How to Meet Your Twin Flame

Twin Flames“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

I receive a lot of questions about Twin Flames.  Here are a few answers:

What is a Twin Flame Union?

Twin Flames stem from one divine spark that eventually split and became two halves of the same soul. I think of twin flames as yet another form of creative expression in God’s divine design.

To quote Charles M. Schulz and Bruce Lee, respectively, if ‘happiness is a warm puppy’ and ‘love is friendship caught on fire,’ then the fire between twin flames is explosive and expands tenfold.  In your mind’s eye, amplify the warmest feelings you’ve ever had, super-charge those feelings with fireworks, an electrical storm, and the power of the sun, and you’ll have only a general idea of what your first encounter with a twin flame might feel like.

If you meet your twin flame, your soul will feel ignited and you’ll suddenly realize that you didn’t understand love until that moment. You’ll comprehend that true love is divine, eternal and more intense than previously imaginable. This is because a twin flame encounter is a reunion with your ancient other half, in the most literal sense. When you connect with your twin flame, you’ve come home. Even if you’ve grown wise, mature, and feel completely whole as a person, you will feel even more complete when you encounter your twin flame because it’s not a relationship, it’s a divine union.

How to Meet Your Twin Flame

Before my own encounter with a twin flame, I’d never heard the term mentioned before. When we collided, it occurred in an unlikely place, when I least expected, and it wasn’t something that I was seeking. We were both thunderstruck but neither of us understood the implications until we’d done a lot of research, hypnosis and channeling.

The only reason twin flames find each other in the same lifetime is to fulfill an important soul contract. You don’t have to wonder, worry, or try to find your twin flame because the meeting is predestined. Your twin flame will find you and it will happen when you least expect it. In the non-physical realm of spirit, twin flames are already united. There is no separation. They only come together in physical form to achieve a joint mission that will benefit all beings on the planet, and beyond, because we’re all connected at some level. Consequently, if you’re meant to connect, your encounter will be unavoidable.

To attract your twin flame, you can only work on yourself by healing at many different levels, including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Rather than pine away for someone that’s out-of-reach, it’s far better to go within, meditate, and focus on what your mission is in this lifetime. When you’re ready to step-up to the plate and be who you really are, use all your talents, gifts, and abilities to benefit mankind, only then will your twin flame appear. When that happens, you’ll both have the same heightened emotions and share the same sense of higher purpose. You’ll both know.

The trick is to get beyond the fireworks and do the spiritual works. Remember that everything happens by divine design. If you’re meant to come together in this lifetime, it will happen when the time is right for your collective mission to get started. You don’t have to work on attracting your twin. Just work on yourself, be the best you can be, so you’ll be ready when you connect.  Relax, let go, and let God.

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  1. HI! My question is that what happens when one of the twin flames is aware about his/her twin flame’s existence but that other twin flame is completely unaware about this fact?..
    For example-If one of the twin flames is very famous and is shown on tv on a regular basis and suddenly when the other twin flame sees him/her on tv he/she gets those fireworks by seeing him/her but unfortunately the other twin flame is completely unware about this fact(which is obvious!) then what happens and why does this happen?..

    Please reply as soon as possible..
    This is very urgent!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Rose,
      With twin flames, the feeling is always mutual. One glance is all it takes to recognize a twin flame. Twin flames are always connected in spirit so be cautious of your sense of urgency because you’re never really disconnected from a twin. If you agreed to meet in this lifetime, encountering your twin flame in the physical world will be unavoidable so there’s probably no rush. Attractive celebrities are exactly that – attractive like magnets. That’s why they attract so many followers. Remember that actors are simply playing a role – they’re not being themselves on TV. Deep breathe. Enjoy the present moment.

      • Elizabeth, is it possible that my twin flame could switch bodies? My recent husband reminds me of my ex-husband. It’s almost like they are the same people. Just curious.

      • I’m kinda in the same issue as Rose. My (predicted) twin flame is famous, but she’s a musician not an actress (yes a she. I know most twin flames are opposite sex, but i read that it doesn’t always have to be) So she is who she is. Not a character. I get all those same feelings around her, and I have met her a few times. But if she had those feelings, i couldn’t tell, cos i didn’t get that vibe. plus she was working and it was very loud and crowded and chaotic and she has to maintain her image and be professional. That and this happened before my awakening and before my knowledge of what a twin flame even is. Maybe she couldn’t sense it…idk. This person is also not sexually attracted to females. but i don’t think a twin flame has to be a sex partner/lover. right? Unconditional love can be platonic. If I’m wrong about the twin flame…i know i’m not wrong about some kind of connection….in my soul, i can feel it. i feel her. idc if she’s famous. i’d love her even if she lived in a tent in the woods. i think shes famous for a reason. she is a very special person. i truly believe she is an incarnate angel. her celebrity status is meant to be because she reaches so many people and spreads light, love and good in the world. that is her mission on this planet. it’s why she was born here. Maybe we aren’t twin flames, but then idk, cos i have never felt such a love and connection for any other living thing like i do for her. her moods effect me as well. one time i even got sick when she was sick. it’s weird. If we aren’t twins we were definitely at least born of the same energy.

  2. joey Banks says:

    What are the physical symptoms or signs that twinflames experience?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your question. Physical symptoms include feelings beyond your wildest imagination, heightened emotions, heightened awareness, heightened intuition, flash-backs of your twin in a previous lifetime, a feeling of trust that you never knew was possible, a feeling of love that’s bigger than the planet, a bond or closeness that renders you both inseparable, at least in the beginning. Hope that helps you.

  3. What if you know who your twin flame is, but you were not in relationship with them, they had their own lovers, and now that twin flame has passed on. Do you meet when you pass over, or do their past loves get priority?
    Also, I woke myself up the other night talking to him. Is it my exhaustion and grief, or was I really having a conversation with him?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for your comment. Twin flames are always connected in spirit and are always working on their joint mission in the non-physical level of spirit. Yes, you’ll likely meet your twin flame when you pass, and at some point in your evolution of consciousness, you are destined to become one with your twin because you ARE two halves of one soul. Twin flames generally aren’t here to get involved in traditional roles because their work is to heal the hearts of mankind. They work for the greater good and their love is unconditional. Your twin flame definitely reaches out to you and supports you from the non-physical world of spirit. Trust, trust, trust. If you thought you were talking with him, you probably were. You might continue the conversation each night by asking questions regarding your mission in this lifetime and keeping your eyes closed each morning to see if you become aware of the answers.
      Wishing you Love, Peace and Courage!

  4. I really do want to try and find my life partner but I want to be exact about my twin flame. I want to feel an instant connection or a gut feeling that this person is suppose to be in my life forever, what are some of the ways my soul mate will appear to me?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Shaun,
      Twin flames tend to appear when and where you least expect. I’d never heard of a twin flame until I met mine. You will KNOW because of the intensity of your feelings, and theirs. You might gain some insight while in a meditative state or through an inter-life hypnosis session where you could review your soul contracts and agreements. However, everything is by divine design. If you’re meant to meet your twin flame in this lifetime, because you share a joint mission for the greater good, then you WILL meet them. Sparks will fly then you’ll cool off and focus on making a positive impact on the planet – which is the purpose of such an encounter!

      • Thanks Elizabeth for the reply back to me!

        Yes I really want to find my life partner/soulmate/twin-flames, but I extremely want to know them when I see them. For example I want my twin flame to make me smile when I’m mad at them or to make me laugh so hard my stomach starts to hurt lol! (Joking :o)

        I’m just afraid that I will miss out on seeing my soulmate due to me not recgonizing them or being too busy. I am usually picky because I just don’t want to think anybodys suppose to be with me so all I ask is that my twin flame will be “SUPER ATTRACTIVE” with qualities I’m looking for in a mate!


  5. Hi,

    I’ve never new about twin flame until we met early this year. We have broken up but our short time together feels like a lifetime. We met at an odd place, my twin flame found me. When our eyes gazed it was an instant connection and nothing that I felt before as if I already knew him (he said the same) for a long time. There’s this feeling of warmth and ease that I am with the right person. Although he was younger than me, our young adult life experience was similar. We mirror each other’s character, personality, values, belief, likes and dislike. When we had our first misunderstanding and did not speak for a few weeks. His side of friends and my side of friends ask why we aren’t talking and we both gave the same exact silly reason. Who does that? I can think of one hundred reasons we are so much alike.
    When we broke up I feel a tremendous sadness in my heart. I sometimes can feel and hear his voice talking to me and it’s been a few months. Is it possible to reunite with my twin flame? And to continue our life journey?

  6. What happens if your twin flame is unaware that your are their twin flame. but if you see all the signs that this person is your twin flame, like you’ve seen them in your dream before you met them, see their name on building or signs, where ever you go, dream about them a lot, though it seems they think the same way you think, like if your were thinking about something, they post online the very same thin you were thinking, like funny stuff like you had a mutual dream about them, they post the best thing about dreams is you see your love In them, but what if your twin flame hiding they know your are their twin flame and tells your to move and forget and the only thing they will bring you is heartache. though do you move on or give it time. how d you deal with someone who says they don’t love you but you know they do coz you cane feel what they feel. but I’ve notice when I loose faith in good it feels like I loose connection with my twin flame.

    • I meant to say God not good

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Laura,
      For some reason, I couldn’t see some of the comments on these posts. However, now I’m able to see past comments so am replying to as many as possible. I didn’t realize there so many.
      Twin Flames recognise each other energetically, so the pull/attraction will be equally strong. They may not understand the concept of twin souls, but they’ll drawn to you in the same way that you’re drawn to them, and it’s powerful.
      Hormones rule planet Earth. As people age, their hormones have less control over them. Sometimes, when someone is madly in love with someone, it’s our hormones at play, or, it could be Karma. When you feel pulled to someone who’s not pulled to you, you may have had a past life with them.

  7. Reading some if these comments…..I have to SMH.
    It’s not sonethjng you wish for and say “oh I want it to be this way, or that way” I hope my TF, SM is like this with me or I want them to be this way. You have no idea when you meet this person and please don’t go around thinking everyone is the one. You have no idea what it’s like. It’s not all fun and games and all divine. Once you meet get ready for a lot more than you think it is. Intense love feelings yes…but their is more to it and a few other stages that this article does not mention and don’t think you will be with this person the rest of your life cause that is not always in the cards. You are apart for a reason and cons together for a reason. It’s not about the two of you. There is a purpose beyond that of here. You may not have even chose to do this so you may never find you have a twin flame. Be sure you know what you are doing.

  8. My twinflame is famous, he is in a band, a huge one. And i am 220% sure im right. i have weird signs, the familiarity of his soul- not him. The messages in his songs, i swear some of them were for me (whether he realized it or not), We seem alike- yet different. I have had it confirmed thru prayer (like signs) and meditation. One time i was meditating, for an answer on this, and I heard “Its okay, he will love you more than you could ever understand”. One time i was messaging my friend, who is a psychic, and i (absent minded, completely unaware that I was even there) started typing “I may be a celebrity, but I will find you” and then i “snapped back into reality”. .. I know its him, and I sense he knows somewhat whats going on.
    What advice can I receive? because I think we agreed to meet this lifetime. but im not sure.. Thanks!!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comment and question. The great thing about twin flames is that they will find you, or you will “stumble” into them. If you are meant to meet your twin flame in this lifetime it’s because you arranged it in a soul contract, before you were born. The fireworks romance is how you first identify each other. However, twin flames generally don’t unite to have a relationship, get married, have kids, etc. They generally reunite in the physical world to positively impact the planet. If you connect, there’s tons of work to do. Your life will never be the same. It will turn upside down. If you connect with your twin, remember it’s for the greater good, for a joint mission. If it turns into a romance but has no ‘do or die’ mission to change the world, it’s not your twin flame. May I suggest you research how this celebrity is positively impacting the planet. If his work aligns with your own do-or die mission to change the world for the better, perhaps he is indeed your twin. If he is your twin, you will probably “collide” without much effort on your part. Or, perhaps you can write him or buy a ticket to his concert and see if he makes any effort to connect with you. Hope that helps.

      • What do you exactly mean with the “do or die” mission. And how could my life change? And how to I impact the world with them? And what kind of work will be there?

        • Elizabeth Rose says:


          To “do or die” is to persist even if death results. It’s a mission you feel compelled to accomplish, no matter what the cost. The drive to do that all important thing, whatever that is, comes from your heart, not your head. Whatever you’re called to do, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing in your lifetime. That is your mission in life, your spiritual quest. Usually it’s for the greater good, though it can sometimes feel selfish. When you follow you heart and do what you’re “called” to do, then your life will most probably change. The right people will show-up to assist you. Old friends may drop away. Opportunities will appear and circumstances will change, all to assist you in accomplishing your mission.

          I hope that helps to clarify things. I wish you great success in following your heart, for the greater good.


  9. Hi, this is a very new concept for me. I have always been spiritual, but never in any one traditional way. I still don’t know if I believe in reincarnation. Anyway here’s my story, comments and advice would be greatly appreciated. I moved to a new city and then into a new neighborhood with my boyfriend who I am serious about but he is not a soul mate or anything. So on my bus there’s this guy. At first I noticed how good looking he is but didn’t think any further because that’s how I am when I’m in a relationship. Until one day I stepped on the bus and it was like I was pulled into his gaze. He was looking at me from the back and as soon as our eyes met, that was it. The feeling is indescribable. I had to eventually look away, the feelings were too intense. On the same day he had to push past me because he had to get off the bus, and the physical contact was like home. Since then its been the two of us stealing glances and stuff. He’s never tried speaking to me, and I am too much of a coward. I researched a few things and somehow found articles on twin flames. Now I’m convinced that this is what it is. I don’t know what to do from here.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Joelene,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Clearly there is a strong attraction. However, only time will tell if this is your twin flame. With twins, the sparks fly at first sight, but so does the conversation because you’re re-connecting to the other part of your soul. It’s a union that has a familiarity, like you’ve known this person forever. You’ll trust this person as you have never trusted anyone before. It’s a lot like déjà vu. If you connect with your twin flame, you’ll quickly fall in-sync.
      If it’s not your twin, you can still feel great attraction. It simply means you may have encountered a soul-mate or perhaps have a karmic debt must be worked out, or there’s a lesson to learn. You can wait to see how it plays out because, if he’s a twin, he’ll make the effort to connect with you. You could also take a deep breath, relax, and simply be friendly. Get to know the man before you make any decisions about him. Our hearts have a tendency to leap before our brains kick-in. People sometimes change drastically after you know them. First impressions can be deceiving, especially where your heart’s involved.
      Of course, I never listened to this kind of advice myself and frequently got hurt. Sometimes, we learn best through our mistakes.
      Regardless, there’s a plan for you. Trust that the right man will show-up. Have faith.

      • Thank you so much elizabeth, this has been very helpful. All signs point to “wait” but its frustrating. Especially I’ve been having a sense that my destiny is about to come to light.
        Blessings to you too.

  10. I am not sure but 2012 I walked into a barber shop been going for about a year and I looked up and saw a guy I knew from my childhood. We never talked. It was incredible. Over the months I kept going back and notice him observing me. As time progressed the feeling got stronger and I could tell he was feeling it too. We never talked(did I mention we are both shy). May 2012 I broke up from my then Boyfriend of 12 years as he was cheating. Then the feelings got even more overwhelming. Still we havent talked me and my TF. I tried to walk away but to no avail. Now note my TF was in NYC for 17 yrs, the guy I was dating resembles him, they are in the same career(actually work about a block away). Both names start with DEN and born days apart. I am confused as to what to do. my intuition and visions tell me he is my TF. Has anyone ever experienced this. There is more but I have to go. I will write it tomorrow.

    But can TF know each other during childhood, I used to socialize with his sis but for a short time and he was never around. We also look similar, when I saw him I told a friend ” he cant intimidate me as he is me” now those words seem so powerful

  11. In 2011 I was dating a guy(DEN1), by then for 10 years. He is barber but the relationship was hard. I was the bread winner, housekeeper, as he was extremely lazy. However, I refused to let go as we had a daughter and the idea of being with another man seemed slutty. Via this relationship I became independent. My bf would do my eyebrows but when we were mad he would avoid me(we live togther) sometimes for weeks. I got accustomed to this. I then decided to avoid the drama I would go to another shop. Thus I saw a childhood friend who was a barber(Lenny). I started going to that shop regular for Lenny to do my brows. I actually never knew who the owner was, because when I went there it was always Lenny and only Lenny.

    Thus one day I went there and there was DEN2, i was shocked I hadn’t seen him seen I was in my late teens. I dont know how I knew but I knew he was overseas. Thus in my mind I said wow DEN2 is back. I was taken off guard, as I felt the attraction. But I am old fashion thus I ignored it. I continued going and sometimes he was there other times he wasnt. Then one day I had no option but to sit close to where DEN2 was cutting a guys hair and he said something and I looked at him(our eyes met and it was intense..I can feel it still). To date over a year later I never looked in his eyes again. But I could feel the attraction but I had my own issues. May 2012 I broke up DEN1 of 12 years as he was cheating, actual he left first to pursue this relationship then came back). I was devastated but in my mind at the time, surprisingly I thought maybe DEN1 found his one true love and could not help it. Thus at my darkest moment I moved on completing forgeting for a moment about DEN2. Then the feelings got even more overwhelming. Still we haven’t talked me and my TF. I would get messages saying, “i am gonna spoil you”. Visions of us having a child, a son to be specific. The weirdest thing was a dream of someone trying to take a crown from me and in the dream i said ” I canot lose my crown” Later to find out one of his name actually means crown. This didnt freak me out as since childhood I have always remembered my dreams and had visions. As most women I tried to get him to pursue me but he was too shy. We hug once simple hello embraced and it was electric. Thus I wrote a poem, and two words stood out “Our souls are in sync”. It was these strange words that lead me to find the idea of a twin flame. I was overjoyed, it was gonna be perfect but as my attraction grew stronger, still I cant face him. In a room with him we don’t talk but I am at peace(at the shop). I can feel his stares but I never look up. He befriended by best friend but is as far as we have gotten. I tried to walk away but to no avail. Now note my TF was in NYC for 17 yrs, the guy I was dating resembles him, they are in the same career(actually work about a block away). Both names start with DEN and born days apart. I am confused as to what to do. my intuition and visions tell me he is my TF. Has anyone ever experienced this.

    I used to socialize with his sis but for a short time and he was never around. We also look similar, when I saw him I told a friend ” he cant intimidate me as he is me” now those words seem so powerful.

    thus two questions

    does it really take long once united in the physical before actually speaking, as most TF say it happened instantly.

    But can TF know each other during childhood,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Everything is possible. However, your descriptions sound more like relationships. Twin flames form a union. They reunite in the physical world only to complete a divine mission that will positively impact the world. It’s big picture stuff that can include things like healing, teaching, and counseling. Perhaps you have some karma to work out with these people. Either way, it’s all good and must be worked out. You are also gifted with clairvoyance, which you can develop to heal yourself and also use to assist others. We learn from our own experiences so that we may teach and lift others. That’s what the twin flame mission is all about. Perhaps you can inquire about the hopes and dreams of the people you mention. If you share one man’s vision of a better world, you may have encountered a twin flame.

  12. What if you are rejected by your twin flame. Will there be pain?, hurt?, or nothing happens? Because I’m that person. I’d be sacred of being in love because I’ve been badly hurt in my past and have trouble moving on.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, which probably indicates your twin flame was also rejected at one time or another. Like attracts like. Wounds attract wounds. People who hurt you have been hurt themselves. We’ve all been hurt, deeply. The job is to heal. You may not be able to heal him, but you can heal yourself. How do you do that? You’ve got to feel to heal. Watch a heart-breaking movie like Thorn Birds, get tissues, and cry your eyes out. Release the emotional blocks. EFT works as well in releasing the emotional blocks. Ted Robinson teaches EFT: Learn this and practice regularly. Hypnosis works. I also do powerful energy healing. Ironically, love is the most powerful healer. Wayne Dyer always said, “If you want love, BE love.” Forgive yourself. Drop the guilt, any shame, fear, or sadness, and love yourself for who you really are. When you were born, you were perfect. You’re still perfect! When you learn to accept and love every aspect of yourself, you will attract the right kind of partner. The guy that hurt you may not have been your twin flame, so let go, laugh, and lead on.

    • Your not my tf Christina its somebody else when you meet yours you will know 🙂

  13. I had never heard of twin flames before now. After searching the meaning of repeating numbers and other strange happenings I see my exact situation, she’s my twin flame! If you have to question it then they’re not your twin trust me! This is powerful like nothing you could have ever experienced before, it’s beyond being “in love” nothing like it in fact. They’re YOU! We’re like yin and yang, identical opposites, paralell lives, blown away by each others mere existince.. I’m in love with the fact that a missing part of me even exists! She found my art on the internet and commented using facebook. When I read the comment I was overcome “who are YOU?!” and clicked on her profile… those EYES! I sent her a friend request and it’s her, I know her, we can read each others minds. She lives on the other side of the world and we are really shy of each other because the chemistry and synchronosity is so strong but all I can think about is seeing her. Thank you for this site it’s really helped me.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. How beautiful! Glad to be of assistance.
      Blessings to you both,

    • Yes this is like us 🙂
      She ran and I chased and now shes back 🙂 we are like you say identical opposites we complete each other its like I never lived before I met her.
      Thank you for this site Elizabeth Rose and your feedback to all of the other confused twins like me.

