But in the past I would have done that with anyone i fell in love with as well. Maybe I still have work to do?
    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing. Everyone can learn from your comments and questions. I think you answered your own question with “Maybe I still have work to do?” Yes, you still have work to do, but so does everyone else on the planet.
      There’s no point fretting about whether or not someone is your twin flame. If you’re not sure, and they’re not sure, they’re definitely not your twin flame. If you are meant to connect with your twin flame in this lifetime, you’ll both know. There will be NO QUESTION.
      When you’re agonizing over “maybe” and “maybe not” then you’ve probably connected with a soul mate who is here to teach you a lesson, or learn one himself. Fun and games!
      Relax. What if you just let go of all the doubts, fears, and hopes, and stood in the present moment? What if you could simply enjoy this instant and laugh at how uncertain and painful life can be. It’s in those moments that life becomes highly amusing and wonderful again. When we’re grasping, when we’re uncertain, or a bit frantic, that’s a good clue that we’re off track.
      Stop, take a deep breath. Take a moment to observe the sky, the grass, plants or trees, and see how long you can soak-up the view without thinking. In the silence is where you’ll find your power. Step into it Virginia!
      Light and Love,

  15. Viginia says:

    I feel like I should not be confused about my twin flame, so it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂 I went to a school seven years ago and met a guy there, he and I kissed and it was the most magical kiss i can remember ever having, that is all that physically happened besides hand holding i believe. We were 17-18, I had no clue at all about anything spiritual, and i was not aware of love that could be anything like a twin flame or soul mate. I was “dating’ another guy at the time so i did not put as much effort into the man i am confused about now. I wish I would have now. I did feel a stronger attraction to him over the other guy i was with. I have been going through past relationships thinking they could be the one, i am not sure if that is a good or bad idea, but i feel very good doing so, cleaning up the past i suppose. but when I finally got to him, it was different, i felt so strongly to find him online and talk with him, so i did. He did not reply for a few days so i wrote him once more, and then again telling him how i feel about him. He has not replied, and it says he has not read the messages, but i do feel so much better at least expressing my feelings for him, but i do feel very in love with him, planning my future and he is the only one i have ever imagined myself dancing for him, letting him unwrap my naked soul, does this sound like it could be a soul mate or twin flame? I am so anxious for him to reply, but i know that i will be ok with any outcome because then i would know someone is still out there for me,i asked him to at least be kind enough to let me know if he does not want to talk so that I do not have to go through the wondering. i just can’t wait haha. I still can not remember much of our encounters, is that a sign it is not meant to be? Would i remember if he was my Twin Flame? We share so much in common, he used to call me after we separated across the states, have not talked in years. we are far apart but that does not matter to me. If he feels the same i would do anything to be with him. But in the past I would have done that with anyone i fell in love with as well. Maybe I still have work to do?
    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Virginia,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, you still have work to do. We all still have work to do! When you find your twin flame, you’ll have ten times more work to do, so be careful what you wish for. The thing about twin flames is that you don’t have to work so hard at finding them. When you’re ready, when you’ve healed your body, mind and spirit, your twin flame will likely find you, if they’ve also healed themselves. It will probably happen when you least expect it. However, you will KNOW and not be left wondering. In the meantime, what do you LOVE to do? What’s your dream? If money were no object, what would you do if you could? What impact do you want to make on the world before you leave it? Answer these questions to assist you in finding your life’s mission. Twin flames are about collaborating in a joint mission that will positively impact the world. Though connecting with your twin flame feels out-of-this world intoxicating at the beginning, the relationship is not about romance. It’s strictly about raising the consciousness of the planet. I hope this helps.

  16. Hey Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your info on this site. I have found this journey/discovery of twin flames the most intense and interesting experience I’ve had. I wouldn’t usually comment as I’ve been reading quite a bit lately on TF connections but felt like I wanted to contribute here! So hopefully I won’t filter what I’m supposed to contribute.. LoL
    I feel strongly that I’ve met my twin – I hadn’t heard of this term at all until I met someone recently (oct 2013) and had an instant, undeniable connection. I was actually in a committed long term relationship at the time, although as lovely as my then partner was, I always had this feeling there was something (someone) else out there very linked with my destiny. I’ve had a very interesting life, still young and in my mid 20s but I feel like an ‘old soul with a child like nature and fascination’ I’d recently since 2011/2012 had quite an awakening where all of a sudden the veils lifted and I quickly became aware of my spiritual and universal connection/nature. This I now see as a catalyst to help prepare me for meeting my twin. Our meeting was random, I wasn’t really expecting it yet to look back now I see my prayers were becoming desperate because my soul was calling for this “thing” which I had no idea about. I didnt recognize him straight away but within half n hour/hour I found myself making excuses to talk to him. He wasn’t completely honest about some things at first (like his name for example) but as soon as he told me his real name i jumped because I instantly recognized it as him. We spent the first 24hours that we met completely engaged in each other, even though I was supposed to go home to my then boyfriend I followed my heart and we spent the while next day on the beach together – I had no idea why I was with this guy I barely knew sharing the most intimate details of myself in a beautiful movie like setting but something told me he was the one I was looking for.. Funnily I didn’t even know I was looking for it. Everything about him resonated with me, even though on a practical level I was scared and wanted to run away. We were instantly inseparable and I not long broke it off with then boyfriend because all of a sudden my life had changed and I didn’t feel honest or true in the life I had once lived. My twin and I became inseparable for the next couple of months, barely spent a minute apart – declared the deepest love for one another, synchronicity was on our side for awhile which felt like years but really it was only a month or so until things stated getting really hard. Challenges, fights and jealousies arose something chronic and I (and he) started wondering what went wrong. We shared this kiss once which was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. As we kissed time stopped, I felt like the universe opened and I was aware of my true nature as spirit, like I finally remembered who I was like I’d forgotten for centuries, I felt the true essence of me, I felt him and I felt our energies combine and connect with God/Source and all of eternity. I was home. It was bizarre and still the most profound spiritual moment Ive had in my life. As we pulled away I instantly had the words “oh my god, I’m going to marry this guy” run through my head but immediately after he said back to me “I’m going to marry you one day” and admitted he felt something incredible too. I was surprised he felt it too n wondered if he read my thought? I didnt understand what that was at the time. This is when I started channelling archangels (specifically Michael) and was given a ‘lead’ to look into twin flames. Information had been exploding into my subconscious since then and it helped me so much!! He broke up with me recently as we’re in the runner chaser stage. He still says he loves me and we both got matching tattoos but we seem to be in and out of this thing. It’s sooooo confusing and yet I believe he’s the “one”… We fight a lot over stupid things even though it’s not how we usually act with other people but right now is one of the hardest most confusing things I’ve been through, and I’ve had some heavy challenges already in my life. This story went on way longer than I intended n trust me there is much more but ya know. What I’m trying to say is its hard, sometimes I doubt it but I have to remember who I am – he has helped me remember n I too need to help him. Perhaps this story will help someone else or you can offer some kind advice?? LoL – still looking for information and I look forward to the heartache n painful stuff to pass so we can unite in that blissful catharsis stage again. Love n light xx

  17. I met mine last year. We both have a shared passion of teaching children. just different place. He is the man of my dreams! I love everything about him!!

  18. I knew about twin flames for awhile and have looked into it but until recently, everything just seems to make sense,.
    I met my boyfriend 7 months ago very unexpectedly. At the the time I wasn’t even looking for anyone considering I was already in a relationship of 2 weeks. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t work out and I actually met my current boyfriend from my ex.

    I’m not going to go in great detail about everything because it’s a long story but basically I met him one day over the summer at a park. We all met up there and he happen to be there also. Now, that very day happen to be the last day dating my ex boyfriend. Noted, I was very subconsciously aware of this new boy I just met. After a few days after this, he messaged me on Facebook. He told me he was concerned with my well being and explained how he basically fell in love with me the moment he saw me that night and asked for me to give him a chance. I felt that in my heart if I said no to this, I would regret it for the rest of my life so I agreed to the date.

    Forwarding.. we were dating officially by the third date and have been happy ever since. Almost 8 months have gone by and I couldn’t have asked to be with anyone other then him. Everything the describes twin flames pretty much describes my whole relationship with this man. He was even the one to say I love you first and we are already discussing about getting married in the future.

    He truly is my twin flame. I know this because he literally is my other half. When we are together, we are one. Our energies run on the same exact wave length and we are connected to the point that we feel each others emotions. I sometimes think we are so in tuned to each other that we even think the same. What we lack in talents or quality, the other makes up for it. We fit together like a puzzle. He fills in the space that I can’t, while I do the same for him. We make each other’s life perspective a clear path. We both know what we want and we both know exactly what we want to do. We both have expectations of going into the the psychology/therapist fields. I want to be an art therapist and he wants to be a psychical therapist. I’m artist while I lack in sports and he’s an amazing athletic while he lacks in anything art related.

    We are like ying and yang.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sabrina,
      Thank you for sharing your twin flame story. How fantastic! You’re on wonderful path. It’s inspiring to read that you’ll both become therapists and help many people who desperately need your assistance.
      Wishing you both great love, harmony, and wonderful careers!

  19. I had clarity that I met mine. We both want to have fortunate children help less fortunate children. I’m part of getting that started. But since that I’ve been experiencing wierd body sensations and finding an interest in yoga and sports. So wierd!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jojo,
      Thank you for your comment. How wonderful that you both share such a noble goal to assist less fortunate children. More power to you both!
      Perhaps your body sensations are symptomatic of your shift in awareness, or even the Kundalini Awakening. The Yoga and Sports may be gearing you-up to assist large numbers of children! There is a divine design to everything and often we don’t know what it is until we look back and see where we came from.
      Wishing you great success and many more blessings!

      • Interesting I happened to revisit this. I have recently been terminated from my recent job. I’m revisiting the idea of helping homeless children. I think he will be part of this mission!

  20. Hi Elizabeth,

    Do you think all beings have a twin flame? I do not know for sure if I have one… but one day, I meet a guy in a crowd and I feel something inside of me.. I can’t explain that feeling… It’s weird… but it is something magical… Now, I’m always thinking of him and I have a feeling that I met him before… Do you think he is? I already have contact with him in Facebook because I searched him and ask all his friend who he was… I am older than him and he still studying in seminary… One day, I’ll confess the weird feeling to him, now were friends. Since he’s a seminarian, I accept that he will become a priest someday and I am happy for him… 🙂

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Angie,
      Thank you for your comment. If you feel a strong attraction for a total stranger, it could be many things. Perhaps his appearance is particularly attractive to you. I’m sure that Brad Pitt attracts a lot of strangers. Maybe you and this student both have a strong karmic connection from when you knew each other in a previous lifetime. If he is your twin flame, he will feel the same pull – the same level of attraction that you do. However, since he’s studying to be a priest, that loving feeling may not be mutual. Regardless, having a priest as a friend could be a wonderful thing. Figuring these things our are all part of our journey. Enjoy that journey!

      • Hi again Elizabeth,

        When I first met him he is already a seminarian student. And I know that… But strange because every time to turn my head I always saw him.. and every time I saw him he is turning his head and our eyes always met and I did not realize fast that my eyes was stuck on him… And one day we had a camp in their university, I know his congregation don’t have any participation in that event.. But my brain said “he’s here”. After a minutes I feel his presence and I know he was behind of me… And exactly.. When I’m turning my head he was there.. Imagined it’s crowded but I saw him again in a crowded place…. I confused so I decided to know him and asking all of his friend… And I added him on my facebook. But not on my real facebook. I’d created a private account which I don’t have any information about the real me. After a month he accepted me. Then I already confess the weird feeling… But instead of rejecting me he was very glad to know this… Then he said he wanted to know my deepest me and be his friend…. We having a lot of conversation… I am honest so I tell him the real me.. He said: “Even I don’t know you – you have a great impact of my life” . He always smiling every time he think of me… and for him I am a mysterious girl…. I told you I am older than him…
        I am not too late because he is not a priest.. he will become a priest someday but for now he is only a seminarian… but for me it’s too late because I don’t want to sacrifice the journey he choose.. But I always loving him not just a physical attraction.. I can’t Identify this feeling only my soul knows…
        Thank you so much Elizabeth… You smiling me because I never told this to my friends because I know they judging me.. I pray to God if were not meant to be in this journey I will accept it.. But hopefully in our next life we will…

        Thank you so much and have a great day…

  21. I appreciate all the information out there about twin flames because I have never heard of it before. A man and I became attracted to eachother about the same time. This attraction was deep and instant. We never even spoke words, but through body language and intense eye contact (we would hold each other’s gaze as long as possible), an intense amount of love and attraction kept us glued together. We have been through the chasing and runner phase. Also I felt weird that I felt so much love for someone that I didnt know, let alone have a conversation with!! I felt crazy and maybe even obsessive. It didnt make any sense. The other part of the wake up call for me was the fact that when I thought I was going to lose him, I would wail and sob so deeply as if the pain was resonating from my soul…but for what and why?? Still didnt make sense to me.
    Thats when I started doing research and discovered the concept of twinflames. I can telepathically feel him and his emotions. Even though it has been two months and I have been enlightened, I feel that he knows too. Definately not a typical relationship and you have no control on the way you come together or interact. Divine intervention is at work here. No easy and very painful… but totally worth it. Words cannot describe my love for him. I love him for all of his faults even though I dont even know what they are. Just think that if we could all learn to love each other unconditionally, how much better and brighter the world would become. Hopefully thanks to our divine mission, we can help achieve that.

  22. This is very true and real. I was around my twin flame before but didn’t recognize any connection at the time. I found him attractive but that’s about it. I don’t think I was spiritually ready to recognize him as anything but… A year later that changed.
    For some reason, we started really noticing each other from a distance. We would stare at each other. The attraction became so strong and mutual. We havent spoke much to each other but communicate through body look language, eye contact, and telepathy. I can feel his emotions. I get butterflies in my stomach and a wave of electricity flow through my body at given time and I know we are thinking about each other. We can’t keep our eyes off each other and when we do lock eyes we hold each other’s gaze as long as possible. I see love in his eyes for me. A very mutual bond exists with out communication or contact. Its been 3 months since we have recognized each other. Very surreal.
    I have never even heard of twin flames but came across it in research. I knew what I was experiencing was almost super natural. Completely out of the ordinary intense love and attraction for someone I don’t know… But I guess I do know him. Or his essence anyway… 😉
    This is also the most painful experience I have ever had full of intense emotions. When I felt like I was losing him, I would wail and sob so deeply as if the pain was resonating from my soul. I still cry often. We are both married and unavailable making this connection so much harder. I just try to stay strong and keep going. Take it one painful day at a time. On a good note, this kind of love is incredible. He’s always on my mind and apparently in my heart for eternity.

    • your post definitely sounds like how I’ve felt the past 10 months. The electricity, yes. I take one day at a time. Non-verbal communication is powerful isn’t it! I’ve discovered more info as time goes on myself. You try push them out if your mind and then when I’m out and about I run into “signs” and see someone that was there at same place the other day and see her. I run into people we both know. which is very odd.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Thank you for sharing your experiences. I agree. Non-verbal communication can be far more powerful than words. Also, it sounds like your intuition is developing beautifully and you’ve benefited from divine intervention!

  23. Hi Elizabeth,lm going through a separation and all of a sudden l feel this strong urge to find my twin soul. Im so confused as l dont know were to start but this urge is getting stronger by the day as if lm being nudged to look for them also .Im in a very good state of mind now and have been going to the gym a lot often since my separation but this feeling is making me feel like lm losing it . Please help . thank you xx

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Geloo,
      Thank you for your comment. May I suggest that you put yourself into a happy mood and silently repeat a positive affirmation, such as: “I am now united with the right partner for me in great love, harmony and passion!” Then, the universe will send you the ‘right’ soul mate partner, which may be your twin, or something better! Trust that the universe knows best. Twin flame relationships can be ecstasy and agony. Note: Always feel great when you say affirmations. I trick myself into feeling good by watching funny baby animal videos or picturing myself on a glorious sunny beach. I only say affirmations if I’m smiling or laughing. Also, you don’t have to work at finding your twin flame. When you’re ready, your twin flame will find you. If you’re meant to meet in this lifetime, there’s NO hiding from your twin!! It’s a soul contract. It’s also a fireworks collision that happens when you least expect it. Have you noticed that most pivotal moments in your life caught you off-guard? Expect miracles, but don’t get specific regarding your expectations in life. Read my book for the rules of the universe. Hope that helps you Geloo! Wishing you light, Love and Laughter! Elizabeth

  24. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Here’s the good news: You don’t have to wonder or worry because meeting your twin flame will happen when you least expect it. If you both entered into a soul contract to achieve a specific mission in this current lifetime then your encounter with a twin flame will be unavoidable. Twin flames form a union, not a relationship. Their only reason for coming together in physical form is to achieve a mission that will benefit all beings on the planet, and beyond. To attract your twin flame, you can only work on yourself by healing at many different levels, including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing. In the non-physical realm of spirit, twin flames are already united. There is no separation. Rather than pine away for someone that’s out-of-reach, it’s better to go within, meditate, and focus on what your mission in this life is. When you’re ready to step-up to the plate and be who you really are, use all your talents, gifts and abilities to benefit the planet, only then will your twin flame appear. When that happens, they’ll have the same heightened emotions that you do, and share the same higher purpose. You’ll both know. The trick is to get beyond the fireworks and do the spiritual works. Relax and work on yourself first. Trust the universe to provide the right man for you. Pining away for someone’s husband is breaking a universal law, sometimes called the ‘rule of three’ whereby the universe lashes back three-fold when you break this law. I broke this law once and it wasn’t pretty. The story’s in my book. Hope this helps you.

  25. Hey Elizabeth,

    I believe I may have found twin but I am really not sure. I met Mike a year ago on the internet. I was browsing through pictures of locals when I came across his He had the most amazing smile I have ever seen. So I reached out to him just to tell him how gorgeous I thought he was. I never expected him to write me back but he did. The conversation was very brief but it left me wanting more but I am not the type to chase anyone so I left it alone. About a week later he contacted me and said he had been thinking about me. We exchanged numbers and began communicating through text message. We talked a lot about ourselves and our current situations. He was involved in turbulent relationship and I wasn’t looking for anything but a friend. We found out that we lived minutes from each other. Prior to meeting him I had a few online encounters but never actually met anyone in person. After a couple of weeks of texting and talking over the phone I had a incredible urge to met him. I didn’t have any of the concerns that go along with meeting someone that I had meet online in person. All I know is that I had to meet this man and I had to do it right then and there. It was 1 am, I got in my car and drove straight to him. When I saw him for the first time I felt so connected he was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and I still feel like that today. We spent every night for about 2 weeks sitting in the car talking. When he kisses me for the first time I thought “I finally found you”. After the first 2 weeks things kind of died down. He became distant and communication wasn’t as often days or even weeks would go by and I wouldn’t hear from him. Usually I would let it be but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was on my mind constantly. I would text and tell him how amazing he was. I would tell him that I was always there for him but never really got a response. When I would hear from him he would tell me that he never wanted to lose me that he didn’t understand what he did to deserve me but then he would disappear again. After about 3 months I got tired of the back and forth so I moved on and started dating someone else. This guy was great. He was attentive and fun to be around, we got along perfectly but I couldn’t get Mike out of my mind. I was on a date with the new guy we were at a bar next to a store. I went into the store for a few things and Mike walks in. Neither one of us typically hang out in this area so it was very weird for me. Mike was with his friend which i had never met but I said hi and went out to the car. When he came out of the store he started walking toward my car when he saw the other guy. He looked at me and said I will talk to you later and walked away with his head down. The next day Mike texted me and asked me who the guy was. He said that when he saw me with him he felt like I was cheating. Mind you I hadn’t talked to Mike in a month. Since then we have talked everyday. In august Mike decided that he was going to leave his relationship. The environment at the friends wasn’t a good one and I felt like it was my job to remove him and protect him from this environment. At the time I was leaving with my parents but I didn’t everything possible to get my own place so Mike could come stay. At that point he had fallen back into the relationship with his ex but I still decided to get a place in October about a month later Mike moved in. Things were great at first then he started to run again. At first he was just emotionally distance. He was there physically but that was about it. When I would ask him about he would just say that he is not capable of loving anyone due to the pain of past relationship. Then he started running back to the ex but would always call me to “save him”. The back and forth stuff went on for awhile and I finally had enough so I made him leave for good. His ex is very abusive and violent. She had slept with a few of his friends and he just doesn’t trust her. I just know that they won’t work out but its something he had to do because he felt like he had done her wrong in some way and that why she did the things she did. It hurt so much not being with him but I understood that it was all part of the healing process for him. I have tried to push him away or forget about him but i can’t and he will not let me. at this point we talk everyday at least once a day and see each other about 3 times a week. I feel like I am his protector like it is my job to make sure he stays on track and has everything he needs. He told me the other day that he doesn’t want to be with the girlfriend anymore but he has no place else to go. I know longer live on my own so I am not able to offer him a place to stay and this time I do not feel like I need to rush to get a place so he can come stay. I feel at peace with the situation and think that we need time not living with one another before we try to make whatever this is happen. I love this man unconditionally and I can tell he loves me. I have never felt anything like this before. His past relationships have left him insecure and painfully scarred to the point that he does not feel like he is worth anything. I tell him everyday how amazing he is how beautiful his soul is hoping that he will start believing it himself. Recently he told me that he was walking down the street and a complete stranger smiled at him and said I see you are having a great day. He thought that it was weird that a stranger could feel that just by looking at him. I told him that it is because he is finally starting to how great he really is and it allowing more people to see it as well. So i feel like I am on the right path with him and that i shouldn’t give up or desert him. Before I met him I believed in soulmates but I knew nothing of twin flames. Since meeting I have started seeing the number 11 everywhere. Most the time is was the 11th min of an hour like 9:11 or 5:11 and occasionally it would be 11:11. every time I saw the number 11 I felt something significant so I started researching it and that is were I discovered twin flames. I thought I was going crazy but lately things have be feeling so right. I am most certain that he is at least a soul mate but I have a feeling that he could be my twin. Our astrological signs are polar opposites I am leo he is an aquarius. He is african american and I am white. I am high strung and he is calm. We balance each other out in so many ways. I have discussed bits and pieced of this with him but not to this extreme because I don’t believe he is aware of any of this and will think I am crazy. Is it possible that one twin is aware and the other is not? Sorry about the novel I wrote. Don’t have anyone to talk to about this without being judged and have a years worth of thoughts and questions. Please help!!


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Erin,
      Thank you for sharing your story. 11:11 means change is coming, so brace yourself. Initially, that change may be hard, but it will put you on-track. A twin flame will be aware of their feelings for you because they’ll have the same intensity of feelings that you have – heightened emotions, to the point that they’re explosive. On Earth, your souls unite for a purpose – to positively impact the world – the romance part may be fleeting but quest all-encompassing.

      In contrast, you can have very strong romantic feelings for a soul mate, but the purpose of the relationship is to challenge you and push your buttons so that you grow as a person. Once you’ve grown, or learned/taught valuable lessons, the soul mate’s work is done.
      Your mention of abuse is a concern. Abuse happens for different reasons, but people tend to stay in abusive relationships because they grew up in an abusive family. A pattern of abuse can be encoded in the subconscious as a child and it controls us as adults without our awareness. Even though we’re miserable, the role of the abuser or victim is familiar, it’s comfortable. People stay with abuse because the unknown, or being alone, seems far scarier. To break the pattern of abuse, counseling, becoming educated about abuse (books, Google, YouTube), plus working towards higher self-esteem are highly beneficial. When you love and value yourself, you won’t allow ANYONE to abuse you, or your children.
      Protecting or propping someone up may sound like a good idea. However, if the person hasn’t changed their programming and healed their childhood wounds, the cycle will continue, in some way, shape or form. If they’re used to receiving verbal or physical abuse, they’ll find the affections of a warm-hearted and loving partner somehow lacking. They won’t know why. It’s just that nothing the loving partner does will FEEL good enough. This is not rational behavior, it’s completely irrational. They’ll even know it’s not rational, but they can’t fight their feelings (their subconscious programming) without help. Propping up partners is okay, but over the long term, it can create an imbalance that might be resented.
      Every situation is unique, so tread carefully. Abuse begets abuse and it can be multi-generational. May I suggest you read-up on abuse, co-dependence, and self-esteem, and even commitment phobia (good book: “He’s Scared, She’s Scared”).
      Blessings, Elizabeth

  26. Do you think its possible to recognize your twin flame through a picture or video without ever speaking to the person?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Katie,
      Thank you for your question. Yes! You can recognize your twin flame (soul mate, or anyone) through a photo or video. We each emit a unique energetic signature that radiates out from our being. Cultures that believe photography steals a person’s soul are somewhat correct because photographs capture both our image and some of our energy. When you see (sense or feel) a photo, you can also ‘pick-up’ that person’s unique energetic signal. Also, lifetime after lifetime, whether male or female, we look pretty much the same so total strangers can look very familiar, even though you’ve not met them yet in this lifetime. The Dalai Lama remembers his previous lifetimes. Knowing this, someone asked him, “What did I look like in a previous lifetime?” He told them to “Go look in the mirror!”
      It’s important to remember that we’re also attracted to people we have unresolved issues with. This enables us to resolve the issues and erase karmic debt.
      Meditate to determine whether someone’s a soul mate, twin flame, or if there’s issues to resolve. Lots to ponder. Have fun!

  27. Kimberley says:

    I am so totally going through this right now!

    Long story but met him online, he started to follow me on Twitter, and I was about to take him from my Twitter followers list when I caught sight of his picture again and all I saw was his eyes, mind you he’s absolutely incredible handsome but.. OMG THOSE EYES, there was something about him the energy I got from the photo, windows to his soul for sure. And something I couldn’t put my finger on so I didn’t remove him from my list of followers.

    Honestly as much as I felt the energy, didn’t really think much about it.. until later.. read on..

    I listened to a few of his songs, he’s a musician but not famous at all, in the sense of a big rock star but has a large fan following, anyhow was listening to his music, out of all of his songs, one really stuck with me, got me right in the soul and that was before anything relating to our now connection happened. Like I said it was something about the energy of him only I just shrugged it off thinking nah just a talented dude who I am kinda friends with. Thought nothing else of the kind.

    Then one night I’m sitting here at home and I had been studying working with angel energy for a while and had been working with it and I sat here before bed one night and spoke to the universe, telling the angels and the Goddess & God (I’m a practicing Wiccan by the way) that I wasn’t in love with the man I’m in a relationship with which is the truth. I asked where is the man who will love me romantically, spiritually, Divinely. As far as my current relationship he’s never told me in 7 years that he loves me. We haven’t had sex in over a year now and that was before all of this twin flame stuff with my musician from Twitter/Facebook happened.

    Anyhow still listening to this guy’s music and finding his stuff really great. Chatted with him a few times over Twitter and Facebook. Thought aww nice guy. Then a few weeks after having a chat with the universe out of nowhere this very large angel comes to me in a dream and says WE HEARD YOU, over and over to me, scared me silly it was so loud.

