Is my Twin Flame a Celebrity?

celebrities“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”

Paul McCartney     

Many people who’ve read my posts have wondered if their twin flame was a celebrity.  Certainly, it’s easy to fall in love with an attractive movie star whose role pulls at your heart strings.  When you watch films with famous actors who “speak” to your heart, it’s as if you’re the hero or heroine in their movies.  The close-ups have them gazing deeply into your eyes and suddenly, it’s just like they’re defending, rescuing, or falling in love with you, not their fellow actor.

I’ve felt the pull.  I would LOVE to meet Willem Dafoe, Hugh Grant, or Keanu Reeves and discover we’ve got something in common. There’s just something about these actors that grabs me, and every other woman in the theater!

We don’t watch films to feel detached  and separate from the lead actors.  We watch films and go to theaters to escape, to enjoy the funny side of life in a comedy, to live on the edge in an adventure, or to fall hopelessly in love in a romance.

Let’s face it, love sells.  If you didn’t fall in love with movie actors, why would you go to a movie?  Many actors are fantastic at what they do. They’re also chosen for their beauty.  Indeed, whether it’s a beautiful garden, a beautiful garment, or a beautiful face, beauty is something we frequently strive for.

The truth is, despite the many people who’ve asked whether a celebrity is a twin flame, each time I’ve channeled, the answer was “no, that person is not your twin flame.”  Talk about disappointment!

Twin Flame reunions are the most difficult relationships.  If you’re interested in a celebrity, why not work to meet them?  Lots of movie stars have charitable funds and attend charity events.  Become a supporter.  I’m not suggesting you stalk anyone. However, there are ways you can connect with celebrities at events, to gain a more realistic perspective.  They’re just people!

Years ago, a friend of mine was crazy about baseball, desperately wanted autographs at special sports events, but couldn’t bring herself to talk to the players.  I decided to help her out so stood in line-ups and got autographs that she was too shy or too embarrassed to ask for.  Much to my astonishment, the hottest baseball players were expressionless, silent, and kept their heads down to avoid making eye-contact.  Talk about feeling deflated!  Thankfully, the Old Timers, the baseball stars of the past, were much friendlier.  Fame doesn’t always make people sociable.


Here’s something to consider.  When you DO finally connect with your twin flame, no movie star can compare.  Fiction dulls in comparison to the reality of a twin flame reunion.  When you first re-unite with your soul’s other half, twin flame love is hotter than a volcano!  Over time, if you can manage to stay connected, even from a distance, it will be the most genuine and rewarding love you’ll ever experience.

Many of my clients have connected with their twin soul, either in person, or on the astral plane using channelled hypnosis.  Spiritually speaking, twin souls are starting to reunite to become a “whole” soul, to achieve higher consciousness.

There are many ways to meet your twin soul:  You can heal at all levels, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, in order to be ready to meet your twin soul;  You can also go into trance and connect with your twin soul on the astral plane;  Often, I facilitate hypnosis sessions where people meet their twin souls, or their twin soul steps into me and speaks to their beloved.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Wishing you all great happiness, love, and harmony!


Elizabeth Rose

Twin Flames