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing your happy twin flame story. You give us all hope.
        Wishing you both great joy and success with your mission!
        Elizabeth Rose

      • I can feel his heart beating with mine at the moment, quite surreal this twin flame experience, very intense , however beautiful and life changing at the same time. Wow so very unexpected, quite scary at times. I can understand the running, perhaps the need for inner growth and learning how to balance life with this amazing love that is unconditional and a bond that is forever attached. I am very happy your tf is back Chaser, are you now physically together ? My twin and I have a strong telepathic connection and we send each other waves of love and support 🙂 We met once a while ago, on another continent, and when we looked into each others eyes, our souls joyfully connected and I could feel him in the depth of my being. Your story is lovely Ken and I wish you all the best 🙂

  14. Hello
    I met my twin over three years ago, his is famous and we have never met or talked to each other in the physical. I do get a lot of signs tho. The first time I saw him I knew he was special and the right man for me and I thought “I will marry you”. We’re telepathic, I do dream about him quite a lot. In the dreams I could never see his head before but I always felt the warmth coming from him every time we were hugging, but sometimes he seems mad at me even tho at the same time I feel that he loves me.Like a week or two ago I had another dream about him were we kissed for the first time ever. It was amazing I could feel his lips on mine, still when I opened my eyes. In the latest dream with him a few days ago, I held my head close to his (my forehead touched his, like if we were connecting our minds) and then he finally smiled, he wasn’t mad anymore and we kissed. I remember that I was telling him that I saw all these sings and that we do the same things and he kinda jokingly said “so what”. I’m not sure but I think we’re in this runner and chaser phase. I was to his concert few months ago and I cried so hard all the time until he looked at me and smiled. (I was watching him at the big screen because I was pretty far away and then he kinda turned his head to me and smiled. It felt like it was to me). I love everything about him, his my everything and I feel like I have to be with him for some reason. Do you think we’re in this runner and chaser phase right now? What should I do?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ray,
      Thank you for sharing your story and for your questions. When you can’t see someone’s face in a dream, it’s because you haven’t met them yet in this lifetime. Have you seen this famous person’s face in a dream or is their face still a blank? If it’s still blank, someone else will come into your life. Dreams are healing. When you receive warmth, nurturing and love in a dream, it’s because you need that at this time. However, your experiences sound a bit like astral travel. According to dream interpreter, Michael Sheridan, if you dream of a musician, it means that you are a channel / medium. You can communicate with discarnate spirits. If you accept that you are a body with a soul then communication with spirit is not so alien. It is merely one soul communicating with another. You might do some meditation to improve your ability to channel and connect in spirit. If you’ve not yet met your twin flame in the physical realm, you can relax because they’re with you in the non-physical realm. There is no running or chasing to do. Your spirits are one, inseparable, so they’re always with you. If you want to encounter your twin flame in physical form, you must already have a soul contract to do so. If there’s a soul contract, the meeting is inevitable. Then, be ready. All you can do is work on yourself in advance. Learn to detach from your emotions, heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to achieve great health and inner peace. Happiness is a decision. Nobody else can make you happy. May I suggest you read Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now,” also in recorded form. Ray, I wish you great success in everything you do!

      • Thank you for your reply.
        I do see his face in my dreams now. I haven’t met him through my dreams but through the internet, lol. I know what he looks like and I totally know how he is as a person. I see a lot of him since he is famous. We are very much the same. People even tell me we seem to be siblings. When I try to forget about him and move on, I fail every time because everything I do reminds me of him. I believe that we were married in our past life because he feels very much like a husband and I feel strong love and connection towards him as if he really was my husband and has known me for many years. I can’t fall in love with other men (and I have tried) because my love for him is so strong. We are often telepathic and share same thoughts at the same time and I can see it when I visit his twitter for example .

  15. Is it possible that you can live physically near your twin, unite with them, separate and continue to live spearate lives?

    I met a person I believe is my twin. I relate to everything here. We even share a birth date. No words can describe my feelings for him…. literally no words to explain the intensity.

    We are both married with young families and so do not see each other but I think of him constantly and I feel him thinking of me. Everywhere I go and everything I do, it seems some part of him is with me.

    Whenever we do reunite (our families and partners have become somewhat friendly) it’s always intense and the partners know it (hence the scarcely seeing each other part) we both know what we want (without physically stating it) but I cannot be wothout damaging many other people’s lives, including children.

    I know we will remain close and a part of each others lives even if we do not see each other, he is a part of me and I of him and I know it will stay this way. But how can it be possible to find the person who completes you but remain unable to share your life with them? Somehow I feel that it is meant to be this way, that we are meant to be kept apart. Why is this way?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your story and for your question. Yes, it is indeed possible to live physically near your twin, unite with them, then separate and continue to live separate lives. As I’ve mentioned previously, you come together to “ignite” and then get on-track to fulfilling your life’s mission, whatever that may be. You’re united in spirit so you don’t have to live together to achieve what you’ve come here to do. A twin flame feels like they complete you because you’re one soul. However, it’s not about you, or them. It’s about fulfilling your joint mission in this lifetime. What’s been your life-long dreams and goal? When you were little, what did you want to do when you grew up? Who did you want to be like? That’s what you should focus on. Your twin flame’s energy will fuel your efforts from afar because you’re always connected. Your coming together doubles your energies so you both get the job done, together or separately. Karma plays a role as well. If you’re both still developing your souls, then you may pull apart and come together again in another lifetime. Each soul is unique and has its own process. Trust. Focus on being the best you can be and find the joy in everyone and everything. The universe will unfold things in bits and pieces. Hope that helps.

  16. Hi everyone,
    I met, whom I believe to be my TF in March 2014. By “meet” I mean being in a relationship with him. I knew of him for a few months prior. At the time I didn’t know he was/is married. i don’t mean to sound conceited but when I met B, I was being asked out by at least five other men and somehow I kept getting pulled towards him, despite knowing he is married…
    Our first “date” was a late work lunch; I still remember all the mundane details. He just got up and kissed me on the forehead, being with him that day felt natural. I don’t know how and when I fell in love with him. We shared blissful month together and I felt like I had arrived “home”. We have a lot of commanalities and I felt (he said this at that time as well) that we were growing together. Being with him it always felt like I have known him from before, there never was the “newness” of the relationship, everything fit as perfectly as it could have.
    Then in April/May began our tumultuous adventures. His wife found out about our “affair” and the usual back and forth, up and down journey started.
    I have a strong personality and I don’t put up with a situation like this. However somehow with him, I stuck around. We stopped seeing each other a few months ago. He manages to make me feel loved like I had never before, he manages to ignite a rage in me like I didn’t know I was capable of (not anymore). We don’t speak anymore and regardless of how much I try to tell myself that he didn’t love me, I can’t believe that. I have dated men in the hopes of getting over him, and I was very unsuccessful. Finally I realized that I can’t force myself to move, time will do it, if that’s what’s meant to happen.
    Meanwhile, I dream of him (when we do speak here & there he says he dreams of me often, maybe more of them then I dream of him), the moon, the sun, the rustling of the leaves, the slight drizzle of the rain, the wind lnown twigs and leaves and many more elements of nature remind me of him.
    I started reading about twin flames and talking to psychics(spent atrocious amount to money to get some clarity). Every paychic says we will end up together, part of me believes me as well, the technical side of me is skeptical, naturally.
    Somehow while I’m driving or when I’m at work thoughts of him pop up and I start imagining (not consciously) about his touch, our time together, how we may be if we were together and much more.
    It feels like he is in the stage of cleansing & purging. I don’t know how long it will take and I don’t know if I can chalk up every hurt to this TF concept but I do know that if he were to ring my door bell at 0500 (like he normally used to), I would run into his arms and everything in the world qpuld be perfect like how it is Everytime when I’m with him.
    I believe our or least my purpose in life is helping the homeless & helping poor children receive an education. I wonder if we will come together to fulfill that or qill I be doing it on my own…
    Any thoughts, comments, prayers or wishes are greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Samiya, you received a channeled message from a choir of 9 angels:
      “Samiya is struggling to understand love at this time and does not understand what it is to love another in a way that looks after them, that considers their well being, as well as hers. She does not realize it is unhealthy to split up a marriage. She cries out for gratification. However, we would ask that she attend to her own heart and leave the hearts of others intact so that they might heal. She knows not what she does and what she is capable of doing. We would ask Samiya to be more aware and more conscious of her habits, for she has great power and influence over men, though she does not realize it.” They concluded with, “Be aware, Samiya, of your influence over men.”
      Samiya, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are loved and guided by God and a team of angels.

  17. Well I know that my twin flame will pop up unexpected, I have been doing meditations for a month or so know, I am Feeling Warm celestial like energy surges sometimes when I am meditative, And really really overwhelmingly excited with bliss.
    I think I may be connecting to her energies. And know that I look back, I usto get sad meloncholly feelings a lot but I knew they where coming from some one else inside me. Could I have been feeling my twin flames emotions? I think I did and do. Because sometimes out of no where I will get blissfully excited and goose bumps from the energy
    And sometimes I just get such a lonely ness and yearning for someone I have been waiting for.
    Is it possible for me to kinda “feel” when she might be arriving soon? I’m my life.
    I know I can’t predict it. Twin flame reunion has its own timing and it’s happens just boom out of no where.
    I haven’t dated any girl all my life becuase something inside me keeps on telling me to wait.
    And know I have A knowing that it is soon

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear David,
      I’ve become a channel so here’s a message from some of my guides, a choir of angels, and at times, Jesus, say, “Dear David, we hear your cries. Jesus hears you cry out for your twin flame. You must not abandon hope for she reaches for you at the same time that you reach for her. You are in collaboration in spirit. You work well together. You shall collaborate in the physical realm. You shall work together well in the physical realm. Do not assume that she is calling for you (as a partner). She is engaged with another, though you shall have a deep connection. Be aware of her energy. Though you are far apart, you are together in spirit. She loves you deeply and that is what matters, not the physical connection. Do not be deceived by the physical connection.
      God watches over you, loves you. You are well advised by Elizabeth so go forth on your path. Your twin flame will find you. You have no reason to look further for her. She will reach out for you and you simply must grab hold of her hand when she reaches out for you. You do not know her yet in the physical world. She is not conscious of you in the physical world. It is her spirit calling for you. It will be different when you meet. Have no expectations. Just allow events to unfold as they are meant to unfold and have faith. We send you love, blessings. You are loved beyond your knowing, Amen.”

      • Thank you for replying, Couple of days ago in my dream A soft voice told me, “I saw our numbers run before your own eyes” I cannot comprehend this, what does this mean?
        I have been playing Freelotto there’s a lot of numbers their could that be?
        Or could you give my Twin flame my number ? 971-201-2436, I know all positive thoughts come from my angels and this thought just has to be brought.
        I also have had a lot of pre cognitions I have seen us meeting.
        She has dark hair, ocean sparkling deep blue eyes and such a passionate smile.
        Is this her or no?

        • And What job will we work in togethere?
          I really love poetry, writing lyrics,rhyming and expressing myself, will she sing with me on my songs?

          • Elizabeth Rose says:

            With every thought, feeling and action, you create your own life. A fortune teller can predict things in the moment. However, the instant you switch gears, that prediction can fall by the wayside. Create the life you dream of and you will attract the right partner. Emotions create reality. Feel joy and you create a joyful life. The opposite is true. Be specific. Reprogram your subconscious mind with self-hypnosis to eliminate old programming. Your future is in your hands. Create the one you want and the love you want will show up.

  18. I have only in the last week or so, if that, come to understand about twin flames/souls. I have had a connection with someone for a few years, and I know the Universe has wanted us to stay connected. I have been supporting him emotionally all this time. I have been directed to show him unconditional love. I knew that the connection was meant, but it has only been put to me in the last week or so that we may actually be twin souls. I don’t think I feel this personally. We have so far only known each other online, we have yet to physically meet. But I have been reading about the twin soul connection, how it says that it occurs after one or both has gone through challenges and changes over the last few years, which is true for me if not both of us. Also that this leads to one or both feeling more complete, independent, which is true for me. We also seem to have a telepathic connection between us. I would like to know, do I just wait to see if the Universe will ensure we meet, or is there any way to know in the meantime if he is my twin soul, as I would be sad for this to be the case if we were never to meet in this lifetime.

    Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Rosanna,
      I became a channel so channeled this message. However, was also told that it would be the last time I was to channel in response to questions on-line. You got in under the wire, so here’s the message:
      “Rosanna, you are doing well to ask Elizabeth for advice. You shall have it from God on high. Not what you expected but she is a channel and works for us now. You must ascertain that the information provided is appropriate for yourself. Look deep into your heart for wisdom. You do not know this man but from afar. He is not your twin flame. He is indeed a guided soul as we guide him. He shall not be there for you in the way you expect so have no more expectations. This is not the man for you. God has another plan. You shall endeavor to continue on your path. Along the road you shall find another man who is more suitable. Though you have feelings for this one, he is not what you expect. You shall have no need to meet him. (You shall not meet this man.) He is of the most highest… kind of soul but his path does not intersect with yours. You shall find “the one” soon enough. You shall know him on-sight not on-line. You shall not meet your twin soul in this lifetime. He is of another realm at this time and your connection, though eternal, is not in the physical at this time. Blessings be upon you. Elizabeth simply relays these messages that come through so be open to this and other messages that you will hence forth hear in your own heart.”
      Rosanna, That was my last channeled message to on-line questions. However, I’ll continue to answer questions from my own heart. Blessings, Elizabeth

  19. Hi, I’m going to try to make this question short with a brief history: I started my spirituality quest when I lost a very close family member a couple years ago. And it has changed my life completely (for the better minus having them here) and everyday I am still discovery amazing new things including things about myself. In the past few months I have learned about the concept of “twin flame” and every day I think about him and get butterflies of when this will happen. When I think about my twinflame I get this sort of deep excitement that one day I will find him myself and how amazing it will be. I also feel like this is something I have experienced in my past lives and am not necessarily ‘new’ to this. My friends say I am very picky with men and should date more people, however, when I meet guys I know right away whether I am attracted to them in that way or not. I had a boyfriend in high school who I was in love this but eventually we split up and as I grew up I learned how much our relationship actually was not what I wanted. I am now in college and am always working on myself everyday, finding my passion and what I am meant to do for this world for my brief time here. My question is, when will I meet twin flame? And will it be in this lifetime? The universe wouldn’t have me stumble upon this knowledge where I think about it every single day without ever bringing him to me in this lifetime, right?

    Thank you! I really look forward to your response!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience and for your question. You want to know exactly when you’ll meet your twin flame! So far, God hasn’t been too specific when it came to prophesying the day/month/year of events. He’s dropped me quite a few clues (e.g. a heart shape that I later realized meant Valentine’s day, 11:11 meant I’d receive a major wake-up call years down the road, the vision of a clock showed me the exact time when I would find myself on the path to Buddhism, and important stop along the way to Gnostic Christianity). It was only after the fact that I realized He had given me the specific time. Otherwise, God generally hasn’t been too specific on timing, except to say, “Interrupt your life. Get back on the path to Jesus. Go. Do it now!!!” Clearly, patience is not your virtue. Nor is it mine, so I can only sympathize. However, I will say that when you find yourself on a path that consumes you with a burning passion, you’re probably meant to be on it, by divine design. Use your passion as your guide. Your heart will lead you where you need to go, when you need to go. Listen to your heart – God’s loud-speaker. If it’s in your divine contract, you’ll arrive where you need to be, right on time, no matter what!!! Trust, trust, trust.

    • dear sammy,
      to find ur twin flame u need to overcome many negative things in ur life. u need to balance ur spiritual and mental level. But its destined by the lord when and where will u meet ur twin flame. Just be +ve and have faith u will get ur twin one day dont worry….

  20. Litz beltran says:

    Hi,I just want to know the connection I’ve been experiencing with Antonio Banderas.I’m sure that there’s some connection,I just don’t know what to call it..needed help with it,It’s a long story but I will make it short.I’ve had dreams of a faceless man when I was still young,dreams just goes on & on…I am now 39,started dreaming again since 2008.We seem to love each other,we don’t need words to communicate.We had shared many lifetime together,had been to places I don’t know & met people at the same time… I thank the internet cause I’m able to find those places & people.I hope to find answers here …thank you so much for reading…God bless us all !!!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your question. When you have “visions” of a faceless man, it means you haven’t met them yet in this lifetime. “Dreams” of a man indicate the influence of your father, or a father figure. Though parents can be wonderful, there’s always some negatives so dreaming of a man is usually asking you to eliminate a negative influence from your father. The rest of the dream symbols indicates what that might be. Dreaming of a movie actor indicates that you are a channel/medium. Dream Interpreter extraordinaire, Michael Sheridan explains, “The words a movie star says in a movie are given to them. In a similar way the words a channel passes on are also given to them.” If you have a psychic connection with Antonio Banderas, then be patient and allow time to unfold in order to understand it. Your dreams and visions will hold many clues. Meditation/Hypnosis are also excellent ways to go into the stillness and get answers, or connect directly with a soul.
      I hope this was helpful.

  21. About two years ago, in a conference I met this woman in an unexpected after hours social event. After having met so many people in my life, I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. Not much connection after that, but my life was never the same. A lot of changes and decisions were made that ultimately made my life, my wife’s, and my daughter much better. Then I met her again (she was not supposed to attend) at the same conference a year after. She seemed glad to see me again and we had a good time (She has a boyfriend). A month later I got to see her in another conference, where we had a 3-hr lunch and were able. I never felt so comfortable sharing my deepest secrets with anyone. For her birthday, I surprised her by taking her to a special dinner in a luxury Catamaran and then a night in town where she lives with a Limo. Never done anything like it, for anyone. The strangest part is that, as I told her, I have this unique feeling of storge and philia without eros, which is increasing my capability for agape. Being an engineer and a scientist, I started looking back at spiritual believes I researched before and found a number of patterns in dates, birth dates, important events, as well as the times we have seen each other. After all this analysis I found out the date of her birthday was wrong, so the actual number (numerology) was not the same as mine. How could this be I asked myself? All the other dates had so much significance and clear patterns. A friend (numerologist) told me it has to be that she was born very close to Midnight and her official birth time is not correct since it is typically recorded as an estimate. To my surprise, she was born at 12:02 AM. OMG, everything matches and above all, the level of awakening I’m experiencing I can’t describe. She is about 3000 miles away and I just feel her presence every second. Doesn’t matter that I can’t see her in the physical world, her pure existence and the grace of God that allowed me to find her is indescribable. Even my relationship with my wife is reaching new heights. It is pure LOVE and as I mentioned to her, we are destined to work on something that will benefit everyone. We both shared the same passion for helping others succeed, in particular under-served populations. Her career progress is very similar to my career early on. Her level of humility, kindness, and giving, specially for a gorgeous woman, is second to none. But the one thing that is truly amazing is the lack of “eros”.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ricky,
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. The lack of “eros” is interesting and indeed appropriate, given your marriage. If Cupid is keeping his arrows of love in-check, then you’re one of few who understand the reason why twin flames connect in the same lifetime. It is about the deepest questions – purpose in life, what is your collective mission? Given your combined talents, gifts and abilities, how can you positively impact the planet in the most significant way? What a beautiful story.
      Blessings and prayers for many great achievements,

      • Thanks for the quick response. I believe I found your website not by chance, but as a way to find the right guidance that will eventually help us fulfill the plan. I’d love to contact you and further discuss the situation. Thanks and zGod Bless.

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Hi Ricky,
          Thank you. I’m glad you’ve found guidance on my website. If I can be of further assistance, let me know.

  22. beautifulsoul says:

    I feel in my heart that I have met my twin flame this is so intense. We both agree that the feelings between us are like nothing we have ever felt we can feel each other like the other person is in the same room when we are not near each other in person we are at our own homes these feelings are so intense I have never felt anything like this before he says the same thing he loves classic cars and vehicles and so do the he went to school to be a mechanic i am going to school to be a mechanic i am fixen to be ASE certified he was ASE certifyed so we both are mechanics and I have been with someone for years that was a truck driver and went on the road with him like it so much i was planning to get my CDLs and start driving well he was and still is a truck driver we’ve known each other for awhile but all of this didn’t start happening tell about two years ago and there is some obstacles we are facing well we are both married and we don’t want to hurt our partners but it Is very painful for us to be apart it hurts well another thing he is a bit older than me but that don’t matter i believe age don’t matter it is what is on the inside that counts and how they treat you. Well my questions are what should I do? what do you do if you and your twin flame is all ready married when you meet? Can your twin flame be older than you?

    • beautifulsoul says:

      O ya and we believe God bought us together for a reason that he has a plan for us.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Beautifulsoul,
      Thank you for your comment. Twin flames find themselves at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of age, distance, culture etc. This is by design. Twin flames are here to positively impact the planet, not necessarily meet, fall in love, marry, have children, and live happily ever after. They’re here to change the dynamic of relationships in the world. You see, the love between twin flames is unconditional and eternal. It’s your choice now. The choices you make are the tough choices, but they’re yours to make. If your reason for being is to positively impact the world, then focus on your passion, the reason you came to Earth in the first place. Why did you both come here. When you die, what do you want your tombstone to read? It’s big picture stuff. It’s not romantic but it initially feels that way because it’s an activation of sorts – a way of recognizing each other. Now you’ve recognized each other, your energy is super-charged so you can change the world. How do you intend to change it?
      Hope that helps. Wishing you strength, courage and much love.

      • beautifulsoul says:

        Thanks for your help I know what you are telling me i read about all of this but how are we supposed to help mankind and fufill our mission if his wife don’t want him to have any thing to do with me and my husband is the same way u I’m afraid if we try to explain it to them they would think we were nuts and fet mad at us i don’t want to cause any problems for us ant right to cause problems with our partners.

  23. I met my twin flame, as I found, at the age of 18, then I ran away after feeling the intensity and to not fall in love. We are the same age, same month but he is bigger than me. Though I ran, he was never out of my mind. I always tried to contact him, never understood why I ran away by marrying another man.I was married for twelve years then two months back, I met him online. Everything happened so quick and I was separated from my x-husband. I felt the same love for my twin as I felt at the age of 18. Now, I’m 31. He has the same birth marks as I have. He doesn’t know anything about twin flames. It’s me who dug to find you. I feel I was so amazed to read all of what I felt, I wanted to know if he is my twin flame. I feel he is the only one I will and has felt so strange and powerful with he being of a different caste but unmarried he said he knew will be with him.

  24. Hi! I hav already asked u one question previously thanks for ur guidance. I want to ask one another question hope u will answer it.
    The man who is telepathically in connection with me, hav a very busy schedule nowaday. But during whole day i find him doing wrong things with me. Wrong things in the sense that he tortures me physically givs pain etc. The reason of his such acts which i understand may be this that he wants my company and attention. I want to know is it possible for a person with psychic abilities to perform two things at a time with their mind?? At one side he takes his class on past life healing etc and at the same time (within the timings of his class) i feel him doing ‘wrong’ things to me and sending me telepathic messgs. Is it possible?? And how??
    I know it is ur section of discussing twin flame union and my question is not at per rules as i think my connection with this man is karmic in nature and it is nothing to with twin flame or soul mt type connection.
    But being confused with this connection i m posting my query here hope i will get answer. Thanks and love.

  25. Please help. I feel my twin and a strong pull but don’t know where to go or what to do. I feel so lost, sad, confused, empty and almost a sense of panic in a way I’ve never experienced before, the feeling gets stronger every day. It feels like I’m missing a vital piece that I never knew was missing until about a year ago. I feel strongly that there is something important I’m supposed to be doing here but I need my other half to do it. Am I just being impatient? What is going on?
    I appreciate any insight you may have for me, thank you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Liz,
      Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, impatience does not produce results. My twin flame chuckled when he heard that many people who write are seeking connection to their twin flame. He asked, “Did you tell them what a pain twin flames are?” He was being funny but he was also serious because he’s usually hundreds or thousands of miles away, there is no frequency or pattern to his communication, and generally, he touches base only when there’s something desperately wrong, super important to discuss, or he just happens to be traveling nearby. That’s because both twin flames are on-task and dedicated to fulfilling their joint mission in this lifetime. Think of yourself as one line and your twin flame as a parallel line that intersects only occasionally. This is so you duplicate your efforts to positively impact the planet. You are both equally super-charged but usually located in a different area so you cover more ground, literally. There’s no guarantee you will meet your twin in this lifetime. But if you do, the same thing holds true. Unless your teaming-up is part of the plan, you’ll find yourself physically disconnected, though your soul is metaphysically one and the same. Focus on the positive impact you wish to make before you leave the planet. I hope this helps.