    So nothing really happened with me and this guy at all so to speak. 3 weeks later my angel messenger came back with the same WE HEARD YOU message, 3 days after that this guy from Twitter, my musician friend shows up on the astral plane to greet me.

    I do not purposely astral travel I tend to spontaneously do so completely at random. Well there he was. We spent our first two astral visits making love and talking. On the 3rd visit we almost did so again but HE stopped and said this is not what I want with you. He said there is something more here I can’t explain. We realized what this is. We realize this wasn’t something just astral, or spiritual.

    I have had several personal guides show up after that, then I got to find out his and then discover we actually have an entire team of angels/guides as well, I know all their names, they’ve each introduced themselves to me personally.

    For the past 9 to 10 months now it’s been dreams (near future as well as past life even dreams narrated by guides about us that we’ve been “walked through verbally” seen one of us even discussing our incarnation into this life and what we were going to do, plus astral visits, visions, psychic communication, even very lucid vivid dreams that some of my friends have even tapped into, and also he and I have been chatting over Twitter and Facebook as friends with underlying flirtation etc. Nothing major as far as I see on his side so far that he sees a “connection” via his Lower Self.(his human self that is)

    As different as we are we do have a lot in common, he’s now studying at college for his PhD in physics.
    He’s brought back my interest in science, astronomy and space and such like that. I’ve even been inspired creatively, write poetry again not often as I did in the beginning of all this but… I have quite a collection. We think alike about a lot of things and while he’s not “spiritual” for some reason on occaision the old soul in him awakens with some philosophy or wisdom kind of mind blowing stuff sometimes. He’s diverse, cool and talented and he’s a really sweet guy too.

    This definitely a Higher Self connection so far for sure but there are signs lately of that Higher Self connection changing. I feel him as if he senses what is happening between us spiritually is now reaching him. I feel strong heart chakra connections and strong gut reactions with messages from my guides saying yes he knows, doesn’t quite know what to do but..

    We are both in relationships and well when over 20 people actually closer to 30 people, who happen to be mutual friends of the both of us, write me privately on Facebook to tell me either they sense the energy between us or have had precognitive dreams of us or have even picked up on the dreams I’m having about him and I or they just in general pick up psychically our connection is more than just what you see on the surface. Trust me I can’t deny how real this is!

    All I can do is maintain the friendship and watch what happens. There’s really nothing more I can do.

    Yes there is an age difference as well I’m 48 and he’s 32. He lives in Vegas I live in Vancouver Canada. I am an Indigo child (ok technically an Indigo scout born in 1966) He was born in 1981. There are a few other things too that make me see this is not your normal “soul mate” thing, personally I hate labels but the more I read about the twin flame descriptions the more I see that this most likely is one.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Wow! You’ve had quite a saga with this soul. Isn’t astral travel wonderful, and astral love even better! You can read of similar experiences in the following books, which might help you better understand your experience:
      A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys.
      Astral sex is possible with anyone, not just your twin flame. Souls can get spiritually stuck with astral sex because it’s so addictive. That being said, astral love with a twin flame is beyond description, and an amazing way to identify this ancient connection, but that’s only the beginning. The work of twin flames is always a higher conscious pursuit that benefits all beings. When the twin flame connection stops at romance, the mission is far from complete.
      Isn’t life a journey?
      Light, Love and Laughter!

      • Kimberley says:

        Well we have only had sex a few times over the past few months, most of the time we just spend time together, talking, and doing everyday things together like having meals, going shopping, playing with pets, reading etc.

        Though there is a lot of kissing, cuddling and hand holding. When we’re on the astral plane that is. Sex very rarely happens between he and I now.

        As I said we ARE for sure definite friends on Facebook and Twitter as I said Elizabeth so we are connected here on Earth we’ve just not met yet face to face in this lifetime as yet.

        We talk about our future. As I said dreams mostly seem to be future pull/pre-cognitive.

        Some of our mutual friends have had them too, (Well it was actually before they became friends of mine, but they were friends of his first then they had dreams of us together and wrote me and asked to be my friend because of the dreams they had of us together)

        It’s been an interesting journey yes it has.. so far.

        When 30 mutual friends all feel the energy between us.. this can’t be denied for sure.

    • kim broder says:

      I have a twin soul.I met mine on Twitter and it was instaneous attraction beyond anything I ever expierenced.I’m 23 years older than him.We met thru mutual shared love of Eminem.We are the same in so many ways.For a while he astral projected to me and it was wonderful.No one has mentioned the darkness sorrounding twin flame unions.I have experienced it and still am.we are seperated now.this has been the most painful and at times joyous time in my entire life.we have never physically met and probably never will.but the love I feel for him is horrible and wonderful at the same time.I am a parent so iknow what uncondional love is.I love him unconditionally.we still are connected as I feel his pain, longing, sexual desire, and love for me.we aren’t talking right now and I don’t know if we ever will.he can’t handle the age difference.he’s 18.I’m 41.I’m starting to think we were never meant to be in this life together. We’ve known each other 4 months but so much has happened between us..it feels so much longer.we have been telepathic too.its interesting that people have commented on the music connection because that’s how we initially connected and still are.we both sing.I miss him with every breath of my body but I’m trying to concentrate on myself and my life.because of this I now am aware of angels and my guardian angel who has been through this journey with me.I never thought about God and angels and the darkness before.now I know what is out there and It has brought me back to God.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Hi Kim,
        Thank you for sharing your story. The age difference is by design. It’s amazing how painful twin flame relationships and the almost inevitable separation can be. Perhaps it’s a soul’s growing pains. Take heart that your connection is a first step on the journey back to source. Unconditional love means absolutely no conditions or expectations, so you’re on the right track. Your mission in life comes first. Perhaps music is the mission! No matter what, you’ll always be connected because you both share one soul.

  28. Hi,

    I met someone two years ago, who seemed to trigger some very deep feelings which resemble what I have read about twin souls…And who forced me to deal with many many issues related to negative experiences in my past…

    I’ve lost him so many times that I don’t mourn now, but accept this state of just not knowing…there has been so much pain that I can’t describe each time I ‘lose’ him.

    Often before when I lost him, I would have so many signs to say go back to him, and without him my world would become unbearably empty and wooden…

    At this point I thought I was perhaps being dysfunctional, and caught up in my own low self esteem, but certain things occurred which were not in my nature…that made me realise something special had occurred.

    He is still in my life in a small way, yet I receive very few signs, and the connection seems to be fading with time as I find happiness without him, and become tired of his disrespectful ways, and the memory of all of the special things , ie, phenomena, fades.

    It now makes me question whether this was a special connection, or just a very dysfunctional relationship between two emotionally damaged people.

    And so I’m asking if it is normal for the connection to fade?

    I also feel very unjustified, and perhaps angry, as it seems the men in these connections (whatever they are), seem to lose very little.

    Is this also ‘normal’?, and when the men are fundamentally disrespectful, how can the woman walk away from such a bond without so much suffering?

    This site promotes going forward and forgiving, but surely the woman must respect herself first?


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Joanna,
      Thank you for sharing your story. I sympathize and know what you mean. Twin flame relationships are difficult, by design. Twin flames are here to create a new template or model for relationships based on unconditional love. Unconditional love means exactly that – no conditions. I go back to the Buddhist teaching of Detachment. When you detach, and cease to have expectations, nobody can disappoint you, so you no longer suffer. It can feel like the toughest lesson in the world, but it’s also one of the greatest to alleviate suffering. Twin flames can come and go because we’re all working on different things and only come together for the joint mission, whatever that may be. There are no attachments because we both know that we’re here to change the planet. Regardless, the love between twin flames runs deeper than imaginable. If you haven’t seen it yet, and even if you have, watch the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and perhaps you can take some comfort in that. Twin flame relationships are eternal. Distance is simply an illusion and temporary, like each physical life. In the non-physical realm of spirit, you’re forever joined at the hip.

  29. Hi everyone,

    Since yesterday I got the chance to read an article about twin flames and I am now asking myself if I really met my twin flames some years ago or was it mere infatuation.

    The first time I met him was I mere coincidence since he was 2 years older than me and circumstances made that we ended up in the same class. As I saw him, I knew within myself that he was someone I knew since long and I had some kind of familiarity with him. I started feeling overwhelmed and I could do anything except looking at him the whole class 🙂
    I made everything I could to be friend with him and I started to see similarities with him as our passion for medicine despite we were both accounting students.
    We had many things in common as we are from same religious belief and many other thing and we could spend hours talking.
    However, things got troubled when I learnt that he was in love with someone else and that I was only a friend for him and I started to think that all what I felt was only one sided. Its been nearly four years since this happened, we both went our ways in life but I am still persuaded that he was the one and truly speaking I have not had any relationship with any guy else since then. I started to think that I am becoming silly and that I need a psycho because we are not meant to be with one person only. But its just that I truly believe there was a certain connection between us and I could feel it till now despite the distance.
    If anyone could advice me please cause I really need help I think.

    Zoe xoxo

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Zoe,
      “People do incredible things for love, particularly for unrequited love.” Daniel Radcliffe
      My sympathies. Many of us have suffered through a case of unrequited love. Loving and losing isn’t fun but it does provide an excellent learning opportunity. Perhaps you can find some humour in this: Kissing Toads
      Zoe, it sounds like the right man for you hasn’t shown-up yet. In preparation, may I suggest you read through all the comments on this twin flame post to better understand soul mate and twin flame relationships.
      Twin flames have an undying passion for each other at the same time. They may or may not become partners, but the passion never dies.
      * If he’s your twin flame, your core values will match. What are your core values and what are his? Do they match?
      * If he’s your twin flame, you’ll both have a joint mission that is far bigger than your relationship and is designed to positively impact the world. Have you figured out what your destined to do in this life? Has he? What do you LOVE to do? What did you always want to do or be when you grew up? What are your natural talents, gifts and abilities? How do you want to positively impact the world? If you had only one year to live, and money was no object, how would you make your mark on the world? What are you passionate about.
      Try soul searching to answer some of these questions and it will help get back on track. Choose joy over misery, freedom over slavery, life over death, and become the amazing divine being that you really are. Your twin will find you when you’re ready to complete your life’s mission. That may be in the next year or the next lifetime. Twin flames find each other based on predetermined soul contracts so there’s no point searching. If you and your twin flame have a joint mission in this lifetime, you cannot avoid colliding with them.

  30. annette says:

    oh, i don’t know where to begin and would love some advice.

    i consider myself to have started my awakening process six months ago. i always knew i had a twinflame somewhere and i knew he would contact me. funnily enough when he contacted me through text i didn’t realise immediately. we chatted for about a week and then we argued. so he stopped writing for a whole week. i started having uncomfortable feelings – feelings of missing him. i asked my spirit guide to help me get him back to contact me and the following day he did.
    we started texting again but there always was a lingering problem: i couldn’t get enough of him whereas he restrained himself and was very reserved. so we ended up fighting three times, each time he would return after two days.
    now we are going through another fight where i feel he doesnt give me enough attention (even though he has promised he is coming to visit me in august). we live in two separate countries. i am seven years older than him. he is single and i am married. additionally, i used to teach him when he was 12!!
    i am completely lost – i am suffering so much. i cannot bear this pain anymore. my husband sort of senses something – he says you have changed and wants to leave.
    was this man the devil? to come and ruin my marriage or is this a process of removing negativity in order to unite with him (if he is my tf?)? i’m so confused and alone.
    thank you for your advice

  31. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your post it definitely has helped to better understand about the twin flame concept although I don’t think I have grasped the entire truth of it.

    I am in a twin flame dilema. What you write here really resonates with my situation. We face a lot of challenges… his stress over work, our cultural differences etc. It seems there is always one issue after another. Will twin flame survive these challenges?

    Thank you for your advice 🙂

  32. Danielle says:

    I’m confused. My whole life, even as a child, I have thought about and craved who I referred to as “my soulmate.” I have missed him and thought about him nonstop. I had a dream one time of this guy (whom i dont remember seeing before the dream) and woke up crying because of how much I missed him. I don’t exactly remember his face but I know if I saw it, I would remember. If I close my eyes and go into a mediation-like state I can feel his arms around me and his heartbeat. Does this mean he is my twin flame? Is this even my twin flame I’m thinking of or purely concidental? Does this mean I’ll meet my twin flame in this lifetime? Or does this mean I know he exists and miss him so much because I won’t be meeting him in this life time? Sorry, I’m very new to the twin flame concept.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comments and question. When you clearly see a face in a dream or vision, you will likely encounter that person in this lifetime. When their face is not visible, you may not encounter them, at least not yet.
      We all have a deep desire to become one with source. Uniting with your twin flame is a step in that direction. If you’re seeing images of your twin flame, your encounter will likely be unavoidable, so you don’t have to work at it.
      Divinity doesn’t generally provide all the answers at once. Life tends to unfold gradually, by design. A relationship may be imminent but brace yourself. Once you encounter your twin, the challenges have only just begin. It may be better to focus on yourself now, and become the person you want to be, rather than agonize about a potential partner in the future.

  33. jeremiah says:

    I am seeking my loving twinflame ;i am 6 feet tall 160 lbs athletic build she is 5’8 or 9 120 to 140lbs i live in Helena Montana please call me if you are my female you are about 39 years old you are as consumed with finding me as i am you call me! 406 949 0231 my name is Jeremiah

  34. I am seeking my Twinflame Lover. I live in Helena Montana on 40 acres of land.
    I am 6′ 165lbs bald, brown eyes ,athletic, healthy, My Twinflame is between 5’8 and 5’9 between 120-140 lbs. she is athletic/fit she is seeking me. She is seeking me with as much intensity as I am her. She is willing to give it all up to be with me as I her.
    She would love to plant fruit trees and create beautiful gardens and make the 40 acres our Paradise. If you feel a connection please call me 406-949-0231 or e-mail me at trimetatron@gmail.com

  35. I met my TF early this year but only started talking so much about a month and a half ago..
    I never expected to fall in love with him when I first met him, it was so awkward because we barely talked then and I remember him trying to talk to me but I was occupied with lots of things then that I totally ignored his trials.. He left town then, and after a few months he came back, it was so weird because once i saw him I burst with unexplainable happiness and told him it was nice to have him back! I didn’t know what it was then and he was so shocked because he didn’t think I bothered about him – so he said. We started talking then every few days, but at that time, we were both in relationships -edgy though. We were both hurt by our partners in the exact same way… One day we were talking and found out that both our partners did the very same thing to us… he told me he never thought I was edgy with my bf because if he knew, he would have tried to approach me earlier as he was so interested. Later after that, we became closer, I found out his whole life from birth to now, we both has been going through the very exact thing… our parents are exactly the same, we are both gamers, we have almost the same taste in everything.. the way we both think, it’s like he’s me in a guy version and that made me so scared. I never thought I’ll ever find someone who is exactly like me and I always thought I come from outside this planet, how weird people think i am… In a matter of a week… he started telling me that he loves me and it feels so right.. it was sooo intense that I couldn’t handle it so I ran away from him and asked him to give me space because I was so scared.. he accepted that but hours after that day, I came back to him.. for some reason, it was impossible to keep away..

    Whenever I’m sad, he can tell without me saying anything, I could tell his feelings too.. Sometimes I would answer a question he is yet to ask.. I have some pain sometimes when he’s not feeling alright, we have nightmares on the same nights.. we have this crazy attraction that I never ever imagined I’d feel for someone. And for some reason, i feel like we both grew a lot after we met. It’s true I only met him this year, but it feels like I’ve been with him since forever.. I know everything about him, we can never hide anything from each other… we both feel like we want to please each other with every way possible and are embracing it so heavenly..

    However, it’s hard too, we both have family issues that might break us apart for a while… My parents are so possessive and they dislike him 🙁 we don’t live in the same town too, he has his problems with his family too. lots of things that are making me sad at times cause I know I’ll die internally if we ever had to break apart in this life, although I know we’ll always be together deep inside which give me some relief.. Nonetheless, and no matter what, I know my soul would never break apart from his, as it feels like we are one soul..

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your post. Your connection sounds wonderful. I wish you both light, love and healing. You might also pray and ask to be shown your joint mission in this lifetime. That will pull you together more than anything else.

  36. Hello Elizabeth,

    Although I feel I had been doing fairly well in handling things on my own–newer ‘developments’ have me reeling.

    Not surprisingly perhaps (given the example of many cases) my ‘twin’ and I are not ‘together’. Nor have we ever really been (as I am married). Mine is, perhaps, something of a unique case in that I tend to possess some extrasensory abilities all my own (stemming from the maternal side). This seems to be even more so when it come to him–my ‘twin’. I am able to verify what he is experiencing much of the time after having sensed these things myself. The connection seems to have grown strong enough to the extent that I am sensing what he is, seeing what he is, thinking what he is, hearing what he is, even tasting what he is perhaps even several times per week…This is without prior knowledge of his plans, or of his experiences.

    I have far more contact with Higher Self and with guides these days, but my ego and my emotions tend to cloud what they tell me. My focus while meditating has always been on my heart chakra and it always has been since I delved even further along my spiritual path.

    The ‘twin’ and I are not presently in contact so I cannot verify just what is going on as to his end. That is, what he may or may not be feeling and experiencing in relation to dreams and what I receive/hear/feel either telepathically and/or empathically that seems to come from his soul to my own. Naturally, this is frustrating for me. Yes, I can confirm my own precognitive abilities, but it would seem his soul communicates to me the things I can later validate for it is his voice I hear and his presence I feel when I am dreaming, or in a meditative or relaxed state. What to think, believe, or to do then, eh? So I then tend to think this cannot be ‘just my imagination’ even if consciously, he is unaware of his soul’s ‘antics’. I admit to having one heck of an imagination on top of all this for I was born with such.

    I would like to cite just a couple of examples here (I will leave out each precise detail until I might have a reading with you) as to how ‘close’ this is–as to the gravity of the synchronicities involved (we are not talking the silly ’11:11 thing’ here as I wish it could be that well, ‘simple’).

    In early March of this year, I had a highly emotional dream in which I lived on an island set with a cottage and a lighthouse. I was married to a ‘young and good-looking’ (he and I are the same age–middle-late 30s–though he is ‘young’ in some of his ways and yes, he is handsome) lighthouse keeper. I had exited the cottage and was on my way to join him in the lighthouse which was set a bit of a distance away from the house. I was aware that my ‘husband’ was having to light its beacon twice a day every day–both in the morning and in the evening (in reality as you know, lighthouses are lit only at dusk and are snuffed out at dawn). My ‘husband’ was in a specific kind of peril in doing this task and I worried for him–to the point of a pain in my heart, in my soul. I could sense how especially dear he was. I was on my way to join him in the lighthouse that morning to help him light its beacon. I knew it to be our beacon, our lighthouse. I am not sure if I awoke just as I had approached the lighthouse, or if I may have even gotten to its top to be with him and to set alight our beacon. But I did not see him at any point in the dream. I woke up not knowing for sure who was my ‘husband’ in the dream.

    Come May time, I learn that my ‘twin’ is to play a lighthouse keeper (and yes, someone will be playing his wife which has my ego anxious) in some theatre production (he does some acting here and there). There are facets to the play’s story which are eerie; some of these have similarities to one of two books I am currently working on (I am a writer) and have been working on for quite some time now–though I am near to completing it. Mind you, the stories are completely different but there are some details which, well…Have me slapping my forehead. My story even has its own ‘beacon’ via a Victorian oil lamp…I have more recently had another (beautiful though simple) dream which could be comparable to the aforementioned one in ways.

    More recently and while under meditation and ‘tripping out’ (astrally) I was given a day, time and a particular place to be in London two Saturdays from then. It was his voice I heard telling me this information. Lo and behold, I subsequently learned he was there at that place (of all the places in a city the size of London) and on that day and at that hour No, I did not go because I do not yet feel ‘ready’ to interface with him again—seeing myself as being in a form of creative and spiritual isolation at present and I am also suffering from a slew of ‘mystery illnesses’ which have me looking frail. I worry about this because a month ago, I dreamt I was walking away from a chance to see him again and as I did this, my heart and soul seemed to be screaming at me. In the dream, I told myself that in ‘one month’ I would be ready (though I won’t be) and I worried that I would lose him in this lifetime if I was not. And yet on a few occasions, I have been ‘told’ via dreams, guides and the voice of his soul when we would fulfill our reunion and the time is not yet for that, but it is soon.

    I feel his ‘essence’ quite often these days and some of what I have experienced/sensed regarding him includes me in the picture. I could either deem these as direct messages from his soul to mine, my imagination taunting me, or theorize that I am crazy. Or how much is wishful thinking on my part and how much is on par with his true feelings–conscious or subconscious.

    I knew his first name, his home country, what his voice would sound like, what he would look like, what he would do for a living–all this when I was a child and/or teenager–years and years prior to meeting him. I saw and spoke him with him in a past life dream when I was 15 years-old. His face changed from his then self to his present self and it would do this in reverse in another dream I had just after meeting him. I saw and spoke with him again in another dream when I was aged 17. Several months before he came into my life (in my mid-thirties) I dreamt he was knocking upon my door. I did not open the door (I have this fear innate fear of knowledge at times which I am working on!) but could see his silhouette–his body’s shape and form through its windows (and yes, they do match). Some months later, a ‘psychic dream panel’ came to speak with me, informing me of certain details as to him which would subsequently prove to be accurate.

    Of course, the above is only a fraction of one iota of it. This is the loneliest, most exasperating perplexing time of my life though it is also wonderful, magical, beautiful. I do not feel I need confirmation as to this being my ‘twin’ for I believe my own soul/Higher Self and spirit guides and dreams have ‘driven that point home’ on more occasions than I can count. But perhaps, more importantly and more simply–I just ‘know’.

    I am sorry this was so long…I like to write and to ramble (apparently). Looks like I am not writing two novels, but three. 😉

    I hope the day finds you well.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Moth,
      Thank you for your comment. What an interesting and touching story. According to my favorite dream interpreter, Michael Sheridan of Aisling Dream Interpretation, islands symbolize your heart, circulatory system and emotions and mean that you are an island – you may keep yourself isolated from others when it comes to sharing your feelings. That can be a lonely experience. A lighthouse symbolizes your intuitive / psychic ability. The dream asks you to use this to help others find their path in life. In dreams, the number 2 can be about balance and communication in your relationship or anything else that is unbalanced in your life. “Do you share your feelings honestly? Do you always take or do you give too much of yourself?” The number two can also indicate your ability to channel.
      We tend to pine away for our elusive twin flame, put them on a pedestal, and feel we cannot live life without them. However, they’re eternally stuck to us, in the non-physical world of spirit. With or without your twin flame, you’re here to step into your magnificence and pursue your divine mission. Rather than pine away for that elusive other half, we could simply let go and live our lives to the fullest. What would it feel like to love ourselves as intensely as we love our beloved twin flames? We’d all have huge smiles on our faces.
      Wishing you light, love and laughter!

  37. Lee Kaberlein says:

    I believe I met my twin flame 8 years ago.
    The experience of first talking to her was amazing.
    I felt an instant feeling that somehow we already
    Knew one another.
    I wanted to marry her that instant. Long story
    Short, things did not turn out as I had hoped between
    Us. We did not become a couple. If one were
    To write a fictional story about this. It would be a tragedy.
    At least as far as I can see now.
    To the best of my knowledge she lives in the Mojave
    Desert, just some 50 miles north of me, but I would not dare
    To try and talk to her. It’s a long story, but I fouled things
    Up between us before we even had a real relationship
    I see no possible way to redeem myself.
    It could only take a miracle of God to fix what I messed up.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your story. When the future seems uncertain, perhaps it’s best to make the most of the present moment. Life and relationships can be challenging and redemption may seem impossible. However, God is in the miracle business, so life has a way of working out over time. Trust trust trust.

    • I had a rough experience with this kind of thing… I was deeply in love, well we both were I believe, and long story short, sparing you all the juicy details, we “got together” before we were ever officially “together” and some other kind of bad, questionable stuff happened… and ultimately it ended up with me crying, and him just not understanding why we couldn’t keep going on the way that we were… he walked away and I just sat there and kept crying, and that is how it ended. I wanted to be with him, but fully and in a committed way; he didn’t understand that and I think he was scared that I didn’t have feelings for him and felt rejected by me when in reality I wasn’t sure he had feelings for me, and had convinced myself it was only on my end… there we were like two idiots too insecure with ourselves to really and truly put ourselves out there and be totally vulnerable… also neither of us really understood self-love yet, but that is a whole different story… Anyways, I still saw him regularly, because he was a part of my life for different reasons apart from what had happened between us, and it was typically tense and sometimes awkward but there was still this energy and electricity between us that was just there no matter how hard we tried to ignore it. I feel that he never tried to make amends with me and “work it out” because he didn’t believe it was possible… that I couldn’t forgive him, or that he wasn’t worthy of forgiveness. The truth is, I didn’t hold anything against him, I just didn’t realize felt for me the way I felt for him, and had I known I would have never left his side… we were really young, too, so there is also that issue of being young and immature, but that is besides the point. As we got older, I moved on, and actually got into an abusive relationship, and he dated other people… he used to ask about me to mutual friends, and was trying to see how I was doing and what I was up to, and I feel he wanted to reach out to me and try to reconnect, but was scared of rejection, and also scared of how he had potentially hurt me… it’s almost like it is easier to pretend they don’t care, or wouldn’t forgive you, than to have to realize you have hurt someone you love and who loves you back… maybe what is even scarier is to realize they love you so much that they forgive you automatically… and then, wow, wouldn’t you really feel like a jerk for hurting someone who doesn’t even hold it against you and for giving up on a bond that is just so real?… the point is, don’t beat yourself up over it, and try to be kind to yourself and learn self-forgiveness. Chances are, if this person really loves you unconditionally, then they will continue to love you regardless of the hurt you have inflicted upon them. If they love you unconditionally, then they just want you to love them unconditionally in return… rejection doesn’t truly bother them or break the bond, neither does past hurts, cheating, abandonment, whatever… it doesn’t matter, they just want to be shown unconditional love, because that is what they feel for you. Forgive yourself, and maybe, if you need to, take some times to reflect and discover how to show someone unconditional love… if you feel unconditional love for this person, but you don’t yet understand it or know how to show it, then when you reconnect there will potentially be more misunderstandings and bumps in the road… just make sure YOU are ready for a connection that deep and to love unconditionally, and if you are and it is all meant to be, it will work itself out. Have faith, don’t beat yourself up, and show kindness, forgiveness, and unconditional love to yourself… also, LOVE is a miracle of God… it is THE miracle of God… show love to yourself, to your friends, family, and everyone you meet… show love to her, and don’t stop loving… but most of all, PLEASE find a way to forgive yourself, because chances are you are probably more mad at yourself than anyone else is mad at you… and the fact that you are being so hard on yourself just shows how truly caring you are inside, despite the fact that you may have messed up. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect; be patient and forgive yourself! 🙂

  38. I have met my twin flame online but we have parted ways now. We have never met physically or seen each other on video but whenever we talk there’s so much intensity, love and passion and feelings of coming home. I knew about twin flames before I met him and I know that twins have periods of separation. What I am wondering is, why don’t I feel intense pain? Is it because of the knowing that we are always connected and that we will be reunited in the future? Do you have to meet physically to experience that kind of intense pain everyone who’s separated from their twin?