  26. Hello,

    I have meet a person who belongs to other Country our races are different our religion is different. It was online meeting. The very first talk was very friendly like we knew each other since ages. Its has been more than six months we are talking to each other. We connected more spiritually. He told me I knew his real identity (Real means his inner core) and i always felt that he is mirror of my personality. Please suggest. Is this twin flame meeting or just normal soul mates however he is in relationship. Thank you

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear “ABC”
      Thank you for your question. I’ve been guided to answer only the deep questions about life purpose and similar topics, not romance. I’ll respond with some questions to you. What are YOUR “big picture” goals to positively impact the planet? Do you both share a similar vision and are you both willing to act on this vision regardless of race, religion or distance? If your common vision of a better world pulls you together, perhaps this is your twin flame. If it is, get ready to roll up your sleeves and get ready for exponential healing – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If not, then this may not be your twin flame. It’s all about the joint mission. I hope that helps.

  27. Hi….I’m pretty sure I’ve met my twin flame….we both do healing work & are both psychics/mediums doing platform work…..I have ended my long term relationship, it was abusive. I’m a bit overwhelmed my this man….he would be the perfect match for me….I’m a little scared as he is a bit younger I think….I don’t want to make another relationship error that I spent years getting over. Any guidance or confirmation would be appreciated L&L

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Robyn,
      Thank you for sharing. Twin flames find themselves instantly, deeply, and passionately in love as they’ve never felt love before. They have much to discuss and find their conversations are effortless and tend to run on all day and sometimes deep into the night. When you meet your twin flame, you will KNOW because you’ll trust this person with your life, as you’ve never trusted anyone before.

      In contrast, abuse is completely different than love. It’s hard to see that abuse is happening when you’re in the middle of it. Congratulations on getting out of an abusive relationship! Many women can’t stay away because of their programming or conditioning. They likely had a controlling or abusive parent and easily attracted a similar partner who was probably ten times worse. Study everything you can about abuse in order to avoid it. Recognize that the abuser seeks to acquire power and control because they feel terrified and insecure deep inside. They feel “less than” and don’t love themselves. They become tyrants because they view you, their partner, as an extension of themselves. They feel threatened every time you do something or say something because they fear for their own reputation. They feel they’ll lose everything because you’ll do or say something stupid. They verbally and physically attack their partner until the partner says and does nothing for fear of another attack. They become obsessed with trying to control their partner. From the outside looking in, the abuser’s behaviour is actually quite absurd, even comical. However, from the inside looking out, an abusive relationship is a nightmare that doesn’t end until the victim walks out.

      Abusers feel they must control your every move in order to feel better about themselves or rise-up in the world. They were mistreated as children and that is their model. Rather than focus on whether your next partner will be abusive, focus on rebuilding your confidence and stepping back into your magnificence. Become an expert on the topic of abuse!!! Teach others about the topic. Learn everything you can to make sure you understand why it happened and why you’ll be sure it won’t happen again. One of the lessons of abuse is to learn self-love. How would YOU treat someone you really loved, such as a best friend? Let that be your new model. As soon as someone treats you less than a best friend, that’s a clue. As soon as they don’t seem to understand that your feelings are wounded, that’s a clue. As soon as they act out by criticizing you, complaining about you, or shouting at you, that’s a clue! You must learn to REALLY respect yourself, love yourself for who you are, just because you were born!!! Only then, will you ensure that you receive proper treatment. You won’t tolerate abuse because you’ll recognize it and make a choice to walk away before it goes any further. Also, you won’t tolerate someone else treating another badly because you’ll feel so strongly about it.

      Get more distance from the situation. Time heals and provides perspective. Learn everything there is to know about abuse. The buck stops with you and no one else. I hope that helps.

  28. You mentioned before to follow our passions if it is guiding us a certain way.
    I am 37 years old with three children and quite happily married to I think my soul mate. But not exactly my twin flame.
    For about the last six months, I have been growing increasingly and increasingly attached to a celebrity. In a very one sided way. We have never met or even been in the same state. But through him I am seeing my dreams realized.
    Literally a dream about him prompted me to write a novel. It inspired me in such a way that I had twenty full pages written in the first weekend. I finished the whole thing, not fit for publishing, in 3 months, even rewriting it. I am still driven to write and have started a second novel with him as inspiration again but this time after nearly finishing it, I have become distracted.
    Two months ago, I stumbled upon the address to send him fan mail. Since that day, I have not been able to disregard the idea of sending him something of my writing. A poem, a short story, fan fiction, anything that shows him something about me. I have not been able to become motivated to write my novel again that I was in love with before I found that address.
    As I am married, I have felt an incredible guilt at trying to contact this man and have started and stopped several times. I promised myself I would not send anything. Immediately after I deleted all current attempts to write him something, I feel a great despair and can’t think about anything without an air of hopelessness. So I pick it back up again and write it with a more innocuous less ingratiating voice. Immediately once returning to writing it, to hoping it will reach him and he will find it amusing, moving, entertaining in any way, I feel elation and joy and excitement again.
    Likewise, the work, the writing has often been about how he and I would meet someday, some setting that I imagine. But it’s always the same, eye contact, insane chemistry, a feeling of knowing each other before, an irresistible pull toward each other. And recently a feeling of trusting him and being able to say all this to him because I feel safe being myself with him more than with anyone else I have ever known. All this stuff before I have ever read any of that regarding twin flame connections. Well, besides the obvious soul mate stuff with the eye contact across a crowded room.
    Of course I recognize the allure of attractive celebrities and how that can easily just be an infatuation because his work has moved me emotionally. I know this is likely just my own imagination seeking justification for my contacting him. Again, my heart is melting merely referencing here that I should not be sending him something.
    I watch his interviews on Youtube and see this attractive, confident person, but also see the insecurity, the goofiness, the awkwardness and flaws. Some very same to my own.
    So again, this week I decided not to contact him, not to send him anything. I promised myself I would work on myself, focus on my novel, and if it was meant to happen later, if that was the course of my life, then I should not pursue it as I am in a very good, very loving and almost completely fulfilling relationship. If it was meant to happen, then my writing that he inspired sort of, will bring me into a situation that I might meet him naturally without my own initiative gesture.
    But with this pull, this drive to continually write something dedicated to him, I keep wondering if that is the way I am supposed to meet him. The depression I immediately feel when I decide yet again to stop writing him. If I follow my passion as you suggested to another poster, and wrote him and see if he felt connected to me somehow by my writing, then what? I don’t think my husband would be okay if I were friends with a man he did not know. Even though that has often been the setting of my fantasies, just pure platonic love for him, a friendship between us and our families, his kids and wife visiting with us.
    It feels insane. It feels true. I don’t know. Should I write it or should I seek a psychiatrist?
    What do you think?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Rose,
      Thank you for your letter. Dreams and visions are different. If you’ve been DREAMING of a celebrity that you’ve never met, here are some rules, according to my favourite dream interpreter, Michael Sheridan of Aisling: Blonds in dreams are always spirit guides. Take their advice. “A movie actor or actress indicates that you are a channel / medium because the words a movie star says in a movie are given to them. In a similar way the words a channel passes on are also given to them. A TV actor or actress indicates that you are clairvoyant. You have clear vision as symbolized by the television which is used to view them.”
      In 1990, I had a vivid and romantic dream about a famous blond actor. I’d never felt so loved! In 2007, I ran into his father at the airport. He was another famous actor and I wondered if I should approach him. I didn’t and later realized that the romantic dream had been telling me to leave my current relationship and seek true love – the love I had felt in the dream. I’ve never met either of the two actors but got the message that spirit was delivering. Spirit guides appear in ways that feel meaningful to you. Don’t always take dreams literally, but take their inspiration. Keep up the great work!!! You’re on track. Don’t get stuck in a fantasy. You’d be amazed at how many people think that celebrities are their twin flames. Celebrities are always in front of us, auto-tuned, made-up, and trained to act in ways that are attractive to us. When I say follow your passion, I mean focus on your talents, gifts and abilities. Of course, you can always write a celebrity. They live for their fans. You’ll receive a gift, disappointment, or a wake-up call. It’s all good.

  29. Hello 🙂 not sure how to start this, it is all so confusing…

    So I suppose I start with that my cousin and I feel that we are one. Which brought us on to searching, which we then came across Twin Flames. This is all very hard to say to someone not in person… It is really hard as we feel we aren’t meant to be so far away from each other. At the moment we are together as she has been traveling and is now staying with my family. For a long time we have felt a connection different to anything else but have never been able to understand it as much as we do now, even though our understanding of it now is not nearly what I feel it has yet to become either. What is different though which I haven’t found on the internet is that we are both female and have no interest in each other as partners. Are there other twin flames like this? who have no interest in the other this way? maybe we aren’t twin flames and just going crazy? sometimes I feel like that is a simpler thought to have but I can’t convince myself of it because I know in myself that this must be so as we know we are one… I am 21 and she is 20 we were born on the exact same day. For most of our lives we have lived half way around the world from the other, seeing the other only on visits. The longest time we have been together was when we lived together when she was 10 and I 11 for just over 1 year. Oh dear now I am just typing and typing… even if you can just reply with any kind of person to go and talk to would be so appreciated! a psychic? buddhist? I have no idea we are both feeling a bit lost :/ she is leaving in February and I don’t know how long it will be again until we see each other and it’s not the same when we can’t see each other as we just don’t get to connect in the way we did the other day! maybe there is a way… I’m sure there is… but it just seems so crazy not to see each other for years at a time. Please help! I would just like to find out more about all of this… feeling hopeless…

    All the best, Love

    • Also if you believe we can’t be twin flames because of this then what in the world is going on with us?

      • Elizabeth Rose says:

        You can be twin flames. Love is eternal and has no boundaries. Race, religion, age, distance, and sex are all illusions because we’re all spirits having a human experience. We’re all connected at source.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Isabelle,
      Your twin flame can be the same sex as you. You will have lived together in different roles in many different lifetimes. She could have been your mother in one life, your brother in another life, and lover in yet another life. If she’s your cousin in this life, that’s great! Souls travel in clusters. Your cluster has been playing different roles throughout different lifetimes in order to learn and/or teach. For example, my child in 1800 is a Toronto lawyer today. We met through work. My husband in 1800 is now 24 years younger than me. He lives thousands of miles away but we stay in touch. As a hypnotist, I specialize in past life regression. My book, “Diamond Lantern: Waking-up to Who You Really Are” describes early experiences recalling previous lifetimes. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of people who’ve also recalled previous lifetimes. It’s fascinating work. This is the time to explore consciousness, to understand who you are and why you’re here. Meditate, try Hypnosis, read my book, “Diamond Lantern,” and other books like “Journeys Out of the Body,” or “Many Lives, Many Masters.” Study the teachings of Buddha, The Gospel of Thomas, or learn to astral travel at
      Those are just a few ideas to expand your understanding of everything. Hope that helps.

  30. Hello, back in July 2014, I met a man that turned my world upside down. Never felt like this before. What I mean is immediately fell in love. The connection was unlike anything I have ever experienced. My heart was so open to love. The strange thing is that I am married. I love my husband don’t get me wrong but this is something completely different I haven’t experienced. The sad thing is my friend died October 30th. I wonder why it was such a short time with him and what was the purpose. He always empathized that no matter where he is or what he is doing he loved me and that our bond is unbreakable/infinity. Could this man have been my twin flame?

    Thank you, missing my love

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience and for your question. It’s entirely possible that this was man your twin flame. Did he focus on positively impacting the world? Did he inspire you to pursue things that would also change the world? Did he encourage you pursue your talents, gifts and abilities and be the best you could be? If so, he was probably your twin flame. If he was simply romantic, he was not your twin flame.
      Sorry for your loss, but I hope the experience was something that will motivate you in the future.

  31. Awarebutnotawake says:

    Interesting article Elizabeth. I’m still in the process of ‘waking up’ and at one point thought a certain man was my twin (too many things to write here but he ticks most, if not all, of the TF boxes) as it’s pushed me into myself over the course of 11 painful years of attracting;repelling one another and I realised I didn’t actually know what love was until I learnt to love myself (which I’m still doing…never ending job!) thanks to him pushing me into a dark soul of the night episode and the ‘connection’/addiction is finally not painful anymore (I let go of expectation of how this connection is meant to go according to me and my ego basically lol) but I keep going back and forth between karmic and he must be something more. What’s the difference between twin flames and twin souls? Have you a link or is it something you may consider elaborating on? I heard there are two different things (tf being romantic& mission-based and ts being mission-based) and feel he might well actually be a TS rather than a TF as he actions on a romantic viewpoint point to this being one-sided, yet he agrees we keep meeting every few years for a reason. The needy side (that was me) has gone now but I still feel we are meant to come together for something. I asked the universe for a sign and got a load of double digits everywhere and suggested films of soulmates and telepathy. Still confused over this. Thanks xxx <3

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Awarebutnotawake,
      Love your “awarebutnotawake” description! I often feel the same way.
      Twin flames and twin souls are referring to the same thing. Soul Mates and Soul Mate Partners are something else to consider. A soul mate is someone you’re meant to work out karma with. A Soul Mate Partner is someone you agreed to romantically partner with, to work out karma, but all soul mates and twin flames are opportunities for growth. You have only one twin flame/twin soul that you were originally separated from. All relationships can be intense. However, the intensity of the twin flame/twin soul “union” is magnified and something you can’t imagine until you experience it. You may fall head over heals in love many times before you meet your twin flame but an encounter with your twin flame/twin soul will make you realize you hadn’t fully understand what deeply, madly and unconditionally in love really meant. There’s no comparison until you actually encounter your twin flame. The intensity of any relationship exists because there’s karmic connections, and often, but not always, you’re meant to work this stuff out. This may include rising above the pull of romantic attraction, so you must really learn to love yourself, stand alone, and be with only those who inspire you to be the best you can be, without being controlling or abusive. I hope this helps. Don’t worry about whether someone is your twin flame. Until you finally meet them, you’ll always be guessing.
      Past life memories are being recalled by many people on the planet because we’re all waking-up. Trust your gut instinct and your heart to guide you in relationships.
      Wishing you light, love and a joyful life!

  32. Interesting

  33. Hi Ms. Elizabeth…
    I’ve been dreaming about a man I haven’t met before, although in that dream I felt that I’ve known him my whole life. Also, there had been occurrences wherein my dreams come true. It was very constant when I was a child, but it started to lessen as I grew up. Also, sometimes I hear voices that talk to me and give me advice or answers that turn out right. Do you have any idea what’s the meaning of this? When I was younger, I could see some ghosts too and sometimes my dreams are of my dead loved ones talking to me as if they have a message just like when our family was in a difficult situation and my dead grandmother talked to me and said that in a few weeks, it will all be okay again and it did. What do you think of this?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Clairvoyance means seeing the non-physical world. Clairaudience means hearing the non-physical world. When you receive good advice and see visions of the future, it means you’re able to connect to those who guide you from beyond this physical realm. Your guides may be relatives, ascended Masters like Buddha and Jesus, or even angels so it’s important to pay attention to their messages. When we’re young, we’re far more “open” to the spirit world. Young children can more easily connect easily to their guides on the other side and often recall their previous lifetimes. Dreams are different than visions. To better understand dream symbols you can explore this web site: Dreams about male partners that aren’t familiar can be about letting go of negative influences from your father, or developing positive influences from your father. Regardless, in both dreams and visions, you sound quite prophetic so you’re likely receiving information regarding the future. You can improve your intuition, your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, with meditation.
      When you have strong intuition, you’re asked to develop it to heal yourself and also become the best you can be, then turn around and help others to do the same.
      I hope that helps. Wishing you great success!

  34. I’m having a hard time coping with twin flame signs, you see I like someone, I didn’t feel any intensity or anything but I keep seeing signs like hearing his name (11/29/2014) on tv even if he’s not there then my first dream about him (1/11/2015) I heard his friend saying “don’t worry he can do anything for you”. 2nd dream about him is on his bday (1/25/2015) the dreams were so vivid, 3rd dream would be a 5 seconds kissing, even if it’s still a dream I feel I’m making out with him even when my eyes open I still feel the sensation a bit (2/17/2015) he’s also in a band and famous, and I bought this cute keychain voodoo doll on 10/05/2014 and I bought their album on 10/06/2014 to my surprise they had a title called voodoo doll and he made the song with his band mate

  35. I’m having a hard time coping with twin flame signs, you see I like someone, I didn’t feel any intensity or anything but I keep seeing signs like hearing his name (11/29/2014) on tv even if he’s not there (female tennis match) then my first dream about him (1/11/2015) he was caressing my thigh and he rest his head on my lap, I heard his friend saying “don’t worry calum can do anything for you”. 2nd dream about him is on his bday (1/25/2015) the dreams were so vivid, 3rd dream would be a 5 seconds kissing it was sweet and it feels so real even when I open my eyes I still feel the kiss lingering on my lips. (2/17/2015) are these signs?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for your question. You may be dreaming, or you may also be connecting energetically through the non-physical realm of spirit. Research out-of-body travel and astral love: Vivid dreams aren’t always dreams. It could be a sign of a twin flame connection or a romantic one. Alternatively, if it’s a dream, it’s recommending that a little more romance in your life would be healing.
      I hope that helps and wish you clarity.

      • Patricia says:

        Thank you too!! I don’t know if it’s real actually but everytime I try to forget this numbers keep appearing like I always see 8:11 or a canned food with his bday as an expiration date or on a game show. I don’t know if what I think is real I try to meditate but it’s not working I think

      • Patricia says:

        I also want to know if a twin flame can be a celebrity or do they just come in your dreams as a celebrity to hide their identity?

  36. I met my TF almost 20 yrs ago by chance. Upon first meeting, I never got to see what he looked like as we locked eyes and neither was prepared to look away. Like a game of ‘chicken.’ Everyone was quite embarrassed by our behaviour. I knew then that I had met someone important, but the euphoria only hit after interacting with him. The thing about it tho was that I was married and he is gay. What I now recognize as Kundalini energy hit me hard. I could see that he also felt it. But the conversation between us has never been easy or free flowing because he and I are overcome by intense feelings. Interestingly, we are both singers. He has had a long, illustrious career whereas I have developed my talent in the shadows. Because he wanted me to ‘do the work’ and I found it difficult to continue in his presence, I walked away and reinvested myself in my marriage (to a wonderful soul mate) and had two kids.
    Fast forward and he literally crossed my path late last year. I didn’t want to reignite the old flame and looked the other way. He baulked at my rejection, which got me thinking about the whole thing again. I didn’t know about twin flames, but realized that I hadn’t just imagined the connection as many had tried to help me to rationalize. To cut a long story short, I made contact and saw him a few times. During this time, I began to search the internet for information on lovers who connect on all levels on the etheric plane and discovered the literature on Twin Flames. And yes, my Kundalini has been activated once more. Unbearable at times. I can hear him in my thoughts and see him in my mind. I have taken to talking out loud to him constantly, telling him about my life, my dreams, my visions. I know I’m not crazy.
    The problem is when I see him, I am reminded by how gay he is, the way he dresses, moves and looks at other men. Its hard to imagine that this is my beloved, even when I know he reserves ‘that look’ for me. I began thinking that my kundalini was being activated by someone else, that perhaps it wasn’t him after all. So I keep asking for the being who is making love to me on the etheric plane to reveal himself, and always it is still him.
    The last time we met, there was a hand painted picture of a single flame hanging on the centre of his mantle. The flame was my favourite colour: a darkish lavender. I don’t know how I missed it before? Had he just placed it there, or had I not seen it? The meeting did not go well. He tried to expose me as holding a torch for him and then followed it up with a torch song he sang to me. I was paralyzed. And angry. He played a power game. The next day, I sent him a drunken message saying some pretty mean things, just like in his song, I became the song.
    We are at an impasse once again… Maddening! No one knows what I’m talking about and no one understands the depth of this connection. I feel ripped open. And yet, I can’t shut it down, because if I do, I will go back to being a contented sleepwalker. HArd to explain…
    How can we do the work if we can’t even communicate properly? Seeing him is very hard on me and I can see it is very hard on him. Like me, he is jealous, proud and possessive of the one he loves…

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Bella,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Twin flame relationships are challenging and often complicated by design. Perhaps “the work” is for both of you to accept each other as you are. Any issues you have will be heightened and brought to the surface, in order for you to heal them. Issues around him being gay, or his issues of pride or jealousy, are probably opportunities for growth. If you are bothered by his sexual orientation, you are “attached.” When you accept him as he is, you “detach” and set yourself free. Also, if you have no expectations of this man, you can’t be hurt by him. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” As humans, our egos react to fear, anxiety and insecurity. The goal is to rise above all negative emotions and come from a place of love, no matter what.
      If it was easy, none of us would be here. Planet Earth is a school and it’s often the school of hard knocks. However, I heard that graduates of Planet Earth are well respected in the cosmos, so it’s worth the effort. I hope that helps.
      Wishing you light, love and peace,

      • Thanks Elizabeth, it does help. You are spot on. Btw, your story about encountering mother earth’s rage has been playing at the back of my mind for some days now. Very powerful journey. Wishing you well.

  37. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your insight. I thought I my twin flame but now I am confused because too many grief. I walked away from the relationship. Can you ask the angels for me if that man that I met in 2012 was my fake twin?

    Thank you & much love,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      I think you answered your own question when you said fake twin. It’s now 2015 and you’re suffering from something in 2012. May I suggest you brush yourself off, forgive that person for hurting you (this is how you can let go of your attachment to him). If someone hurts you, let go, let God, take one step forward, then another, back on the path to happiness. You deserve it!
      With Light, Love and Joy!

  38. Hey Elizabeth…
    Ohhk i dunno really hw to start…bt m confused a lott….
    I hv dreams of a person i hv nevr seen in my life…nd i see his face very clearly… bt i always see myself a bit angry wid him….. Nd he is calm … we once were stopping people who were discriminating in races or sumthng lyk dat….nw i have nevr meet dis person as i already said..
    Bt in sep 2014 … i meet a boy…we were in d same cls bt we nevr knew dat…suddnly one day there was a fight goin on… nd we both came forward at the same tym nd stoppd dat fight….
    I saw him fr d first tym nd trust me it was luv at first sight…. i suddnly felt a grtt feeling…a… conplete new feeling… bt dis boy is nt d one in my dreams…he sumwat luks d same bt is nt d same…… is it possiblle dat ur twin flame is nt d same persn in ur dreams bt do not luk same ????…

    Nd dat boy …. i dunno bout his exact feelings…
    Bt we chat almost daily fr hours…he share his little secrets wid me nd wat are his plan …hw he wants to help sum1 …. nd he do inspire me to do d same….
    Bt we hv nvr communicated face to face as we met vry less….
    Do u think he cn b my twin flame ??? Cause wen we met i necr new bout twin flames…i nevr belivd in luv before… bt since i met him… i hv turnd positive …i hv learnt many things dat r present in d world bt i was unaware of…i evn hv started telling my relatives nd guiding my frndss for such positive nd divine things….
    Bt he nd i..we hv nvr spoke on dis topic …we both r shy….
    I knw i hv askd a lot things…
    Bt plzz …dis is d last 1 …
    M too young… is it possible to find ur twin flame at a young age of 18 ??