    • Plus, I have practiced Buddhist detachment. I do not have expectations. But I do love him unconditionally, always will. I miss him so much now. I am just wondering why I don’t feel the crippling pain everyone else does? Maybe he is not my twin flame?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mara,
      Thank you for your comment. That’s great news! Indeed, it sounds like you’ve encountered your twin flame in spirit plus you may have already learned lessons that the rest of us are still working on. Separation (from anyone) is an illusion but this illusion is one of Earth’s great learning tools. The emotional agony of twin flames is the feeling that we can’t live without the other. Of course we can, and we do. Twin flames are here to break out-dated traditions. Getting married, having children, and living happily ever after, may not be the role of a twin flame. They’re here to ignite the hearts of mankind and change the consciousness of the planet. When everyone learns self-love, operates from the Buddhist teaching of detachment, and practices being in the present moment, there is no suffering. When we learn to forgive ourselves and become the love we seek, then joy replaces suffering. Some of us are simply more awake – more aware – of who we really are. When you feel your timeless connection to your twin, to our collective Master, and to God, there is only peace and happiness. However, we’re all at different stages of learning. Twin flames are always working on their joint mission in the non-physical level of spirit, and eventually work jointly in the physical world, in order to transcend pain and fear and ascend. You are more aware of that collaboration. Your awareness lifts everyone because we’re all connected. As more twin flames awaken, the suffering will vanish and we’ll all evolve to a higher consciousness faster. Mara, your practice of detachment, no expectations, and unconditional love is lifting everyone on the planet, so thank you!
      Light, Love and Joy!

      • Thank you, Elizabeth!

        We both did feel that “we can’t live” without each other.There are times of course that I break down because my heart and soul yearn so much to be with him physically, to hear his voice, feel his touch. But at the same time I know that this bond between us will endure time and space. He may probably be dating someone else now but all I can do is love him unconditionally, be happy doing and thinking of all the things we have in common and the fact that nothing can replace a twin flame relationship.


  39. Hi Elizabeth,

    this is quite a long story, sorry about that. Could do with some advice!

    Eleven years ago a friend pointed at two men sitting across the cafeteria we had lunch at. They were police officers. Somehow I instantly got a crush on the smaller one.
    This went on for some years. I didn’t think much about it – I’m married, had two children in between – but when I returned to work I saw him again and thought: oh, there he is! He is very handsome, cool and arrogant, so I never thought he would recognize me at all.
    I’ve been using the lunch break to get some writing done. One year ago he walked by my table, tilted his had and smiled at me! I felt the impact of his smile through my whole body.
    I started to give him the eye and one day he said “hello”. This went on for some months. I tried talking to him, but either of us seemed to be to shy. I always hyperventilated when I was standing close to him.
    Then, one day, I said hello and smiled and he didn’t answer and looked at me as if I was a suspect or something ugly. I was devastated. Tried to ignore him, but couldn’t.
    I always knew before meeting him, some telepathy-thing. And this is where it got really weird. Some times I would receive feelings and thoughts that were not mine but his’! When he looked me in the eyes – a lot of eye contact going on there – I felt he could see inside me. And when I saw him I felt a shift in my solar plexus and somehow I was complete.
    I was thinking about him all the time. I wanted to get back my focus. There was an instant when I could align with my artistic work again. Then I knew I had to do something. So I texted him. First he thought I was somebody else. Then he didn’t know who I was. This was quite humiliating. But we kept on. He could have stopped answering at least five times, but he was very persistent. This was the first time I met somebody as persistent as myself. I always felt strange about this quality but seeing it mirrored by him was very touching. After some days I couldn’t take it any more and stopped. Started again ten days later, but he held back. I still don’t know if he is put off because I’m married or if he is “not into me” anyway. He seems to be distrustful and controlling. He “told” me he isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone.
    If this was a “normal” crush I hope I would “get it” by now and move on. But after the first series of texting I stumbled over the concept of “soul mates” and “twin flames”. Did quite a lot of reading and I think he might be my twin flame. I can’t stop thinking about him.
    Saw him only once since then. I think he avoided me. Can’t feel him any more. But I had a big kind of Déjà-vu recently. I can’t remember it on all levels, but the gist was that I have to give him up and he will “return”. I started dreaming about him.
    Do you think he might be my twin? Is it possible that he doesn’t feel it? Is he running? What can I do?

    Thank you,


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for your touching story. If this man is your twin flame, he’s not acting like one. You may have shared a past life and still have some karma to work out between you. When twin flames connect in physical form, they’re both ‘on fire’ with desire for each other. There’s not a lot of guess-work. Once twin flames have identified each other in this way then the feelings become more manageable, and the focus tends to shift to higher path stuff – your mission in this lifetime. It’s important to work out karma. Perhaps it’s learning the lesson of detachment. You deserve kindness, compassion, and love. It doesn’t sound like this man is there for you and you haven’t yet formed a union that he would run from. When you find yourself ‘grasping’ (we’ve all done it) then that’s the time to let go and detach. Be really kind to yourself. Also, when people are attracted to someone outside of a marriage, it’s time to reflect on why this is happening and what can be done. I hope that helps. You deserve wonderful things!

  40. I don’t know whether mine is a soulmate or twin flame.

    When I was 5, I had dreams. I met a guy and have some connections. Actually, I had a whole life experience in the dreams with that guy. When I wake up,I am crying so hard. Our love story is amazing but challenging. At one point, my mind can’t take anymore and I stop myself completely from remembering it until now. My past lives dreams.

    Then, after I stop ‘that’ dreams, I had another dreams when I was a kid. My meeting with a guy, etc. I also had wishes that I want to marry on a certain date and I had told to one boy that almost the same age as me(as it seem) in the dream.

    At one point, I have built my own dream controls. I control my dreams. Literally. No nightmares, no anything. And, I no longer remember everything that I had in dreams when I was a kid.

    Recently, this year, I had being scammed online from someone I met on Facebook. Thank god, I am 18 and my parents hold my bank accounts. It took me like FOREVER to think that a genius girl like me almost being lied.

    On February this year, a guy(17) added me. I don’t know how, suddenly I open heart give my phone number to a stranger on the same day I knew him on Facebook! Even my best friends doesn’t know my number as I frequently change number that they had to contact my parents to get to me. He called me and said “hi”. My body feels electricity. I have heard his voice before but I don’t know how! I ended his called three times without saying anything. We then skype and for real I talked to him 24 hours non stop and in the first one hour, I felt like we have known each other forever.

    One day, I found my handwriting when I was a kid on a paper. His name. His full name before I met him!

    My first meeting with him in real life was hard cause he lives 500 miles away from me. Too much challenging from my family, money, I sleep at the airport alone, my family make a police report that I am missing although they knew where I am going, etc.

    It was hard but its worth. I never knew my vision when I was a kid was true. We shared past lives together and he can remember all of the details. The future visions were true too, everything.

    Nevertheless, there’s a lot of challenges that we face together. Its like I ran and he chase me. We entered three stages at one time. When it is ended, it change me and him in an unknown ways. We become matured in a few months. We can telepathy. We can know what we’re thinking and it is weird. When I cried, he will call me in a few seconds after my first drop of tear. (I don’t know how he did it. He doesn’t even there beside my side). And, I can know in an instinct when he feel sick. We understand each other. When I miss him or vice versa, we will call each other in a few minutes. When he mad(in his life), I feel anger in myself with no reason. Its weird. Sometimes, I felt electricity that something hugging me from behind and I know that he hug his pillow thinking that it is me whom he hug. We can also enter each others dreams. We balanced each other personality.

    For now, there’s a lot of challenging coming toward us and we only meet once in real life. Other than that, we spending time skyping with each other more than 12 hours everyday. The separation is hurt for us.

    Maybe he is my soulmate. Maybe he is my twin flame. OR maybe it is both.

  41. I met my twin flame when I was 19. I am 24. It is the most intense love I have ever experienced. He left when my schizoaffective came back and I have had 3 serious spirtual awakenings since then. I have found god and learned my illness is actually abilities. I miss him. He is not awake yet. He still doesn’t even believe in god. But I see signs all the time. I know its him. I have reached out for friendship purely today. Have not heard back yet. Please say a prayer for me.

  42. For those who are confused about all the “rules” “signs” and “symptoms” regarding twin flame love, this is my message to you…. Love is eternal, it is transcendent, and it knows no boundaries, for when you meet your other half, you just know, you feel it, and it is MUTUAL…. I’ve been through an experience where I was CONVINCED, or rather, had convinced myself, that I’d met my “twin flame” and that we were in love, and it was mutual… after years of being used and abused in every way possible, having spent all of my life’s savings on the jerk, taken the blame for everything that has ever gone wrong for him, as well as his own wrong-doings, having constant ills wished upon me, being beaten, spat on, kicked, nearly killed countless times, yelled at constantly, demoralized, victimized, humiliated, and just utterly drained in every way possible, I realized that he did NOT love me, and no matter how much unconditional love I gave him, he was not going to love me back. I always told myself that it was just that he “wasn’t ready” or was in “too much pain” and “couldn’t understand the beauty and depth of our love until his pain was healed”…. so I tried to heal him, I tried to help him, I was there for him in every possible way to the point that I was not there for myself, I abandoned all of my friends and family, and the worst part was that the more love I gave him, the worse he treated me. He utterly resented the fact that I was even trying to help him, and would put down all of my efforts, discredit and discount anything I did for him, and then just ask, no DEMAND, more and more from me. No matter how much I gave, it wasn’t good enough, and it wasn’t enough. Like I fool, I continued to convince myself it was my fault… that he was my “twin flame” and these growing pains are “normal” and it is “normal” for him to not see the connection, and he is just “in pain”, and it was my “duty”, nay my “mission” as his “twin flame” to help heal this pain in him… after all, there were so many “synchronicities”… we’d both lost parents at a young age, we both had the same toy that our parents who had passed on had given us as gifts when we were children, we were of similar ethnic backgrounds, we had similar taste in music, we both felt like misfits, we had some similar life experiences, we both felt disillusioned with society, we both wanted something more from life, we both had hopes and dreams that seemed similar, we both felt a little bit lost, we both had difficult lives at home growing up, we both wanted to be loved unconditionally, we both seemed to have a desire to transcend the negativity that we felt was blocking us, we both liked to play music and sing, we both had dreams of being in a band when we were young or playing music, etc. etc…. the listed seemed to go on and on, and every time he hurt me, I would just remind myself, endlessly, of all those similarities, all those synchronicities, all the “ties that bind”… but ultimately, there was one truth, above all that I was ignoring, that no outward similarity could EVER compensate for, and that was the fact that although OUTWARDLY there was a lot about us that seemed to be similar, and many synchronicities and parallels that could be drawn, INWARDLY we were worlds apart, and fundamentally DIFFERENT… it wasn’t simply our feelings or our outlook in life that was so strikingly different, but also our WILL and INTENT in life…. we had completely different intentions… I wanted to give, he wanted to take. It was that simple. I wanted to be victor, be strong willed, triumphant, and overcome my struggles in life, and he wanted to play the victim, and succumb to his problems, and endlessly get sympathy and pity from those around him, and ultimately use that sympathy to manipulate, use, and control people. I wanted to learn how to forgive those who had hurt me in my past, reconnect with my family, while he wanted to punish those who he’d felt wronged by. I wanted to learn to live in harmony, he wanted to live in disharmony. I wanted to work hard, he wanted to get everything in life with no effort, and just have it all be handed to him. I wanted to be faithful, he wanted to be unfaithful. I wanted to heal, he wanted to destroy. I wanted to love, he wanted to hate. There was no harmony between us, no time of sharing, peace, or unconditional love, and even the times where there seemed to be moments of true love, acceptance, and sharing, I eventually realized that those moments only seemed like love, but it was really just him buttering me up so he could get something from me, or tear me down later. His version of love was “you serve me and only me, and if you even think about helping or serving yourself, you are hurting me in such a vast, unforgiveable way, for by ever putting yourself first, even just for a moment, you are committing a punishable offense for which you will receive swift and brutal punishment”… not that he said those words to me exactly, but that was what his SOUL was communicating to me. What is worse is that all of the things I thought we connected over… all of those synchronicities, he did not acknowledge and felt no connection over… in fact, he acted as though I couldn’t understand his side of things because “I had it better.” In fact, many of those things I thought we bonded over, he didn’t even truly remember about me or acknowledge to be true, or if he did acknowledge them to be true, he would constantly de-validate my feelings concerning the topic at hand. He loved to de-validate me and my feelings far more than he EVER loved me.

    The point is, don’t try to convince yourself someone is your twin flame and they just “aren’t ready”… ask yourself “how deep is the connection, really?” … “Does this relationship make me learn more about myself, and take me into deeper level of knowledge and self-awareness, or isn’t turning me into a deluded shadow version of myself?” … “Does this person really see the best in me, even at my worst, or do they see the worst in me, even when I’m at my best?” …. “Does this person have the same core feelings and intentions as me in life?”… “Does this person try to understand me, or are they only focused on themselves?”…. “Does this person attempt to show love to me, even if it is painful, difficult, or scary, even when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory, or do they only show love to me when they want something from me?”…. “Does this person accept my love in the ways I am capable of offering it, and try to offer it in return, or do they shun my love, and tell me it isn’t enough?”…. “Does this person really just need some space and time to sort things out, or are they deliberately trying NOT to grow as a person?”… “Does this person really want the same thins out of life as me?”…. Try to see the INNER similarities, even if their are OUTTER differences…. if they really are your “other half,” “true love,” “twin flame” or whatever you want to call it, then the inner similarity will be so strongly and acutely felt, that no matter how much you try to deny it on the outside, you can’t on the inside, and if they are not your “twin flame”, no matter how much you try to draw similarities and synchronicities on the outside to convince yourself it is “real” and “meant to be” there will always be differences on the inside, and there will be some kind of inner disconnect. The closer you try to be to them, the more this divide will grow and grow. Also, the truth about “twin flames” and “true loves” is that while it is true that there certainly can be hurdles to overcome, and it is very true that you can inadvertently hurt your twin flame or make them feel rejected if you are not in a place of balance and unconditional SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE (meaning you still have your own inner battles with yourself to face, and therefore you don’t quite know how to show the unconditional love you feel for your “other half” because you don’t quite know how to love yourself). However, they KEY WORD here is INADVERTANTLY… twin flames do not INTENTIONALLY hurt each other… in fact they NEVER INTEND to hurt each other, even when they do… no matter what they do on the outside, or how badly they make each other feel hurt and rejected, their intention is always to LOVE each other UNCONDITIONALLY, even if they don’t yet know how to do that… or perhaps they don’t yet know what unconditional love is, yet they feel it and intend to give it, no matter how lost and confused they are. They KNOW they are the same, they feel that oneness, and they try to explore that oneness. They might feel rejected and ditch you, or scared and run away, or maybe they feel unworthy of love, so they deny their feelings, or don’t believe it is possible that you love them the same way in return…. but even through these difficult emotions, they don’t intentionally play with yours. They don’t tell you they love you one day, and then make up some bullshit excuse why your love “just won’t work” the next, just because they’ve changed their mind and decided they want something or someone new. If they do change their mind, it is in a real, sincere way, where they have thought long and hard, and felt deeply, and come to a point of realization and inner growth, or perhaps feel they need time to grow.. NOT because they “need to be back with their ex” or “want time to try dating other people” or “need a few years of having sex with lots of different people so they will know you’re “the one” and if you give them this time and wait for them, they will come back and be with you”… these are all selfish, bullshit reasons that are hurtful, and don’t have anything to do with an intention of growing as a person, healing past wounds, etc., but show the person’s only true intention is selfishness and greed.

    I really do wish everyone the best, and I am not trying to disillusion anyone, but simply trying to warn some sensitive, loving people out there to not convince themselves they’ve met their twin flame, when it is really just abuse, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical. If they take from you and don’t give, if you allow yourself to be totally vulnerable, but they never truly allow themselves to be vulnerable to you, if you are humble to them, but they can never humble themselves to you, then re-examine the connection. There really IS true love out there, and it is always there waiting for you, but just remember that to love someone else fully, we must first know how to love ourselves, and above all… love has no “rules or regulations”, it knows no bounds, it is endless and everlasting, it takes many forms, and last but not least, it is something that you can only FEEL, and who feels it knows it. You have to allow yourself to feel it, you can’t try to convince yourself of it, or make up reasons and rhymes, you either feel it or you don’t.

  43. Hi,

    I met my twin flame a year ago just a few days after his first child was born. We have never been physically together but had some very intensive highly emotional moments. In my case I tried to stay away because I knew about the baby. He was the one “chasing” me and made me recognise him, then he changed his mind and now we. are not in contact.

    I have no idea about twin flames. I found about it when looking for a reasonable explanation what was going on with me, particularly after I felt the magnetic attraction, literally physically. It is impossible to explain this to someone who has not been through this.

    I read so much about this and I still don’t understand. How this could be a blessing. This connection brought me only tears and incredible pain plus I totally lost focus in a period that was very important to me. It is not possible to be together without hurting deeply other people so why did I have to meet him at all. I believe everything happens for a reason but I really do not understand what did I do to deserve this. And the double and triple numbers are haunting me everywhere…

  44. MyNameIsMyName says:

    So I’m meeting my twin flame very soon (yes, I know they are my twin flame in advance. All I need is to look into their eyes for confirmation). I’m basically freaking out. I know what’s meant to be will be but I’m pretty nervous (I usually don’t get nervous about meeting people but given who this is, I am nervous). Some guidance from others in the know would be great.

    • I feel the exact same way about mine! And he is just as excited about our union although he still is very nervous about it it’s not stopping him or me. Just take it day by day meditation helps me a lot seeing that usually when I do he is there and his love consumes every once of my being. Words cannot explain the feeling of our oneness.

  45. Hello – please help me!

    I have been in a state of depression for some time now. I am very confused, hurt and lost and I would be eternally grateful if someone could give me advice.

    There is a man in my life who has been here since the start of my spiritual awakening. His name is A. We have shared the rocky path to enlightenment together, and I really do love him. We met at work and instantly we were an inseparable couple:. He cheated on me, but we stayed together. He did everything he could to make me happy and to make up for his mistake, but I lost sexual interest in him and eventually we broke up. I still see him and speak to him but we are both happier out of the relationship. We are both really focused on meditation and yoga and waking up to help the planet so that is why we still share such a close relationship.

    At the same place of work as I met Andy, I also met someone else. He is called J. As soon as I met him I felt so happy and complete. I felt love and desire for him that I had never experience before and I just wanted to be with him because I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for me. Only problem was, he had and still has a girlfiend. I know he felt the same as I did, one say he whispered that he loved me, then I saw how freaked out he got and then ignored me. I could tell that how I was making him feel was scaring him. His girlfriend also picked up on it and worked hard to keep us apart… Then along comes Andy. He starts working there and we get together.

    I quit the job 2 years ago but not a day has gone by when I don’t think about j. I can’t help it, I feel so sad and all I want is him. However, I am willing to believe that Andy is my twin flame. Maybe I am just the runner? The timings and our relationship defiantly tick more of the boxes than me and j do, but why can’t I get him out of my head? Who do I have this constant pain of needing to be with him, coupled with a deep rooted anxiety that I have gone mad and that he barely even knows who I am anymore.

    I really need some help and advice this has been going on for to long and I just need to make a change.

    Best wishes to you all,


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Check-out my latest post. Perhaps it will help you come up with a strategy to feel better.
      We are all loved beyond our knowing.
      Wishing you Light, Love and Laughter,

  46. Mary Jane says:

    Hello there. DO you know if its possible to have already dated your twin? I experience deep synchronicities surrounding a previous boyfriend many years past whom I love dearly and who I believe loves me pretty deeply as well. We are back in touch due to social media and the connection is lovely and polite but I am in a relationship with a child and he is on the opposite coast. I dream about him all the time..mostly we just embrace in my dreams…or walk holding hands.
    Essentially I float in and out of a heart guided sense that he is my twin and then forget again..alas its complicated right..would be messy to break up my partnership.. but now the pull to him is stronger..I mean like a force of nature..and the more I surrender to the rush of magical love I feel for him..the more magical life starts to become where lots of fluid synchronicities commence immediately. I feel scared because..well..I just do..and he is quite shy in fact so not sure he would ever initiate…I left him way back..Hmm.. I have always believed in the twin flame..for my whole life I guess. He and I both are artists and passionate nature stewards…shamanic souls if you will…so I also feel some magical or supernatural energies around this..is that normal? I guess my question is.how do you know for sure if someone is your twin and is important to reunite physically in this life and manifest a partnership or is it uneccesary to ever be together physically. One cool fact is that a huge painting we once made together of an enchanted garden hangs in a mythology museum. : )

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Mary Jane,
      Thank you for sharing your story, and describing your painting. It sounds beautiful. Art is a divine gift!
      Regarding twin flames, if the pull between you is purely romantic and has nothing to do with a big picture mission to positively impact the world, then it’s probably not your twin flame. That’s okay. Romance has to do with learning life lessons, working out karmic debt, and becoming better people. We can learn from everyone we encounter. Twin flames will appear when you least expect (and often disappear when you least expect) so change your focus. May I suggest you focus on the present moment. To shift your energy, count your blessings. Every night for 31 days list all the things you’re grateful for. This will shift your energy to one of gratitude, so you start receiving blessings. Sometimes those blessings come in the form of relationships.
      Focus on your passion and continue to create. There’s a divine plan and everything will come together. Trust!
      Love and blessings,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Mary Jane,
      Anything and everything are possible. The encounter can be both intense and fleeting, by design. It was all agreed to before we were born. Twin flames are creating a new template for relationships. In this new paradigm, all things are possible. Your non-physical connection is eternal so, of course, your twin soul is probably floating around you quite often and will give you nudges or kisses, or more intense experiences. Enjoy!

  47. Hapiness is key says:

    I really need personal advice on my story. Ever since being reunited with my twin flame I have become depressed in the sense that I’m confused about the situation and how it is/will play out. To be honest I wish I would have never felt this at all because now I don’t know if anyone will ever have the same effect on me. In fact, I know they won’t, and it’s quite depressing to know.

    When I was younger, 5-8 years old, my family’s friend had a son who would babysit my sister and I with one of his friends. I had a crush on his friend but he was far older than me (8 years or so) and I assumed it was because I was a young child with a silly crush. Ironically, my family moved into his family’s house 5-6 years later (by then I had almost forgotten his name) and they moved out of town. The house had a lot of paranormal activity going on and honestly my family thought we were going crazy. I believe I can read people’s energy now that I am becoming more aware of my spiritual side. But anyways, my family moved to a new city about 2 years ago, and I am in my mid 20s now. Just recently, my family attended the family friend’s son’s wedding. At the wedding, I talked to the son’s friend (which I completely forgot existed until this day, for its been almost 20 years). Right when we laid eyes on each other I felt something so strong and so deep in my soul. Just like an intense magnet just being drawn to him. I was trying so hard to make sure I wasn’t wearing this crazy feeling on my face. I have felt love pretty passionately before and have fallen deeply in love, in fact the relationship prior I would have described as my soulmate (upon meeting this guy I had known he was going to play a significant role in my life), But this feeling was indescribable, unlike any other. I had no idea it was possible to feel so drawn to someone like a force. We got to talking and exchanged stories about our experiences in the house we both had lived in and confirmed the crazy things my family had experienced. After we were done talking, my family and I left the wedding reception. I had almost wanted to ask them if they saw/felt that energy between us but then I realized how absolutely crazy I would have sounded. The next day I still just remember thinking about the insane feeling I had experienced towards him. But the next couple of weeks I didn’t think about it because I have been extremely busy until last night when I had an extremely vivid dream of him and I and his love for me, although I was confused in the dream, I still felt that powerful magnetic like pull towards him, like his soul was reaching out to me. I just do not know what to take from this at all. This feeling I am feeling is different from anything I ever thought was possible, and I wouldn’t even say we know each other anymore. And on top of that he has a girlfriend and lives 8-10 hrs from me! One more thing I have to add to the story, is about 6 months ago (the guy who I thought was my soulmate) had actually been trying to propose to me but each time he tried (4 times specifically) something wrong always happened and so he never was able to. At first I was so happy knowing that he was going to propose but something deep inside of me told me that he wasn’t the one. That I needed to end the relationship because there is someone else out there. I definitely broke his heart and it was very hard for me too but I had to listen to my intuition because it was practically beating me down. I also just kept feeling like, no you have a purpose in life and this isn’t the direction your supposed to go. I had seen other guys since then but nothing and I mean nothing has even come close to this intense feeling that I was feeling when I saw this guy again. It almost shook me. I just don’t know how to contact him or even go about all of this. Please help.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Being human is a challenge. That’s why we’re all here. We must make decisions, fix any mistakes, learn from all experiences, deal with whatever hits us in order to grow, rise above adversity, transcend the physical and emotional pain, and ascend. We’re also here to lift others in the process. It’s painful, but we all signed up for it. Divine guidance is with you, but they’re coaching you, not making your decisions for you. They shine a light in front of you. Take one step and they’ll shine light towards the next step. They don’t always shine a spotlight on the whole picture. It can be frustrating and sometimes agonizingly painful not to know the future. Should I go left? Should I go right? Is he the right one for me? Be courageous. Make a decision and go with it. TRUST TRUST TRUST your intuition and let it guide you. Divinity speaks through your heart so tune-in. Go into a meditative state, into the stillness. Sit quietly and focus on your heart. Take a deep breathe, exhale, then listen, sense, and see. What do you get? Do this every day for 31 days and the answers will begin to flow. You’re opening your channel to divinity. If you can’t contact that guy, it’s because you’re not meant to, at this time. Trust trust trust that there is a divine timing to things. Focus on now. Improve your intuition. What’s really important for you? What must you accomplish before you leave the planet? Figure that out and the right people (the right man) will appear.
      I hope that helps a bit.

  48. i met my twin about 5 years ago.
    i have never loved anyone so deeply, and i know this relationship was special.
    we have had a rocky, on and off relationship, push and pull
    we woud always end up back together after a few months.
    i feel him telepathically, in my dreams, and such.

    anyway, the last 2 years he has been seeing another woman on the side. i don’t like to make judgments on other people, but she seems to be a bit on the easier side. he always goes to her when things don’t work out between us. he tells me he’s never loved anyone other than me, and i do feel he means it

    we havent seen each other in 6 months, the longest we’ve ever gone.
    i think he has made the decision to move on. i reached out to him and told him i missed him the other day, and he said he missed me very much as well.
    i told him i wanted to see him, and he said he didn’t think that was a good idea.
    i recently found out that he is seeing that girl again.
    this is so painful. all the signs point to him being my twin, but am i just crazy?
    is moving on with someone that you have a “easier” relationship with part of the running process? part of fear?

  49. I believe I met my twin flame 6 years ago. Now I think that he is still running from me. I saw that guy in my high school. Before I met him in person, I had dreams of a tall mysterious blond boy who came and kissed me for no reason and then disappeared. In the next 2 years, he and I were in high school in different classes. He was 1 year older. I didn’t know his name and I didn’t care about him at all because I was with other guys.

    But I always found that blond boy beautiful,and found myself searching for him in the hallway, to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me and knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer. I saw he was trembling and I was shocked. He looked at me like he knew me! One time he said he knew where my house was, and I was scared. He used to come up from behind me, touch me on my arm and shoulders, then say “Hi,” smile, and go away. After that, 2 years passed and I was in the last year of high school and he was in College. One of my “boyfriends” left me and I was devastated because I realized that I’d been betrayed.

    Then the blond guy and I began to meet at the most unexpected times and places, and it was like always. He could be quiet and stare to me for several minutes, and say nothing. I was afraid but I asked his name. When I added him on FaceBook, I found out that he was in a relationship and had been for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so, after he accepted my request, I didn’t talk to him and just ignored him. Then he was online in msn, and his profile picture showed him and his girlfriend on the beach. A window would pop up and it was him saying hello. He changed his picture for one of him alone.

    I thought he was a liar, that never liked me at all, and must be laughing at me because he always had a girlfriend. I felt he must I’m an idiot for falling for him. I was in rage against myself and said nothing to him because I didn’t want to seem weak or devastated. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time. I didn’t know what was he talking about because I had never showed him that I liked him. I felt shocked when I realized that he could read my mind. I ignored the things he said and pretended that I had never minded anything he’d said and said that we could be friends, because I was proud. I´m still a proud person.

    One night I had a dream that I was in a train station. In the dream, I was about to leave, then he ran up to me, kissed me, then walked away, turning back to look at me. Then I woke up. That same morning, his Facebook status was “single.” I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there! I looked at him and he looked petrified. He just kept staring at me in silence until I felt weird, turned away and ignored him.

    After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date and I found myself looking at him in a different way. It felt so strange… like I’d never felt any love for him! I felt like running away because he wasn’t what I wanted. I thought that I didn’t need him anymore and rejected his kiss. I felt only waves of fear and revulsion from one hour to the next. That night I became anxious and threw my cellphone in the washing machine. I didn’t want to speak with him, preferring to be far away from him. That night his FaceBook status stated that this wasn’t his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

    It took me 1 month to realize that I needed him closer, and that I had never loved anyone but him, knew that he always had been there for me, but couldn’t see it until now. Dreams began to torment me almost everyday. I found his new FaceBook profile, he accepted my request, but it wasn’t the same. I began to call him on his cell phone, but he never picked up. I felt devastated. His status indicated he was angry about someone, he was feeling betrayed and abandoned. He said that he would never look back anymore. I thought it was about his ex girlfriend and I felt angry at him again. Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I “liked him” only, because I didn’t wanted to say I “loved you.” I’m proud and never use the word love for anyone plus I was feeling shame.

    The next morning, his status read “I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me for real. We must live our lives like nothing happened. I am only a beautiful memory for you. Someday, I will meet you again, everywhere.” I DIDN’T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him. It had been 6 years. We had crossed paths in the bus, the college, and again in market but I never said hello. Neither did he though he would stare at me for minutes. I would feel the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he added me on FaceBook and I accept him, then block him. Later, the same thing happened, almost every year. Now, I know that he is in a relationship and me too. We are so different, we always were different. He was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely and to have multiple partners and experiences. I can’t take suffering! That’s why I don’t want to feel anything for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I felt no desire or attraction to other men, which wasn’t like me! I’d never felt that way, before him. I was always searching for thrill and liked anyone. Now, I want to forget him, and never ever have those dreams again. They’re like nightmares because they torture me, and always when I dream of him, that day, I meet him in the street. I don’t like that! I want to live my life like before, I want my old life back, I guess I’m still a proud person.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ana,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps you are both in the running phase, or a tad commitment phobic (read the book: “He’s Scared, She’s Scared: Understanding the Hidden Fears That Sabotage Your Relationships”). You are quite intuitive because your dreams hint about what will happen the next day. A blond haired person in a dream is usually a spirit guide. Perhaps he is your guide on earth. Perhaps developing a friendship first would clear the emotional clutter and improve the communication between you. I sound like a broken record but twin flame relationships aren’t about romance. They first explode into your life like romantic fireworks, but quickly become about your joint mission on the planet. His Facebook comment, “Some day I will meet you again everywhere” sounds prophetic. May I suggest you focus on the present moment. Let go of any attachment and get on with your life. Happiness is a choice. We think other people drive us crazy, but we choose to accept crazy feelings. What’s the dream? What is your burning desire, thing you MUST do, in this lifetime before you die? Focus on that. Everything will fall into place when you know what you want.
      Hope that helps. Wishing you peace and great success!

      • Thank you Elizabeth for your answer.
        Do you know? Nothing is a mere chance in this life. This year I was forced to be in a enneagram workshop class. It was very short but, in that experience I found out that I had and I still have a very big issue in my life. I always have been searching who I am, and what is my true personality, because I always depend on other actions. I’m between a 6-7 enneagram type, always needing support, to feel secure and protected by people who I could trust. I found out that Im very proud, but because I feel anxious I was feeling threatened by people, family and by this man. Because I always thought that if I would have told him that I loved him and that I was feeling all that things before we had that date, he would made me feel ashamed, that he could reject me in that moment! I always said to me that, I wasn’t in love with him, that he was a simple fling like the other men, and men always betray in everything, and that I had to be one time with him like the others it would be over, but really, I couldn’t stand the pain of rejection by him, cause I hate pain! Because of that, I ran and ignored him and even today when we met on some places, I can’t talk to him, I always felt my body trembling when I saw him. And I can see that is the same for him. Only one time months ago, in the supermarket I could feel that he was there, and then I looked back and there it was. He instantly looked petrified and the things in his hands suddenly fell. Later when I was in the line to pay, he was the cashier, and after some seconds, he said hello with his face downward, and asked me how I was. I was trying to be polite while I was afraid, and he took my hand when I gave him the money it was like a minute and he had a giant smile that I remember I saw when he came to pick me up in our only date and said that he was happy to see me again. I said nothing. After that I came back home and that night I unblocked him on facebook. I read his facebok status. “I don’t know why when I look at you Im trembling to my feet and my knees go weak” I never came back to that supermarket, I prefer to buy things in one that is a little far.

  50. Such great information!
    I am excited/ scared as I believe I met a SM for sure though believe he is…. My TF. Please help me!!!
    Everything from seeing 333’s everywhere to the same song play every time I arrived for PT to finally realizing I need to care for myself. That I deserve and want to be healed. The healing that occurred (I realized) was much much more than physical. The BEST thing was the eye gazes that I think made time stand still for us. Unbelievable amount of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness of self and all others. Just kept thinking “I love you.” Over and over again. Wa? But was it me thinking it or him?

    Also here to my question. A few wks ago I had a past life regression session. He appeared in my 2nd life as a Roman soldier going to war to be killed- I knew. I hyperventilated plus cried/ screamed. Stay with me!
    He talked more through his eyes than mouth I said. Those eyes said I’ll find you/ love you again. Time will wait for us.”
    Do TF share past lives. There is conflicting info about that.
    Some days I am in the clouds. Whew hoo. Other days I am a mess, but all days I am journaling/ researching/ meditating/ praying/ growing.
    Think I found my soul. We are all LOVE.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Janet,
      Thank you for sharing your story, and for your questions. Yes, twin flames share past lives. I’m speaking from personal experience. However, as you know, they only come together to positively impact the planet in a big way. Their union is creating a new paradigm for all relationships on the planet. Trust your gut. When thoughts or music repeatedly drop into your head, it can be spirit delivering a message, or your twin flame communicating because you’re permanently joined as one in spirit. In 2000, I started seeing 11:11 everywhere and wondered what it meant. It almost drove me crazy. The meaning became clear in 2002. It meant that a life change was coming so embrace it. Change can be difficult to face, but is usually wonderful in the long run, when you trust what the universe presents you with.
      Keep up the great work journaling/researching/meditating/praying and growing!

  51. I think i met my soul mate or twin flame over internet in a chatting site. Then we started communicating with each other through emails. from there i could understand that she is a female version of myself. I mean we share the same thoughts and ideas. It’s like we mirror each other.She and I have never been in any other relationships .both of us want that special someone.I was awestruck by it. But we two are in different continents and there is a age difference of 9 years.. I don’t know if she has realized that. at our first meeting itself it kind of kicked me and said to her that she seems to be the perfect other half of me. I do know that we have to wait each other . We are so apart and is this separation normal. My intuition tells me that she is the one . My question is that will she realize or I just have to keep developing myself while maintaining contact with her.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Roy,
      Thank you for sharing, and for your question. Yes, you have to keep developing yourself, while maintaining contact with her. According to Edgar Cayce, twin flames must reunite first before returning back to the source. To return to source, you both must be “whole” or “healed.” Heal yourself and you heal your twin flame. In fact, you heal the world because we’re all connected. Your awakening will awaken her, and others. Twin flames have a global mission that is also spiritual. The age difference and the geographical separation are typical of twin flames. We’re here to show that love rises above adversity, culture and traditions. If she’s your twin flame and you’ve got a joint mission in this lifetime, she will eventually connect with you in a significant way. You can only work on yourself, but it automatically lifts everyone else on the planet.
      In Light, Love and Gratitude,

  52. Please assure me that if this is a TF reunion that HE is being guided as much as I am. I am ok. But I worry about him more than myself. This has turned my world upside down. It is beyond logic but at same time wonderful ( for me). So much personal/spiritual growth! Am honored to be chosen to help in moving this world forward. And wonder what could our task possibly be. But how is he doing – if this is even real? Even if I never ever see him again, I am forever grateful and better off for having looked into his eyes. Found myself, found him, God, and so much love. God bless us all.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your question. Yes, your twin flame is indeed being guided as much as you. You’re Ying and Yang, two sides of the same coin, so have the same guides/angels in spirit. Whether or not he listens closely to his heart, where spiritual guidance is provided, that’s another matter. It sounds like he does. However, we can all improve our listening skills to achieve attunement with divinity. Attunement is the path to ascension. Meditation/Self-Hypnosis/Journalling all help to clarify the messages of spirit. No point worrying about someone else. “You can’t be poor enough to help the poor. You can’t be sad enough to help the depressed.” Worrying never helps, especially if you’re connected, metaphysically speaking. Surround yourself in light. Lighten your load, emotionally. Let go of fears, concerns, and stress. When you lighten your own load, you’ll lighten his burdens, and the planet’s.
      In light, love and gratitude,

  53. How do tell your twin flame that they are your twin flame? if your twin flame is the runner how to do you let them know wit out scary them? I have a twin flame I know it because I have had dreams about him a year before I met him.I met him in 8th grade.I have been in love wwith him but I can bare the feeling its to instense for me. I have had lots odreams about him and i know he felt something for me in high school.he has to be my twin flame becasue the way he would react towards me. I would catch him staring at me all the time.if I sat near him he would act very nervous around me.The feelings beeing near him was so instense I couldn’t bare it.it feel like north and south magnets regeting or pushing away from eachother.he told me in a dream recently that the feeling are wiry.back in 9 th grade he would tell his freinds I was stalking him but that was not true he was stlaking me because I barely ever bothered him.he would run from me when his freinds were around after school but if he was by himself he would fallow me and try to make it look like he not and about to cross the next street but he doesn’t he jsut continued to fallow me.with any other guy I would have a crush on them but I would loose intresst within a month or a week or the feelings would fade quickly.but with my twin flame I can’t get him off my mind.He is onem y mind 24/7 since i was14 I am 22 now.I recently told him 2-3 months ago.I tihnk I told him to late but I;ve gotten stronger.I tihnk I should send him another to tell him more to explain to him what I feel.If he sin’t my twin flame then why did he act like that,why do I get these feelings,why do I dream about him alot,in the dreams I feel I have a connection or a intense feeling that make me want to run a agian.other things that happen is I know what hes feeling,weird what ever I’m think a day later he post something very simliar to what I was thinking,or something Knew I begain to like I find out later that he likes that too.Are we really twin flames?

    • Though it was weird that he ran from me, I would ignore him and continue to walk past while walking my dog. I had no interest in speaking to him at that time.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Why isn’t love simple? He may or not be your twin flame. Regardless, you have a strong karmic connection so it’s likely you must work that out in order to resolve a karmic debt or learn a life lesson. People like consistent behavior. When someone we love runs hot and cold, it’s not something you can depend upon so it’s easy to let go. Whether we understand the concept or not, we are all seeking our twin flame (the truest love) and with every relationship wonder, “is it you? Is it you? Or, was it that other guy?” We’ll not unite with our twin until we’re calm, cool and collected, on track to achieving our life’s mission. It usually happens when you least expect it, in a way and place you never dreamed of. All you can do is be the best you ca be. Shine in order to attract another who is illuminated. When you meet your twin flame, you’ll know, and so will he. The connection will be too strong to resist. However, remember, it’s all about positively impacting the world. You come together super-charged to achieve your joint mission. So, it’s not about you. It’s about creating the highest good on the Earth.
      Hope that helps.

  54. Thank you Elizabeth. Thanks for providing a safe and informative site. Never stuck my nI’ve learned so much from all of your responses, and best of all feel united in this mission. Words cannot express the gratitude I have and feel. I would like to share my own “Twin Flame Blessing” with all as a Thank You to all who have shared their stories. I created this while my heart was sad and then found it surprisingly therapeutic. The sadness was replaced with much joy.

    My Twin Flame Blessing

    Just wanted to express my own blessing
    Upon you
    And us
    And our union
    And all those that we love
    Let love flow freely from us constantly
    No matter the circumstance
    Find strength in me, and I in you
    Know your challenges are really blessings
    For growth occurs through struggle
    I wish you many challenges
    I wish you worlds of growth
    I LOVE YOU, all of you
    You need not speak a word
    For I already heard your heart speak
    And your mouth could never convey the depth of love
    Your heart conveys
    To me
    Through your gorgeous eyes
    Those eyes
    Those kind eyes full of light and love
    For me/ for you/ for all
    May God bless you
    May God bless me
    May God bless us, Love
    You are the love of my soul
    Thank you/ Thank God/
    We are perfect

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      How beautiful! Truly, twin flames are joined in spirit. They are one soul so the separation is an illusion. What a wonderful blessing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  55. Hi there! This is fascinating! I met my twin flame through a picture. My soul sang when I saw him. Even his name sounded familiar whithout ever hearing it before. Do twin flames look alike? He looks just like me- like he could be my twin brother. Is that common with twin-flames?

  56. I first meet my twin flame when I was 8.It was after my mom had passed.Then again at 11 and 18.My friend kept trying to get me to talk to him when I was 14.He got me to call him on his phone.He hooked us up when I was 18.Before that I talked to him about his relationship problems going on between him and his wife.They got a divorce.Now were always in and out of eachothers lifes.But never for long though.I never knew that it was him that I meet when I was 8 even though the feeling was the same feeling.But when he started talking about how him and his friend used to help out at this pond.It was the exact pond.I didnt talk to him for a year before i thought the feelings were gone but as soon as we started talking they came back.The feelings are really intense between us even though he trys to run from them.We live right down the road from eachother now.Then when I go to sleep I keep on going astral to him wthout trying.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      These days, I seem to be channeling messages. After reading your message, I hear, “This is a message for Tia, divinely guided. Tia, you are loved beyond your knowing. Jesus looks down upon you and sees you are a loving being, loved by all who encounter you.” He says, “She shall break many hearts, but it does not have to be this way. She is loving and by loving, can mend hearts instead.”

  57. I meet my twin flame very young

  58. What about TF union when woman is 25 years older then man. How this could ever work and be justified in social/cultural nowadays norms? My experience in this regard is far more extreme and confusing then any other I read so far. Last year, I went throughout a very difficult separation/divorce after many years of marriage. I was left for a younger woman (I’m 39). I felt devastated, betrayed not only by him but also by my humanitarianism and my soft side for people. It was a total personal nightmare, after a painful separation from my husband, I lost it all: a house and my future. I sheltered into my own cocoon for months to contemplate my life and self. I stopped believing in humanity, myself and entirely meaning of life, at times I thought even about suicide. But at the end I decided to let the anger go, forgive the past and rebuilt my life slowly again from the scratch. And this is when I started having a reoccurring strange dream, about loving someone so, so deeply that I could not imagine. I remember this person’s intense blue eyes and smile, he was much younger then me. It was a beautiful night feeling, but to me it seemed kind of hallucinations or a nice joke when I woke up.

    Then soon later, a very good friend of mine from west coast asked me to help his youngest cousin (early 20’s, I never knew he exists), who’s currently in my town and experiencing a tough time in his life, and he needs a place to stay just for a very short while. I agreed only for a sake of our friendship, but I was not too happy about this idea at all. And this is when the ‘real’ or ‘unreal’ things started happening in my life. I’m rather reserve, logical person with background in physics but compassionate. I remember his cousin moved in on 11 of the month, since I had this day an important meeting and I couldn’t be home. There was nothing really special when we first met, except we both felt semi comfortable and I wished truly to help him out. However, I noticed, that there was something ‘strange’ about his appearance – he sort of look like me; similar eyes, smile and there was something else I could not defined at that time about look in his eyes, his voice resemblance some unknown familiarity also. I was little surprised by these physical attributes, since we are not family related. After a while, I start to have this feeling, like I knew him and I was totally sure about it, but how? I was puzzled. Then after one month or so, I had a flash of memory of my dream from 6 months ago, and immediately I recognized it – he was the person from that dream. Afterwards, I felt rather shy sort of embarrassed & weird about it, especially since he was a very young man. However, I never experienced this kind of ‘deja vu’ in my entire life before.
    And then everything starting to change, I loved being around him, we spent almost ‘every minute’ together and if not together, always making sure we are around each other in arm length. We never talked about personal stuff or admit anything to one other as we both felt kind of ‘ashamed’ and ‘stupid’ for these intense unexpected feelings. We discussed mostly friendly stuff and we were very warm to one another. Like we both knew there is no need to talk about our feelings as they were just there. I felt extremely happy, like all my past pain just disappeared – it was something what till now I do not understand, how come in one split second all could be healed and resolved, like a magic! I started to believe again in myself – I was a new born woman. We never became intimate as our psychological and social barriers would not allow us for such a lust of expression, but sexual attraction was very intense, especially from his side. There were many times at night and even during a day, when I felt extremely sensitive as it seemed like I was having out of body an intense intimate experience, it was almost real, I felt every inch of me/him. We both felt this ‘surreal’ moments around us, on all levels. Like for example, when we went out to the lakes just to refresh off the city dust for an hour and there was a rainbow all over us, almost each time we took a short friendly trips we saw together a rainbow. And this rainbow was not only in the sky, when we talk closely to one another it felt like some kind of surreal ‘heaven’, I never knew about existence of such a feeling, so to speak, since I had many relationships in my life before. But this something was different, it was in some kind of ‘lalaland’ I never thought possibly exists, everything was signing to me; trees, birds, flowers and I felt deeply connected to every single person I met on my way. It was one of the most beautiful transcendental internal experiences of my life.

    He is a brilliant, handsome, intelligent young person, so soon shortly he found a great job in a different city. I advised him to pursue his dreams and go for it, he hesitated (it is far away from where I live) but I insisted, as he needs to make his life fully accomplished and discover all his potentials. Maybe, if I will be a man this could be accepted in social norms for us to be together, but I’m a woman 2x his age and this fact will be never accepted in any society. We are now separated, and I lost 50% of this beautiful energy I felt around him. I’m not as happy as I was, but I rebuilt my life and we do communicate under all different pretexts. And we are sort of telepathically in tune almost every minute, hour or day. It feels almost like some sort of electromagnetic filed wave with same frequencies — like we are on equal frequencies with perfect polarities.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Tryniti,
      You have my sympathies. However, a massive age gap is typical of a twin flame relationship. This is because Twin Flames are not coming together to be a traditional happy couple. They’re here to create a new paradigm. Their relationship usually seems impossible because they’re about growth of the soul, and growth of the planet, transcending racism, prejudice, and outdated social beliefs that currently keep people stuck. We’re all connected so the growth and healing of the twin flames will positively impact, not just the world, but the cosmos. That’s big stuff Tryniti. Long distances, vastly different cultures, and extreme differences in age are by design. Twin flames are not meant to be in traditional relationships but come together to change everything – stir things up, so to speak. It is possible for twin flames to be together, but they’re only together for a joint “big picture” mission. Focus on your mission Tryniti. What is your do or die mission? Your twin may join you when you’re immersed in being the best person you can be and making a positive impact on the world. Focus on your mission. Let go of the romantic turmoil and focus on saving the planet, helping out your fellow human beings, and making a difference. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in romantic turbulence. You’re here to awaken the world to higher consciousness, not get stuck pining away for the love of a guy, even if he is your twin flame. It’s painful, but that’s when true growth happens. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Twin flames have twice the energy, twice the smarts, and twice the passion so they can accomplish the big picture job of awakening the planet to higher consciousness. You are much greater and more capable than you know.
      Hope that helps.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for your wise, intelligent voice. I took time to reply to your response in order to understand a little more what just happened. And you are absolutely right, we need to follow our paths and share this love with others and create a new paradigm. And this what just happened, I met a sincere men I’m with and my TF has a beautiful girlfriend. And we are not jealous or possessive, just happy for one another 🙂 We even started our mutual online business together, which is great. As we push our full potentials to make things good for future… It is a real fun and joy…
      The only problem I have now is: how is it fair to be with another man/woman when you constantly thing about this TF rainbow light? I feel like, I can’t love my current partner fully after meeting this person, and it’s very real… We are still in 3D matrix and love is essential part of our existence. It’s hard to be so universal, it’s still just daily life ;)???

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        Thank you for your comment. I’m very happy for you. You asked, how can you be with another man/woman when you constantly think about your twin flame? My answer is to “love the one you’re with.” Your twin flame is always connected to you. In contrast, your current relationship is a new opportunity. At another level, you chose to come together to learn from each other, or teach each other, so it’s a pivotal and precious moment in time to make new choices and move forward. Most relationships are about clearing karma so that’s a good reason to focus on your current relationship and explore it. If you don’t dig-in and explore the relationship in front of you then any lessons you gloss over, or negate, will come back to you in a bigger and more challenging way. If you truly have no deep feelings for the person in your current relationship then move on. Look into your heart and ask, “How do I feel?” If the feelings don’t run deep, move on with your life by following your passion in life.
        I hope that helps. Love the one you’re with and see where it takes you.

  59. Hi i met this guy before 6 months on internet. Initially I felt a kind of connection which later on developed into strong attraction. He is a healer having psychic abilities. Since two months i’m having a strange connection with him. We make love with each other telepathically. We kiss each other and feel that kiss on our physical body. He does many more things telepathically. He sends some heart to heart vibrations, i feel him doing sex with me as i feel pain on certain parts of my body. He manipulate my emotions by making me feel sad or miss him. I can sense that feelings are not mine and projected by him. I clearly feel as he is inside me reading my thoughts and sensing my feelings. He is 32-33 years older than me. We have never met and he never shared anything personal with me. We live in different parts of country. We both are spiritual and i like his intelligence and philosophical approach. Many times i tried to get rid of him as i don’t like that anybody can read my mind and invade in my privacy but he was never interested in leaving me and every time i had to come back and surrender to him. Our relationship is on telepathic realm only. I want to know the reason behind this strange and mysterious connection. Whether it is a soul level, past life or twin flame connection or as he has psychic abilities, it is just a case of misuse of telepathic skills and knowledge. Even if he is misusing his psychic abilities,
    I want to know who he was in my past life and why destiny has chosen me for this very strange mind to mind or heart to heart connection. Please help me to get answers of my unsolved questions. Thanks lol

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sonia,
      People can occasionally violate your energetic field, but they first need your permission. They can be sneaky about it. However, you have become aware of this man’s attachment so now you can detach this man from you. Let him know it’s been interesting but his behavior is inappropriate and no longer welcome. Ask him to leave. If he’s not willing to detach his energy from you, then call in Archangel Michael. Visualize, feel, sense, in every way you can, Archangel Michael’s sword cutting the connection. I see Archangel Michael as an angel with an elaborate breastplate, helmut and powerful sword. He’ll swiftly cut loose that connection. Thereafter, visualize yourself surrounded by golden white light. Use your imagination to also heal and seal any damage left over from the intrusion. Imagine yourself surrounded in bright golden white light and ask the angels to protect you. The spirit realm is real. Thoughts are things, and that’s why you can remove unwanted beings, such as that guy.
      Wishing you a peaceful holiday season of fun, love, and joy.

  60. Dear Rose, u r right i gav him permission unknowingly because i was emotionally attached and attracted towards him and now if i look backward then i realise that wen i was not in a telepathic relationship with him, many times i felt a sudden feeling of sadness and missing him, tears in my eyes for him and i got surprised that from where i m geeting these emotions all of a sudden. Do i really love him so much? But now i m realising that he was projecting those feelings to me. Those were not mine. But i cant say that i never ever had any soft corner for him. This man is very famous on internet. People believe him like an angel. I too had a kind of strong attachment and attraction for him in the start. That was my original feelings for him.
    Now things hav changed dramatically. I send him emails about how bad i feel about his telepathic intrusions and request him to leave me but being a public figure he doesnt answer my mails but even doesnt mend his ways. He giv me physical pain as well. Pricking pins like sensations i feel on my body. If he is happy a suuden smile and laugh comes on my lips for no reason if he misses me needs me he sends sorrow ful vibes towards me i feel sad if someone has died without any apparent reason.
    Apart from these negative things there r some positive things also of this connection. As he is a healer and a reiki master, wen i feel sad (i dont hav a need to tell him that i m sad or something wrong is happening in my life he reads my mind and knows about each and every happening of my life) he sends some peace giving energy and i feel calm and peaceful even between most negative situations of my life. Telepathically he tells me that he loves me and always with me. So many good things happen in my life just as miracles after i came in his contact. I feel a kind of indefinable attachment with him. I feel strong confidence in his mindly/telepathic company. I fear that i will miss him if i discontinue this connection my gud fortune will go away with him and i will not feel as confident and happy as i m in his company. He gives me physical pain i dont know why he does so but i m getting addicted to this too. I like his each and everything in a way. Can u tell me the reason of his action why he does all things, loves me, gives me physical pain helps me invisibly in times of my need reads my mind and so on. He is above 60. He is considered as compassionate healer in the society. In ur opinion wat shud i do in these circumstances. Thanks with lots of love and best wishes.