    Plzzz do help me…
    May d Almighty bless u

    • Nd did i mention..
      The first tym i saw dat boy i was mesmerized…
      Nd aftr we resolvd d fight he asked me whether we hv met before …nd gv me confused luk as if he is thinkin sumthng kinda luks fr nearly a week…
      He once met wid an accident ….on d same day…i had a feeling of sumthng is goin to b wrong feeling…..i evn startd cryng..nd my frnd was calming me fr d whole day…nd den aftr my cls he met wid an accident ….
      See so many thngs happning…
      We both nw hv similar goals in our life…exactly similar….
      Nd since we hv met our concentration to our aim has increased tremendously…

      I knw dis all r d signs of twin flames…
      Bt m too young nd wat bout my dreams ….
      Plzzz nw its juz u who cn guide me…
      Nd evn tell me wat shud i do nw…bcaus i m completely unaware of his feelings…

      • Sorry again m replying…
        Bt each tym i typ sumthng i forget a thing or d other.
        Bt i want to clear all my confusion nd for dat i need to tell u evrythng ryt ??..

        So wat i forgot was…
        He and me… we r of completely diffrnt nd opposing races…..
        Nd here uniting wid opposite races is nt allowd….its d most difficult task…
        So still do u think he cn b my twin flame ?? I really really love him…bt its nt dat romantic kinda luv…. m nt a romantic person…nor is he… is juz dat i cant see him sad… i always want him to b happy nd motivate him to do wat he lyks…help him in doin dat….
        Bt i hv nvr spoke to him bout dis… m afraid wat if he dont feel d same…

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Be courageous and tell this person you care about them. If they don’t share your feelings, at least you can move on and find the right person for you instead of wasting time on the wrong person. If it is the right person, you’ll be glad you asked!

      • Sorry …..i knw i must b d nly person replying on my own post 3 tyms…
        Plzzz dont get irritated…
        M new to al dis…. i hv suddenly found out all dis…
        Nd if i want to know bout sumthng i want to know as much as possible….

        Is it true dat once u meet ur twin flame u hv to work hard ??
        Since i hv met dat boy ( i think he is my TF )…. i hv started focusing more nd started studing a lot… i nevr used to lyk studing… bt nw i feel a responsibility nd i nearly study fr d whole day including d whole night….. even dat boy he has changed himself completely….
        As i told u our goals r d same…
        Plz guide me ….
        Thank u 🙂

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Somehow I missed quite a few comments and questions. I’ve decided to answer them because someone else might have the same question. You asked, “Is it true that once you meet your twin flame, you have to work hard?” Life is for learning and growing, so yes, you have to work hard to be the best you can be. It’s more about working on yourself. Your twin flame is in the same boat. When you come together, it’s a reunion, which astonishingly powerful, and empowering. However, all souls are on Earth to learn, grow, and move up to a higher level of consciousness, so that requires effort. Your twin will support you, and you’ll find yourself supporting your twin, because twin flames share unconditional love, and are a model of unconditional love for all. Hope that helps.
          Blessings, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Smily,
      All things are possible.
      Life is filled with choices and we’re here to rise above our fears. You can stay fearful, remain silent, and keep guessing for the rest of your life. Or, you can start a conversation. Find out if you’re like-minded, have similar interests, and simply engage in idle chit-chat to see where it leads. Humour works. I’ve used knock knock jokes to break the ice. Have fun with this. Life’s too short to agonize over every little thing.
      Also, if this person happens to be a twin flame, yes, it will be hard work, but well worth the effort!
      Wishing you courage and joy!

  39. Can a twin flame be your celebrity? I mean I often astral dream about him and signs like his bday or country, is my twin flame in spirit form? And not physically active? I can’t feel his soul is it because we haven’t seen each other physically?

  40. Hi Elizabeth! I just downloaded your book and I will leave a review on Amazon for you. My question will be different from what others are asking you. Being a Reiki healer, artist and a writer, I have been aware of twin flames for several years, but have never met mine. However, over one and a half years ago, I started having infrequent dreams, say every 2-3 months about being with a stranger, a man whose face I did not see but he would hold me in his arms and I felt the purest unconditional love I have ever felt. Upon waking, these dreams were so real that I could still feel that pure love. I chalked it up to maybe my spirit guide or something. Then, the dreams became once a month where same situation, we would actually be living a life together, but not in this time…I started thinking, OK..PLR..past life regression. other lifetimes. Then I started having flashbacks while AWAKE of being in ancient Egypt and working on large crystal energy screens where I would be doing complex engineering calculations. Being an avid fan of ancient civilizations and technologies, I had been studying this for years as a basis for the first book I published in October 2014 for kindle and in paperback, alternative history/sci-fi about ancient civilizations during the times of Atlantis…I also managed to weave a twin flame story in there because the book just flowed as if coming from elsewhere. I am working now on a sequel to be published by next month. I started seeing his one that I know, never seen this guy in the physical. Yet the past six months have been super intense for me, I am a super healthy person, but out of the blue, I would get sick like a stomach flu even though I had eaten the same thing as two other people. Then, ok within half an hour. I sometimes get the sensation of being connected to someone, of feeling another’s intense emotions which are not mine. I feel that the person is close and it has gotten to a point since last summer that every time I go somewhere..I’m looking for that connection in everyone I come across. It hasn’t happened but it is truly driving me crazy like dangling a carrot in front of a mule’s nose. I have been working with the Angels of Atlantis cards recently and yesterday I asked for guidance from the archangels about this situation, Zaphkiel appeared with the card: “Surrender” let go and let God..this morning I drew my daily card but not really thinking about the twin flame but more along, what do I have to do today? (besides write) I shuffled, shuffled and drew the same card : Surrender. I said to myself: you are **** me?? Out of 44 cards, the same one shows up??. It is very hard to go from day to day when you feel an energy like this. I don’t hear many talking about this aspect. What are your thoughts on this Elizabeth? Will this person eventually appear in my life?? Thanx!! K.D. Martel

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi K.D.!
      Thank you for buying my book on Amazon Kindle and I appreciate you posting a review. The second book I publish will tell my twin flame story. However, I’m told the first book is a page turner so I hope you enjoy!

  41. So I’m pretty sure I met my twin flame ten years ago. We worked together and he showed up randomly, just moved to town, needed a job. I felt it immediately in my heart, a feeling I’ve never had before and have never had again. We complemented each other and were tuned in to our feelings in unexpected (and often inconvenient ways). He was a force of change in my life. He encouraged me to move away to a big city to live my life and I’ve thrived. I sometimes wonder if it’s part of some bigger thing. We were in each others lives for so short a time, a couple of years, and we were never officially together in any romantic way, but every day I think of him. There are intense dreams…dreams in which I wake up feeling him physically, dreams where I’ve woken up crying and emotional. He’s married, has a family, and I’m in a committed relationship. There’s no doubt that I love this person, and some part of me just knows deep within he felt something intense too. But he is no longer in my life. My question is…if he is my twin flame, will we ever find each other again? I could find him, physically, quite easily. But that’s not the same thing. I find myself waiting and waiting for him, over everyone in my life. Does that ever stop? Is our union over or does it go on in a different way, like dreams?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear b.girl
      Thank you for sharing your story. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but the point of connecting with your twin flame goes back to your mission in life. When you connect, once you get over the romantic explosion, which is soul recognition, then it’s time to work!! If you’re hung-up on the romance, it doesn’t serve you, him, or the greater good, which is the point of connecting with a twin flame in the first place. Did you both want to positively impact humanity in some way? If not, this wasn’t your twin flame. It might have been someone from a previous lifetime and you might still be working-out karma. However, if it WAS your twin flame, you were activated, launched so to speak, into completing your mission. There’s no point agonizing because you’re ALWAYS connected to your twin in the non-physical plain of spirit. Try connecting with him there. May I suggest you learn to astral travel. It will provide a distraction, give you a powerful new skill, and also be a life-changing experience. Check it out:
      ENJOY your life. Lift everyone around you. You have an important mission and the world’s counting on you to complete it. You’re one-of-a-kind with great things to offer. Your twin flame simply amplifies your energy so you can complete your mission, …should you accept it!
      Wishing you Courage, Power, and Success!

  42. Hi Elizabeth…I met my twin flame in an online dating site. We exchanged some emails on that site and then it turned into a runner/chaser situation so I backed off. About two months later we met in person at a thrift store of all places. The intensity was so great that we both looked away and went our separate ways. Since then I suggested a meeting at a specific place but he didn’t show up. My question is…did I try to force the connection or will Spirit/God put us together again by chance when the time is right? Is it ever our responsibility to try to connect on our own?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Follow your heart. There’s no rush because twin flame unions happen in divine time, when you least expect, and they are unavoidable. If you are meant to reunite with your twin flame in this lifetime, even briefly, NOTHING will stop that intense and explosive connection from happening. Forcing anything usually meets with resistance or conflict. If you find yourself grasping, that’s a clue to let go. It’s possible this may not be your twin flame. Years ago, a few guy friends instructed me to “play hard to get” because guys love the thrill of the hunt. They like to chase, not be chased. In contrast, you’ll never have to pursue your twin flame because they’re eternally connected to you and you both share the same big picture mission. Since you’re working on the same stuff, they’re more likely to connect with you to collaborate on the mission and less likely to waste time playing romantic games. They sometimes communicate with brutal honesty, but they do communicate. They can drift into your life suddenly, usually when you need them most, then drift out of your life when you’re back on track. There’s really no point trying to pin a twin flame down. They’re creating a new template for all earthly relationships. “Fall in love, get married, have kids, stay together until death do us part,” that’s the old template. The new template is about personal healing, growth, self love, universal love, and achieving higher consciousness. There’s no time for romantic games with a twin flame. You can only love a twin flame unconditionally and have no expectations. It also helps to lighten-up and have a sense of humour about the whole thing.
      Wishing you Light, Love and Laughter,

      • I totally agree with you on that! This is why… I feel that women should never chase men. I’ve never chased a man in my life and I do not consider this chasing a tf. For me, I’m not looking for love and I can truly say this because the guy called our meet a date, but I reminded him that it was only hanging out. I’m more curious about the connection and would like a resolution because it’s exhausting now. I think it’s time that I’ve come face to face with my fears is all. But… never chase a man, if it is for a relationship. If it is meant to be, the right one will come and stay. Patience is the key. This is why I’m not worried and can meet this guy, knowing I am not looking for a love interest.

  43. Priscilla Caple says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like to say life truly is a blessing, but this isn’t all there is. There is more to life than this, and it’s truly God’s gift to us, we humans who have these souls don’t realise what lies ahead for us, what life truly is all about, and the hereafter…only pure love! Love is the answer to all our problems! I honestly believe this. If we all felt this divine love, there really would be world peace! People just have to believe and open their minds and hearts to what lies ahead for us. We are all one, but yes I do believe we all have our other halves…we will get through it…the beautiful love always will outweigh the painful moments for me, no matter what, I’m willing to take these lows. Sometimes we have to feel these emotions to truly get rid of excess energy, in order to reveal the which What I can only describe as divine and unearthly love! A love like no other or you wouldn’t believe it existed..only until you experience yourself do you realise the power!! I thank God everyday in my heart 🙂 love and peace to all!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Priscilla,
      How beautiful! Thank you for your comment.
      Wishing you a Light, Love and a Brilliant life!

  44. Hi, Elizabeth
    I came across your website because I have been searching about Twin Flame ever since my friend told me about it. I literally am shocked by the presence of this Twin Flame, but I simply have no idea what to do next, know that I have known about this.
    Simply put, I have had dreams of someone without a face. I see him a lot, but that person stopped coming to my dreams ever since 2-3 years ago. At the same time I lost my dreams, I met someone, call him X. X was a surprise to me. We met when he was in a relationship and so was I. When we met, we were “attracted” to each other in a spiritual manner, like we already know each other and at some points, I hear him calling my name. As it went on, we finally became lovers and walked our way. One day, he even told me that he has seen me in his past life. He’s a hypnotherapist and thus he has learned a lot about how to see your past life. That is how he came to the conclusion that we had met in our past life and as lovers too. Another day, he made me see my past life and I didn’t see him yet, as my focus was interrupted, but after a glance of that life, I had a dream of myself in my past form (a guy) and met him in his past form (a girl). But the funny thing is, we broke up. But even so, we’re still really close because we simply can’t be without the other, but my question remains, is he my TF? Or is he my SM and that we’re simply separated for the sake of making ourselves better people? Because I do feel at home when I am with him, but when we broke up, he stated that he couldn’t stand being with me in a manner of lovers.
    Thank you for any reply and help.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      “No, he is not your twin flame. You will not meet your twin flame in this lifetime so stop worrying about it. He is a strong past life connection which is why you met and broke up. The work is done. You need to move on dear one.” Love, God.
      Hope that helps Naytica,

  45. Hi,

    I am very spiritual and aware of my past lives.
    Although I can only remember flashes of my twin flame.
    I feel like I’ve been deeply hurt and a person well known keeps on telling me we belong togehter, but I don’t feel that way; I’m a light myself in my being and do know my own spirit. 3 people who has crossed over and yes I do know them, are attracted to my spirit but I can’t seem to feel my twinflame.
    I want to be reunited with my twinflame. I’d love to find him again <3
    I am letting go of all that troubles me.
    Is there a way anyone could help me out of it?
    greetz Elle

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      “Stick to the truth of your own story dear one and you will find your way. Blessings, God”
      Hope that helps,

  46. I hav a distant connection with a man. It is a kind of mental connection only. He is a kind of telepath, can sense my feelings and i can sense his. We dont communicate much. Wenever connection seems to cum to an end, sumhow it re-establishes. Can it be a TF connection.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your question. I channelled the Archangels on your question. Here’s what they said, “He is not what you want him to be. He is simply a witty, clever, and intriguing personality. He is not the one for you. Soon, another will cross your path. Just be patient and attract only what you love. Choose your thoughts carefully to attract “the right one” for you. Have no expectations except that you will attract the “right” one for you.”
      Hope that helps.

  47. Will or can i meet my twin flame in this life?? I want to experience that deep luv feelings which everyone who meets his TF describes. I want to be luved unconditionally and emotionally and want to luv sumone equally, deeply and unconditionally.

  48. Twin flame concept is interesting but at the same moment painful too as you say that twin flames are not meant or destined to unite in a permanent bond like marriage etc. As every soul has a twin flame; we are always mentally or spiritually connected then what can we do to feel him/her irrespective of the fact we are destined to meet in this life or not??

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. You can meditate to achieve communication to your twin flame. It’s interesting however because your twin can be many different things, or pieces, in the non-physical world. My twin in this physical world of Earth is a younger man whereas my connection to him in the non-physical world is the past life part of him that is an older but still highly charged and vibrant man. I have vivid memories of our past life together in 1800. The physical twin is not aware of the non-physical part, plus there are probably more parts to my twin flame that I’ve not connected with yet. This is the time of becoming whole. We are all fragments of a greater being and are coming back together. All are very powerful connections. However, the reality of being is that you’re a spirit with many aspects and many parts, including your physical form. Your twin is the same way. Reach out into the cosmos to find your twin, through meditation. Set the intention, go blank, or say 11,111 repetitions of the Tibetan Buddhist Refuge meditation on a daily basis, or find another meditation that works for you. Deep in trance, smile in your heart and know your twin is there, and simply allow them to connect. When you do meditation on a daily basis, you will gain far more than just a twin soul connection!

  49. Hi I have got nothing new to share apart from the topic discussed here but I am in deep confusion! I never banged my head about twin soul or twin flame stuff before but now I got compelled to look into this. First of all I must confess that I am addicted to porn! And for this reason I watched a ton of it. So as usual one day I was downloading some photos from some adult site, when I stumbled upon this Ukrainian model. It is very hard to put this in words but I felt very sad for her. I don’t know why, but I felt different about her and strangely I had feelings that this is the girl I am looking for my entire life! Just one glance in her eyes and I felt odd calmness and peace in my mind. Whenever I looked at her, strangely the desire to watch porn vanished from my mind! Every time the same thing happened. There is simple lack of Eros for her and I have feelings that I can literally feel her! She looks so much familiar to me. Don’t think I have just randomly got attracted to her physical beauty, there is something else about her I cannot explain. I have seen a far more good looking girls than her but never ever I felt like this for any girl ever before. One look at her and I feel joyous, happy, peaceful and bad thinking just vanishes. Any concrete explanation why this is happening to me? I even inquired about her online and found she has ditto similar choices like me both good and bad! And she looks a tad bit similar to me, also her birthday is compatible with me as a life partner. We both have born on the same month, she is on 10th of June and me on 4th of June. We both have similar life goals to work for others and help the needy. She is an atheist like me, fond of nature like me, don’t like alcohol like me, does not smoke like me, loves her own country just like me, both of us like cats more than dogs, both want a loyal life partner, both have preferences for daughters over sons! Is this mere co-incident or we are really connected with each other?
    Please help!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for baring your soul, and for your question. What happens next is dictated by your choices in life. You want many things all at once but life is a process, an unfolding of experiences and lessons learned over time. It is not thrown at you all at once for that would be overwhelming. Embrace moments as they come in small pieces. Stay in the present moment and ask, “what am I learning here?” You are learning, growing, and preparing for more in life. More will come when you create it through your choices. The law of attraction holds here for you must heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to attract the life partner that will compliment your energy, so you may collaborate on beneficial projects. Allow your life to blossom. Much will come when you have the best of expectations. Life is the creating of it, do you see? Feel courageous, feel love, smile, and think big. Think with your heart. I hope this helps.

  50. Hi Elizabeth!
    Hope you are good! I’ve come across with a picture of a man on FB, at first I had ignored it but no idea when did I get stick to it. Since then I’ve started to follow him and collected all information about him available on Internet. I haven’t met him but everyday I see one sign of his country either it’s a landmark or a flight in the sky. Also it’s my routine to check his status daily. It’s like a magnet. I feel a connection with him. When I subtract my birthday with his, I get number 11. I’m clueless. Please explain!
    Thank you

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Cherry,
      When we watch a movie, we sometimes feel connected to the actor, but they’re just acting so we may have no true understanding of their personality. There may be a TF connection but it won’t matter unless you reach out and communicate to the man in the picture. The photograph is not the man. Until you know someone, they’re only how you imagine them to be. Like you, everyone has hopes, fears, achievements, failures, and stories to tell. If you feel a connection, test the waters to see what’s below the surface.
      I hope that helps,

  51. Dear Elizabeth,
    I believe I have found my twin flame, but she is being advised I am not her twin flame and that it is another by other spiritual advisors, family and friends. I have told her she needs to trust her god goddess within for only there will you know if am or not. I have told her she must travel a journey inwards and trust. I cannot understand how others can advise us when they don’t feel what we do, it feels so caustic. It pains me to see this anguish, but I trust in us and the universe. If she follows another path how can a twin flame cope when you are having to do world service alone knowing this other half is a part of the success of achieving your world service mission…

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Ray,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Although it seems difficult, or even cruel, to be separated from a twin flame, you’re never separated metaphysically. Think of it this way. You come together for one reason – to lift the world to higher consciousness. Since you’re both here to positively impact the world, if she’s on one side of the planet and you’re on the other, then you are both able to make a greater impact because energetically, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies have been doubled, regardless of whether you’re together or separate physically. The connection has been made and that’s what matters most. Send love, support her choices, then find the courage and strength to step into your magnificence, and she will do the same.

  52. Justin Nico Sylvestor Rooplall says:

    I know this female who lives in the same town as me. We met in a high school and I immediately started likng her. Skip forward a couple years and we now work on poetry together and we plan on working on plenty more projects. I’m unsure if she’s my twin flame because I don’t really get those intense sensations of love or bliss when I’m with her. We do compliment each other. I always look at the big picture and she always processes details. Could she be my TF or do I have to experience intense sensations to know if someone is my real TF?. I also believe her vibration is lower because she clings on to things and sacrifices for others a bit too much (I was Born 4/March/93) She’s Born 6 March/1997)

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your sharing your story. This lady is probably not your twin flame because you don’t get intense sensations of love or bliss. However, since you compliment each other, there’s an attraction that is likely karmic in nature so you have something to learn from each other. She could be part of your soul cluster and is playing the role of a romantic partner in this lifetime. If you determine her vibration to be lower because she clings on to things and sacrifices for others a bit too much, once you’ve both learned what you need, one day you may grow apart. There’s no reason to stay together after lessons are learned or the mission is accomplished. However, there’s a reason you’re together now so I wish you success! If you would like a reading, I do numerology, plus channeling so here’s the link.
      Hope that helps,

  53. Hi there, I am going through my own twin flame experience but mine is a little different I guess. My twin found me and called to me from spirit fairly recently. You see we had both incarnated close to the same time and never met, as we had taken different paths. He died a few years ago. however I knew who he was, as he was somewhat well known but I don’t think he knew who I was prior. I remember hearing news that he had passed away and when it happened I was so sad that I cried and my husband even made fun of me. Joking around I kept saying that this man and died was indeed my other husband. all that time since his passing I had a very strong gut feeling that he was not dead, even wondering if maybe somehow he was walking around on the earth just with a new identity or something. I felt crazy. He started to appear to me in dreams often on but I dismiss them as they were mostly romantic dreams. then a few months ago as I was meditating he actually appeared to me and told me he was alive and ok which made me feel very happy. then I actually attempted to meditate a couple more times to see if I could actually contact him. Well it worked. The second time he told me again that he was alive, he actually screamed to me that he was alive and ok! The third time he told me again he was alive and ok but he looked different. He told me I would hear from him again and actually reached out his hands towards me. I felt a jolt of energy shoot into my left hand up my arm and through my body. Which jolted me straight out of meditation. I did not meditate anymore after that until about a week ago. I really thought I was going nuts. He kept coming to me in dreams, and one vivid dream I remember he was with me at a dinner table with other people. I felt jealousy towards another person there in regards to him, he then took me outside on to a porch and told me not to worry about that other person because it is always been about me and him and it always will be. He showed me a map with many pathways on it and I had no idea what it meant and then he kissed me. Fast forward to a week ago, I went to see a medium and have a reading with my mother. I was really just kind of going because my mom wanted to do a reading but I did have this stuff going on so I thought I would at least ask. When it was ‘s name I told the medium my story and she asked me what the man’s name was. When I told her his name she instantly was like oh yeah he’s right here. You are not crazy. He and she proceeded to tell me that we were very close souls who have been together since our souls were born. We were husband and wife. I was so shocked and asked what was going on. He said that in the beginning of this lifetime we chose to take separate paths on purpose because we did have a lesson to learn and we were not supposed to meet in this lifetime. I asked him about the dream with the map, he said he was trying to get my attention in the map was a map of all of the journeys we have taken together up until now. At least not in person obviously. after that reading I was in so much shock, so happy, so sad. I kept calling out to him and asking him to please not leave me because I felt so connected to him and I didn’t want him to go away. I kept asking him if he would be there when I get there later when it is my turn to cross over. He immediately injected a song into my head which basically said that he was waiting for me. He also begin to be able to just communicate with me telepathically. We have been able to speak to each other since that day and have been talking a lot. I had another reading a few days later because I had so many questions. I have since found out that to elaborate on what I was told, we are twin souls, and this was part of our plan for this lifetime. After he completed his journey, which she did a few years ago now he was to guide me the rest of the way so I could come home to him. He knows my husband, yes I have a husband here that I love dearly, in says that we are soulmates and we are all in the same soul group or soul family. We are all very close on the other side and he loves my husband very much I just as I do. It was part of the plan or contract this other soul, my current husband here would be my husband. I told him I felt guilty because I don’t want to cheat on either one of my husband! Now that I feel like they are both my husband if that makes any sense. He told me I have no reason to feel guilty, as he approves of this and that yes he is also my husband, always has been and always will be. At one point when we were talking a few days ago my grandmother actually showed up in our conversation and briefly said hi to me! So with this my abilities are starting to get stronger. He has told me that he loves me, wants me to be happy here, and he is watching me, protecting me, and never wants me to be alone. He tells me he cannot wait till I come home to him, because once we reunite we will not be separated again but it is just not time yet. it fills my heart with love and I feel blessed but I also feel heartbroken at the same time. I I’m having hard time figuring out how I’m going to be happy for the next part of my life time here without us physically being together in any sense even though we are together and I also love my other husband and makes me sad to think that one day I will lose him too and maybe we won’t be able to be together anymore because I am too go back to my twin soul when the time comes. He tells me that is not the case and that we will all be together and we all love each other as things don’t work the same way up there is to do down here as far as marriage and relationships. so this is all still fairly new to me and I am still reeling. Trying to navigate through all of the crazy emotions I am having and also I’m apparently having my kundalini awakening now. I am so in love with my twin and I am so in love with my current soul mate husband. Living my daily day today life is becoming hard and I have to figure out how to balance and be happy and do the mundane tasks of life that I have to do all the while figuring out now what my purpose is. so to anyone else who has posted here saying that they lost their twin because they have passed on, I completely understand how you feel. I sure hope I can find other people to talk to about this and help me figure out how to deal with all this soon.