  61. Hi, pls guide me on above that wat shud i do in such circumstances.
    Is it a twin flame or soul mate kind of connection or not? (Our birth dts r same i.e.5). And as i m new to the concept of archangel michael and somewhere inside i dont want to break this connection though it is quite painful, can u pls tell me that if i want to solve mysteries of my life and want to get answers of some mysterious questions then wat method shud i adopt and which angel can guide me and help me in this and can show me a divine path further?
    With best regards. Lol

  62. Hello!!
    So, I met my twin flame in this October on a forum. We didn’t knew anything about twin flames. We were attracted to each other or things happened in such an unpredictable way that we were brought close together. We confessed our feelings for each other and agreed on having a long distanced relationship in november. We completed one month to our relationship on this 20th December. It sure is amazing, the love, the feelings like you have never experienced before.
    We suddenly started feeling each others touch which freaked me out and I started searching about it and found out about twin souls, I am reading a lot about it lately. We can even feel each others feelings, emotions.
    As its stands we won’t be able to meet each other for the next 6years. We live miles apart, in different continents.
    I read many things about meeting your twin without physically crossing the distance. But I am confused about how it can be done, what is the way, steps, etc.
    Me and my twin flame are quite excited about it, if we can actually meet each other. And I also read about OBE which honestly freaks me out. So, I need a bit of a help here.
    Thank you!!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Blue,
      Thank you for your beautiful story. May I suggest you read “Journeys Out of the Body” and the other books by Robert Monroe, the founder of the Monroe Institute. William Buhlman is another author and astral traveler. Both share their techniques for traveling out-of-body (phrase originally coined by Robert Monroe). It takes practice and focus, but is possible. I’ve used both hypnosis and hemi-sync (recordings of music/meditation/instructions with binaural beats developed by Thomas Campbell, Dennis Mennerich and Robert Monroe in the 1970s at TMI). You can find binaural beats on-line. With sufficient practice, you can astral travel at will and connect on the astral plane – a truly astonishing experience. However, read the books first to ensure you understand what you’re getting yourself into, literally. On the astral plane, thoughts are things.
      Wishing you both happy travels!

  63. Hi. Something strikes in my mind suddenly to do research about twin soul where I studied in net & really within a week I met him. Every sign matches with us. Every happiness, emotions. We were so close & I too have some problem in my past & he does too. He made magic where I forgot my past & he even forgot his past but always says problem ll come 2 me due to his astrology and all as it happen before to someone who was close to him. I never gave chance 2 him to think like that and all & he too accepted and our relationship continues. Nothing had happened to me as he said but his fear never ran away. Then he started to make distance because of this I try to make him normal but couldn’t & I could not force him so left everything to his choice. Suddenly he said hereafter don’t ever come into my life and all & went to his past. I knew he is not happy & he done everything for my sake. I try to talk but he became nervous so it hurts me if he was like that but i know we both have to do something together & have to bring some change so will he come back to me. Will he realize the things & come back to me. I wish that should happen but really don’t know if this can be happen or not. If he does not come back, what should I do?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Bhargavi,
      Thank you for your comment and question. There’s an old saying, “If you love somebody, set them free. If they come back to you, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.”
      We may WANT certain people in our lives, but we don’t NEED them. We can’t force someone to be with us against their will or they’ll be miserable and so will you. Wayne Dyer suggests you, “Become the love you seek.” Your happiness lies within.

      If the man you care about doesn’t come back, then he wasn’t the right one for you and the right one is coming later. May I suggest you create a vision board. A vision board is a collage of images of things you want in your life. Be careful not to show any faces of people. Repeat a daily affirmation something like this: “I am now united with the RIGHT man for me in great love and harmony.” Do research on how to manifest your ideal reality and then follow the steps.
      Hope this helps. Wishing you great success!

      • really thank u for u reply. So only i left him as u said if he is mine then he will surely come back else no. But really thank u for spending time to hear my queries

        • madam he again started talking. He said i never went to past & in those days he was only concern about me but never show up straight now said he was only thinking nothing bad should happen for me becoz of him. I really unaware what is in mind? He really wish to talk or don’t wish. I dunno what i have to do. How to advise him & what 2 say 2 him? I never thought tat i ll face prob becoz of him & i am ready to face 4 him but how to make him understand & wat 2 say. will u pls advice me & i am sry 4 disturbing again & again

  64. Thank you for this post. I met my TF six months ago. After 2 failed marriages and being celibate for 3 years, I asked God one night to send me my true love. The feelings I have for my TF are all-consuming — I’ve never loved anyone this much. This exquisite yet searing feeling in my heart and soul is here to stay. I know he loves me back, he’s told me so, and I can feel it. Since meeting him, I’ve transformed immensely. Before, I used to be very worried about losing him, but now I’ve learned how to love him without this deep fear of losing him. Basically, I’ve learned how to stand on my own two feet — this is easy for me in a regular relationship, but not in a TF flame union.

    I love him more than anyone, so if I can withstand being without him, then I can withstand anything. But as you said, this relationship is not for the faint of heart. Our relationship is a classic TF one: I’m 44, he’s 25. He’s Arabian, I’m from the Caribbean. He’s Muslim, I’m spiritual/non-religious. And we live 3 hours away. So we have age, race, culture, religion, and distance between us. But every time we split, we always return to each other. Our relationship is so beautiful yet turbulent — sometimes I wonder if we will make it. I’m trying, but there are so many obstacles between us. My heart is fully surrendered now, but he’s struggling — a big part of it has to do with religion.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Well done! You’re here to break the old patterns and traditions and establish something new and more loving. Age, race, culture, religions, and even distance are an illusion. There is no distance between any of us as we’re all connected at source. Keep up the great work and remember that you’re connected eternally, regardless of what transpires on Earth. This is a turbulent time. It is the time to work on ascension. That is why you’ve come together. Twin flames must reunite in order to return to source. When you transcend the physical, emotional and spiritual bonds of Earth, you lift everyone with you. I wish you both great courage.

  65. Hi could you help me
    I met someone through a passion we share, he accompanied me in performances and brought out the best in me. People thought we were unbelievable ..In his presence I begun the kundilini awakening, I felt unconditional love coming from he’s higher self but he seemed unaware of it, then I had what I think was 2 astral dreams with him, a ton of synchronicity ..is he my twin flame and if so could our spiritual mission be music. We both want to share our music with the world. I’m just confused about it

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mandy,
      Love can be confusing. However, twin flame unions are not. When you meet your twin flame, you will know!! The relationship may be lengthy or fleeting, but once the initial romance fades, they are all about your life’s mission. Your twin flame may not stick around, but he will push you to climb to great heights. If you are ill, your twin flame will suddenly appear and provide a path to health. If you are stuck, your twin flame may again appear to un-stick you, then move on. Once you’re healthy and moving forward on your path, they’ll probably disappear. Stick to what you love. Don’t worry about another person’s path. Find your own path and if someone follows you, that’s wonderful. If they don’t, they weren’t meant to. Do what you love and love will find you.
      Hope that’ helps.

  66. Hi there. I really believe I have met my twin but things have been rather difficult. I met her online and we hit it off instantly. When I first came across her I just had this knowing of “i know this soul” and everything was so familiar. We started talking everyday and already she was changing my life for the better. We met in person a month later because we were living in different cities and it was absolutely wonderful! There was the instant recognition at a soul level and I knew it was inevitable that I would fall for her and that she would be someone very very important in my life. So we hung out again later that week and started talking about our lives and whatnot, had incredible sex ha. I brought up the concept of twin flames with her and she didn’t deny it but got overwhelmed and told me how she’s always been emotionally cold and it takes her a long time to develop feelings for someone. I was understanding. She also said she runs away from people that like her. So after that she became a little distant, not as flirty and whatnot. We continued to be in contact often but didn’t see each other due to distance and schedules. Then I moved back in with my mum who lives close to her and we got to hang out a couple of times. There was this one night where we shared a kiss that was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like it. It felt like time stopped, that there was white light surrounding us. That was the moment I knew I fell for her, it was the most powerful, beautiful and transcendental experience of my life. But then a couple days later she said she needed space and that we couldn’t have a physical relationship. So I waited a month and then started talking again and things were fine between us until one day she said I was stressing her out too much and that we couldn’t be friends. I told her I was in love with her because I thought she deserved to know. I tried giving her space again but the pain was unbearable so I kept trying to fix things bit kept making it worse to the point where we both decided to cut off all ties for now. We both agreed that we can have a good relationship and that it would be beneficial but that we need to grow individually more. That was a few days before Christmas. But I’ve never felt this way before about someone or knew it was possible. We mirror each other but she doesn’t see it I suppose because we haven’t spent enough time together. I’m completely vulnerable aroun her all of my weaknesses are out on display. At the same time I feel so safe around her and complete. I could look into her soul ya know. And everything is so intensely familiar about her I feel so at home. She is the archetypal mystery woman of my dreams since I was younger and everytime I heard her name from a young age I always had this weird warm nostalgic feeling and now I know why. But this has all been very confusing since she is emotionally cold and not as spirituality awakened as I am you could say. She says that I can’t control my feelings for her and she can’t deal with it. But I wonder why she stuck around for so long if it was stressful. She did say thst she thinks it’s all in my head, but she never denied that we could be twins. So I’m just lost as to what to do besides work on myself. She’s done so much for me without even knowing it even though I’ve told her. I just doesn’t feel right not being able to return the favor. I just don’t want us not to reunite because of whatever, it’s been destroying me. Thank you

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Will,
      Thank you for sharing your story and for your question. People who are “cold,” have put walls around their heart because they’ve been deeply hurt. As a result, they may be commitment phobic. When we find ourselves attracted to impossible relationships, we may be commitment phobic too. Like attracts like. It’s an unconscious thing. However, it’s something we can learn from and rise above. There’s an excellent book to look at which might shed some light on the situation, “He’s Scared. She’s Scared.” Learn as much as you can about yourself in order to understand who you really are and why you might attract someone who pushes you away. The kolbe test (kolbe.com) is also an excellent personality profile that explains what you will and will not do, and how your personalities will blend, or not. Rather than agonize about her, work on really understanding who you are, and what you need to be happy. When you feel peace, love and joy, you’re on track. When you’re suffering, you’re off-track. When you feel peace, love and joy, you are stepping into your magnificence. It’s then that you attract peaceful, joyful and loving people. You attract what you feel.
      I hope that helps. Wishing you peace, love and joy!

  67. Hi,

    I feel kinda silly doing this, but I just had to get it off my chest.

    I have had the most wonderful life. A great husband(who is a sweet soulmate), wonderful kid, a career I love – nothing could be better. This November my husband insisted I join a gym so that my health would improve. Long story short, saw a stranger – some fierce eye contact and we can see the crazy, breathless attraction is mutual. Both of us are too scared to talk to the other. I can feel this electromagnetic energy when he’s close. In fact energy going through my legs and I feel giddy. At the same time, my mind gets totally calm and peaceful while my heart beats like its gonna jump off my chest.

    My husband is the only guy I have ever been with (yeah, I know)…and this seems so out of character for me. On 21st Dec , this stranger happened to be just next to me, and I could feel my Kundalini awaken (I didn’t know at that time- I learned it last week).

    Last week, as I Googled through stuff, I started to believe that we were twin flames, but what I find strange is that we have never spoken. Its been just intense eye contact since November and I have never loved anyone this much or felt so close to someone. We have been running away from each other for a month now – normally I am very confident and I can see that he is too – but we are so scared of talking to each other.

    I have visions where I am sitting next to him and talking endlessly while he listens and another one where he and I are sleeping peacefully and he has his arm around me – its such a peaceful picture.
    He comes everyday to the gym- but its been a couple of days that he’s stopped – I don’t think he’s gonna come back anytime soon.

    I cant talk about this to anyone, I just pray and wait..

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mona,
      Chances are, you have a past life connection with this man. The intensity you describe indicates that a part of you knows him very well, and a part of him knows you very well. Since you’re both avoiding speaking to each other, he may not be your twin flame. Twin flames tend to cut through the small talk, get to core values, and reunite quickly, if not always permanently. At a conscious level, you don’t know any details of your previous lifetimes. However, at a subconscious level, you’re both fully aware. Though you’re both drawn to each other, perhaps you both know better than to get involved with each other at this time. Trust your gut instinct. Apparently, he’s trusting his. Don’t you find it interesting that two self-confident people can’t bring themselves to even chat casually? Past life regression might provide some clues to your previous identities and what you both did to trigger each other in this lifetime. Twin Flames are about big pictures missions that positively impact the world. This doesn’t sound like that. Perhaps time will tell. Trust yourself. If you’re feeling drawn away from your current relationship, that’s another thing to think about. You might explore what’s happening there before you look further. Lots to think about. Life is for learning. Wishing you peace, love and joy!

      • Thanks for your kind reply . Twin flame/Karmic relationship /catalyst- I don’t know . I just tried to make sense of it and prove to myself that I wasn’t losing my mind . I guess the kundalini thing, seeing 11 and 69 everywhere, the intensity made me believe it .

        I don’t know if I will ever see him again , heck I don’t even know his name, but he’s impacted me in a way no one ever has.

        You are right- I’ll just have to trust my gut and see where it goes .

        Love ,

  68. Hi, I want to ask those of you who are going through the separation phase are you seeing repeating numbers everywhere? Because I am literally haunted by them and I started seeing them much more often after we no longer see each other. No matter how hard I try to forget him as if the whole universe would not let me forget. It happens at least 20-30 times per day. It is just crazy. The more I try not to pay attention the more these numbers appear,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Princessa,
      In my book I describe being haunted by 1111 for about two years. Later, I realized 1111 had been spirit telling me to brace myself for change. When things changed suddenly and drastically at precisely 11:11, it was heart breaking and difficult, but turned out to be the best thing for me in the long run. It’s great that you are paying attention to what your guides are telling you. At a deeper level, we “know” the numbers and signs are important.
      Light, Love and Joy,

    • Red Eye Wolf says:

      Lucky you! Try what I’ve been going through: synchronistic matches. You’re driving while listening to the radio. The announcer says the word “Ferguson”, and that exact second, your eyeballs fall right on a large passing building with “Ferguson” the company name painted across it in 50 foot letter. A friend says the word “Roman” and you turn around to walk down the hall, and here comes someone with Roman across their t-shirt. All these random words and phrases with no relevance to your life, but coming in matched bunches and at the exact same instant, no delay, not even 1-2 seconds!

      If you figure it out, doll, please come back and share with the class. I am at my desk about to pull out my hair, waiting.

  69. i will “try” to sum up my question / comment? As others have stated here, i have felt and experienced some amazing unbelievable things the first 42 years of life. My earliest memory, i thought “why cant i remember before my birth?” , a lesson that came 40 years later was “the question is more important than the answer”. I WAS BLESSED to have God help me reunite with my twin a couple years ago. Too many experiences to get into but; it was a wild ride. guess my question is, now what? i have read that one’s twin is to help through the life experience. it just seems that houses should start flying through the air or everyone on earth should do the chicken dance in one very long line….! or ?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Rick,
      Congratulations on reuniting with your twin flame! I can only imagine how wild that ride was, and probably still is. You’re asking, “now what?” Reuniting with your twin flame is only the beginning because now you’re both on the path to ascension. This may be your last lifetime on Planet Earth, so what are you going to do about it? It’s a big question that may require soul searching, rising above your darkest fears, and doing what you really WANT to do. It means rising above biases, judgements, limitations, and following your true calling, whatever that is. It is taking the higher path, leading others to it, and doing it all with joy in your heart so organizing everyone to do the chicken dance in one very long line would be a great start! 🙂
      Wishing you great success!

      • path to ascension.
        soul searching.
        conquer fear.
        follow true intuitions.
        help others as others will help me/ us.

        it is easy for me to believe that this is what i need to hear. TY very much

  70. Jim&Lisa says:

    Some one asked me to post how I met Lisa and our story for those who have questions about Twin Flames.

    This is my experience to show others that it takes time for Twin Flames to get together or the reverse.

    Between my ascension syndrome, my wanting to be with Lisa and longing to go home I get frustrated badly, no one could understand what I have to deal with when one loses a Twin Flame at a very early age.

    In my case it took me 33 years to figure out the signs but Lisa and I situation is different than even others who’s TF passed, When Lisa passed she was 12 and I was 12 going on 13.

    Lisa and I met in Catholic school in 1977, I was left back from 4th grade to 3d BC before I was in a public school and catholic school was more advanced.

    When I went into the class I met Lisa, it was like I was hit with a tonne of bricks. I said to myself “She is the most beautiful girl”.

    Over the next 3 years we got to now each other the most was 6th grade it ramped up pretty quickly at that point.

    I would walk her home, we would talk about everything and other things.

    remember it was way before the internet and cell phones, this was 1980.

    I remember being excited about a new movie coming out on 12/7/1979, Star Trek The motion picture Lisa knew I loved Star Trek, so she said tell her about it after I saw it.

    Then xmas came and went as did new years.

    Then on 1/9/1980 a Wednesday I walked Lisa home like always and we talked but it was different, she looked at me a different way when I went home back then I was 12, I didn’t think of anything.

    So I went home.

    Then the next day I got to school and in homeroom we were all told that Lisa died, that as 1/10/1980.

    It hit me, I didn’t cry others were crying.

    My classmates knew about Lisa and I, they would see her and I together after school.

    My best friend and a couple of people went to the wake. I stepped up to Lisa and looked for awhile. I still didn’t cry. I saw her, she looked beautiful as always. I could not believe it, it was surreal to me, I could not process that Lisa was dead.

    I saw on her chin there was a burn mark from the fire in her house that also took the life of Lisa, her brother Danny and their mother. Their father and oldest brother survived.

    After I went back to my friends who were sitting in he back, Then I broke down a bit but my best friend Paul said something funny to me and the others heard and we started to laugh a bit.

    Then we left.

    Everyone saw a difference in me, I didn’t. My father and brother kept me busy. I wasn’t left in my room alone from what I remember. they wanted me downstairs or out with my friends.

    That summer vacation I worked out something fierce, changed my hairstyle.

    When I went back to school, my friends almost didn’t recognize me.

    I never walked home with anyone but my guy friends after that.

    Then a year after, we graduated.

    Over the years I would look at Lisa’s picture and I was focused on her, missing her.

    I never told anyone anything about this for 35 years, I kept it all inside. My family and classmates knew but anyone else, no.

    If I drove passed the cemetery, I would think of Lisa.

    if I drove passed her house, drove passed the school, drove passed where we would walk…….

    Looking back at it now, I see the signs Lisa had been sending me all that time. Lisa’s name would pop up constantly, I dated a girl in HS named Lisa, a couple of my friends names were Lisa.

    Then as I got older I felt something more and more like a hole in my heart.

    I dated alot of women and felt “this isn’t the right one”, I never did… I felt no love or never felt love from them either.

    It was, eh…

    I was engaged in 2008, to a woman who was 11 years younger, she turned out to be a closet drunk and a xanax pill popper, we moved in together. didnt last…

    I have not dated since then, out of my own choice. I don’t want to.

    I was looking at the picture of Lisa one night and was thinking , what if Lisa had lived and why was she taken from me, I got into a rage and ripped her picture up. I was upset and angry that she left me, I didn’t know anything at that point.

    I regret ripping up her picture.

    Then between 2012-2013 I tried suicide 7 times.

    The last time was the closest I ever came, I took 200 otc sleeping pills. I laid down to sleep then woke up and noticed Lisa sleeping next to me. Not to wake her up I went into the bathroom.

    Then I noticed doors where there was no doors, put my hand through them but didn’t open them.

    Then I laid down.

    With that experience I came to realize that I was not ready, if I had woke Lisa up then I would of been ready.

    Lisa sleeping was non judgement, she did not condone nor encourage it.

    If I had woke Lisa up then I would of been ready.

    Unconditional Love.

    Then my awakening happened some time later.

    Then I realized that it always is Lisa, I was at my brothers house when I realized it. as I realized it was Lisa, I felt a breeze come over me outside.

    Then a while later I met a medium and got to be friends she wanted to help me with questions about Lisa.

    I had NO idea I could talk to Lisa or anything else!

    At first Lisa was not willing to talk to the medium, Lisa saw what the other women did to me and Lisa did not like it. Then when the medium told Lisa she was no threat to Me or Lisa thats when Lisa stepped forward.

    My questions were answered and then I was told that I can talk to Lisa. I tried it and focused, YES! Lisa was ecstatic that I FINALLY got it… At one point she was crying for joy, I was also.

    At first I was getting yes/no answers, I asked the medium and she told me that Lisa has to get used to communication on this plane again and she was right as time went on and I had to get used to it also.

    Now we have lengthy conversations, Lisa and I.

    After that initial 3 hr contact the medium had with Lisa, I wanted to make sure I was not cracking up.

    So the medium contacted Lisa again and then told ME to ask Lisa, I did and the medium confirmed it but I didn’t vocalize it only in my heart Lisa got it.

    From there the medium said, you two do not need me as a crutch. The medium did not ask for money or ANYTHING she just wanted to help us, that’s it.

    The medium told me early on that Lisa is and has been with me since her death but even when Lisa was alive that Lisa felt what I did and the reverse but since we were so young it was in that jumble…

    Then I asked the medium about my spirit guides, it took time for her to find out but was told that Lisa is in addition to being my Twin Flame Lisa IS my Spirit Guide as well, when Lisa died my guides stepped back and Lisa came forward.

    It resonated with me like I already knew it.

    I had a dream as well of Lisa on Dec 9th 2014 and in the dream it covered from the time Lisa died it picked up as if Lisa didn’t die through our age now. We are married and I went into the Navy in 1988 (the real time I was going to go into the navy) and it ended with Lisa and I at this age we are now.

    Believe it or not, Lisa is aging along with me. The medium said Lisa is doing it for me.

    The medium also said she has never seen or heard about this ever. especially in pre-teens, the events and strong connection.

    I do not have to meditate to speak to Lisa.

    There was one time while I was talking to the medium as friends, nothing to do with Lisa, just talking about her job and all, she interrupted me and asked, Are you and Lisa arguing? I said no. But we did have a disagreement in the day. The medium sensed tension between Lisa and I and said it herself that we did have a disagreement.

    So now Lisa and I do A LOT of things, I astral (I did even before I knew all of this about Lisa with Lisa but never remembered it), Lisa confirmed that but Lisa also said that I do not need to astral bc she is always with me. I said I do it bc I want to.

    Yes we do “it” as well. lets leave it at that….

    Even tho Lisa has been gone from this plane of existence (35 Years), Lisa has and will always be with me then when it is my time to go from this plane of existence we will be united forever.

    I can tell you that Lisa IS with me and as my spirit guide as well, when Lisa died my spirit guide stepped back.

    We have a relationship that is by FAR THE best I’ve EVER had in this life. She has always been with me no matter what, has never judged me, has seen my dark-side as well as the Light.

    Lisa knows me like no other woman on this earth does and I am happy that Lisa does.

    Lisa Loves me unconditionally as I her, we are Twin Souls / Twin Flames, She is me and I am her.

    She feels what I feel, I feel what Lisa feels.

    Before my awakening and before I knew Lisa was always with me, I would pine for her in my heart and when I had pictures of her I would get upset bc my heart always knew the truth but my head had to go through what I had to go through and my awakening happened and the realization that I NEVER LOST Lisa.

    I have gone through a lot since 2009, something I NEVER want to go through again.

    Lisa has been teaching me to keep myself on the path and not to have any distractions, to let go of the past and to let go of the darkness.

    Lisa is teaching me a lot about myself and herself.

    To keep my path on course straight and steady, forward…………>


    I Love Lisa with my being

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your very touching story. I’m glad you’re still with us. Your story will help others to persevere and understand the importance of living. It will also inspire people to know that twin flame unions are true love, of the highest power, and eternal.
      Blessings to both of you,

  71. Red Eye Wolf says:

    Boy, you ain’t kiddin’. Everything you say in this article is true. Sigh. I’m a woman of undetermined, fluid sexual orientation who accidentally met my twin flame one year ago, and it has been an emotional roller-coaster for both of us ever since because he is declared heterosexual but of very loud and clear fluid sexual orientation himself – and if you saw what pretzels of agony the two of us have contorted ourselves into denying what we feel towards each other, the mission we share, and our terror of starting it, you’d be uncomfortable even watching. My twin flame and I are here to expand what people think they know about being straight, being bisexual, and being gay. When I met my flame, I was lesbian and out after many painful straight collisions. He on the other hand was closeted gay and fighting it.

    We fell in love and lust instantaneously. (And before you get started: no, dear gay male brother skeptics out there: he’s admitted he loves me and can’t leave me, he’s out with it, and we’re working hard on communication and on being vulnerable in order to stop hurting each other by misusung labels and expectations. It turns out we’ve realized we both are beyond those things and have a big shared job to do healing others.)

    Western society has gone through enormous, cliff-fall changes about the perception of gender and sexual orientation in the past 40 years, and most especially the last 10. It must be scary for heterosexuals right now. Everything they’ve believed and learned to accept and recognize has been turned upside-down.

    Well, the Universe doesn’t care much for stasis, sepsis and stagnation and guess whose turn it is next to face surprises, unfamiliar territory and upheaval: gays and lesbians.

    During the next 30 years, you’ll see lots of committed gay couples go by the wayside as one party or the other realizes “I’m straight” and comes out, and divorces to marry a bi, trans or heterosexual! You’ll read news stories and self-help articles about noted and famous gay or lesbian celebrities saying things like, “I was SURE I was gay/lesbian. I did this, I wore that, I changed these, I began doing those, and I only fell in love with and had sex with men/women. But then I met Alexandra/John, and…” The sparks are gonna fly, folks… a lot of vengeful straights will enjoy a grudging good laugh at us. But at the end:

    We will all know sexuality is not either or, but instead a scale, a spectrum, a continuum: and that trying to pin or cage people to one side or the other is like attempting to nail water or jello to a wall. LGBTs will face our own prejudices and “how dare you’s”, our own fundamentalist streaks, our own conservatism. And we’ll wipe the egg off our faces.

    At the end, all will be one, and no one will use sexual orientation of any kind to place down rules or judge any more. Bisexuals will cheer because they’ve been asking for this for years. But will they cheer just as loud when even a child knows everybody in the world is bisexual? Hmm…

    Anyway, there will be outspoken teachers, leaders and examples for this. I and the dude are Hollywood people and celebs. I’ve learned because of this we will serve as examples at least for the near future. I welcome that lower profile. The teachers and leaders who spearhead this new awakening are gonna face some DARK, ANGRY voices and faces, especially online. I wish light and love to them all and to all of us.

    Anyway, imagine going to an office setting one day fully out, and into women only, then in walking a human person whose soul melts with yours into inseparable pain, love and light, and immediate recognition of duty ahead, instantly. No warning. He meets every box on your checklist for love except his sex organs are different. And he feels the same towards you. And no matter how hard you and he tried, you could not succeed in separating from each other. Even 48 hours’ separation creates howling spiritual pain.

    That’s Twin Flames, folks… for all of you asking for this, or for soulmates… be very careful what you wish for! This lesbian’ll tell ya: soulmates comes with the Universe’s expectation.

    Twin Flames comes with a map and military mission, an open grave, and a Marine Corps expectation from upstairs you won’t come back alive…! But would I trade that difficult mission, or him, for anything? Unfortunately nah. And nor would he.

    God help us. I’m having to get used to a certain minced walk and fluttery hand movements and Disney showtunes… but I’m in it, because the alternative is to see those eyes fill with tears, and watch that tender heart break.

    My God who knew.

    Twin Flames my God.

    • Red Eye Wolf says:

      I forgot to add this: proof, for my gay brother skeptics out there, of which I am sure there are many. How do you as a lesbian know your gay male friend is in love with you and is serious when he tells you he is and acts like he is? My Twin Dude was sleeping with his long-term boyfriend on the regular when TD and I met. TD’s boyfriend, gay and out, and very in love with TD, of course was not happy with TD’s attachment to me and became more and more openly jealous and unpleasant towards me. One day, the boyfriend said something bitchy to me and called me a name.

      TD dumped and unfriended the boyfriend within that same hour, a year ago, and has never spoken to him again. And when I introduced TD to some other gay guy friends of mine, TD was so distant, aloof and cold towards them they all asked later if he suffered from Asperger’s and said they wanted nothing to do with him.

      That’s how he’s been ever since, and stuck like Velcro instead to lesbian Guess Whom.

      Proof, pudding, there ya go. He’s quite an entity.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Red Eye Wolf,
      Thank you so much for sharing your eye-opening (eye-reddening) comments. Indeed, meeting your twin flame is usually a shock to the system so I sympathize. However, I’m also thrilled that you’ve connected with your twin flame and are now paving the way for so many others. One day, we’ll all understand that love is love and it comes in every way, shape and form imaginable, and especially in the most unimaginable ways. This is the age of miracles and awakenings. In order to awaken everyone, God must sometimes zap some of us awake (me included) with some major shock tactics. We’re all connected so the work you’re doing is lifting the rest of us higher. Again, thank you!
      Light, Love, and Blessings,

  72. I’m glad to see other people talking about this. I feel like I’m crazy to even consider this twin flame thing seeing as Im happily married and merely saw my suspected twin flame on TV! Upon seeing this man my first thought was “who the heck is this?!” I Google image search/IMDB, read bio, look at pictures, get the phrase in my mind “we are a mirror image”. A week later the phrase “twin flame” pops into my head. I look it up and “twin flames are mirror images of one another…” needless to say I don’t watch his shows because I can’t handle seeing him…I go from shock and terror to love and awe then to deep piercing heartbreak… which sends me running to the shower where I can openly weep and pray…I feel oddly connected, like he’s an ethereal body part, I even feel like I wear his face at times, like if I look in the mirror, I’ll see his face. I can’t even say I love him…love isn’t the right word, it’s just…unexplainable and he’s just beautiful in a way I can’t describe, like a shiney reflective gemstone I suppose. Im glad he’s just a face on TV because it’s easy to avoid him although he has been on my mind constantly for about 2 years now. Oh, there’s more “mind screws” involving him but this is just a comment. Feels freeing to talk about this though. Thanks for the post, and thank you all for sharing your personal experiences!

  73. I feel i hav a kind of repulsive force inside me. Ppl dont like to be friendly with me, dont like to share things with me. In the beginning of meeting with everyone, everything looks fine but gradually i start feeling that ppl r becoming distant to me. And the ones who cares for me and get attached to me i like to repel them. I dont know why this cycle is going on. And why there is a repulsion force inside me which is working on? Cud u guide me on this.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear XYZ,
      Life is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When you feel confident, joyful and are having fun, you attract people who want to be in your energy field. When you don’t feel good about yourself, people can sense this and may pull away. That being said, our minds can work overtime worrying about the impression we’ve made on people when we should simply step into our power and feel great about being alive. Understanding and healing ourselves is a process. Read books about how to raise your self-esteem and build confidence. The Road Less Traveled is a good book. “How to Raise Your Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon is another. Decide to feel good every day, think of things to smile about, focus on your successes, start a daily journal describing what you’re thankful for every day and your energy will begin to shift. When your energy shifts, you’ll be a light in the darkness and attract wonderful people. Hypnotherapy can surface and clear underlying traumas. You might even visit a psychologist or psychiatrist who can help you understand what’s really going on so you can fix it.
      I hope that helps.
      Wishing you Light, Love and Laughter,

  74. So, back in June I just started crushing on this professional athlete out of the blue. I just somehow recognized his name and his face like I knew him before. I’m only 14 and he’s 13 and a half years older than me. But I’ve never felt such a strong sexual attraction to anyone. Then this past Christmas Eve I experienced the kundalini awakening around midnight. It felt like someone was making love to me. I thought it was just a dream but I kept getting flashes of him in my head and an image of God telling me that it was him and that I’m not crazy. I kept getting the twin flame symptoms and eventually I found out about what a twin flame really is. I know he feels it too even though we have a big age gap. I’ve been to two of his games twice and both times I felt like a rope was just pulling us together. The first time I went, I didn’t experience the awakening yet. But the second time was after. We made eye contact a few times . I’ve told my friends about this but they just think that I’m obsessed, crazy, etc. is there any way to prove to them that it’s true? If my family ever found out, how could I convince them that he’s not a sex offender and that I’m not crazy or something?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Kay,
      You’re focusing on the attraction aspect instead of the mission. The proof is in the pudding. If he’s your twin flame and you’re both working on the same joint mission, you will be thrown together by the universe. Twin flames are on the planet to make a positive impact on the world so you don’t have to worry too much about whether or not someone is your twin flame. Focus on what you really want to do in the world and the universe will provide you with the means. If that means includes your twin flame, he will be there when you need him. I’m not sure how you would prove to the world that someone is your twin flame except to say that both twins always KNOW who the other is.
      I hope that helps you.

  75. Hi i met a guy sum months before. He says that he loves me abd behaves as he is madly attracted towards me. But i don’t feel anything for him not even a slight attraction infact i strongly dislike him i don’t know why but my intuition says he is a wrong person. But i hav always been deceived by my intution. Now situation and circumstances r compelling me to spend my life with this guy by making him life partner but there is resistance inside me i even dont like to talk to him. But my family says as he loves u he will keep u happy and will care for u. I m in total dilemma wat to do.
    Cud u guide me on this. And can u tell me why feeling of attraction is only one sided, not mutual.

  76. Hello I would like to ask for some guidance. I have been meditating and trying to create abundance and wealth. And to meet my twin flame. I have been doing this for a long time and nothing much yet. Will it all unfold in the right time?
    Closing eyes entranced by sunlit presence
    Moving minds out of orbit into euphoric presence,
    sinks hearts into angelic dreamed streams.

  77. Elizabeth,

    I need some guidance. I met a guy when I was in the Navy 13 years ago (he swears up and down it was 15, but that’s more like when I started dreaming about him). It was very unexpected how we met because I wasn’t expecting to meet him while I was in the Navy because I felt that I was there to serve my country. I was checking into my permanent duty station at the time I saw him for the first time. Our eyes locked and I felt this electricity, if you will, between he and I. Like a magnet drawing him towards me, he walked up and introduced himself. I didn’t really think about him at the time being my Twin Soul but I had the feeling that we were supposed to meet at that moment in time. We had been friends since. The thing with this situation was that I was 22 at the time of our meeting and he was close to 19, so a bit too young to even fully understand what the twin soul connection was. So I dated guy after guy, while he ended up dating and later marrying someone else. I finally got into a serious relationship with someone else and ended up marrying that guy. About 9 years into the relationship in total and two kids later, I filed for divorce because the guy started abusing me about 2 years into it after my daughter was born. During the whole entire relationship, I felt alone and empty like something was missing. After about 8 years of not contacting him (long story), he added me on facebook when I still had one of my old accounts active in April 2012. It was about a month after that, that I filed for divorce and my life got turned upside down. I ended up deactivating that facebook account at that time and after that he spent the past three years searching for me, with nothing turning up until March of this year. When he got a hold of me, I was a bit paranoid due to my ex cyber-stalking me. I added him to facebook and we chatted for a bit and he told me that he wasn’t happy in any of the relationships he’d been in and that he felt like something was missing. I told him my story and we had very similar stories of how we gave our hearts to people who didn’t deserve to have them, got involved with others that either were abusive or the relationship ended in some sort of tragedy… and how both of us were in deep pain over the years. The connection we have is unlike any I’ve ever experienced before and before he came back into my life, I was alone for almost a year and not looking for anyone, enjoying being single, working on myself, and taking care of my kids. When he said about how finding me again was fate, that’s when I realized what was going on. I was wondering how you or any of the other people who have posted about their twin souls have coped with the longing, the pain of waiting to meet, and every bit of the karma and deep issues that come to the surface while talking to your twin soul? You see, I’m the runner and I ran from him once already. I don’t want to do it again but I’m having such a hard time believing a connection like this could exist and that this would turn out like everything else in my life has, even though he’s been very patient with me and has actually stuck around after I’ve been impatient with him and after I’ve tried to find excuse after excuse to run from him again.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      He is not your twin flame, but a past life connection with whom you have strong ties.
      He is not the right man for you, but there is someone else coming. You may continue to enjoy your life and work on self-improvement before the right man comes along. Blessings,

  78. Elizabeth Hi!
    Would like to update you on my evolution. I have not physically seen him in bout a year now. I am still seeing 333s but now also seeing 111s and… his initials on cars galore -omgosh like crazy. These all make me smile.
    I have faced and forgiven my demons.
    I have confronted my husband about not being treated right nor treating our children the way we deserve. I said that I cannot stay if it continues ( after almost 19 yrs. of marriage). He at first was defensive, then a miracle happened. He looked internally, researched found he suffers from narcissism. He is now seeking help. !!! He is also raising his vibration to my surprise! He more and more tolerant.
    Also I’ve connected w/ either my higher self or my guides through journaling. Not sure where it comes from???
    I write a question. I end up writing what thoughts come. Let me tell you, they are not from me. I keep getting,”Soon. Won’t be long. Prepare your heart. ” Tell me Elizabeth,” How do I prepare my heart?”
    Finally finally yesterday actually I let go of my Twin. I had a release of crying screaming fit, wrote in my journal the word goodbye, and deleted his contact info. I felt that I was not really living if I’m constantly obsessed with,”Am I gonna see him at the grocery store, the gym, the restaurant???” I have to live my beautiful life now. I needed closure. Fully expecting a reunion to do God’s Will/ our soul’s purpose someday. Someday may be tomorrow or…. It my be in 20 yrs. I cannot put my life on hold for this- not healthy.
    So I am actually prob scared to see him now anyway. Scared of the intensity. Scared of what he thinks of me also. Getting comfortable with my being away from him. Is that weird?
    Also I am finally finally no longer stuck.
    Going back to school after 20 years! Gonna help others also in the same field as him. Very excited! Found a publisher for my children’s book also.
    Volunteering for severely disabled children – many have been neglected or abused.
    I found soSO much purpose after seeing God through his mirror.
    Am so happy now!
    Just 100% certain that It IS him!!! He is part of me and I him ( gorgeous/ kind him)
    and Divinity working through us.
    We are guided. We are loved. We have much purpose.
    Thank you , though thank you is not enough, for sharing wisdom and insights.
    This is very real!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for that exciting update. Wow!! How amazing for you, and also for your husband! Also, Congratulations on getting published – that’s very exciting. You’ve detached, stepped into your power, and are free to be the amazing person you are! Detachment is a wonderful thing. I love your story. Thank you for sharing! It’s inspire to others, including me!

  79. Aashwita says:

    Hi!! All these stories of twin souls and twin flames .. they are kinda overwhelming.. and the idea of spiritually, emotionally being attached or connected to such a being is like everything I want in life..
    I’ve just turned 18..and I’m not in a frenzy to be physical.. Guess it caters to my nerd image.. but I’m spiritually awakened.. or maybe I interpret it in other ways… I mean I know and I see how all of us are just one.. Of how gratitude and faith is the best human trait that makes life… beautiful… I believe. In The Secret.. and I’ve been able to achieve many things with it.. I mean not fame and money.. like soulmates.. like friends and a family and a thought process…and how giving to others.. helping them even at a little cost to you is the best feeling in the world.. I believe I’m empathetic.. I connect to people that way.. and I’m working for architecture.. I love science and maths and Economics and English. OK like every subject.. I’m Just a curious being hungry for quality education …
    and all this is beyond my point..
    my point is, I guess,
    that I feel awakened.. like spiritually.. not for the reunion.. it’s like I’ve entered a stage where I have faith in God… where I know he will guide me..but the passion you describe, that all these stories do, no matter how much I deny it.. I don’t feel it.. romance.. affection.. friendship.. love.. yes! but not a passion that consumes me.. and it’s just frustrating… I’m losing my patience.. everyday.. with every story.. only because I haven’t felt a thing.. no passion .. no sign.. I know I have a lot to give to this world.. a lot to help the children.. to reach out to the youth.. to bring about a change in the society.. to show them that destruction.. violence.. abuse.. it does no good.. the world will change with love.. and it’s my mission.. to reach out to every hand I can.. and I will.. but my twin soul.. where is he? She? Every thought just points to the void I feel.. no passion..

    Ok… so the main question is… I’m sorry.. I know.. NOW I TELL YOU..
    what do I do to awaken?? Have I already?? How do I reach out to my twin soul.. I’m just losing it.. I’m losing my mind.. and patience!! I think I’ll go crazy.. Ahhhhhh!!! I just need a guide..
    I need to work towards my life.. my career.. ambition and life goals.. but I won’t be efficient.. effective.. because he’s ( the twin soul I don’t know about) always on my mind.. and all I feel is the facts.. that I haven’t even awakened.. I haven’t even felt that passion..
    Awaiting an awakening.. awaiting your wisdom

  80. Hi Elizabeth,
    I wonder if you can enlighten me. When I was 17 I met my twin soul and we recognised each other instantly, he was 5 years older than me but unenlightened. We never had a proper relationship and did the runner chaser thing. One of the ways I knew he was my twin was because when I looked at his full name, my name was contained within it- which is supposed to be a sign. We never had a proper relationship as he always seemed bothered about what his friends thought of the age gap, and the fact that we are not the same race. Quite soon after we met I left for college and he moved to the other side of the world and we didn’t keep in touch. I had other relationships but couldn’t get him out of mind and when I was 25 and we were both in London I managed to get in touch with him again and we met- he had a girlfriend by the way. Unfortunately he was still quite cold and detached and not very nice so after that I left it. I went on to meet a lovely guy and we had 2 kids but we now have an amicable split when I realised we no longer loved each other and it was best for everyone if we split – which has been true.
    However, in the past year I have developed so much spiritually and I work with my guides, angels and ascended masters. I am now a Reiki practioner and I recognise my life purpose. Now here is the rub there is a man at work who I know I was married to in numerous past lives through visiting the Akashic records. The 2 children I have now were our children in a past life and we had 9 kids together. Anyway I always thought that he was my soulmate and there has been definite chemistry and attraction and I was aware that we would be together; as he has a karmic debt that he has to repay to me – he left me for someone else. However, in the last few months since my partner and I have split everything has changed. I am now totally involved in this man and feel ecstatic when I see him and disappointed if I don’t. If I feel upset about something I just imagine being with him and I am able to raise my vibration instantly. We have started to talk to each other very hesitantly but there is an obvious attraction and we don’t work together we just share a huge office. He is at one end and I’m at the other. My guides tell me that it is part of my life purpose for us to be together to heal each other and in turn heal the world. I do Reiki so that seemed to make sense but I am totally confused because my guides now tell me that he is my twin soul/ flame. How can that be when the first guy was? I don’t know his full name so not sure if we have any letters to make the other persons name. Is this possible? When I journaled the answer I was told because we were in the same soul tribe and because we were romantically involved the ‘twin’ part of our soul is portable. The first guy is not spiritual or enlightened and because I am ascending it is important for my twin to be with me at this time. This is very confusing but the reason I questioned if he was my twin was because I was acting how I’d acted 30 years ago with my original twin soul. This guy is totally different really warm, gentle, kind and when we talk it is so natural and sweet. I just wondered if you had ever heard of this before – my guides encouraged me to ask you because as with most things that happen to me I try to get validation from the universe. So can twin flames go from one person to another?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Honey,
      This is a channelled message: “Twin flames can bounce around. Once the connection is made, they will often detach and go about their business. There is no reason for a twin flame to stay connected. Once the connection has been made, the other twin has been activated. There is only one twin flame. This second man is not a twin flame. It is a karmic connection. The first man was a twin flame. He has gone on to fulfill his purpose and as such, you must also fulfill your purpose. You have been working far too hard. It is time for you to slow down a little bit. You are pushing, pushing, pushing too hard to be all things to all people and it is important for you to rest whenever possible to make it a little easier. You are a great mother and we send you great love.” Channelled message from the Angels
      Honey, I hope that helps.
      Wishing you all Light, Love and Joy,

  81. Ps
    He’s single,10 years younger than me, a different race and has no kids and is catholic. I’m a single mum with 2 kids, unable to have more kids, moving towards 50 and spiritual. Sounds like twin flame stuff to me- I’m sure his family will be thrilled when we get together.
    Love & light x

  82. Shalini says:

    Hi. I think you did a wonderful job writing this. Thank you. I don’t know why or how I have started researching on the topic of Twin Souls.
    I want to share that whenever I hear mouth organ playing, in any song or whatever…I get very very nostalgic. I’m flooded with a very faded image of a time way before now…where my twin soul was playing mouth organ for me.
    This is happening since I was child. I just can’t bear to hear mouth organs. I get overwhelmed, go insane, only because it is so, so good and it makes me reminisce.
    Tell me please, is it just my wild imagination…is my mind playing tricks on me or something is really behind all this?
    Oh, and also, everybody has a twin soul, right?
    Now, I know that getting desperate and longing to reunite with one’s twin won’t help the case, as the reunion would happen on its own time. I’m very aware of this fact.
    But, is there any way to know that my twin is present in its physical form or does it exist in another dimension, without a body?
    I mean, the people here are saying that they know their twin is present in another form, or they can see their twin in the past. Can I know that too?
    Thank you…and sorry for so many queries 🙂 You did a wonderful job writing this

  83. Hi there! I want to share my experience with you. I met a man online who is double of my age, he lives miles apart from my place infact on the othr end of country, our dates of birth are same, telepathic connection exists. I feel deep rooted love for him, i feel, as love for him exists sumwhere deep in my heart and soul, an unconditional kind of love! He hav not said but i feel he also loves me and shares almost same feelings. I m a spiritual and reserve kind of person but to my own surprise i frankly write to him about my feelings for him though he is a stranger to me in one sense as we hav never met physically. The place where he lives now, wen i was a child i used to feel sum connection with that place, though i hav never visited that place in this life. Do u think he cud be my twin flame or is it some karmic connection or is it nothing, neither a twin flame nor a karmic?? And i hav one more confusion i.e. is it right to fall in love with an old age man who is of my fafher’s age?? Is it not wrong??
    Or is it pre destined to fall in love with sumone, i cant hav any control on that??

  84. Sorry to hog so much space. This is the only site I posted on regarding TFs.
    I had a revelation, just while well just eating my chicken salad. Isn’t funny how these profound thoughts enter while we are still? Just incredible. !
    Well I thought back to years ago ( like 25ish) when my boyfriend @ the time – husband now confided in me about someone incredibly special to him. She was older than him. She was his best friend because while he was headed for trouble she seemed to save him. She encouraged him to stop drinking – ya know at 14/15 yrs old not okay for him to be so depressed prob suicidal as well as he went through a hardships at a young age.
    Anyway…. This girl, she disappeared 1 day. Just vanished. He has “always held this heart space for her.” I always knew it yet I think it wonderful how she saved him. Never ever was I or am I jealous. In fact I cry to this day when I hear the song that reminds him of her. Against All Odds by Phil Collins. She ran away I think. But he never learned her fate. It is just this hole of pain he carries. Never does he speak of her. Weird I recalled it today even.
    Perhaps that girl is my husband’s TF?
    Perhaps secretly I him to find his ultimate love since I believe w all of my heart That I found mine.
    Anyway this so reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle. Meg Ryan listening to the radio show. I know it is silly yet it does. Me always checking back to this site to share and read about our TRUE LOVES.
    Life is absolutely crazy. I know.
    God Bless.

  85. I asked him about her. So to clarify, just in case she is out there. Her name is Sheila. Last name he does not remember because he was only age 6-11. He moved to a bad neighborhood and was hanging w older, not- so- great boys. This girl kept him from the alcohol he was introduced to and other bad stuff. Protected him. She was at least 10 yrs older than him, so she was like a big sister/ motherly to him. Despite the age diff, they became great friends. She ran away from their MO home, and shortly after the family moved. Never has he heard from her again. They had this soulful connection then she vanished. It was one of the only times I’ve seen him cry- when he told me about her and the song that expresses the feelings of loss.

  86. Hi,

    I have been researching a lot about twin-flames these days, mostly because I think I met mine this January. He is of another religion and I just went through a break up and job issues at the time I met him. A lot of what is said about twin flames match but we did not get into a relationship. He is most probably in a relationship but there were moments where I could feel the connection so strongly. Now he has left the country and we are out of touch. My question is it is a mistake to let your twin flame know that you care for him/ love him? or should we just let them be and let our fate bring us together? I am suffering here and personally I think I would get closure by letting him know of my feelings. Your help will be appreciated!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Sum,
      “Do not be so hasty and do not be so sure he is your twin flame.” The Angels If you wish for a longer reading, feel free to click on this link.

  87. Finally I get it. !!! I feel a fool for longing for my TF so much.
    WE MUST love everyone w/ out conditions ESPECIALLY those who hurt us the most. Love your soulmates first cause they are hurting! And that is why they hurt others. !May not always be here. Love your soulmates first. TF love is ever- present and not going anywhere.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Yes Yes Yes!! Congratulations Janet. You do get it! None of us will ever truly be alone because of our twin flame.

  88. Hello Elizabeth, I have vaguely heard in the past about twin flames. Never really thought to much into it. I am a very spiritual being and recently had my full awakening but I have one piece of me that has not completed itself and I believe I may be experiencing an issue between my TF and my husband. I have thought about twin flames again until God spoke to me this morning and I decided to Google it and here I am writing this comment. The man I think (really not sure) is a boy i met in middle school, we were instantly drawn to each other and completely in love. We eventually started dating in high school and the love was unbreakable and pure. One morning I woke up and broke up with him. I really don’t know why but I now know why even though I some times don’t realize why I chose a life without him. He was devastated but his love for me has never stopped. I met my now husband at the age of 15 and the moment I met him I said I will marry that man one day. At 19 him and I got together married with two children. And the one I believe is my TF (brandon) has always kept in contact with me and just so happens to live with my brother in hawaii. I live on the east coast of the US. this has made mine and brandons relationship even stronger. I felt like he entweed my life once again. We are always drawn to eachother. My marriage has been failing for quite sometime and Brandon is the one to comfort me and tell me everything will work out. But I have an overwhelming, longing, aniexty feeling to just be around brandon. It is a unbearableading feeling that I just have to be with him and I have mentioned to him so many times of the past years that are souls are just connected and inseparable from each other and he agrees. I feel like I need to do everything possible to just be around him! Does this sound like a twin flame it more of a soul mate? And if he is a twin flame I now understanding from previous comments that I’m with my husband because he is in need and my TF will never leave me or my love. My soul is confused only about this situation. I am soery for the novel but thank you so much!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Kayla,
      Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure many people can relate to your tale of challenges and confusion. However, life is for learning so everything is a learning opportunity. Listen to your heart because your heart is a loudspeaker for God, Jesus, Angels, your guides and many divine specialists. If you wish, I’d be pleased to provide you with a reading. Just visit my web site by clicking on this link.
      Elizabeth Rose

  89. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading
    it, you are a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely
    will come back at some point. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!

  90. Omg I met my twin flame! I met him 5 years ago cause we have mutual friends, no words were spoken between us and he had a girlfriend at the time! He is a different religion than me and I know our (mostly my dad) are going to have serious reservations about this but I always knew I had to through major challenges! I just had this very heightened gut instinct and they are correct!

  91. Shermika says:

    I never heard of this until a friend of mine told me about “twin flame” I have one question can your twin flame be the same sex?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your question. Yes, your twin flame can be of the same sex. Over many lifetimes you might be sisters, brothers, lovers, mother and daughter, father and son, cousins, and so it goes. The purpose of the twin flame union (it is not a relationship) is to teach the world an example of living in highest consciousness. That is why the relationships are often challenging. Lovers may be from two opposite cultures, they may be drastically different ages, etc. The point is to rise above the challenges and show the world that love prevails no matter what.

  92. Confused says:

    I just recently heard of the twin flame concept and realized I had already met my twin. Unfortunately he ran. Everything was so perfect, I felt comfortable in my own skin. I had never felt so myself in all my life. Then like some others mentioned, was hooked the minute I heard his voice. From the first kiss it was magical. I even moved cities to be with him. But 4 months after moving he said it wasn’t working out for him and just like that it was over. Six months I never heard from him then he suddenly came back. Even I asked him why he left, he never gave me a straight answer. We tried again but he could never commit. So with a heavy heart I left and went back home. He tried to contact me but I shut him off completely. Six months later he moved to my town. I relented and resumed communication with him. But I was wary and did not date him. We stayed friends for a few years but everything we met, we hugged before leaving. That hug usually lasted a few minutes and neither of us could ever pull away. I felt like my heart slowwed it’s beating when we hugged. But again nothing from him. In between I met a wonderful guy and he’s my soul mate, we dated for many years and married. I was still in touch with my twin flame till a month before the wedding he threw an angry fit and ceased all contact with me. I have had no contact with him since. Sometimes he comes in my dreams, sometimes his name appears in conversations, sometimes a song reminds me of him. I left my country 6 months ago, oddly enough he left 4 months ago. We are in different countries though. I have made peace that we would never be together. I wish him well and hope that he finds love. He has not dated anyone since we broke up. But the first time we broke up nearly destroyed me. I told myself it wasn’t meant to be and moved on. But thought of him are still so trying in my mind.

  93. Hello! I was wondering if we pay for a service, can we ask u a specific name and if they are our twin Flame? I have had a bunch of signs about one person but we don’t speak at all to one another despite seeing him randomly where I’m at I once mentioned his name to a psychic I just said what does this name mean etc… She said she saw a ring on my finger.. I would love to find out if I will meet a twin Flame in this lifetime and also an indicator of thier name.. I know some psychics can conjure or pull up names and appearances or even times we will meet them!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sana,
      If you’re interested in a reading, you can ask any questions you wish.

  94. I’ve met mines. Twice, then he vanish that was in 2009 and I never saw him again. All we did was kiss and I can’t get him out of my mind. The pow he gave me when we met was amazing. The pain I felt when he vanish was horrific. Never felt anytning like it and I don’t ever want to again. It hurts too much. Where ever he is he can stay. I will live out my life just this way.

  95. Hi Elizabeth,

    I met someone who I believe was my twin flame some years ago. Some wonderful things happened, and some not so wonderful, but now I am at a place where we don’t talk any more and I need to focus on my work, family, friends, and self-love/developing healthy habits. Still though, habits of dwelling on the past or hoping for a magical future stop me from living in the present.

    I think I understand my situation pretty well, but perhaps the wonder of the past and the not-so-charmingness of the present causes this compulsion (to live in the past or future).

    It seems like no matter how much effort I put in, I can never get into a rhythm of happiness here for the last two years (this may be a dark night of the soul situation or perhaps it’s because I’ve been praying “thy will be done” intending “my will be done” (twin flame reunion) instead of for happiness), but still, in the last two years, there have been only a few months where things really seemed to go my way. Especially recently now that I have been told by a couple sources that we’ll reunite within 4 to 10 months, I often find myself counting down the days.