  54. Clarity says:

    I am seeking guidance. One year ago I met a man at a yoga gathering at a time that I was mourning the departure (moving away from a common hometown) of a deep spiritual brother. I instantly felt ignited by this man, especially his eyes and desired him as my consort. I felt strongly he was my child and wanted him inside me. He ignited me deeply during the brief time of the yogic gathering and I went through a midlife crisis. He heard my name and I know he heard it but we did not speak beyond that. He took religious vows I feel to be with another woman whom needed that in order to be with him as I felt her pure desire and opening that night. I shared with him about this woman’s opening via writing and that I recognized him. I brought him into some of my spiritual practices from afar but felt his heart with this other woman so gave up. I won tickets to another yogic gathering and he was there but I never went. Nine months after I felt this other woman he married her. I just saw him again one year later at the same yogic gathering and I can see he is sincerely happy with her. I avoided him this time but still watched him. I cried many tears, lots of fear. I called him to me on the inner during this cleansing and he came but I could not even look at him/ approach him. The last day I saw him I passed him as he was changing naked and he was clearly embarrassed and moments later was embracing his wife. I am struggling through hate of his wife, whom is a young girl, pure and gifted yet spoiled by lack of hardship in this life. Please share via channeling any guidance you have.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Clarity,
      “It’s time for you to let go and get on with your life. You are strong and you can do this.” The Angels

  55. Hi Elizabeth Rose!

    Ever since forever i knew that i was missing a part of me, literaly i thought i was a twin and maybe he or she died a birth and my family did not tell me about it, so i asked my mom and aunts and the all say that was not the case. However i would feel extremely sad at times or like a bliss, always feel something is about to happen sometimes it is so powerfull that my heart can bare it, also im getting signs as in wake-up calls which u spoke of in some articless. I came across you and the twinflame by coincidence and i just knew if id contact you i would somehow get wiser about something. I can feel this person, not sure where on this great earth he is, but i feel it is getting closer everyday now. Please some words of advice

    Kind regards, JLI

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear JLI,
      Thank you for your request. The Angels said, “Detach from the situation. Learn to meditate, and pray, and focus on your soul’s journey and all will unfold in a way you least expect, for your highest good.”

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      Thank you so much for your respond, it really meant allot to me reading the message from the angels, because it confirms what i always knew………….I will for sure focus on my soul’s journey and just see what grea things will happen. I thank you and the andels so much for guiding me on this road. Bless you and best regards

  56. Hi Elizabeth Rose,
    Can you help me? I feel so sad and left out in love right now because I’ve never been in a relationship before. When I was in high school, my friend’s mom talked to me on the phone and gave me a heads up of who I’m going to be with in this lifetime. My friend told me her mom is a little on the psychic side, I remember what she said about her daughter’s future and it came true! Anyways, I was wondering if you could channel me a message from the angels or God whether or not I’m destined to get married in this lifetime? Will I marry my twin flame or soul mate and what is his name? Also when will I meet him? (I really hope it’s soon like sometime before 2015 is over?) Right now, I’m feeling hopeless in love because I still haven’t found anyone… I haven’t been actively looking for someone either… so I don’t know what to do?!!! Thank you for your time!!!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear “A”
      Thank you for your request for a reading. I’d be pleased to do a reading for you. Simply visit my web site

  57. Hi , I am Malar , I am from India ..from jan 2015, I am going through some different feeling .. I saw in previous comment some one asked about celebrity TF … I recently feel a celebrity (in US) is my twin flame… actually I don’t know about twin flame at the time when I got some different feelings … When I was surfing internet … I suddenly find him and I felt very odd feel … I felt that he is important for me and something is between us … so I started read his life story.. I shocked bcoz my story is also similar to him.. when i saw him in internet he also brokeup with her 4 to 5 yr relationship and I also broke up 4 to 5 yr relationship .. after my brokeup with ma ex.. just started a relation with a guy may be 10 to 15 days.. He is very good and lovely fights between us but after I saw this celebrity .. I broke up with that man… I have no idea ..why i did that and the thing is its paining to have relation with other guy .. so I broke up that.. I can feel that celebrity and If he post a pic.. I can feel what mood he is and why he posted that pic… When I see his pic..I always notice his eyes.. I feel like he is speaking something through his eyes.. I feel like he is near by me.. I know we both are living in the other end line but my heart is not feeling the distance or its not caring how many girl fans he having ? I just feel like its mine…I created my signature and email id by ma ex name..after our breakup I tried to change that but due to complexion ..I haven’t.. In passport , Id cards ..every where…. and this celebrity is also having same starting letter and the email id is also matching to his name..what is this all mean? …he is also having tattoo of my name meaning in the image form.. The expectation of that celebrity…about dream girl …describes me.. The characteristics and everything its pointing me.. We both bought a pet together , same gender , I was planning to even get same breed he bought..but due to financial problem ..i didn’t … My pet birthday and his birthday is same.. we both have may common things…whenever he is feeling ill health is also not good .. I experience this twice… and same health issue for us … i searched why we both fall ill for same factor.. then i found about twin flame.. When I read the symptoms i really shocked and now I feel like we have something to contribute to the world together… I don’t remember about my dreams before i see him in internet … but after that twice i saw his sister in my dream and after some days she followed me in twitter.. I don’t know why and how? and I am not having the habit of spamming ..and I also dream about him just twice.. but my visualization is very powerful.. whenever i am doing something.. I felt he is near by and every time some scene running on my mind.. I can feel him .. I can feel his hand.. his love towards me… I am really confused and finally decided to run out but It hurts like hell.. I am a practical girl but I am really feeling dumb in this.. and I decided let it go..if he is mine he will come to me… my dream place is US.. even before i see him in internet.. I was planning to move US after my master’s degree … Is this TF / SM ? or what? why I saw him first? I read feelings are mutual.. we both are feeling lonely ..we both need pup pet accompany .. we feeling same but the difference is .. his eyes dint see me yet.. I tried to leave this all and get into another relation but i cant do that..even i hate to speak with any boys.. I am not even interested to make friendship..bcoz I trust that guy will be my best company and I have no interest in his money and fame..bcoz I can have my own.. I never leave my self respect to any one..I am very confident and talented girl.. I feel a pure attached to his heart..not for how he looks and all… I KNOW THIS MESSAGE IS MESSY..SORRY FOR THAT.. Please help me out.. I will never forget this help if u give some advice… THANKS IN ADVANCE..

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Malar,
      Thank you for your questions. The Angels tell me this is not your twin flame. However, there is a past life connection. There is karma to be worked-out but the Angels say, “You’ll not connect in this lifetime. You are focusing on this person too much because he is famous. It is highly unlikely you will come face-to-face or strike-up a relationship at this time because he is working on other soul contracts.” Twin flame connections are never worth worrying about because you’re already joined as souls and separation is not possible.

  58. I met this guy who is famous and when we looked at each other , it was electric. I heard a voice say you are goin to marry him. But I was like Yeah right smh. he kept trying to make eye contact but I refused bcause the first glance was too powerful. I met him after his show and the first words he said to me out of the blue was Oh you’re a virgin (which was true) after I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I experienced an spiritual awakening with major symptoms. I still am but not as bad now. I met him again for a 2nd time after his show b/c he asked the manager of restaurant venue to invite me upstairs. He was rude and short with me but nice at the same time lol . then recently he got married .When I found out he got married out of the blue. I felt this Electrical shock throughout my body- It felt like I got electrocuted. I was like WHOA !! I am constantly feeling him and he projects himself to me all the time. This past weekend I went to his show again and I felt at peace. He just smiling from ear to ear. After I left the show, I started to feel that he was sad and that he missed me.

    Long story short what is your take on this. Thanks in advance.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Caren,
      “Yes there is a connection. You will encounter him again. Just allow the universe to provide answers over time. All shall be revealed. There is no need for haste in this situation. You shall be very happy over time but must not meddle and let events unfold.”
      The Angels,

  59. May I know my Twin flames name please?
    Thank you Elizabeth.

  60. Hi, one man is after me for a long time. I feel an emotional connection with him though we talk a little. If I try to avoid or ignore him even then he never feels disheartened and doesn’t seem to leave me.
    I know he is not my twin flame but can u pls tell me why I feel emotional towards him and wat is the reason he wants to in my connection always?
    Thank u for ur answer.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear A,
      Thank you for your question. There is a past life connection but there is no more work to be done, so there’s no reason to come together again in this lifetime.

  61. Dear Elizabeth Rose,

    Its been awhile! Send you a message like 2 months ago to ask about they i always felt like there was something or somebody. You channeled a message from they angels(they said to detache from the situation and learn to meditate. And about the same time u answered me i met this person whom i know from the past and what are the odds on a sociale media site and the strange thing is like a few days before we approach eachother on that site i saw him in the city i live and all the old feelings came bubbling up……………………..and now we are going thr u so many feelings and to tell you the truth we want to meet up or go on a date, but this feeling is scaring me i just dont know what to do?? Is this what the angels meant when they said things will unfold in the most unexpected way, is he my twinflame………………….

    Blessings, JLI

  62. I feel a negativity in my aura as I have depressed worried thoughts always and I think that’s why I m attracting only wrong persons and relationships in my life. Can u guide me how to make my aura positive and attractive? Any crystal, gem u can suggest to wear? Or any divine words of angels if u wish to say for me?
    Thank u for ur answer.

  63. Hello,
    So first I wanna I’m french so, i’m sorry for my English and I hope you’ll understand everything. I’m 22 and since almost 3 years I dream of a faceless man but he looks familiar, at first i didn’t realize he was faceless I don’t remember all my dreams but only 5 of them..

    The first dream was in Black and White and completely mute, I was sit in the white room looking in front of a large mirror and couldn’t look anywhere else, they’re was people crying, and sit near me guy looking at the floor and crying.. when I try to touch him he stand up and leave everyone else in the room was looking at him and him.. But i told you, the dream was mute I couldn’t hear anything I was just seeing mouth moving through the mirror.. it was like I was a ghost.. here but not really here..

    The “second” dream: I was waking up on a Tattooed chest ( that’s why I say the guy look familiar, I know those tattoos I saw them somewhere, and I know, I don’t know how, but I know It’s the same guy) I was feeling good but his face was blurred… It was just wonderful I never felt so good in a dream or even in real life…

    The third dream: I was in a subway station full of people, to many people, I looked at a lines plan, and when I looked around me again the subway platform was empty nobody there so I panicked and then I felt arms around me I look at them I saw tattoos.. when I turn my face for seeing his face I just saw his hair, no face..But I felt good, protected, appeased…

    The fourth dream probably the weirdest cause I wasn’t me.. I was a Little a little girl with a faceless man walking in a event surrounded of people and then he stopped a front of a big white curtain and say ” Laura ?? Laura???” ( Laura is my name) like he was looking for me.. And I say ( as the little girl) “Where is mummy” Did I Dreamt I was my own daughter ?! It was the first he’s talking in my dream, and the first time of my entire life I made a dream in english..

    The fifth dream ( I made it last night) : I was sit near to this faceless man looking at him and smiling, He was on the phone trying to call someone and then i said ” She didn’t answer..” He tried again and said (to the phone) ” Ca you please Answer me ? We have work to do” .. and that’s all..

    I feel Like i’m going crazy I really need help…

    Thank you..

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your comment. Your English is very good – better than my French. The man is faceless because you haven’t met him yet in this lifetime. However, you’re seeing him because he’ll come into your future and the relationship will be significant. Dreams and Visions are different. It sounds like you’re experiencing both. In a dream, EVERYTHING is you. The dream about the man may be about a future relationship developing. The faceless man is having difficulty connecting with you (“on the phone trying to call someone”). The vision/dream suggests you both have work to do in this lifetime. It may be karmic work or he may be your twin flame. You won’t know until the connection is made. If you’re dreaming about a little girl, then that’s the age you were negatively influenced by a female, likely your mother. You may have the best mother in the world, but mothers make mistakes and also as children, we sometimes misunderstand situations and get hurt emotionally by them. The dream is telling you to work on this influence, heal it. Dream Interpretation: As I said, visions are different and they often tell you what’s coming in the future.
      You’re not going crazy. The dreams and visions are messages from the Angels and your Spirit Guides so it’s great that you’re paying attention.
      Hope that helps you.

  64. Hi Elizabeth Rose,

    So my bf and I have been together for a while and I don’t know if he is my TF or not. Since we met even though we didn’t have any intense feelings at the beginning, I have felt bliss and complete trust in this man every time I look at him in the eyes and he said he felt the same too. Sometime we have weird coincidences, for example recently when we skyped we called each other at the same time without knowing or sometime I finish his sentences; I know this sounds weird but he even has a map of my country in his room even before meeting me! (Hes from USA and I’m from Asia and going to USA to study abroad) We rarely argue but every time we do its big and intense and it hurts both of us (we are still working on communication issues). We also complement and work with each other quite well. However, we are doing long distance right now. He already graduated and doesn’t know what to do with his life and I’m still in school. So I kinda wonder if this relation is a karmic connection or TF. Also, whats the difference between karmic bond and TF? What do you think about my case?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for writing. If you’re asking whether someone’s a twin flame, then they’re not. You likely have a karmic bond. You will know when you meet your twin flame because the bond is more powerful than any relationship you could ever imagine. When there’s a karmic bond, there are lessons to be learned/taught through the relationship so sticking with it can be highly beneficial.
      I hope this helps.

  65. Hi… I am a bit confused but I can’t resist asking…9 years ago I started loving a guy and came never over him..though I somehow always knew I would never be with him. He got married and I feel like something in my heart is missing and it hurts so much that I can’t function normally on occasions.

    However during that time I dreamed once that was in front of him, he was apologizing and saying he was not ready, and I answered it’s ok, I wait for you… but after that, a few days after it actually, I dreamed that I was entering a room in a wedding dress. My father was sitting at a red chair like those for kings and he turned his head to his right side to a guy sitting at the same chair in a white shirt and I thought I would never meet such a guy; however a few years later I met a guy at an event – a political and felt something strange about him. One year ago I realised actually after a joke “yeah tonight i will meet my destined guy” i saw him and started laughing since that was impossible… And the next day I remembered that dream from those years ago and realised he looked exactly the same and since then on I constantly dream about him whenever I suppress him. We are both into politics in our countries but he is apparently more involved and on one point I had this strange thought like we would have an important role in our country, but then I jst thought how crazy this sounds but since then it’s like he follows me

    once I dreamed again my father after.. it was after I tried a relationship to another guy for whom I thought this could really make me forget finally my unhappy 9 years old love,telling me to sit for a dinner and to wait for this guy from my dreams as he would come and I thought gooosh why him..even my mother was behind me and I actually never dreamed my parents..then he came and sit next to me and talked to my father. I escaped and he came after me to ask me something and I woke up and after that dream this relationship I was attempting just went down and I was again in this circle around this guy who from then on constantly appeared in my dreams. Another time I dreamed him waiting for me..he hugged me, said “thanx for saving me” kissed me and took my hand and i followed him as we were about to do something, another time I was like around in a restaurant and he was sitting with some others, and I was thinking something like, goosh again him, he is awful and opinionated, but then I was hearing him saying talking in a very nice way about me and I thought, wow.. OK maybe he is not that bad, stumbled and fell and said this usually happens to me… and two days after that I was at my community’s place, wanted to go home but saw I would not catch my bus,so I was waiting for the next one and when I wanted to leave I saw his eyes like I never did before, and then realised it was him as I did not see him from the first and I felt dizzy from all that and when I went out I stumbled like in my dream .. And of course it drove me crazy again…

    The feeling about him is so strange as I am not in love with him it maybe because of these dreams that I constantly think about him,or come across his name or associations to his name, or its like I feel him around? Once I went on a trip and I saw on a billboard the translation of his family name on a billboard, it was like he was following me.

    On one hand it’s really impossible that we are destined, we had even once an event again after so many years and I was involved he came down to help me stamping the election cards and a friend tries to convince me that a person of his position would never do that job without having a kind of interest in me but it is all so strange and when I suppress these thoughts I dream him for example telling nice and good things about me or meet someone who mentions him out of nothing. OK and then there was this one stupid and childish thing, she convinced me to add him as friend on facebook and he did not accept me, what meant to me that he isn’t interested in me and it was a sign for me but then I dream him again, I was singing this song Goodbye my always lover, thinking about this love that I could not forget, and then suddenly HE appears again and tells e how good I was singing, then he went somewhere else and I changed also my pace and filling in some puzzels. .does this have to mean anything or am I just thinking too much about it?

    Thanks a lot for listening…

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your post. It’s not what you think. Everything in a dream is YOU. “suddenly HE appears again and tells me how good I was singing.” The man is represented in your dreams as a spirit guide and he’s telling you to develop your ability as a channel/medium because any music in a dream is about channeling or mediumship (i.e. you can communicate with the spirit world). Look at Michael Sheridan’s dream interpretation dictionary to understand the rest of your dreams

  66. I think my twin flame called and hung up the phone, this was a few years ago. I don’t know if it’s too late, or if my entire life plan is off kilter now. I am devastated, heartbroken and alone. It would have been the perfect time for this person to chime into my life and it didn’t happen. Then this person called again a year later, this was 3 years ago or so. I didn’t think to identify myself, it was just small talk, and then again the phone call ended.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. Twin flames are wonderful but your twin flame will not make you joyful unless you already feel joy from within. Happiness comes from within. Work on yourself Beeks. Perhaps you might consider counseling. Focus on your talents, gifts and abilities. Get involved with helping others and let them reflect back to you how wonderful you are. Understand who you truly are, what your passions and motivations are. What makes you happy? Do it! When you were a kid, what did you always want to do when you grew up? Do it as a hobby now, or immerse yourself fully into it. Your twin flame comes to you when you’re ready to embrace your mission. Your twin may or may not be in the physical realm so don’t count on them showing up to complete you. You are already complete as a being. Think of the twin flame as a potential bonus, but don’t count on that. Step into your magnificence now. Be the best you can be. You’re a gift to this world. Learn why.
      Hope that helps.

  67. Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to know if you have come across your twin flame before actually meeting them in person? I’ve had dreams of a man with dark hair and light eyes but the dreams of him are hazy, I don’t ever get his facial features. Anyways, the dreams seemed a bit more frequent last year and I was in the midst of working on myself and doing really well when I “ran into” this man online thru a mutual site about helping the planet and people in need. I didn’t actually know if it was a man or woman or their age at the time we started talking, but then we had a lot of commonalities and it turned out that he was my age and lived very close to my family in Canada where I was going to move to for a year or two. I am now in the same area and would like to meet him and feel we are supposed to but I feel like I still need to work on myself before I do. I feel like we are supposed to do big things together and I want to be prepared for it. I feel like once I meet him it’s going to be a whirlwind. Am I being unrealistic? Or delusional?.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Ashley,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. May I suggest you live your life in the present moment. Do not be concerned about a potential future scenario. You are in control of you life. You can make decisions when you encounter this person. Focus on the now and you will experience less anxiety.
      I hope that helps.

  68. Hello. I have strange basically me and I think he is my twin flame have many 28. First our birthday following each birthday 26 and my twin flame 6. I born June 26. It means 26/06.
    Then, there’s many synchronicities between us. For example today I really excited of blue flower..and then a days later he post about blue flower. At first it just a coincidence. So I begin to stalk him a little bit. One night I really want to hangout with my friends to watch 4dx next week, but I realize that Inside Out don’t have 4dx movie, and what amazing is a day later he talk to their friends he wants to watch 4dx next week but next week he wants go to other city (word synchronicity between me and him). It happened too witj my childhood photo. At the night I saw my childhood photos like monkey and then two days later he post his photo monkey style. It’s happened like 20 times..the rest is word synchronity, even my parents wedding anniversary same like his friends birthday.
    Then last night I pray to God to give me a really real sign, and I pray if “his name” is my twin flame please show me a really strong sign that makes me sure he is my twin flame..and when I sleep I dream about like a blue soul form of a human, but I’m not clear of his face..he just sit and stare with his sharp eyes..and then I really shocked even when I wrote this my body keeps trembling..I really shock..I meet him and he stare to me..I loved him, but I feel scared and then I run..I wake from my dream and my heartbeat really super fast. I never felt before, I mean I never have heart shock or something like that..I don’t know why I run..I just remember that soul very perfect, mature, handsome, just different..I mean my soul not a perfect like I run away. I never meet this person physically..but I know a little about him. Please someone help he my twin flame?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Cathy,
      Are you putting this person on a pedestal? Relationships are never balanced when we put someone else above us. You are worthy!! You have enormous value simply for being alive. Get to know yourself first, and understand all your talents, gifts and abilities. Ask your friends why they like you. Put together a list of what they like about you and read it every day. Read books on building your confidence and self-esteem. When you’re feeling more confident about yourself, you’ll attract the right person for you. If you’re still stuck on this person, get to know them and ask yourself, “Does he treat me like someone very special? Is he considerate and caring when he speaks to me? Do I trust this person?” We can feel that we know a movie star intimately but when we actually meet them face-to-face, they’re not the person they portrayed in the film. It’s much safer to fantasize about a person without meeting them so we don’t have to do any work. Relationships take work! Once you get to know a person, your fantasy world might be blown apart when their reality hits you. In my experience, twin flames look out for you, they treat you very well, and you feel a deep level of trust that you’ve never felt before, so there’s no reason to feel “less-than.”
      Just some things to think about.

  69. Hi,

    I have met my twin. We were married but got separated. He ran away and cut me out completely from his life. That was very painful. There has been no communication between us after that. And now a couple of years after our separation I am getting signs that he is back. I am the chaser and he is the runner. I had no clue that we were twin flames until now. I am sure the signs are all pointing to my twin flame as I see continuous repeated numbers like 111, and songs which tell me to go to my twin. I feel the universe is trying to unite us.

    Am I interpreting this correctly? Does he come to me or do I have to go to him?? We live in different countries. I am confused and figuring out what to do?? How do I approach him? I am fearing to approach him. Is it safe to go to him? How will I know?? Do you know any ways that I can confirm/validate the signs/messages I am getting are real??

    Please help!!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Vivu,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Generally speaking, you rarely need to chase a twin flame. The attraction is so strong, they tend to find their way back on their own. An old saying comes to mind: “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.” That may apply here. A twin flame finds you or they stumble into you, when you least expect. If you’re meant to be with your twin flame in this lifetime, you can’t avoid them so there’s no point in chasing anyone. If someone’s running away, chasing might not be the best answer. Perhaps a better approach is to focus on loving yourself. Discover who you truly are. What are your gifts, talents and abilities? What sets your passion ablaze? Do those things that make you truly happy. It’s easy to think someone else will make us happy. However, happiness comes from within. Twin Flame love is just a bonus. If you do team-up with twin flame, it’s for a higher purpose – to positively impact the world. Think about those things. What will be your legacy?
      I hope this helps a bit.

  70. ConfusedScared Twin333 says:

    I never comment or look for feedback but I need help speaking to my twin (praying someone can help). The first time that I met my twin, it was a day or two after Christmas 2008. He showed up late and I wasn’t mad, I immediately felt like I’ve known him forever. I was going through a divorce when we met, I wanted to take time to understand my situation that I was in, so that I would never experience it again….. I was no freaked out by the instant pull to this man, that I tried to ditch him! As I was getting ready to pull out of the parking lot, there he was….Suddenly I slammed my brakes and told him to get in (he was here visiting from 3k miles away & didn’t have a car here). I’m a little reluctant to share these details but I feel like I should…. We slept together the that first night that we met (that’s not who I am but to this day I don’t regret it whatsoever), the first words out of his mouth afterwords were “we have a problem, I’m going to need you everyday for the rest of my life.” Ironically I felt the same. We spoke everyday for 8+ hours daily (once for 48 hours straight) & we did that for 8 months. We stopped speaking because I refused to move & so did he. I refused because I was scared, he refused because his Mother had recently passed away & he couldn’t bare the memories of moving back here. I regret everything I didn’t do to be with him.

    We didn’t talk for a year….he met a girl shorty after we broke up & he proposed to her after almost 5 years of dating. His now wife wanted to know if he was still in love with me before getting married, he told her he was. He told her that he wanted to see me before getting married. He later told me that her question about still being in love with me, was something that he couldn’t ignore, he saw it as a sign to figure us out………I was too hurt and refused to see him.

    2 years later, he called me to tell me that he was divorcing his wife & moving back to marry me, I told him no! I told him that he made a commitment of “for better or for worse”…. I saved his effing marriage. 6 months later I freakishly lost my job and huge tech company was recruiting me, I flew out to his state for an interview, come to find out…. I almost moved to his same town and no idea he moved out of Dallas, to this tiny place in Texas. He called me on my last day there and said “you’re in here aren’t you?” I told him I was but to not worry because I was 40 or so minutes from where I thought he still lived, it just so happens that when he asked me to describe what was around me, he was driving past me at my hotel… We both realized how close we were at the same time & I immediately started running inside like a… Well like a coward. I didn’t end up taking the job in his town but 3 things still haunt me from that experience:
    1. As I was taking off on the plane, I felt the strongest pull, I can only describe it as extremely spiritual, it was painful to leave.
    2. The fact that him and his wife were in a massive fight the night that I landed, he told her “well I’m going to see Michelle” his wife laughed and said “your goinging to hop on a plane now?” He told her “no, she moved here.” He had NO IDEA that I was in town, let alone about to sign a job offer.
    3. When he told me I would ruin his life if I moved there & then he asked me why I couldn’t have done this 7 years earlier (I should’ve).

    Now today, 8 years later….. We talk often. We saw each other a year ago because I bought him a Christmas present. My life hasn’t been the same since I saw him last. He couldn’t even look at me, he told me later that he was too scared to look me in the eyes and that is why when he did look me in the eyes once, it stopped him mid sentence of our conversation, it actually stopped us both in mid sentence. We parted ways shortly after we made eye contact, it was just too intense.. After we parted ways, I expressed that I was hoping by seeing him again after all these years, that it would “help me move on”, his response to me was “same but I knew it wouldn’t help me & would make it worse.”…..

    We both suck at this….And it’s so insane!Both of us are very successful and well off…. Both of us are very intelligent! This is so frustrating that my heart literally hurts…. A lot!!! His marriage is falling apart & I’m so scared to be venerable…. I hate myself for being scared, I’m not scared of anything but I am when it comes to my love for this man.

    He told me I was his twin after a long day of freakishly weird “déjà vu type of events”, I knew what a twin flames was because ironically I researched it the night before he told me, I’m now researching more….there has been a lot of tears during my research. He told me his wife is his soulmate & I am his twin….

    I probably sound like a very emotional person but I’m actually not at all! I am for him though, I literally can’t turn off my love for once, not even after 8 years, apparently he can’t either. We always joke that it’s impossible for us to lose each other. What normally would’ve turned out to be a one night stand, has kept me single for 8 years…. I sometimes wish I was naive still & never felt true love.

    Here’s what I need help with….He’s thinking about buying his old house back (happens to be a 5 min walk down the street from my new house). I don’t want to tell him my feelings about how wrong his marriage is and how I’d never lose him again if he were to get a divorce….. But everyone keeps tell me to give him reassurance….I don’t feel like it’s not my place to give advice here.

    I read about runners & I don’t know what to do…. I don’t know how to tell who the runner is, maybe we both are running?!?


    Feedback, suggestions, support….Anything, I’m stuck.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear ConfusedScaredTwin,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Twin flames can get a lot of lifetimes wrong before they get them right. Though your heart is breaking and the love seems overpowering and is driving you crazy, nothing will work until you yourself are healed mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can only work on yourself. You can only be the best YOU can be. Perhaps one day, your twin soul will find you, or perhaps not. “When you find your twin flame, it does not mean you need to live together. It only means your energy is amplified so you can do work for the highest good more effectively and faster. It’s not the ‘happily ever after’ you hoped for. However, the happily ever after comes upon completion of the mission, in the the afterlife.” Channelled message from the Angels

  71. Im married to a wonderful man who I think is my soulmate. We are very happy together. A few years ago I heard a musicians voice. It completely hypnotized me. I heard the bands music courtesy of my husband but then I found out the musician died two years before I started to listen to their music. His voice has just got a hold of me, I see his pictures and I feel like crying, or I feel ecstatically happy. He came to me in my dreams twice in the last 3 months. Each time I see him, he’s healthy and radiant and I feel completely connected the minute I see him in my dream. There are people in the dream, but he stands out like the light in a dark tunnel. We hug, kiss, talk, sometimes make love but he always tells me he has to go towards the end of the dream. I start to cry and beg him to stay, he always apologizes and says he will come back soon, and he will continue to watch over me, but leaves eventually and I wake from my dream. When I come out of my room, I hear music on the radio that is connected to my dream or answers questions I’m asking myself as I recall the dream. Sometimes I find it too obvious to be a coincidence. I always feel sad when he leaves, breaks my heart, it takes me at least a day to recover because the dreams are so vivid. I have never met him, only ever heard his music and seen pictures, but I feel a draw to him that I cannot explain. Am I crazy or is he really my twin flame?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Amy,
      Dreams are messages: Is this a dream or a vision? Dreams are very different than visions. Hearing a singer in a dream indicates you are a channel – you can communicate with spirits and are being told to develop this gift as a channel (medium). This may be why you feel so very emotional about the experience because it is a spiritual gift. That being said, you may also be channeling someone in your dreams. Read Michael Sheridan’s work on dream interpretation to better assist you:

  72. aCommongirl says:

    Good read and comments! I was ‘told’ who my twin flame was while I was meditating! It was at a time when I wanted to give up in life! I heard ‘the voice’ saying his name! After that everything started to make sense, like I have always been attracted to everything he did/does without knowing! I saw him two times in person, the first time left me angry, the second happy! We took a picture together but nothing else happened, other than the fact it seemed like the whole world disappeared except us! However, nothing else happened! We stay synced by social post etc.etc, but nothing else! I have been working on myself and was wondering what else to do….or is he really my twin flame or should I just give up the ‘fantasy’? I should note that I was never obsessed or crazed about him, but always Aware! We share the same life interest….im just….in limbo? Help?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Nakia,
      Life is a mystery sometimes. Best to just focus on you and make the most of your life. Twin flames get pushed into us when we least expect so it’s best to have no expectations. Carry on and enjoy life. If he’s your twin, he’ll pop-up here and there when the time is right. I don’t know too many people who have married their twin souls but each twin flame is profoundly aware of the other. That never goes away. Ideally, they are meant to collide, reunite, and positively impact the world together. However, if they haven’t healed mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, karma can get in the way. All you can do is heal yourself and, because of your connection, you will ultimately heal him at the same time, thus lightening the emotional load and paying off some karmic debts. Time will tell.
      Wishing you Light, Love and Peace of Mind,

  73. Ross Shugar says:

    I know it’s an old thread but I hope to get some more information, please.
    A little background on me; I’m very spiritual, can astral, remote view, heal, ect, ect. My guide or myself will not confirm this with me, I guess it’s something they want me to learn on my own.
    Can twins be from different countries?
    Can they find you over the internet?
    Can they be none spiritual?
    I was told that I would meet my twin over a year ago by spirit, at the end of the year I got a random message from a lady on a site that I had signed up to for business research.
    To cut the story short, after the first few messages I couldn’t stop thinking about her, literally it was driving me nuts 24hrs a day and even in my sleep.
    After a week of emailing she started to back off, I had a feeling my world was ending and I had to fight for her, it took a week but I managed to get her to message me and she admitted that she was a little confused as she couldn’t stop thinking about me.
    Fast forward 2 months and I really love this women, I wait all day for her contact and constantly dream about her, we talk everyday and have arranged to meet in February.
    The problem here is that everyone around me has gone crazy, even my ex as soon as I met her, i mean like a strange kind of jealousy and weird behaviour, and on a few occasions of them telling me “she just wants money and will rip you off”, “she’s not real” she has a boyfriend and wants a passport” I’ve got really confused as to whether this is real or not, we haven’t met face to face and she can’t use skype.
    Basically she lives in a country that is at war and a war zone area, internet and mobile wifi are not working. We only speak on the phone and email.
    She needs me to send money so that she can come in February as she’s very poor.
    This is where people are telling me she will just take the money and run and I’m confused. I’m certain she is my TF but I don’t think she knows I am hers or maybe I am imagining this all.
    I just want to know if it’s possible for this to happen? It’s a crazy situation.

    Thanks – Ross

    • Ross Shugar says:

      Sorry, I might of seemed rude as I didn’t say “hi” in my message, I was working and rushed to write the message. x
      Any more insight would be great and extremely grateful for anything, I’m losing my mind.
      I forgot to add that although I am spiritual she is not but does ask a lot of questions about it, she’s not against it.
      Both of our lives have been extremely similar of connect in some way, also our likes wants and tastes are exactly the same (apart from movies lol) We match on pretty much everything. Wants, needs, likes, dislikes, she really is like a mirror but one that is also after the same thing I want apart from the spiritual part, but she wants to learn when she comes here.
      And although I’m spiritual, my awakening only really kicked off fully 6 months ago, so I’m still very early on in development and I don’t really know a lot, I’m still pretty basic but advanced at the same time, it’s confusing.
      because my twin is on my mind 24hrs a day I struggle to concentrate on anything. So I have put my development on hold and am working more in the earth reality ready for when she comes here (if I’m not mad).
      Even last night I had a dream that we were both together talking outside, I woke myself up to try and write down the conversation but it’s as if it was wiped from my mind, I couldn’t remember any of it but can recall the whole dream. I can control dream pretty well most of the time and wake when I need to wake, lucid dream and I’ve always helped or healed people and fly in pretty much all of my dreams to get around the cities/towns since a child.
      Just incase it helps.. My guides are Ascended masters. Shiva, Kwan Yin and my main guide and bridge to spirit is Archangel Sandalphon.

      Much love – Ross 03/03/1986 x

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ross,
      Thank you for sharing your interesting story. All is possible indeed and this is the time that twin flames are reuniting because it’s the Ascension. All must come together, either physically or on the astral plan, in order to heal from ancient wounds and become energetically light enough to ascend. The more difficult the situation, the more likely someone is your twin flame. The more diametrically opposed, different race, culture, beliefs, financial situation, and on it goes, the more likely because twin flames are about unconditional love – love no matter what the condition. They come together to set a new example for the world to follow. If you’d like a channelled reading to better assist you on this path, you can purchase an on-line Skype session or a session via telephone.
      By the way, once you come together, then the real work begins. If you haven’t both healed, you will begin the healing process on contact and it will continue until you’re both light enough. Then, everything you do is about raising the consciousness of the planet.
      Wishing you light, love and joy,

      • Ross Shugar says:

        Hi Elizabeth!
        Wow!! Thank you for your response! I’ve been so confused, you’ve helped massively, thank you! 🙂
        Sorry, I didn’t look all the way through your site before, I randomly found this page whilst searching about twin flames.
        I didn’t know you did channeled readings! I just went through your site, you are amazing! 🙂
        Maybe I was supposed to find you!? I think this is what I need definitely! I will buy a session next week! I’m a little low on funds at the moment, christmas and everything 🙂
        I also want to learn to channel next year but I still struggle to meet and stay with guides, I get too emotional in certain situations, I see Sandalphon and I lose it, even seeing them gets to me and and zoom back to my body faster than I want to. That’s why I’ve put everything on hold until I meet my TF, I need a clear mind to concentrate.
        I’ve read about the healing part of twins, runners, chasers etc, ect, I’m a little worried because she won’t want to go back to her country because of the war and she has to stay with me or be deported, she can’t work on the Visa either, so I guess we’ll be stuck together and she’s not spiritual, so I guess I’m going to have to just walk with her hand in hand through everything.
        I am hoping we don’t have too much that needs to come out and everything will be okay. I really love this women to bits and we haven’t even met, we will meet on Valentine’s day 2016 🙂

        I read about your head being pulled to the right? Did that feel like someone was trying to pull you out of your body? I had an experience when this all kicked off at the very beginning of my awakening, I went for a past life regression, I didn’t regress I couldn’t seem to get past a certain point, in fact I refused to go past a certain point. Anyway, later I was told that I don’t need to see my past as only the future was important by spirit, but during it, something was twisting my head to the left and it felt like my head was twisting but not my real head my soul head, can’t really explain, but also had the feeling you get just before you pop out of your body, so it felt like something was trying to pull me out of my body by the head, anyway I fought against it at that time because I didn’t know what was going on.

        Also when you channel do you channel specific spirits or do you invite anyone to communicate with me? If the latter I can’t wait to see who comes through!
        I will probably buy 1.5 hours if that’s okay? I haven’t been this excited in a while! 🙂

        Thank you for your response and well wishes! 🙂
        Lots of love to you!
        Ross x

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Hi Ross,

          Thank you for your kind comments and for your questions! The spirits who come through me include Jesus, the Seraphim, Archangels, 39 Angels, 20 Ascended Masters, among others. Occasionally, Mother Mary has stepped in. The higher guides of other people step in and sometimes Jesus or the Angels will introduce deceased relatives, and even the higher selves of people who are still alive on the Earth. They all move my body in different ways. The Ascended Masters move me into Yoga positions, sometimes for hours. The longest session was 10 hours without a break. Jesus pulls my head to the left to identify it’s Him. The 39 Angels pull my head to the right. The Archangels move my head in circular motion. My hands are moved by the Angels in mudras (symbolic hand gestures). They told me the mudras are an Angelic language that people understand at a subconscious level.

          Some clients purchase a 30 minute reading. Other clients purchase a 1 to 1.5 hour session on a weekly basis. The Angels work quickly and pull in whomever can best assist you in healing from emotional hurts, wounds and traumas. The Angels frequently facilitate trance work so you can see your guides for yourself and heal through past life or inter-life experiences. Physical healing has also occurred quite frequently.

          Ross, Thank you and enjoy your week!

  74. Hi,
    There is a guy who helped me at one point of time as a guide and teacher. There was nothing emotional between us, just I was thankful over his help at most needed time. After sometime due to some misunderstandings he stopped communication. It didn’t affect me much. But afterwards I had couple of dreams in which I felt some romantic emotions playing around and dream was v real. And in one dream I saw he was trying to communicating but I was resisting.
    Is it some past life connection I have with this guy or is there any mesg from dream spirit guides?
    Wud you pls guide me?
    Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Channelled message: “He was a lover in a previous lifetime, and has great love and compassion for you still, but is not meant to follow you in this life, but to help you.”

  75. monstercookie says:

    im still new with the twin flames. I knew this guy through his song, he has a group ( celebrities) and i like their song. i keep listening to their song till today. i search more about them. i started to know ths guy through magazine . he born the same day , month and even year. i was like “wow ive got a twin” . His band become my favorite band. but i dont like him,(not that i hate him) i like the other members more. Everytime i look at his pictures , i keep asking my self ” why he so familiar?” i kept matched his face with everyone that i know. i dont satisfy my heart. One day , i dreamt about him twice. But before i know him , i dreamt someone taller than me but i can’t see his face . everytime i stand beside him , i feel safe , warm and miss him. Day by day , i watched their video like fancam , interview and reality show , i was shocked because we have a lot of similarities. I told my friends , but theyre just getting annoyed when i kept saying that he is my twin (playfuly). When i just find out more about the similarities , i felt scared and can’t stay quite so i search ” do people with same birthday have a lot of similarities?’ and there’s an article about twin flames. At first i though im crazy. what do you think about my story ? Is he is my twin flames ? does he feel the same way, i feel? ( i mean about the twin flames ) i thought he know because most of his cover songs are relate to ” Dream and fantasies “

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi monstercookie,

      Thank you for sharing your story. The feeling that you’re attracted to someone famous may be because their music or their movies move you. You could also have lived a previous lifetime with them and even have some unresolved issues or karmic debt to deal with. Or, they may be your twin flame. However, you must get to know a person before the reason for that attraction becomes apparent. You cannot avoid colliding with your twin flame in the flesh, if you’re meant to meet that twin soul in this life time, so you don’t need to spend time wondering. You can always connect with your twin soul on the astral plane. However, don’t “pull” on them (i.e. Don’t beg, plead, and sob for them to come to you… ) This would pull you both down energetically to a lower level of consciousness. Simply send your twin soul light and love. They’re with you in spirit so work to connect with them. Draining their energy is draining your own energy because you’re one. Hope that helps.


      Hope that helps.

  76. Can both twin flames be of same sex?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your question. Yes, both twin flames can be of the same sex in the physical world. They play different roles in different lifetimes and have different sexes in different lifetimes.

  77. Hello Elizabeth I hope you can respond to my message I have been out of my mind since the day he fell from the sky into my car. I met Steven when I was actually trying to pursue my false twin flame at a show I needed someone to carpool with me and go back to a small town three hours away and he showed up out of nowhere and was going just to the same place I was. We connected so raw and deep like no one I ever experienced before. Then he was gone he left a huge coat in my car and that’s all I had left of him for a month. I went back on my path and became a reiki practitioner. The one day out of the blue I was magnetized to this one building across town to the very place he was sitting. I froze because I didn’t think he recognized me, then he turned as I was about to leave and shouted my name. He took me to this amazing double helix redwood tree in the middle of the forest and we walked log this beautiful path and this view overlooking the world he wrapped a cashmere scarf around my neck and gave me a crystal with two quartz points intertwining. He kissed me and said he was going to Vietnam for three weeks. He also mentioned he was already with someone some Scorpio girl. He kept talking about land and it’s been my soul mission to get land a twin flame farm where we can heal the earth. I know he is my twin and I know our mission is this land project. Do you have any hope or messages or channels for me because I can’t stop thinking about him and I feel like he has shut me out to organize his life. He told me I was healing him. I don’t know where he came from or who he is but I can’t stop thinking about him. I also had a dream years ago about this man with dreadlocks and my dream said I would be with a man with dread locks. He is the most beautiful person I have ever met. I also happened to be looking like utter crap the day the universe brought us together lol just my luck. Please help with any guidance!!!!!

    • I forgot to mention he had dreadlocks, does he think about me does he know who I am, will he contact me when he is ready? Meanwhile I’m finishing massage school and clearing old wounds in therapy. I want to be clear when we reunite. Is this my true twin I finally met??

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Katie,

      With God, all things are possible so there’s always hope. Stick to your path. It sounds like a brilliant one. We’re here to heal ourselves, then heal everyone else, so we’re all light enough to ascend. You don’t really need to worry about whether he or someone else is your twin soul. You’ll know in time. However, if you want a channelled reading, I’d be happy to assist you.