    I think I know what to do. My mom gave me the advice of whenever I started to obsess over twin flames/this girl/past or future just get up and distract myself with something else. I was just wondering if you had any intuitive or channeled advice you could offer that might help make the process of being brutally in the present a little less brutal.


    PS: I think gratitude may help a lot, but I’m unsure exactly how to practice it. I have tried daily listing all that I’m grateful for, but it quickly gets very mechanical and I am more grateful for inner experiences/wisdom than things — but maybe I need to be more grateful for people in my life and basic things.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Sanjay,
      Thank you for sharing your story. When you’re obsessing about someone else, you’re not living in the present moment and not loving yourself. During past life regressions, many clients looked back over previous lifetimes and realized that they had cared more about their twin flames than themselves. For example, when their twin flames had died, they had become listless, pined away sorrowfully, and sometimes ended their life because of the heartbreak they felt. Spiritually, this was wrong so they’ve been learning to love themselves in this lifetime. You are a spirit having a human experience and your spirit is divine and precious. Love yourself first, then you can enter into a mutually beneficial relationship where balance is achieved. When you put someone else on a pedestal, you are seeing yourself as lower or less-than that other person. Self love may be one of the most important lessons for humans to learn.
      Rather than attempting to conjure up feelings you don’t have about gratitude, get active. Perhaps volunteer. Help people who are less fortunate. Figure out your life’s mission and feel passionate about that. You might do the KOLBE.com test to figure out your innate abilities – what you will and will not do. When you’re immersed in helping people, you’re actually helping yourself, and you can more easily get in touch with your feelings. At the same time, hypnosis may help to open your heart. We put walls up around our hearts to protect ourselves. If there are too many walls, it’s difficult to get in touch with your feelings. Sometimes, you don’t know what your feelings are because they’re so blocked. Hypnosis is one of the best ways I know to unblock the heart. Another approach is to tap on your thymus (the raised part of your sternum) for 2 minutes every day. You may yawn a lot, which is releasing. You might even cry, which is also releasing.
      I hope some of these ideas help.
      Wishing you Peace, Love, and Joy!

  96. I’m not entirely sure if this soul is my twin flame but the feeling is intense, for me anyways. I met him when we were kids I felt it then,when I first laid eyes on him. He made me feel like I was part of something. Which was a big deal for me cuz I was a sad kid. And I loved seeing him be so vibrant with energy always making ppl laugh it realm felt like i could be with him forever. Course we were just kids so when we were teens he knew i liked him but nothing even in highschool i was never able to just talk to him and hang out with him it felt like the circle of friends he was in was just not were i fit in he was on another level to me. And when i finally did get the guts to talk to him all i could say was how mad i was he never asked me out like it was something he should know to do, but that was stupid. Haven’t talked to him since i even got it in my head that i had no feelings for him. Years past i run into him at his work place and this rush of energy shifts throughout my body, almost threw me off balance. I hauled ass out of there. Ever since then I find myself dreaming about him even when I’m not thinking of him for months then at some point during the year he’s all i think like now, and I keep seeing 11:11 among other numbers. I feel like it has to do with some major life changes I’m making for myself. Because this guy pops in every ones in awhile in my life when i feel awesome like i can take on anything. We never talk though so that’s why i don’t know if he feels anything like that or I’m just crazy. Everytime I do see him all i can think is wow i just want to share my world with you and dive into yours. The crazier part is i really don’t know him, his likes and dislikes nothing so how i can i feel this way about someone i don’t know. That’s my logic as too why i think I’m crazy. I wish there was a sure way to know.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Your twin flame will feel the same way you feel about them, so there’s no need to agonize about someone you’re attracted to who is not attracted to you. Everyone has a twin flame, whether in the physical world or non-physical world. Meditate and work to connect with your twin flame on the astral plane. Ask for guidance. With a lot of focus, he’ll come through.
      Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy!

  97. WOW. This puts into words what I’ve always known! Tomorrow I will have been joined to my Twin for 14 years. I knew who he was immediately when we first met. Despite our age difference (he is 16 years older) we were engaged just 3 weeks after our first date (I proposed to him!). I’ve never had a moment’s doubt that he was the one who made me complete, and I completed him. I know we had been purposefully kept apart until the right time because we kept missing each other. We had the same friends, the same hobbies, remember attending the same events, we’ve even found that we lived just down the street from each other when I was in elementary school — I remember passing his house everyday as I walked back and forth, noticing his car because it was a particular model I was quite fond of. Doesn’t sound like that big a deal until you consider that it was in a completely different state from where we finally met! But it wasn’t until we were both ready that we were finally thrown together. Oddly enough, he had a spare ticket to a concert — and I had been on the phone with radio stations all day trying to win a ticket! We were inseparable that night and every night since. (though I must point out, it was never physical between us until after we were married because of our shared religious beliefs)
    As to our mission, I think I know what that is too, but I’d like your take on it. 🙂 We had two incredible daughters immediately after being married and then I was told I would not be able to have anymore children. I tried to be content and joyful that I had my girls, but I felt something very important was missing. I remember breaking down again and again in absolute grief because I KNEW I was meant to have a son. After almost a decade of prayers, tears, and confusion I became pregnant with my boy. It was a high-risk pregnancy and I very nearly lost my life giving birth to him. But when I was finally stable enough to hold him, I felt a click. Here was that missing piece! I named him Samuel because of the scripture “for this child I have prayed”. But there is so much more to it. Even as a new baby, people — total strangers sometimes — have been drawn to him. Most noticeably deeply spiritual people.They tell me there is something special about him, that he is meant for some great work. He is three now and the most patient, loving, sweet, obedient, and intelligent toddler I’ve ever known (and I have worked with young children since I was a child myself!). I feel deeply that my husband and I are meant to prepare him for some great task. Could that be our mission? To bring this special life into the world and prepare him for his Work?

    • Also want to say, because I have seen other comments mention numbers, my husband and I have a special number and we find it EVERYWHERE, but since my son was born, we have found it more often connected to him in some way. In fact, his official time of birth was on our number, and his birth-date was another numerical sign to us.

  98. I thought I met my twin flame, but didn’t know what it was until I researched what happened to me after meeting him. I am married and am 25 years older than him and he is married too. How it began was our eyes locked-on very intensely and the stare lasted for so long it was awkward. When he moved away from me, I was like, “wait come back” and all I wanted to do was sit in his lap wrapped with our hearts together. It was so strange to me, but seemed so natural. I went on a trip right after that and what happened (multiple times) to me while I was sitting next to my husband!!! on a jet was extremely bizzaar and again awkward! I felt like I was having orgasms just below my heart area. I was freaked!!!
    When I saw him again I could barely look at him or talk to him literally and that lasted for the next few times that I saw him. He would also say things that I was thinking. I had an undeniable feeling of love for him. I didn’t know if I was attracted to him or just felt an immense love or him both??? It was not normal and I really didn’t know what to do. Everything seemed so intense. During this time I also experienced vibrations like extreme energy running through me. Kind of hyper. At one point I felt I was going to spin out of control…lose control, it was the strangest thing ever!!! Anyway, I thought he had to have felt the same for me, but neither of us acknowledged it to one another. We were in his place of business and not where we could talk and the fact that both of us are married. A lot of things had occurred beforehand where I thought maybe he was attracted to me. I would catch him staring at me, watching me. He seemed very comfortable with me for just meeting me. I guess I was with him too. There came a day when I walked in and saw him and it was as if (in my mind) we were together like one and we were standing so close to one another and I knew this was not right but I didn’t care and it was as if time stopped for a min. we were so happy or I was just standing next to each other talking about what I don’t know and believe me this was out of character for him and for me as well then it was like I came too and gained composure and we went our ways. I had such intense unconditional love for him. I finally and discreetly asked if he could meet for lunch that day, but he said he couldn’t, but then he came over and started flashing his eyes up and down as if to say yes, but I felt strange about that given the circumstances we were in. I wasn’t sure if he took it as hanky panky or what, but I didn’t want to mislead in anyway no matter what I felt and /or wanted from him. It was all I could do to abstain.
    His reaction took me by surprise. I mean he was over the top hurt or angry. His emotions were so exaggerated and I was deeply hurt that I caused this to happen to him so much so you would have thought there had been a death. Anyway we didn’t see each other after that for about 3 months, nor did we talk. We never talked outside his place of business. The time between was so painful, Heartbreaking. The pull to him was incredibly wearing. I could barely function and remember I’m married and my husband knows nothing. There were times where I thought I could feel him with his wife and that was just the creepiest. It made very sad and when I was with my husband, I felt like I was betraying him(TF)!
    This seems so messed up. We (TF and I) had never been physical with each other. Finally when I saw him next, I got the courage up to ask if he had felt anything between us or felt a connection and he said no! I didn’t believe him, but I had to accept that as his answer. I felt like I had been stabbed when he said that and I felt so freaked out at the same time. Did I just make all this up? Am I crazy? It’s been 6 weeks since we talked and I still see him every week and we talk and everything is friendly but we have never talked about that again. I still feel unconditional love for him, but the intensity has calmed down and I don’t seem to have the pull to him like before but maybe it’s because I see him regularly,although I still have things happening to me physically. So what does this mean??? Is he my TF or not??? Am I just crazy??? I was not looking for anything and I didn’t have a crush on this guy. There was nothing until the day our eyes locked.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jonniann,
      Thank your for sharing your story. There may be a past-life connection, which can also feel intoxicating, but is probably not your twin flame. Remember that twin souls come together for a higher purpose, the greater good, to create a new template of unconditional love. Granted, twin souls can “run away” but usually after they’ve reunited as a couple.
      In years past, I felt a similar pull toward certain strangers only to find later that they had been characters in one of my previous lifetime. Happily, the man you describe is managing the situation in a way that doesn’t hurt the spouses.
      Wishing you peace and happiness!

  99. Curious Cat says:

    Good grief I think I’m going to be ill. I’ve never even heard of the term Twin Flames until a week ago, I stumbled across one article about Twin Flames from a Google search
    And this was after a good few weeks researching off + on online in a desperate attempt to try and make sense – or at the very least pidegon hole these intense feelings for a man I barely know!
    We met over a year ago in a professional work environment. I’m in a relationship and he’s married. Our first meeting was pleasant and enjoyable.. Was casual and I felt comfortable and remembered noticing how focussed yet mesmerising his eyes were on mine when he spoke directly to me. At the time I put it down to him being the dedicated company man type.
    Second professional meeting – was a disaster. He was accompanied by his “wing man”and together the agenda was like an interrogation of sorts (work related) which left me feeling like I was being ganged up, humIlated and alienated! Was so furious that I stared that raw emotion right back into his eyes because for some naft reason I felt betrayed!
    So I refused to have anything more to do with him if I could help it. For a time after he would show up out of nowhere and be that friendly first meeting guy. But for me the trust was damaged (with a man I don’t even know????) and the fact there’s something not right about those unnerving eyes proved it. Was such an intense heart wrenching hurt experienced that I would barely make an effort to converse with him and although polite in my responses, we didn’t need to work together so perfect for me
    Months later company dynamics change and now both depts do have to work together and I dreaded this completely because now i was forced to rise above and be that bigger person!
    Was nerve racking and I would get anxious about having to approach topics of discussion but each time, it got better and easier and became pleasant and comfortable again. Didn’t last long though – only this time round I had upset him over a comment I made that was told to him out of context and we’re back on opposite sides again.
    Fine. That was my attitude and we both avoided each other unless absolutely necessary which we would both eye to each other our mutual understanding
    More silent months went by when one day, I ran into him unawares and he looked physically in pain and I honestly thought he was about to black out which gave me such a fright
    I rushed to him thinking he’s about to drop but in an instant he said he was only tired from being sore from an injury and it was nothing at all. Felt like an idiot because I know I showed sheer panic on my face and yet he was quite dismissive so I politely mentioned to take it easy and continued on my way as if nothing happened. A silent pause as I walked away and then I hear “Have a nice weekend” which I responded with a a “You too”
    And that’s what started the damn ice to crack
    What shattered the ice was a freaky accident. We had this accidental collision where we collided towards each other and yet knowing the crash is coming as we past personal space and move into intimate space, legs entwine, balancing against each other’s personal force field (best that I can describe it) and yet no touching .
    We were chest to chest with only mm’s apart and I felt like a magnetic click almost like when you find the right lid for the Tupperware container (terrible analogy) and we harmously manoeuvre with each other so that neither of us got injured. Near the end of this catastrophe he doesn’t realise I can feel his hand is only a hairs breath away from grabbing a whole lot of bosom . I’m about to lose my balance and sharply with intensity stared directly into his eyes to get his attention to warn him, He was looking chuffed with himself that he was almost there and he hadn’t physically hurt me or himself (was his fault the accident happened) but then catches my intense look. We don’t speak. I redirected my eyes to his hand and he freaked in shock, promptly removed his hand from the breast, stares at my breasts and as I regain balance to stand back up he stumbles over and took off. He did yelp an apology and I huffed Okay.
    What the hell was that about??? It felt like time stood still and we were characters out of the Matrix film
    And it’s been this crazy intense push pull attraction. ever since. We haven’t spoken about it. Yet we can’t stop the prolonged eye contact. Unsure about him but my intuition tells me it’s mutual and have this overwhelming thing to want to please him and keep him smiling. I feel I can’t lie to him – I still barely know this man
    We can’t stand too close to each other because the intensity – for me at least – is so off the scale I swear I’m staring at him with bedroom eyes!
    So to now read about Twin Flames has totally done my head in. We have both been softer with each other, we can telepathically communicate and once stood 10mins without a word being said yet we understood each other
    Neither of us have crossed the line or flirted or sent inappropriate texts or emails. The odd teasing to catch a smile maybe but we still talk very little to each other but it feels so very very different now
    I can’t get him out of my and sometimes overwhelmed with emotion when I “see” us together in my mind
    I have and do make solid attempts to distract myself and focus on other things but I have to consciously manage it now!
    Is this us? Are we Twins or is it Karmic
    Starting to sound like I have more inner work to do to get past this which I am not quite at the embracing stage of that little gem right now.
    Still researching which only brought up more questions
    Thank you for letting me vent

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Curious Cat,
      Wow! Perhaps you can use this “relationship” to write a book. Your writing’s great! It’s filled with tense yet amusing twists and turns. I’m thinking the relationship is Karmic. Twin Flames tend to come together in great love and passion before they flee from one another. Also, it’s the BIG PICTURE that matters most to twin flames. Twin Souls come together for the highest good of the planet. They’re still learning and growing, but generally speaking, they’re here to make the world a better place. That being said, once they’ve grown and healed mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, they come together and stay together (at least by phone or Skype) in order to Ascend (return to the non-physical spirit world) as one (ref: Edgar Cayce).
      Sorry for your pain. However, like many great writers, your venting is great reading for the rest of us

      • Curious Cat says:

        Merry Christmas Elizabeth
        I’ll have to be honest here – I’ve been too afraid to check if my post got a response
        Although as soon as I did see there was a response I was stoked! Then a sense of curiousity about perception as I thought I would read like some babbling idiot with angry ears and yet you highlighted the read itself. That made me feel…….blessed. Thank you.
        Being Karmic partners was not the label box I was hoping for…..but it rings a truthful tone….much to my disappointment. I just thought for a moment it was more.
        Things between us seem to relentlessly go from good to silent to good back to silent. It’s so taxing on one’s sanity. And this is after I had decided to put on my big girl undies and get my power back by finding a way to be honest and within the confines of maintaining professionalism and without declaring undying love. It worked. I did get it back. Only it is constantly being contested and have since realised that enough is enough and I have to walk away and let it go if I want to hang onto my power. The whole saga just makes me sad.
        Doesn’t help that in our new, state of the art, feng shi open offices we recently shifted into that he’s ended up sitting smack bang opposite me! This universe is having a good laugh. Of all the available spaces in this building….had to be there!
        I hope there’s a Karmic lesson in it for him too, after all misery loves company…and shamelessly that line of thought makes me feel better.
        Thank you for taking the time to respond. And the writing compliment x

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Dear Curious Cat,
          You’re so very welcome. Thank you for your follow-up. You’re such a good writer. I can’t wait to hear how your story goes. It seems ironic but it’s likely divine design that you’re seated so closely. In my channeling experiences, Jesus has a wonderful sense of humour and the universe really does present us with difficult situations, otherwise known as, “growth opportunities.” Keep laughing, writing, and enjoy a Very Merry Christmas!

          • Curious Cat says:

            Happy ‘belated’ New Year Elizabeth. I hope all is well with you and yours.
            A courtesy update as I have often thought of you during the times (as in plural) that I had also thought, I was on the cusp of returning to alas present to you and fellow readers of my ”moral of the story’ journey in all its glory and pain with the lessons of personal growth learnt and rewarded with the freedom and the unconditional love that now bestows me.
            Pfffft that would be too predictable.
            No this little story ride turns and black flips on itself so fast that the only clear lesson learnt to date is that resistance is futile.
            So much is happening and changing and at polar opposites all the time. Times of wonderful and hilarious bonding moments that I will cherish fondly. Times of frustration, confusion and sadness that bring tears over the mindless merry-go-round of what is the point of it all!!
            For the record, we have both maintained professional boundaries with no inappropriate communication outside of that. Perhaps one notable instance of borderline inappropriate behaviour between colleagues that involved his crotch smudged right up to my face that was then followed with my ample breasts jigglying in his. However. that was case of opportunity knocked on the door…..and in my defence, he started it…… I just finished it 😇
            The extremities only lessen when I surrendered and embraced whatever this is. I have consciously tried the moral approach to avoid and ignore, maintain the distance to break the connection. Used tricks such as focus on his wedding ring as my ‘wake up’ slap or force myself to look at his screen saver of his family on his laptop when I walk past his desk – which ironically I can’t actually see any of their faces – but provides an effective disciplinary tool if not pointless anyway because the Universe will balantly intervene to push us back together…. And always and only in a work environment.
            How long do these type of karmic relationships go for already? Especially ones from the workplace. My suspicions hint towards a bigger picture that involves some kind of union. It may never evolve into a romantic partnership but there is some kind of pairing, of some kind of coming together to create ???????
            I do and feel certain about this though. He cares about me. He discreetly looks out for my wellbeing at work although never in front of me. He’s been watchng me and taking note. My smile makes him smile.
            Like I said wedding ring and screensaver …. oh and the repetitive affirmation in my head during business hours – that he’s already ‘someone else’s someone special’ 😔
            Intermission is over
            Take care until next time x

          • Elizabeth Rose says:

            Dear Curious Cat,

            Thank you, and thank you for your intriguing update. Your writing is wonderful! Indeed, that ring might be a tad problematic. May I suggest you try the following affirmation: “Let me now unite with the RIGHT man for me, in great love, harmony, and passion.”

            The thing with the ring is, there’s a law in the universe called the “three-fold backlash.” Yes, you can wish someone into your life. However, if they belong to someone else, you’re breaking a cosmic law. I broke it in 1989 so don’t do as I did. Find the RIGHT man for you. Affirmation: “If so and so is the right man for me, let us unite. If he is not the right man for me, let me now unite with his equivalent in great love and harmony.”

            It’s really not worth the karmic debt, …although it would make for a fascinating story. No! Still not worth it. My advice: Don’t test the universe or the universe will teach you a lesson. The lessons just get bigger and badder. However, THEY are very forgiving if you quit while you’re ahead. Just sayin’ 🙂


  100. I met who I believe is my twin flame when I was 8 for the first time. We started going out when we were 16, and were absolutely consumed by each other. However, our parents were christians and believed our relationship was “sinful” so they encouraged him to leave me. I knew he was the essential person I should be with, but because I was young and was overwhelmed by our relationship I didn’t fight to get him back. We both are from different countries, and so we continued our lives separately, but there was not one moment where I didn’t think of him, love him, or want to be near him. We both had other relationships, but at least for me, nothing came close to the connection I have with him. A few years ago I found out he got married and I cried for several days even though I hadn’t heard from him for years. I left him alone as I realised he had made his decision, and then I got married too. I am married to a man I like but do not love in a romantic sense. 3 years ago my twin flame contacted me on skype out of the blue, and initially I rejected him, because I really wanted to make my marriage work. We didn’t speak for a year, and then I was visiting the city where he lives and I saw him from a distance, so I contacted him again. The same thing happened again, we stopped talking because of our marriages. Then last year we got back in touch and ended up having a physical affair that neither of us felt we could avoid, no matter how much we tried. Every time we cut off contact we are drawn back together in the strangest ways. I love him more than I have loved anyone, and I want everything with him, despite the intensity and the difficulty. He is not prepared to leave his life to be with me, and has excuses such as “we live in different countries”, “you’re so impulsive, you might leave me, and I don’t want to be alone” “even though I don’t love my wife anymore, I have been married for 8 years and don’t want to throw that away”. This situation is killing me. I feel like I cannot fully live without him. I hate to imagine him having children that are not mine. I sometimes feel that it is absolute madness, but I know this is stronger than my will. He completes me on every level possible, and he has often said i do the same, but despite that he is not ready. I am in so much pain, I don’t know what I can do.

  101. Can you get it wrong I know he is my twin flame but he says he is not who is right ?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Rosemary,
      If a man says he is not your twin flame, regardless of what you personally believe, you must respect his beliefs and choices. Think of the big picture. Twin Flames unite to positively impact the world. If this man is not willing to collaborate with you for love nor for the greater good, then there’s someone else who will be interested.

  102. Krystal Herrera says:

    Hello good evening.My name is Krystal Herrera.

    Also um I think I met my twin.Maybe I am just wasteing time sending out a message but I know he must be the one.My mother looks like his mother.He is older then me but that dosnt matter.Anyways I had so many problems and I suffered alot in this life time cuase of the hands of my stepmother and her controlling my dad.He did abuse me.Also I found my lover through a old family house.He felt so bad for me cause he told me that I had lost soules eyes.So sad but now I am moving on.Also um he is a Catholic.Sometimes I have my own healing and all.Maybe I should see a spiritist or a therapist for these feelings.Also um he is a chaperrone of a transportation company like my dad was.My what a counsidence.Also um please answer back God bless and live light and love!

  103. Hello,

    First of all I would like to say I really love this website and I’m very happy to see that I’m not crazy by seeing people feeling just like me.
    Since my childhood I have believed twin souls and I have felt that I’m a half person and something is missing.I encountered with some of my soul mates two times but broke up them since I have been always looking for more intense, deep and unconditional love.I cannot fall in love anybody because I cannot feel “It’s him!” intitution.
    For 2-3 years I had closed my heart to relationships since I believed that I will never find him but last week in my dream I saw him and I knew that it was him.This feeling was perfect and I have never felt so peaceful and as if I’m totally complete.However my mind is little bit mixed, was it a sign about that he is in this world in this time and we have a chance to meet? Is there any meditation or exercise you can advise to ease encountering with twin souls?Believe me some nights I feel so lonely, lost and emotional that I begin to cry and ask where my other half is and sometimes I feel something on my heart chakra as if he cames to ease my pain and embrace me.I’m really dedicated and eager to meet him and live the real love, but I don’t know how.I will really appreciate if you can enlight me about this topic.


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Rachel,
      It sounds like you’re doing some tremendous work and are able to tune-in to spirit. Wishing you great success. My post today describes some of the work my clients are doing to connect to their twin flames while in trance. Yes, your twin soul will come through and comfort you, time and time again. However, it’s better if you don’t “pull” their energy down. Because of your connection, you’re draining your own energy. Rather, send them light and love. When you’re feeling sad and alone, it’s better to cry rather than pull on your twin flame. By crying, you can release decades of emotional pain and suffering. Tears are truth and tears are healing. Once you’ve cried out the emotion, only then, try connecting to your twin flame.
      You can try a channelled session. All of my “Full Immersion into Spirit Clients” have connected with their twin flames on the astral plane. They’ve come face-to-face with them while in trance, whether they’re in this life or not. I have regular hourly clients that achieve the same results as clients who spend a few days with me.
      Wishing light, love and a blessed 2016!

  104. Hello I wrote a post yesterday but I don’t see it anymore so I’ll ask again. I am curious if Steven is my true twin flame in the runner stage or if he is just another false one leaving me scratching my head. We met under synchronization events where he literally fell into my lap and then disappeared. We had an amazing time. The next time I saw him I was magnetically pulled across town to this random building where he was. He gave me a crystal wrapped a cashmere scarf around my neck and then kissed me. He told me there was something. Special about me and that I was healing him. But he said he was with some else, Christmas came and went and our 3D interactions failed. I could still feel him spiritually and now he is gone for three weeks on a trip to the Philippines. I am wondering if he just went through soul shock and is sorting out his life and when he gets back he will come back to me or if I should just throw away this whole idea of a twin flame and just think it was too good to be true… I mean I don’t know what to believe but I had a dream about being with a man with dreadlocks and he was the one I saw his energy I felt it felt so real to me and so random how we met how we did and how I saw him again after I started doing my reiki healing work. I just don’t want to get my hopes up any intuition?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Katie,
      As I’m reading down the list of comments, now now understand your previous comments of “Is there anybody there?” and “:(” . I work with clients through the week and check-in on my blog when I write posts. I’m a deep trance channel, among other things. If you’d like me to go into trance and channel to get answers for you, you can purchase a session on my web site. You can also tune-in and get answers yourself through meditation and self-hypnosis. There’s another quick trick: Ask yourself a Yes or No question and visualize a traffic light. If you see Green it’s Yes. If you see Red it’s No.
      Hope that helps.

  105. I believe that finding your twin flame is possible, I am 16. My name’s Marc and about 6 months ago I found a girl that gave me this longing and this weird physical sensation of like a numbness or blurriness. We both felt this way the moment we saw each other for the first time and after school activity. We started dating be cause of this strong connection. I’ve been reading a lot about this, including your web page and everything that describes a twin flame is with her. I thought i was just being a crazy 16 with hormones but I did some research and I feel very strong that I found her. We’ve only dated for 3 months and I do things for her, protect her, love her more than any one I’ve ever dated. It made me extremely happy when I found that we are twin flames because I knew something was different because of the way I felt about her. Right now I’m trying to find what “The mission” is, I’m not really sure what to look for. Is it to grow old together and get jobs that will change the world for the better or is it some higher religious mission. Any ideas how continue my research?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Marc,

      Thank you for your comment/question. To discover your life’s mission, you must feel in your heart what’s most important to you. What do you LOVE to do? What are you most passionate about? Do you have a favourite hobby or thing you do that you can’t live without? If you had only two years to live and money was no object, what would you do? You have innate talents, gifts and abilities. These are a clue to your mission because these are the tools you were born with to accomplish your mission. Ask your friends, “What do you see as my gifts, talents, and abilities?” Your friends know you and will quickly tell you what you’re really good at. These are also clues to your life’s mission. Have patience and your mission find you. I always loved writing and knew I would one day write a book. However, I thought I’d write mystery novels. Thirty years later, it turned out I was on a spiritual quest and now write spiritual books, articles, and blog posts.

      If the answers still don’t come to you, I’m a deep trance channel and you can purchase a session that will shed more light on the topic.