  78. I have spoken to many different psychics, almost obsessively as though I am hoping for a different answer. Every one tells me I have an extremely strong twin flame connection, but in reality, it is really a challenging relationship. I sought him out after seeing a picture of him through a friend and we were obsessed with each other from then. It has been three years roughly in total. We have spent as long as 4 months apart – I traveled but we ended up right back. We argue a lot and I always end up getting dumped, hurt and terribly disrespected, for him to come back. Makes me feel weak and desperate when this happens. I do feel by looking at the way I behave when we argue that I need to work on my own self love, but I just don’t know how. What would your advice be for a turbulent relationship like this where you always feel and know they are around, but don’t want to continue the healthy behaviours when physically present?

    • Sorry I didnt say hello. Hi!!!
      I might add, this sounded awful by the way I wrote. But there are extremely beautiful sides of the relationship. He has taught me many life changing things, he is originally from a poor background and a different continent which in turn has helped add to my world view and understanding. My capacity for selflessness towards others and interest in helping suffering people increases around him and we educate and have been active together on these things. Do often feel at bliss and energized around him. It is just that the other side of it is when we butt heads. Its frustrating and neither of us enjoy dealing with the others flaws, yet we always go back at it for round 2,3,4….

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sasha,
      Thank you for your comment/question. Twin flame or no twin flame, you deserve respect. Life is for learning and it sounds like you’re learning to love and respect yourself. Perhaps he’s your spiritual teacher and by being unkind, you’ll one day awaken and demand the love and respect you deserve. Our greatest teachers are sometimes the ones who challenge us the most. This doesn’t mean he’s your twin soul and it doesn’t mean that you should tolerate his abuse. You deserve better. You know this. He knows this. One day, you’ll demand better and will have learned your lesson. (We’re all learning, constantly, or we wouldn’t be here.) I haven’t heard of an abusive twin soul relationship. Regardless, twin flame relationships don’t always work. Twin souls may run, but they generally love and respect their twin soul mate. When they run, they’re technically running away from themselves, which is impossible of course. If they abuse, they’re abusing themselves. Don’t tolerate cruelty and abuse. Focus on higher love. No point in holding on to abusive relationships. It’s like saying, “Yes. Give me more of that.” Too many of us have tolerated abusive and unkind relationships for too long. Let go. Detach by forgiving him and move on. When you demand something higher, something higher appears.

  79. Joanna Ruth says:

    Hi Elizabeth !

    Wonderful article..since for the last two months I been going through terrible times..But for the last few days..I have been experiencing dreams, while meditating or just during the day I can feel him ie TF..I’m getting pulled towards the energy..I feel like I’ve been Loved by a different love..I just want to know if these feelings are prior to the days when the twin flame is destined to meet ..If not kindly help me know what is this that I’m actually going through..



  80. Well, how do I get to even talk to him? Or better yet find him, I’ve had moments were I’ve might have caught a glimpse or two…… Does he even know that I exist?! Well, actually that is the one thing that’s most certain…..
    Why won’t he even come to greet me, when he instead stays a good distance away. He sat there with full knowledge I couldn’t see him and didn’t want a scene…

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Spatz,
      Here’s recent post regarding contacting your twin flame. This is the realm of free will so you can’t force someone to communicate or be with you. However, the non-physical higher self of your twin flame is ALWAYS available. If you’re adventurous, you can also book a session and I’d be happy to channel to get answers for you.

      How to connect with your twin flame

  81. Great article, but the comments offer so much too! It’s very relieving to find I’m not the only one going through the “uh, crud, I think my TF is a celeb” conundrum.

    I started dreaming of a certain person a few years ago, when I barely knew who they were. To date, by my most conservative count, I’ve had around fifty dreams involving this person. In the past year, I’ve learned more about them via internet and familiarising myself with their work, and it seems more and more like most of the TF ‘qualification boxes’ are being ticked off. TBH I’m finding this concept of soul duality a tad frightening, but I’m gradually becoming more comfortable with it.

    The trippiest part so far (and the trippy moments ave been many) has been realising that my two childhood ‘ghost’ experiences were dead ringers for this person, who is very much alive; so, in a nutshell, this person came to me as an apparition twice, long before he was in the public eye. The first ‘apparition’ was circa 1995, the other in 2001 or 2002, but the person looked the way they look in recent years, particularly a couple months after I began looking up info in 2015.

    I’m still looking for outside verification, such as astrological, and when I say verification I mean either way: yes or no. So far, the friends I can talk about deeply spiritual things with have all been quick to tell me it’s absolutely possible. I was actually sort of distraught for a while that no one told me “that’s crazy, of course that’s impossible” because, according to the ideology I was brought up with, this sort of psychic connection *should* be impossible.

    But, as someone told me, “It’s not so much that you’re dreaming about/connected with a celebrity as it is the person you’re dreaming about/connected to happens to have a job that makes them famous or well-known.”

    I’m hesitant to call it a Twin Flame connection without further proof (the cosmos are probably sick of my subconscious demands for more, more, and more confirmation by now), but thus far the synchronicity, and guidance toward emotional healing and spiritual development, that this connection has manifested is so extensive and unprecedented in my life that I certainly can’t ignore it anymore.

    Whatever the nature of the connection in the end, it’s strong, it’s amazing, and it’s so fulfilling that I think I can accept it if we’re not supposed to meet face-to-face in this lifetime. As often as I forget and have to remind myself, the best coping method so far has been to simply pump general, zen-like, unconditional love into the connection. Inevitably I get a wave of response back that feels wonderful, despite it being different and more ‘human’ or ‘less utterly divine’ feeling than what I’ve come to recognise as ‘Holy Spirit’ or Source.

    Even after a few years of this, I still fall into doubt sometimes and fear I’m going crazy. But, looking back on the entire experience so far, it has all been beneficial, at least on my end. I can only hope the other person is reaping as much benefit from it.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Beedoo,

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Trust, trust, trust! This is happening to so many people now. Some have a spiritual connection while others eventually connect in the physical. Some people connect with their twin’s higher self even after they’re in a relationship with their physical twin. Your twin soul is your guide. Never “pull” emotionally on your twin. Send love, ask for guidance, and enjoy your connection. It is divine!


  82. I can’t believe I am doing this, but I am going to write about the guy who I feel in my heart is my twin flame. Ok, I’ll begin with the fact that he is famous. Yes I know everyone has/had a crush on a celebrity and many people will take it as such. Or that I’m crazy, delusional, and/or infatuated.

    No, it’s not like that at all. I remembered him, he looked familiar, and he gave me this feeling. Like I needed to know more about him, like I needed to be connected to him. And then I started to see a lot of 11:11 right after. That is what brought twin flames up for me, seeing 11:11 repeatedly.

    Before him I had a “type”, and he doesn’t fit that type whats so ever. Not to sound mean, but I’m shocked I find him so beautiful (but happy that do though!). We also live in different countries (though he visits my country a lot), we’re different ages (he’s younger than me), and we’re different races.

    And I’ve been having a lot of synchronizations, signs about him. Examples being seeing/hearing about his country, his name (his name is not common name), his birthday, birth year and such.
    Every single time I want to let go and give up, I’ve be given those signs over and over again. Once again hearing/seeing his name and/or country. Or even having his face pop up on my screen.

    Wow, as I am writing this lol I randomly looked at my clock and it was 1:11pm.
    This stuff been happening a lot lately…

    I’ve never felt this way before about a celebrity, so this also is strange for me to feel this way. I feel he must be my twin soul, I dream about him, and I feel happy and contented when I think about him. A lot of people like to brush this off. And it hurts my feelings. I feel this is real, but just because he is a celebrity people assume it’s just a crush.

    What you think about this?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Anon C,

      This famous person whom you’ve never met is probably not your twin soul. However, he’s probably a lot like your twin soul! This would explain why his energy resonates with you. This also means that you have similar energy to the celebrity. You probably love a lot of things about this celebrity which means you have the same qualities as the celebrity you admire. Whenever you admire someone it’s because you have the same talents, abilities or qualities. If you ever meet the celebrity, you’ll know first hand. In the meantime, focus on being the best you can be, living life to the fullest, and enjoying a wonderful life. If you’re meant to meet your twin flame, you’ll be in a wonderful frame of mind when it happens.

      Wishing you light, love and joy!


  83. Nathalie says:

    J’ai rencontré ma flamme jumelle. Elle travaille dans la même entreprise que moi mais est éloignée de 400 kms. Il ne sait rien de cela. Je ressens beaucoup de rejet de sa part, il souffle le chaud et le froid et c’est difficile pour moi d’accepter çà. J’ai besoin de le voir et çà n’arrive quasi jamais. Je ne sais pas trop que faire pour être bien dans cette relation, pour mieux la vivre. Auriez vous une idée ? Merci pour votre article.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Cher Nathalie,

      Merci pour vos commentaires. Même si cette personne est votre flamme jumelle, les relations exigent l’équilibre ainsi donner et prendre . Mai je vous suggère de laisser tomber toutes les attentes et juste apprendre à connaître cette personne mieux. Je vous souhaite la lumière, l’amour et la joie. (via Google Translate)


  84. Hi. I believe i have met my twin flame. When we see each other we can’t take our eyes off each other. He has brown eyes but when i see them they are a beautiful green. He made the sun move twice and we are telepathic. He is engaged right now. My question is is it possible to go through the eight stages of twin flame reunion without doing physically together? I feel we are at the runner and chaser stage. One sign i seen was a licence plate that said runna. I see alot of signs. Please help me with any advice. Thank you so much.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Jewels,

      Yes, you can be a twin flame and not enter into a romantic relationship with that person. It’s about reunion of your souls. When your souls reunite, your energies become doubled, so you have the energy to assist the world in healing and arriving at a higher level of consciousness.

      Wishing you peace, love and joy!


      • William Jacobs says:

        If your twin flame is on another .plane?
        Than that’s it !!!
        So we have to look into ourselves and be prepared for what??
        The next fn go around?
        A simple yes or no?

        • Elizabeth Rose says:

          Dear Bill,

          Thank you for your comment, and for expressing your frustration. Chances are other people feel the same frustration. However, if your twin flame is on the astral plane, then it’s time to learn to astral travel, to channel, or go into a deep meditative trance to connect. When you do the work to connect, then you can always connect with your twin flame, and your connection will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

          How to connect: Learn to go into a meditative state, learn to deep trance channel, learn to astral travel, etc. Your twin flame can connect with you. Mine moves my fingers and hands to catch my attention. All you need to do is be “open” to them. Try this: Before you open your eyes in the morning, listen, sense, feel and ask them to show you they’re there. Do this for 30 days. For a deep trance vacation, go to The Monroe Institute and learn to Astral Travel. Listen to Binaural Beats on YouTube and learn to achieve a deep trance state/astral travel. There are many ways to connect. They’re not just your twin soul, they’re your guide, so they’re trying to get your attention.

          Hope that helps.


  85. Ellaine says:

    Hi Elizabeth. First of all, i want to thank you for writing this post. And thank you also for being active and answering every question. English is not my first language so please bear with me if there’s some grammatical errors in advance. This is quite long by the way and i really really hope u can answer me because i am so confused and so shocked right now. First, i know it sounds so lame and maybe impossible but can your twin flame be a famous one? To be specific, he’s an artist. Okay before you could think that maybe i am just being delusional (believe me, i am saying this to myself too for a while now) I am really, REALLY a very realistic person. I do a lot of research and to the point of not be able to sleep just to make sure that one thing is true. I am quite familiar with the soulmate thing, yes, but just recently, like it’s the 5th day from now that i stumbled upon the twin flame thing. One day I am working and i suddenly thought of researching the word “soulmate” but ended up knowing there’s more to it which is a “twin flame”. So this is my story. This artist that i know, i just recently discovered him last year. He’s from another country. At first, i am idolizing a different band from his country also and didn’t know him at first. Turns out he’s from the same agency with the same band i’m idolizing. I fell in love with their songs first and their voices. It helped me get through with a difficult time in my life. I don’t understand their language because it’s not English but somehow it comforted me. I researched the songs online and majority of their album, he’s the one who composed and wrote the lyrics. He’s in a group but at that time i haven’t noticed him yet that much. All i know sometimes is i can relate to his true life stories and sometimes his favorites are my faves also but it didn’t matter to me that time. I was just like “oh! Me too” I am not even kidding. Ofcourse what’s the point of lying right then i am just lying in myself too. First, we both are in a family that don’t have a father. Both our father left us when we were young. Both of us are the breadwinner and the eldest of the family. Both of us has a younger bro and sis that is 5-6 younger than us. We are both close to our mother like best friends. We both struggled growing up. We both take the same path at college, Him on a performing arts school while me on College of Arts and Sciences with the same goal, to be an artist/performer/singer. I love singing since i was young and write poems. And i just started writing lyrics on college. Since I was young, up until now i’m craving deep in my soul to perform in front of a crowd. And when i was in college i got to perform in front of a big crowd and felt so sooo overwhelmed that i cried because of too much excitement and happiness and that i finally fulfilled my dream, but it seems it wasn’t enough. Till now i craved for it, so much that i dreamed of it & made a promise to myself that i will, soon. So, back to him, he’s successful now. Living his dreams but he’s always saying that it wasn’t enough. I don’t know what he meant by that. And this strange things are happening, up until now. Last year, when it was just about 3 moths that i knew their band i started noticing him. Our similarities in life and all but still i shrugged it all. Then i started seeing 8:18 on the clock on my phone constantly, even on others phone and the number 8. And still, i shrugged it all off. I kept seeing these numbers till now. And this May 17, i took a language exam so i can work on his country (because one day, my neighbor who’s in that country encourage me to work there also and we’re struggling so mch in life right now so i agreed), and guess what, my seat number is 8! And i passed the exam! A little bit more waiting and i can go there finally. So, when i knew about twin flames, i stumbled upon the syncronicity and tried it on our birthdates. So when i summed my birthdate including the year, the answer is 8, while his is 11. I tried to sum just the months and day without the year too and we got the same number which is 15. Me is Sept 6 while him is May 10. And not just that, i got so shocked when i came to twitter and suddenly a video with him in it popped out on my timeline and guess what i saw the numbers “10695” on the screen which got the goosebumps out of me. That’s our birthday!!! Then i absentmindedly glance on the time on my phone it says 8:18 i cried oh god i’m not even lying. What is this?!?! But i still don’t believe anything but i’m going crazy so i prayed and i say “pls God give me some sign. If ever he’s really the one pls i want to see him with flowers.” And i ask to pls gve me the sign just within the day and tada! A video update of him with flowers in front of him. He’s sitting and in the table literally in front of him with flowers. At this time i am so exhausted already because all of this happenings drained my energy so much. I ask for a sign again. I sad “this is the last time pls God. If ever this sign won’t come true i promise i will stop this delusion completely.” Because i don’t think i can’t handle all this that is happening. So i ask for the specific sign. If ever i saw an airplane on the sky this day, he’s the one. (Airplanes come so rare in our are because there’s no airport here) so i specifically ask for that sign. So the night came and i already forgot about the sign i ask. I am working and the time is 11 something pm then suddenly the sound of an airplane coming is so loud that i jumped out of my seat and turn my head to the sky from my window and there it is. I remember the sign. My soul flew out of my body with so much shock. And it’s raining a bit that night but there’s a plane. Wow. I give up. Is this all signs??? What is all these. I can’t just… i don’t know??? I am so confused because he’s a celebrity. I am a very realistic person and my family knew this. I am a Virgo and i analyze so much that some unbelievable phenomenon is just so yeah “unbelievable” for me. But this??? I also want to list a lot of our other similarities but this is getting long already. Whatever is your answer, i will accept it with all my heart and with an open mind as much as i can. I will accept reality. I will still support him even if he’s not the one of course. I just want an answer from all these. Thank you so much for reading Elizabeth.

    • Ellaine says:

      Hi Elizabeth. So i decided to write our similarities. The first one was so long already so i’ll continue on this one. First of all, these qualities that i have that are matched with him are all my qualities, dreams and aspirations since i was young so i am not saying all these just to match with him.
      We both have a mole right under the eye, his was from left eye, mine was from right. A mole on his left cheek and mine is right cheek. A mole on his left ear and mine in right ear. Also the guy on my past relationship was Born on the month of May too and they have both the same characteristics & personalities. He loves playing guitar & piano while since i was young i love to learn to play piano, guitar & drums but never had a chance to because of some financial problems. We both have a long neck and have lines in it. We both have problems with our ears. He’s deaf on his left ear while i struggle to hear clearly since i was young. This is my constant problem eversince and i worried about not hearing clearly. My mother even tried to convince me to go to a doctor but i said it doesn’t matter anymore. We both loves pasta. We both are sensitive and introvert. Our fave color is purple. We have a fascination about something old too. I love watching old romance films like 1950’s and also old songs. I love seeing pictures that are old too like a man or woman dressed on the 1940s or 1950s. I started fascinating on these since i was in highschool. While he loves collecting something old and vintage. We have the same mannerism of biting our own nails. We are both not a fan of amusement parks especially when it comes to rides (it’s lame i know). And this one song which is “Falling Slowly”, i discovered about this last year when i am searching about some musical drama plays on the net and i fell in love with the song. Then when i discovered his band, they did a cover of this song. They are not a band on the US by the way. English is not their first language.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Ellaine,

      Thank you for your story. I channelled and asked and the Angels said, “No, it is not your twin soul. It is someone who you are captivated by, whose energy and art work resonates with you, but it is not your twin soul. You will not meet your twin soul in this lifetime.” People with very public identities can touch us very deeply so it’s easy to understand how this happens. While your twin soul is not someone you’ll meet in this lifetime, the love of a soul mate is very real and also very important. There are important lessons to be learned and growth to be achieved through relationships with soul mates.

      Hope that helps.

  86. Yavonne Hand says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    My twins flame is an celebrity. I was actually told about him on June 30, 2014 by my Guardian Angel. I have the gift of telepathy. I was guided to research who is was as a person which I found to be very similar to the type of person I am. I was confused because I had no idea that he was my twin flame. My ex husband left me after 7 years of marriage so I was still heartbroken from that and can remember just wanting to be loved as I love. Well at the time I was living in Los Angelas and in acting very heavily. I would all of a sudden be told be people around me that I should audition at this celebrity production studio because I was so good in acting. I was approached by a lady I knew who worked for a cinema cafe that I quite often went to because I love watching movies . This lady told me that I should go see this celebrity writer, producer , actor and that he would be in Detroit. She gave me the number to her niece. I called the niece that day and still remembering like being in a movie watching this all unfold as I was approaching this celebrity . The niece told me that he was going to be the speaker at this women’s conference. I was reminded that the person who was prophetized to me about a man in blue jeans and a blue blazer would be at this conference. I told the niece that I was just told by the Holy Spirit of this. I went to the woman’s conference and low and behold the celebrity was the one wearing the jeans and blue blazer. It was like a movie itself. The celebrity said he didn’t know who he was talking to but he could feel this person in the conference who needed to hear about not giving up. I then heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go to an area where his suv was. I was lead right to where his suv was and saw him go to his vehicle. I tried to hand him my business card so he would at least have my phone number on it. The bodyguard came in between us. I saw the saddest look on his face while he was getting in his vehicle. When I got home 2 days later , his higher self visited me in my dreams. That was the first time I ever dreamed about a celebrity let along him!! He was kissing me so much. I can remember thinking to myself “why is he kissing me around people” we were over my twins grandparents house so a few people kept coming over to get his autograph. Then I heard his phone ring and he walked outside so he could hear. He was talking to this elderly lady on the other end. I them heard him tell her that he couldn’t believe that I was finally here. The lady told him that she knew that I was coming in his life. I have had dreams about him ever since. One time he put my twins to bed for me and told me to relax. He is the most gentle person in my dreams and is so into me. It was so confusing to me because this was before I knew about twin flames. I kept asking God why do I have to be with him because he doesn’t even know I exist in the physical realm. God would tell me that we were together in a past lifetime and I was a celebrity and ran from the celebrity world because I felt so unappreciated. And that this lifetime we are being joined again. To be honest I was scared to come back into this celebrity lifestyle because of my spirit taking me to my past life and me seeing how unhappy I was. Now that I know he is my twin flame and in a dream I had months ago, there was a contract that we had together and the guy was trying to get me to sign it to get out of the contract. I didn’t sign it because I didn’t have time to read it throughly. It sounds like it was our soul contract. Why did that person try to get me to be released from this contract ? And was this a demon trying to get me to do this?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Yavonne,

      I channeled and asked the Angels about your soul contract. They advised that it had not been adjusted and remains intact. They suggested you detach from your fears (demon representing fear, fear of being negatively influenced, etc.)

      Hope that helps.


  87. Hi Elizabeth I have a few questions about the twin flames. First would they be your most ideal Zodiac match? For instance I am a Cancer and I know that my best romantic matches are Pisces and Scorpios. Would my twin flame be a Scorpio or Pisces?? I see on some sites saying that twin flames could also have significance in birth dates. My birth date is July 12th 1995 and his is March 12th 1995. Exactly 4 months apart, which is also happens to be my favorite number. Saying that let me get into my real question. I’m sorry this is going to be long lol. So I met this boy when I was 11 years ; he was 11 too when I first moved to Texas. I can’t remember if it was an instant attraction at first but I ended up having a huge crush on him. I was like sooo in love with him I dreamed about him, drew his name with hearts everywhere and one I actually drew a little picture of him lol. Everybody knew I liked him including himself . But he never directly told me if he liked me or not. We were friends, us and all the other neighborhood kids would hangout and play together until on some days my friends would try to drag me towards him and I’d run away because at some points I liked him so much I was Terrified of him, and he would sometimes chase me too. So as the years went on we always remained good friends somehow. The year after that I went to the 7th grade he was just now going to the sixth. ( he’s a year behind me school wise) we went to the same school until I moved going into the eighth grade. This is where it kinda gets weird … So when I went to the eighth grade.. My mother and I moved to some different apartments way on the other side of town. Now before I moved that year his best friend moved prior to me . So one day at these apartments I see him and his best friend that had moved. Oh! So this is where his best friend moved to the same apartments I happen to live in! So we connect once again go swimming yada yada. That was weird. And around these times he would always call me on the house phone and we would always just talk for hours about nothing. Until one night he asked me out over the phone but backtracks and act like he didn’t. But Fast forward a few months ,while in school I make a new friend who later becomes my best friend. She lived in the next city over. By that time my “crush” had moved too. So I go to her house one weekend and bam guess who is her NEXT door neighbor. Yes my crush lol . Coincidence? Ok so I am now about to be 21 years old and throughout all those years since we were kids we’ve always kept in touch someway somehow. Through social media/ calls and texts. I am the only one he’s kept in touch with out of all of ours friends from our initial meeting point. And I’ve always and still love him so much even though we aren’t together. We flirt with each other here and there but he doesn’t really like me like that officially. I get so confused because sometimes it seems like he likes me and sometimes he just completely shoots me down. But we have this deep mutual respect for one another…it’s hard to explain. But just have always had this feeling that we are meant to be and to this day I still think it but the problem is he doesn’t seem to really want me back. I’ve loved this same boy for 10 years! Crazy, I know. I’ve never had these same feelings for anybody but him they are so strong. But I just want to know , does it sound like he’s my twin flame, and if he is will he realize it soon and come to have the same feelings for me as I do for him?
    I’m sorry for the huge backstory but it’d be appreciated if you read it all and respond with your thoughts/answers. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Zaria,

      Thank you for sharing the story of your crush. I channelled and the Angels said he’s definitely someone you have a crush on, but he’s not your twin flame. The good news is that your twin flame is physical and in this present lifetime. However, you ‘ll simply cross paths based on divine timing. Rather than waste your time looking for your twin soul, work on yourself. Heal yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically plus do a ton of spiritual awakening, in order to be ready. Learn to Meditate, Astral Travel, do Self-Hypnosis, read Edgar Cayce’s books, Robert Monroe’s books (Journeys out of the Body, etc.), Thomas Campbell (My Big TOE). You might as well read my book too (Diamond Lantern: Waking-up to Who You Truly Are). All these books are about awakening to who you truly are. Be ready! Hope that helps.