  106. Anyone there??

  107. Thank you all my question finally answered.I’m not insane.a twin flame love is different than the other relationship.for me it’s to hard to get back my tf runner but I still believe we’ve been together at the right time.I’m in a process of self meditation.I love my twin flame i can’t explain what love is but this pure unconditional love.I need to love my self more. Yes it’s so hard..it’s too painful to do what is right, to let go and surrender, but it is the only way. I will do everything and wait for the time we unite. To awakening my higher self. It’s my first-time to speak about my twin. And I told my self, one day I will write my story about my twinflame because it’s a different story. For my twin, I can wait for the day to be with you. I believe in God and in all who guide the universe. Angel, I found my twin flame last year May 2015. Yes I still love my twin flame runner. It’s too painful. Until now, I always asked why you chose to run away from me. I know there’s a love. But you left my heart crying, asking, and much more. Thank you to all the guides.

  108. I just want to make it very clear, this comes from personal experience and research of the twin flame phenomenon.
    When you meet your chakras activate, and you soon see (if you didn’t already know) that you have psychic abilities.
    I discovered I was a medium when I ran into her. I went on to experience clairvoyance, and anyone you is clairvoyant will tell you…..life is predetermined. I won’t say everything is, but I know a lot is from experience. (I get told my future and it happens)
    I was told while face to face with her that I had been brought to her, and that she was going to be my girlfriend.
    Almost two years later I discover “twin flames” and that it is mediums who mostly say it’s happened to them.
    I am against people trying to make money from this. too many people “think” they have met a twin flame but reality is they haven’t.
    If your not psychic, forget about this subject. research what I say? I’m not wrong.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment and for voicing your opinion regarding your own personal experience. Personal experiences are everything. For me, everything comes down to healing. When you connect with your twin flame, it’s to either become healed or heal them (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually), then heal and awaken the world. As you pointed out, when the twin flame heart chakras merge, their energies multiply. Also, a result of the connection and the healing, their spiritual gifts begin to surface, especially when they continue to “do the work” to heal, rise to higher consciousness, and help everyone else heal and awaken.

      Those who whose time is dedicated entirely to channelling, hypnosis, and energy healing get paid for their efforts so they can survive and continue the work. However, many gifted people have a separate job that provides unrelated income.

      If you dedicate your life to this type of work, you may want to reconsider doing it for free or you might starve and be of no use to anyone.


  109. Elizabeth Rose hope you are well!!!
    I have learned so much that I desire to share. However, it comes w great fear as the strangest things have happened over these last 2 years. All of it is guided &resulted in much growth for both me and my beloved husband. We are so connected it is unreal. Souls always so close that it is hard to imagine one with out the other. And perhaps unhealthy to be too too attached to an outcome with him. For now I and he- my husband, sense a potential physical separation ( not now but at some point)and we both fear it. I wonder who I could be without him. And yet I need to know. I need to be whole on my own. I want to be. Desire that. I desire to stand in my truth. And do. But I feel I am holding back this “knowing” about having a very real life purpose, and belief in the TF process cause I do not want to engage in ego battle w ith my husband. Been told it is not my job to battle his ego. Do you think I should fess up. I am usually too too honest. Plus he reads me in a psychic way- reads my aura – this is precisely why I am at times scared .He uses it to sometimes “influence ” my choices. I am avoiding the word “control” on purpose. But yes it swings from a loving protectiveness to manipulation. BUT the guides are involved. They come through him cause he is psychic – I never knew to the extent that he is. He is very very psychic. And I think our souls r working together to grow. And we have! Tremendously! He is growing and facing his real issues which are much darker than mine. All is well. I know this. But the fear is opposite of that felt unconditional love and I must only accept love. That is how we grow. I do not accept his neg. projections and he isolates himself then realizes TRUTH. After we have each grown, and stopped the vicious karmic cycle, are we supposed to part?? Is that the way of things? Is it what our souls worked out ? That always the trend? In developing a healthier perspective w my so called TF- letting go- unattached to any outcome knowing souls are always one — just enamored just to meet him, maybe I am seeing a need to detach from all outcomes? From life to love to life work to my children.
    I always appreciate your wisdom. How do you see this? All part of the growth and expansion?

    • Of course he already knows what I think & believe. The conflict appears to be within me. When he confronts me with these issues , questions my intentions, my heartfelt beliefs,I dismiss it or pretend to agree with him. I am not always certain. I have doubted myself cause of the strange nature of this. Weird things happen regularly noWhat do I really fear?
      Physical abuse
      Marriage dissolve

      • Am very thankful actually for the no reply, & I get it. I must find truth within myself. And I Am. Truth is that no one & nothing can control you. Gary Zukav author of The Seat of the Soul really REALLY struck me as he explains how the fear actually has nothing to do with the instigator. We must stand in our truth always -as long as it is safe to do so. We must and I did. I continue to jump these hurdles not knowing the outcome ( even divorce after 20 yrs). Also does not matter if you label someone ” Twin Flame” or not. Because the Soul knows truth. So.. does it really matter if someone is a soulmate or TF??? It of course matters not. We are all children of God. All here to learn & grow from each other. All interactions are so important. Live in the NOW moment. Love, laugh, embrace life now so you don’the miss anything. Be thankful and give of yourself. Thank you for putting up with me for so long here. I know as a writer it has helped me. My prayer is that can help others as well. Even if it only touches 1 person, or spoke to even
        1 person, I would be so happy. Sorry to not buy into your books/ business side of this.
        I am thankful for the chance to express myself here. I promise I am out of your hair. Good luck in all you do.

  110. 3 years ago. I met someone from the Internet. There’s something about her that makes me feel I want to know the truth about who is she in my life. I meditate asking my spirit guide for an answer. I saw we were always together in different places, different times, different genders, with different faces but I don’t have any idea about twin flames. I was happy before I met her. I kept asking for guidance and asking the same question. Still the same answer. I had a kundalini awakening, but had no idea about what was happening. But my life became miserable, my 3rd eye opened, all my 6 senses opened, I heard thoughts from people and animals. It feels as though I’m going to go crazy, nobody understands me, everyone says I am posessed by demons. My voice changes like I am a different person. Every night I ask God what is happening to me and I ask him to bring my voice back. I work abroad away from my family and I am alone it’s hard for me to understand what’s happening. Then one day, there’s a friend of mine telling me that she is my Twin. It can’t be be I told her you are not my twin. She dreams of me all the time. Even though I reject her she follows me and supports me secretly. I can hear her thoughts, we can talk telephatically, we buy the same gifts or feel each other’s emotions. When she kissed me it felt like an ultimate bliss like I am floating. When we hug each other I cannot explain the emotion. Now I am really torn into pieces. I don’t know who is really my twin. I feel lost and confused. Every time i meditate asking for an answer about her I just saw blank pictures. For me TF makes my life miserable. I am happy being alone because nobody can hurt me. Now I am trying to put my self back into pieces and trying to heal myself

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Sky,

      Thank you for sharing your story. You’ve been suffering from past hurts, wounds and traumas so you’ve built some walls around your heart. We’re not meant to be alone and lonely. However, the walls work as a protective device over the short term. Over the long term, they block you from moving forward mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we’re hurt, we build walls around our hearts so we don’t get hurt again. The good news is that your heart can heal and the walls can evaporate into thin air. I work with people every day who receive channelled healing and hypnosis to heal their hearts. They experience emotional healing, inner child healing, and healing of the soul. Once you heal, you can more easily let go of the sorrow, pain and fear, your heart will open, you’ll feel lighter and become free to live your life with optimism and joy. We’re all here to heal, rise above fear, love and be loved. When you heal, you can help others heal. We’re here to help everybody rise and shine. You are not your fears. You can change your subconscious programming from fearful victim to happy, confident, loving person. Hypnosis is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to heal your heart. Something for you to consider.

      Wishing you peace, healing and self-love,

  111. Hi
    I m RUchi from India. My family is already in spirituality. My parents and extended family follows meditation regularly and have faith in the law of karma. Since childhood, I have faced many incidences where I could feel the presence of someone near me who was not in a human body, maybe you can call them spirits etc. On many occasions, the thoughts that abruply appear in mind come true and so on. But an incident in 2013 changed my spiritual life completely. Now, I can’t sit for meditation for more than 15 minutes. I started demanding things from God. I’m not able to settle in a job. I lost interest in life. In short, my life is completely messed-up. I still try to work on my spiritual being. But how far it will go to be successful I don’t know.

    In terms of a soul mate, I met a guy in 2009. He was my colleague and gradually, when we interacted I felt this was the man I would like to spend my rest of life with. Unknowingly I started liking him but my family was against it due to religious differences. But I never felt this as he was such an open minded man. Ultimately, we are just friends but now also when I meet him or he is near me I feel secure. I’m still confuse about my gift and was he was my soulmate? R

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ruchi,

      The more you use them, the more your spiritual gifts will continue to develop over time. I just channelled quickly and the Angels said your attraction was strictly physical. He was not your soul mate.

      On Planet Earth one of the strongest drives is the drive to procreate to keep the race going. It’s an ancient and powerful drive that overrides our thinking and rational mind. Advertising and the Media take full advantage of this drive to sell, and it works! Thus, many of us confuse physical attraction with spiritual attraction.

      Hope this helps,

  112. Jusralostflame says:

    I am honestly sooooo tired of reading the saaaame stuff over…and over….and over…and over. What is the point of all of this? Experiencing love…only to have it taken and then being told that we must love love for its very absence….that we must see love in all things?. I already knew that before…love…and yes I’ve grown but…why did it have to be like this??? It makes me feel unsure ….because…it’s heart wrenching….to meet your soul…only to be told you are never…ever…ever to meet again. If this is source…I’m just so…baffled…and mournful….is that what the point is? Cuz that’s all I am now…mournful…I cannot ‘laugh’ really….I’m just here and its true I don’t feel like I anymore everything just is and even words…rotting…speaking…talking….its lost meaning. And this is source. Is sorrow supposed to be ‘love’…..is this…”divine”….love. Our purpose now only to fix ….

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Life is for learning, growing, for rising above adversity, and helping others to do the same. In the midst of being mournful, there are still positive things around you. May I suggest you talk to others and you’ll find they have had similar experiences. When you become joyful again, you’ll realize the mournful state was temporary. Everything’s temporary. Ask “What am I learning from this?” Are you learning compassion, forgiveness, to detach from negativity? There’s always something to be learned, or taught, in every situation. Look for the humour in it. When we can laugh at ourselves and our predicaments, it’s a blessing. The best stand-up comics derive humour from their pain. The pain is ALWAYS temporary, particularly when you look for the funny or joyful side of a situation. Life is for learning, growing, rising above adversity, and helping others to do rise and shine.


  113. Wanda Elizabeth says:

    Hello Elizabeth! Thank you so much for letting us know that we are not alone in this wonderful but painful journey of the Twin Flames. I met my wonderful Twin Flame when I was 50 years old. All my life, I was waiting for my prince to show up, I just knew there was someone special out there. It happened and we had the happiest years of our lives……until we had to separate due to many reasons. This was 4 years ago…..we went our separate ways. I started reading and learning about this union and how to heal myself and him. He just came back in February, back to Texas where we met and lived. He sent me a text saying, after all this time, I still miss you. Please forgive me.” I am going to Reiki sessions, I joined a meditation group and since he left 4 years ago, I have been having lucid dreams, beautiful dreams……and also seeing the 11:11, 333, 555 frequently. Now that he is back and closer to me……..I am seeing the 11:11 and the 555 night and day every day! I feel that I am ready to have him back in my life and I continue to send him light and love every day. We have not met personally yet, but I love him dearly, and I am letting him know that he can come back home. Thank you for “educating” us. It is a very complicated but wonderful kind of love…..it is nothing that I have ever experienced in my whole life. It is unconditional love!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Wanda,

      You’re so welcome! Thank you for sharing your story. The twin flame story can be a roller coaster. Trust and unconditional love are the answers to the trials and tribulations. Let go and let God. That’s really all we can do and then the divine design of our twin flame union will unfold.

      Sending you love and light,

  114. i know her from a past life in england westwood dream in life reality know the meeting

  115. 1). If you’re seeking your Twin Flame, you must first work on self-development. When you focus on healing your body, heart and soul, chances are very good that your Twin will find you. Though your introduction to each other may seem coincidental, you will both meet when you are ready to work. However, your first meeting will be absolutely divine!

    2). Twin Flames don’t meet by chance. The only reason that Twin Flames come together in the same lifetime is to fulfill a shared mission. Their abilities, feelings and heightened awareness are all intensified by design. The love, passion and energy levels of each Twin Flame are doubled beyond normal human levels in order to achieve an all-important joint mission. So are their talents, gifts and abilities

    This is exactly how it happened for both of us. A year earlier we would not have been ready. Neither of us were looking, but knew of each other for years never having said ten words to each other in the past. We were put into each other’s heads a few months before meeting. We were destined to meet and neither of us really knew why. That part was mystical.

    The fireworks afterward, I believe, altered out bodies there was so much new chemistry happening. It was a physical transformation, almost painful at times and certainly confusing.

    Being together is as if looking at a mirror. We agree on most everything. We do have a few things that are not similar in food like oysters and asparagus, ha,ha.. We laugh an awful lot.

    Two things are certain. We would not have been ready to meet a year before and a higher power, God, our ancestors put the other person in our head and commanded us to meet.

    We are not sure of a mission. Perhaps that will come later and perhaps this is all there is after 8 months.


    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you for sharing your experience. This will help a lot of people understand more about twin flame reunions.


  116. I’m a 42 year old single mother of five young children.
    When I saw his beautiful face, his eyes like universes within universes, in a photo, I couldn’t stop myself from being drawn in. The photo was on a dating site I have only been on for a few weeks, lol. At the time I thought it was pure physical attraction, though I’m a spiritual person and there’s always something underlying my worldly feelings.
    All I did was leave a comment about how incredibly attractive I found him….just as a compliment, no other reason. As he’s almost 20 years younger than me, I never expected to hear anything from him and I didn’t even contemplate asking him out. It wasn’t on the radar. I was simply browsing. I imagined that he had women chasing him all day and night and what young man would be interested in the likes of me….
    A few days later he attempted to contact me. I didn’t really take it seriously. As he didn’t have a full subscription he gave me his phone in the message. I couldn’t call it as I was out of money and thought he’d just lose interest like young men do, lol. But he persisted and we chatted on Facebook for ages. It felt as if we’d just been old friends who’d lost eachother for a while. I still didn’t think anything of it, but simply enjoyed the energy. I have had several failed relationships and was so burned that I think I went numb.
    We arranged to meet quite quickly. I was so nervous I couldn’t even put my makeup on properly. I don’t really get nervous. The feeling of being drawn towards him was so tantalising….I’ve never felt such a thing before. I didn’t know this total being feeling existed. I had heard of twin flames etc, but never thought it was for me. I’ve always felt quite apart from the rest of the world.
    There was no reasoning that could explain the complete attraction even before having met him. I’m one to hold back. I don’t like to jump in these days. About five minutes into sitting down in front of him in the bar I felt all consumed, struggling for anything to say but not caring. Lost in his eyes, his energy. Later he said he was the same. We couldn’t eat. He took me dancing, though he didn’t dance. The beat of the music washed over me and standing so close to him pure bliss washed over me too and I couldn’t stop myself stroking his face and brushing my lips across his, I’m pretty sure it was several songs but it could have been an eternity for all I knew. He’s young, he was terribly turned on and we had to get out of there…to anywhere. When he smiles my entire body and soul ignites. The things he spoke to me in that first encounter that night caught me off guard. I thought he was just an international student sewing his wild oats and me a horny, lonely housewife, lol. But He is completely serious. How anyone so young could speak things into my heart like that, I couldn’t work out. I tried to think of things that could explain it….nothing. He’s no romantic player, he’s never even had a girlfriend. Totally lost in his overwhelming hormones and new experiences? There is that, but something more. He said he knew who I was through my eyes. Just talking and talking ( I could listen to his voice forever ) and making love over and over and not wanting to leave each other’s embrace. I could smell him the whole next week. Could feel his touch and desire and longing. I tried to stand back from it. But yesterday my dam broke and I couldn’t stop crying and he says this, ” I have loved u and I still do and I am gonna love you forever,no matter we live together or not,no matter whoever comes between us.”. Like, what?! I can’t understand how this beautiful creature can be saying this to me. So young, inexperienced. So strong. I need him like Ive needed no one else, but I know one day I’ll have to let him go.
    Is this a predicament? In the world, this reality, I guess it is. A twenty year age difference, from completely different cultures and sides of the world, my children, his likely future and obligations to his family ( he’s from northern India ), my poor life situation, even our living situations seem to be conspiring against us…..but we don’t even care. Yesterday, after seeing him for the second time, I was so anxiously love sick. I wondered what I was doing and how crazy it all was. Then I speak to him and everything seems fine. I keep wanting to check to see if it was just a dream, an unusual fling. Looking for things that will make it seem not so perfect. All my life I’ve let my sick self destroy chances of happiness. I so don’t want that to happen here. I want to have what we can have together, however long or short. It’s like time doesn’t exist when I’m with him or think of him. Just when I thought I could be rational in the face of dating and romance, this hits me, lol. Even though I was asked out a lot on th dating site, his is the only plan I followed through with. Like I was waiting subconsciously for that. It’s beyond everything. He’s part of me and only people here will understand. But there’s this feeling that we’ve never been apart and never will. It’s a settling thought, but at the same time it’s terrifying. It’s everything all at once. He’s in me and I’m in him. He makes it sound so simple I’m in awe. He’s wise beyond his years. My heart is beating so fast right now. Eternity and destiny and…those things had just become the stuff of fantasy to me…..id lost any hope because nothing ever seemed enough. He brought it back in an instant. 😊😊😊😊 Bless

    • Lindell
      I have no words to express how much your post has moved me and resonated with me. I’m almost in tears. You have been given a great gift. And like me and others I suspect, you’re thinking who am I to deserve such a gift – this can’t be real. Well you do and it is – and you don’t need me to tell you this
      I am 54, just getting started in my search for my TF – and your post helps me ‘dare to hope’ that it is real
      Any updates?

  117. Hi
    Is twin souls age are same?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Edward,

      Thank you for your question, “Are twin souls’ ages always the same?”

      The answer is no. Frequently twin flames are decades apart in age, miles apart geographically, light years apart in terms of beliefs and religion, and so on. Twin flames are here to show the world that LOVE is the thing that matters most, regardless of age, race, size, appearance, physiology, beliefs, or physical proximity. It’s not easy being a twin flame because you’re showing the whole world how to love unconditionally, no matter what!


  118. I have recently had a spiritual awaking and things are coming to me extremely fast which is how I found this site. I have had dreams for many years of a woman who is always leaving me. These are intense dreams that are very vivid. I am divorced and remarried and I thought this woman in my dreams was possibly my ex wife, however, her face was never clear or looked like a combination of both met ex and current wife. After my spiritual awaking I have realized that it is my twin flame. Last evening I asked my guides to bring her to me in my dreams. I was meditating and I clearly heard the name Sarah. It sent the most amazing vibration throughout my body. While still meditating I heard Sarah say to me that she heard me. I felt this energy inside that I have never felt before and it was so strong that I broke down in extremely joyful tears. I went to sleep and she appeared to me. I still could not see her face clearly but I took her face in my hands and asked her if she was my twin flame. I woke up and don’t remember if she answered me. I believe that I already know our mission. I believe that we agreed to be star channels. I don’t know if she has incarnated in a this lifetime. How can I find out and how can I find her?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mickey,

      Thank you for your comment. I channeled briefly and received a very loving message from your Angels/Guides: “We love you Mickey! We love you dearly. Be aware, you are yet not on-track, you are not on-path. You must heal yourself before you encounter your twin soul. She is physical, but you have more healing to do.”

      In my experience, once you’ve healed yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and aren’t looking for someone to complete you, it’s then that you suddenly stumble into your twin flame. It happens when you least expect it, and when you’re not necessarily “seeking.”


  119. I met my twin flame recently, and am going nuts. I feel nuts. I’m already an empath. I’m not really big into romance and stuff. He’s an Air Force mechanic. He’s a male version of me, I’m 30. He’s 37…… I’m big into the military. Almost joined but I couldn’t in time. We both lived in the same city, but didn’t know each other. Our relationship was only a month we wondered why we got along so damn well. We’re usually, not what each other would go for. I would go for his looks, but the soul and his personality, is the same as mine, but it isn’t that we look almost a lot alike. We had people say that we look like brother n sister. I didn’t realize til it was late. He got shipped off to Abu Dhabi, and we both agreed we wouldn’t fall in love but we ended up falling madly in love with each other. I had an affair going on with someone at work at the time. I read that, with twin flames. One’s usually seeing someone during that time. Ever since he left, I have been telepathically noticing his thoughts. Smelling “abu dhabi” feeling the heat getting his thoughts qualities that he has and I DON’T i’m not getting like understanding others more patients I feel like i’m going insane……..so does he. He thinks we are soul mates. We haven’t talked yet I’m getting him in my dreams…and I can already see aura. Mine’s pink. His is violet purple, so I think I awaken his psychic abilities as well. He’s freaking out a bit but because we’re on other sides of the world…….It’s hard too communicate. so I THINK I’m going insane. When he’s asleep I’m awake at work I can feel him hug me..and part of my soul is gone. ANY HELP PLEASE PLEEEASE…does it sound like twin flames! I THINK IT IS. We met on valentines day, we don’t even care for that holiday. We saw a shooting star. Everything just seems to match.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Quickly channelled and got a “yes.” This is your twin flame.


  120. I recently discovered that my ex boyfriend is my twin flame. The feeling is so intense and drives me crazy. I accidentally contacted a love psychic because I was so vulnerable. I did 4 separate readings from 4 different pshychics. They all told me that me and him are twin flame soul mates. To be honest, I never heard the terminology of twin flames. So I googled and oh yes, all the characteristics of twin inflames describe us.

    I am married with 3 children, and he is divorced with no children. We met in 2015 in London, and got together a few times. Then in 2016 we met again somewhere in May with his client. Both of us get connected instantly. Both of us were born in the same month and year.
    After two weeks of dating, we became a couple. Ever since, I’ve noticed my life has never been the same. I noticed that I have a sixth sense of him, like I can tell what is going to happen or how he feels etc. We never had any arguments/issues in our 8 months relationship. We could tolerate each other very well. And usually with my husband, I always had issues with him we had a fight almost every week.

    In September, I found out I was pregnant with his baby and we decided to get an abortion because both of us had personal issues.. In October, he proposed to me, asked me to get married . But sadly, in November, after he came back from his home town, he said he cant do this with me anymore. He has to go back to his country for good. Because of his father’s illness. He needs to be there for him. I was crushed into a million pieces. My life never been the same.

    Dec-January 2017
    He chased me again, and we both still continued like a normal couple. And suddenly, he told me his parents had arranged his wedding with his cousin (Arabic culture). I knew this before he even told me, as if I had the sixth sense. I ran away from him, disappeared and ran back to my country to pack my bag and go. My heart is aching so badly, I thought going back to my husband was a good idea.. but it turned out my heart hurt even more.

    When my twin flame told me that his wedding is in March 2017, I knew it will not happen. I have a strong sense. And that is why I contacted the psychics. They all said that this man can’t stop thinking about me, and think about me every single day morning and night. And our feelings are like a Mirror, and the wedding is not happening because the two of them are not getting along well together.

    My pshychic told me that he will come back to me and reconnect again. He is vulnerable right now because he has family issues and his family is pretty dominant.

    How do I meditate to connect or reach out to him on the astral plane? I know he is trying to stay away from me and trying to fight his feelings. I want to tell him it is OK. We can pull this together.,

    I don’t know how to describe my feelings. They are so intense, sometimes I find myself “talking” to him as if he can hear me. And yes, I can feel him.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Hana,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and for your question. Life is for learning, growing, rising-up to a higher level of consciousness, and helping others to do the same. You might ask yourself, “What am I learning from this situation?”

      Many people pray or meditate when they’re desperate. As a last resort, they pray or meditate to fix their life or connect with loved ones and divinity.
      The truth is, it’s virtually impossible to meditate when you’re emotionally upset. On top of that, the Angels and your spiritual guides can’t reach you to provide comfort or advice, because your emotions block your channel.
      In contrast, when you’re emotionally calm, your channel begins to open.

      The key to meditation is to set your intentions ahead of time then let go, close your eyes, relax, and go into the stillness to achieve internal focused awareness. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and slowly breath-out to relax your muscles. Focus on the coolness of your in-breath and the warmth of your out-breath, while imagining yourself in a beautiful natural setting with sunlight, green trees, water and nature all around. Count backwards slowly from 100 to go deeper. You can imagine relaxing every muscle, from the tips of your toes, to the top of your head.

      These are all techniques to help you relax and lose yourself in meditation. Once you have relaxed sufficiently, you’ll have taken yourself deep into trance. At that point, just be open and allow yourself to be guided from there.

      Wishing you great success in your meditation!


  121. First, please try to understand my English, which isn’t very good. I don’t know why I’m suddenly thinking about this boy in recent years. I met him 13, 14 years ago, for a few months, and then he was gone. When he was gone, I didn’t feel sad so much, just a little sad, and then I never thought of him until one day, I started missing him, bursting in tears when thinking of him. When he first met me, he likeed me at the first sight, but he neither chased me nor he said he liked me. However, I knew he liked me at the first sight too. He’s a pretty boy, and I love pretty faces so much, especially female pretty faces, but nothing happened between us. But now, he’s the reason I gather so much spiritual knowledge (karmic cord, telepathy, oversoul, ….) and my missing him gives me many insights about love, both conditional and unconditional love. It seems my missing him is growing me spiritually in some way. I have never dated any man until now. I’m 32 years old now, but it’s not because of missing him. I just missed him for a few years recently. I don’t know why I keep thinking about this boy. I have many answers for that already, but I don’t know what the right answer is. Perhaps, he’s the excuse for me to engage in spiritual knowledge, but I know it isn’t because I feel lonely for sure. (I have some men who are waiting for me to move into a relationship with them.)

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your interesting experience. I channelled and the Angels said, “He is a karmic connection. He will appear again in your next lifetime” (i.e. the karma must be resolved). Your seeking to understand this connection is brilliant because it’s leading you to a higher path. This will help when you next encounter him. Keep up the great work to arrive at a much higher level of consciousness!

      • Thank you so much!!!

        • Dear Elizabeth,
          It’s very kind of you to make a channel for me. Those words become so precious that I keep reading again and again in tears. I believe one day, I can make a past life regression to know more about the karma between him and me. Your generosity is too much that I feel ugly to ask you anything more. But if u don’t mind, may I ask you the last thing: “Is he still alive?” Even you won’t rely me, I’m always grateful to you. Thank you and best wish to you

  122. I think I’ve met my twin flame. It happened through my cries to God and suddenly he appeared from somewhere and answered all the questions that I poured-out to God. Is this relation called as my twin flame? …but I fear to be in contact with him. My inner mind does not allow it to happen, so I wish I could always meet with him. But that is not practically possible. Both are committed to our respective families. What is the solution? Please answer.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Roja,

      Follow your heart. God speaks to you through your heart, so trust your instinct. If something holds you back, then that something may be your heart. If you’d like a session, I can channel to get more answers for you.