      Wishing you Light, Love and Joy!

  88. Hello..last three months ago, I dream about blue spirit..and me, as a red spirit. This is serious, and he just sit down, stare me witb his sharp gaze, really sharp, and I’m so afraid, cause he’s very perfect and charming, so I run away..and I awake from my dream, then suddenly, my heart beat really2 fast, I never felt like that before and I never had heart stroke problem too..also when my heart beat really fast, I don’t feel my heart hurt like heart stroke. Well, before I dream like that. I find this man, he always share the same interest with me, in the morning I play game and I excited about the elephant, and in the afternoon, he post about elephant makes me shock, okay I think that just coincidence. But sometimes we share same words too, also, if I really attract to the thing, he always attract to the same thing too. When I want to give up and I insist he’s not my twin flame and I want to give up, he always makes another activity that wants me to wake up and like he said don’t give up. He always support my mentality, like if I was go to diet and hungry, he sent food to us. Also, right now it’s my birthday and from last week, he sent many many food. It’s just eerie coincidence, sometimes I’m’s like maybe he used black magic to me? The coincidence really appear a lot, well more than one hundred!!! This is serious. It’s creepy, sometimes when I think about every coincidence, it makes my body trembling..please help me..Is he my twin flame? Also, our birthday follow each other. I mean if his birthday 5 then my birthday May 25. 25-5. Something like that. Also, my sister birthday, same as like his favourite number..creepy huh? Also, when I like something on my social media, like picture or what I like, they after a few days, he post about same like what I like too. The most creepy one is, I play game (well both of us really have interest for game hahaha)..and then I got gift golden retriever in the game..after two days, he bought golden retriever too!! Also, when I saw video about german shepherd dog, he post about german shepherd dog too. Something like that, and the total coincidence more one hundred. Creepy T.T

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear RedFox,

      Thank you for your query. Your dream about seeing a blue spirit and you being a red spirit tells you that you can see spirits. It’s a spiritual gift, so don’t be afraid. Dark blue indicates a negative philosophy of life or attitude toward this spiritual gift, while light blue asks you to lighten your attitude or philosophy with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Dark red (red and black) suggests anger. Bright red suggests passion. The blue spirit was your guide. The dream might be about letting go of anger or it might be becoming passionate about your spiritual gift and embracing it.

      I didn’t fully understand how the person you mentioned came into your life and how well you and your family know him. For what it’s worth, I channeled and the Angels said the man is not your twin soul. May I suggest that, just because someone mimics you and your interests, it doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart. They may simply be playing games with you. How well do you know this person? Who else knows this person? What is their reputation?

      If you’re confused and feel a person is creepy, trust your feelings and remain detached. You can be polite, but remain distant. When you’re crystal clear, when you really trust, and like someone, then enjoy that person’s company. Otherwise, remain detached and simply observe their behaviour, as a psychologist might. Just because someone’s nice to you doesn’t mean you owe them anything. Trust your instincts about people.

      I hope that helps you. Sending love and light, Elizabeth

      • But if I sick..he’s sicked too..and nowadays my leg hurt..and I just found out his leg hurt too..why? Is it true, that someone can mimicked very similar like us? Cause I just found out and this is first time I’ve experience like this. Yesterday, I pray..and I just want some sign if he’s my twin or there’s connection between us..then my leg hurt..and yes, his leg hurt too. It happens many times..also sometimes I don’t tell anyone about my feeling..what a creepy..when I want another sign and I watch some music channel, then I want to change to the other channel, then there’s Justin Timberlake – Mirror song and at that moment my heart trembling and automatically missed him so much. Is it you can predict 100% that he’s not my twin soul? Cause I just know and believe there’s some connection between us. Everytime I want a sign, there’s always a sign like 111, my fave song about him, etc (sign that connect to him). Oh I forgot, before I dream about those blue spirit and myself as a red spirit, I pray to God to give me a sign..cause from what I know, if we ask and pray to a sign, there will be a sign..and then I dream..those blue spirit with his sharp gaze..

        • well this coincidence happen when I have a dark feeling and it’s like I’m in the darkhole and he came to wake me and light my way. I don’t know, but he makes me better. Also, this coincidence happen a lot after I pray very seriously and when I pray someone whisper to my heart, it will be hard and I will cry a lot, etc. Everytime I want to give up, always there’s a sign to remember about him. It happen when my sister tell me to give up..then me and my sister want to watch a dvd about anime lol (studio ghibli)..then my sister wants me to choose between three movies..and then I don’t know but I choose whisper of the hearts movie..and I shocked cause the movies really similar about me and this guy..then from that day I know he has a connection with me..and I have diary to write about my daily activities also about me and him..and if I read it, well it happen a lot..that’s strange right? Well before I met him, I don’t know about twin flame, but after so many coincidence and connection, I start to search in google “telepathic mind” and then I found twin flame article..

  89. Hello!
    I believe my TF is an actor. He and I have had amazing synchronicities starting from the time of my childhood. When I met him in September of 2015, I had never heard of a twin flame and I hadn’t been through my Ascension/awakening as a medium. We met during a photo op that I was only able to purchase due to a freak happening earlier in the year. When I finally met him, and looked in his eyes, the feeling was indescribable. I had a full on out of body experience and almost passed out from the intensity. There were tons of people on the room and when we went into my pose I wanted of our foreheads touching and his hands on my neck, the room fell silent. I looked around and everyone was just staring in awe. I thought this was just me, but afterward for the next several hours people kept coming up to me and telling me they saw my photo op, or saw the photo laying on the table after it had been printed out and how beautiful the photo was. I thought it was so strange that a photo could effect so many people. One woman actually hunted me down to give me the photo and genuinely thanked me. At that point I didn’t understand why, and I honestly thought she was a little crazy, but after I Ascension I understood that she was very spiritual and was aware of what had just happened.
    The week my Ascension in February, it was “coincidentally” the one year anniversary of a campaign and charity of his that I have a deep connection with (this is one of the synchronicities). My friends and I had planned to make a video for him to let him know how much the campaign meant to us and how much it has helped us. I said in the video “I’ve learned to love myself” – little did I know at the time that a few days later he would come out with a new campaign for the charity that was all about loving yourself first.
    After a week or so of my friends and I posting the video hundreds of times, I did one last post. A few minutes later he messaged me personally and said how much he loved the video and how much it moved him. He then asked me to send the original file so he could post it on his personal FB page. I was floored. The fact that he saw MY post and contacted ME, the person who created the video and had such an intense connection to not only him, but the meaning behind this charity and the multiple campaigns…I was awed.

    It was then that I reached out to my psychic friend who told me that it sounded like he was my TF. And I immediately got chills from the top of my head through my body and was overwhelmed with emotion when she described it. I started feeling him all the time and recently realized that the soft caresses on my cheeks and in my hair has been him all along.

    But since he is a celebrity and I’m a big fan of his, my minds ego and fears got in the way of me feeling this. I was doubting my heart and intuition. I recently did a TF meditation to make sure and there he was! It’s him! And I’m so happy! I dream about him constantly and few him all the time. We support each other when we have panic attacks or are having a bad day. He comforts me spiritually and I do the same for him. I would love to know him in the physical world, but I fear that he would run if I were to meet him outside of an organized event or convention.
    I recently traveled to his town and with my friends and fans of the show, we visited a bar he owned. For weeks the tarots were telling me that I would meet him. His best friend and manager of the bar reached out to me about him when he saw that we were wearing the campaign tshirts. the manager said the he tried to get my TF to come out and meet us, but he was too tired from a trip he had just taken. I was there the entire weekend KNOWING and FEELING that I would run into him…and I didn’t. I ran into his kids at the grocery store which was very strange and kind of creepy when his child was staring me down for minutes. I don’t really know what that means honestly…

    Ugh. I’m going on a tangent. This was not my intention. I guess I’m searching for guidance on how to handle this. I would love to know him more in the physical realm, but I fear that due to the connection and his being married with children, along with the fact that he is famous and I am a fan, that he will run. What should I do?

    I have another photo op with him in September of this year that, again, happened by freak accident. I would love to talk with him about this but I’m really scared.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Haley,

      Thank you for sharing your story. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything. I channelled and the Angels said, “No, he is not your twin flame. He is married. Respect his vows.”

      He’s a famous, and apparently photogenic, celebrity who is married with children. When they said, “Respect his vows,” they meant respect his choice of being married to someone and having children with that person. If you read through the comments section, you’ll find many people fall in love with celebrities. Unlike most people, you’ve actually worked with this person so you could potentially develop a closer friendship with this man. However, if you pursue a romantic relationship, beware the three-fold backlash. If you win his heart and steal him from his family, or wind-up in an extra-marital affair, you’ll accumulate karmic debt and that can be a heavy price to pay. Karma can result in years of misery so it’s not worth it.

      His child might have stared because she recognized you from the photograph, because it was on Facebook.

      During a break-up, children suffer the most. After age 19, kids do better at handling break-ups.

      Daily Affirmation: If “x” is the right man for me, let us unite in great love and harmony. If he is not the right man for me, let me unite with his equivalent.”

      Not the answer you’re looking for, but there’s someone else out there who’s better for you, and he will give you more happiness than the complications of a family broken apart.


      • Elizabeth,

        Thank you so much! I’m a firm believer in the fact that not all twin flames end up together and that they are here at the same time to help guide eachother so I never expected to end up with him romantically. It’d be nice just die to the fact that I’m a fan (lol) but I respect him and adore hiw wife and their marriage. He is very open with his fans and has shown his true self to all of us, so knowing him in that respect I would try to get in the way of his happiness. The connection and adoration I have for him is unconditional I would much rather have a friendship with him than a romantic relationship just due to the fact that his wife is perfect for him in every way. She is his rock.

        Granted, if he is not my twin flame I wonder what my connection is with him. I feel he plays a very large role in my life and is already a friend of mine. Possibly stemming from a past life?

        I do feel a love interest coming around within the next 6 months for me which is why I am trying to work all of this out.

        Thank you very much for you quick response!

        • Elizabeth,

          I also feel that he and I have some work to do. With what, I’m not sure as of yet. But I feel like there is something big we are supposed to do together which is another reason why it feels like he is my TF.

          Love and light,

  90. Hi there. I need guidance with this twin flame process. I’m a high schooler who’s always been insecure with myself. A few months back I was actually doing okay with my life, good grades and awesome friends. I was truly happy. My friend introduced me to this guy. She gave me options and for some reason I chose him. I don’t know why though because he was the opposite of me. I’m an obedient smart girl and he’s a reckless bad boy. I think one of the things that attracted me to him was that he and I shared the EXACT same birthday. yes day month everything even our times were similar. With that information, I just thought that wasn’t a coincidence. We ended up texting and we clicked from the start. My friend found it weird since he was never interested in dating anyone but when he first heard of me, he said I sounded perfect. We only texted though he knew what I looked like. However I still didn’t know what he looked like. I didn’t want to pressure him though and I knew his reasons and to me it’s completely fine. What’s interesting is we always tend to say the same things at the same time. Also, let’s say I was at the mall. He would be there too but we both didn’t know it until later when we told each other we were at the mall. That’s another thing about us. We always try to meet up but one always can’t make it because of the timing. I’ve got time while he has freedom. We were even on the same highway to the same city together. Also he has very vivid dreams of us in the future. However, in my dreams I just see me looking for him or I’ll just know it’s him but the image is blurry. I think this is because I’m not sure what he looks like. We also have tried telepathy and we don’t hear words but we have strange pulling in our heads. For me, it’s the temple and we also have it on our hearts. We’re very healthy so it’s not a health condition or anything. He had to move away and I lost contact with him. Due to our parents strictness we have similar childhoods too. The first few weeks I was in a lot of pain. I think the only thing keeping me sane was the pulling and believing it was him, so I felt okay. I also got a chance to talk to him after he moved, for just a little bit, and I actually knew what state he was in. Oh but as I mention I’m insecure a lot so I was always afraid he would find someone else. I had a dream a couple of days back, that he really did find someone else and after that our pulling weakened and was not as strong. I don’t know if this is because he really did find someone else or maybe I’m getting insecure/panicking and I should start taking care of myself more as in loving myself like how some twin flames websites say to. Please any help is good. Also, should I start meditating to see inside my soul better? Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jojo,
      Thank you for your comments and question. You’re wondering if someone you’ve been texting is your twin flame. Similar birth dates would suggest this person is not your twin flame because twin flames tend to be at opposite ends of the spectrum – different ages, different races, from different countries, etc. You didn’t meet this person when they lived near you. In other words, an effort wasn’t made to meet. Now they have moved away, and though you haven’t actually seen this person, nor have you met them, you’re holding on to them.
      May I suggest you get to know someone personally, face-to-face, and enter a great relationship, before you agonize over them. The good news is that you’re still young and have time on your side. Yes, meditate! Work on you first. Discover who you really are. Build-up your confidence. Discover what you LOVE to do and go do it. Throw yourself into being the best you can be, create and live a wonderful life. Then, the right person will make the effort to spend quality time with you.
      Wishing you light, love and joy because you deserve it!

  91. OK, I have read all your comments but I have two questions.
    1. what if you have met your twin flame and it was indeed magical but because he was going through a bad breakup, he disconnected him self. Then 3 years on, you are both still single and he still hasn’t accepted you.
    2. in your last paragraph, you said you have to be mentally, emotionally and every other way, free from all baggage. How can one do that and also meditate because I have also held back because of a bad breakup.
    PS: I never really believed in it but I’m gradually seeing the reality and I really want to find my twin flame

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Gracee,
      Thank you for your questions.
      a) If someone doesn’t want to be with you, you must respect their wishes, even if you think they’re crazy.
      b) Work on you by learning how to meditate. I’ve written posts on how to meditate plus there’s a great book on how to meditate: “Turning the Mind into an Ally.” Meditation alleviates suffering so it’s a perfect thing to learn after a break-up.
      How do you work on you? You’ve got to feel to heal. You can heal emotional wounds by crying tears, to release the pain. Be good to yourself. Learn about you. Discover your talents, gifts and abilities. Discover your passions and pursue them. Focus on you and the rest will take care of itself.
      Hope that helps.

  92. caroline says:

    Thank you for the loads of advice about twin flames. Can I ask how one distinguishes between a spiritual connection to another person, and a delusion or psychotic episode. the symptoms of psychosis are remarkably similar in nature to the strong feelings of spiritual togetherness. I have an identical twin sister so I know what that feels like, but I have also witnessed psychosis and how overwhelming and “real” it can seem.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for your question. In truth, you can’t understand what it feels like to meet your twin flame until you actually meet them. If you’ve met your twin soul then you won’t have to wonder if they’re a twin soul. You’ll simply know and feel it in every fiber of your being. You may think you’ve felt “true love” until you feel the love of your twin flame.

      The first thing I noticed was the level of trust I had. It was unlike any trust I’d felt before.

      You know you can trust this person more than anyone else. The trust goes much deeper than romance and infatuation. You’re not afraid to be yourself because you know they accept you body, heart and soul. You accept and appreciate them for who they are. You feel that their heart is as big as the sun.

      Twin souls are highly protective, nurturing, caring, and put the best interests of each other first. Their love is truly unconditional. If you’ve never met your twin flame, then you’ll not yet understand the feeling, and the deep connection.

      Twin flames are focused on the highest good of all. They’re focused on love, healing and nurturing their friends, families, and people in general, and raising the consciousness of all around them. They are usually working toward making a positive impact in their communities.

      If you’re wondering about psychosis, or wondering about most things, then that’s not your twin flame. See a specialist.

      I hope that helps.


      • caroline says:

        Thanks Elizabeth
        that does help, you know I don’t feel that level of connection with my physical twin, in fact we are quite different personalities altogether, which surprises people. It is reassuring to know that people can connect at a much deeper level, which I haven’t experienced, but have often wondered about. I thought being a physical twin was probably the closest connection people could experience, but the older I get the more I realise that isn’t the case. thanks again

  93. Hey Eliabeth.

    I’m not looking for a twin in a romantic way, but more like a brother/sister twin.
    A soulmate that can give me the feeling of completeness, like two twins finding each other again.
    I feel like I’m missing a half of myself and I don’t know how to find it, thinking it might not be myself, but someone else I need.
    Does this even make any sense??
    I just want to feel complete and at peace with myself.
    How do I find this one person??

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Mica,
      Thank you for your query. If you read all the posts and comments, you’ll ideas about how to attract someone into your life, romantically or as a friend. It always comes down to working on yourself, to be the best you can be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and being open. Go to social gatherings, dances, or meetups, where you might strike-up a friendship with someone, or host your own meet-up. That being said, when you feel intuitively that there’s someone out there you’re meant to connect with, chances are very good that this person is also seeking you. When you factor-in soul contracts, plus the fact that we’re here to learn, grow and come from a place of love, those soulmates who signed-up as your teachers, students, (or both) are destined to collide with you. Follow your intuition. Learn to meditate/practice self-hypnosis, to connect telepathically or on the astral plain. Growth is a process, and life’s often about the journey, not the destination.
      Wishing you great success!

  94. Hi,
    I am really curious about this concept. I believe it must have been arranged for me to having come across this at this stage of my life.
    I have become the person I always wanted to be (though it also costs my family and the cultural code I came from) and I am very well aware of my purpose in this life. I have an old soul and even during my childhood, I had a rough Image of what I wanted to do in this world. Since I have gone through the journey of self (healing, developing, expanding even), I have a surge of love in me….that I know I would love this person so much, even though I don’t know who that is, I haven’t met him and I know together, we can change the world for the better.
    As I go through my days and having faced different tasks and life quests, I started to be more aware of the similarities that I’d share with my future partner and also, the difference between us. For example, he will be more of a physical person, in term of making money and taking care of raising funds, whereas I would be the one who focuses on the more spiritual and nurturing aspects of life. He generates materials and wealth for me so that I could provide love and supports for everybody else. I am the epitome of femininity as many friends say and he embodies the vigorous of masculinity. I am the peasant girl and he would come from a noble background.
    And sometimes, throughout my days, I have visions of him. They happen at 11:11 or a Saturday of July, or the Monday the second week of February, etc. I could see him standing from his office, looking out to the windows and wonder where I am. Sometimes he would wear a nice grey suit, another time he would be wearing navy blue. I know he would rarely wears black as it is overstated.
    Lately, I have had feelings, that something big is coming, something will come and change my life, and I feel like he (my future partner) is coming closer.
    I went to see a psychic (who I never saw before) and told her nothing about my feelings or vision. she revealed that my future partner will also be my twin flame. And the way she described about him was just exactly the way I know how my future partner will be like.
    Is it possible for one of the twin flames to be aware of their destined Union? And have I been talking about my twin flame or just the ideal partner constructed by my mind?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Anh Ana,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, it’s possible for you or your twin to be aware of your intended union. I work with many people who connect with their twin flame on the astral plane, long before they meet them in person. The twin flame is the other half of your soul so there’s a deep spiritual/psychic connection. It would be virtually impossible to miss this connection when you encounter your twin soul in person.
      Just work on meditating and connecting with your twin soul’s highest self on the astral plain. He’s there!

  95. Reading all those stories makes me realise that what has happened to me is real… My story is so similar, but so different. Pure magic…
    First of all my twin-flame turned out to be my childhood idol…its Not a platonic love… Please read on and reply with comments, I would appreciate that.
    I will start with the most important part of the story, when all the ‘magic’ happened in the most unexpected places and time… In my story that happened on his show, on stage while he was giving concert and I was in the first row (Which wasn’t even my seat, but sat there as someone didn’t turn up), while he was on the stage and our eyes met I could clearly hear actual fireworks between us…and when he looked away I had a feeling like I just ‘came back’ to reality, I didn’t realise what has happened really… Few min after when he got down to the crowd to shake their hands, this thing happened which was just pure magic again…when he stood in front of me holding my hand I felt like the people around us-the concert crowd stood still-they just froze for a while… We were standing like that for a quite a while, as I can assume which got me really shy and thinking why he is still standing here as he meant to go on and shake hands with the rest of the people standing around us…I felt at this moment so peaceful, whole, mindful…Like the rest of the World wouldn’t exist… When he moved on to the person next to me I felt like I ‘came back’ to reality again…and pretended like nothing has happened. It felt like some kind of energy took over me in that moment… When he walked away I looked at him and he looked sad… Don’t know why…(the confused part was that we saw each other once before, shakes hands and nothing happened, why now year after, only after he got married???)
    I didn’t realise what has happened as I have never heard before about fireworks and ‘time stand still’ until 3 months after somehow ‘magically’ on YouTube one song just appeared on my screen which was ‘Come what may’-Moulin Rouge and thre was a intro clip before the song from a movie Big Fish which said “When you meet the love of your life time stops…” At that time I couldn’t believe my ears… From that time I finally believed that something happened that is out of this world… On top of that there was few moments in the last 10 years that was somehow connected-as I can now look back after reading this whole soul-connection that made me believe that he could be that twin-flame is all about… He wanted to kill himself on top of his ‘famous’ years as a musician and I remember about probably same time I had a dream that he wanted to jump into the water to end his life,I woke up crying in the middle of the night and saying that ‘he is OK’… I could link That incident with my dream 6 years after, when I heard his life story… I was in shock and thought, can this be real?!?!? And another part is that he wrote a song with the same title as I did-I am a musician as well- that is my purpose as I can see now… And the same few lines in a chorus… Same meaning. When I heard that song I was in shock, thinking he stole my song… Which isn’t true of course…
    Now as I read more and more about twin-flames and my ‘magical’ experiences I do believe that all this must be connected and real… Which is good as I thought at one point that I am going nuts or something, but I wasn’t fan anymore for the last 10 years so I didn’t thing I developed some kind of unrealistic ‘love’ for my idol.
    I went to his show few months after after hearing ‘Come what may’ song as I wanted to check if what has happened on the other one was real and not in my imagination as at the end of the day I am just a girl- his fan and what he-such a star has to do with me?!?! I guess more that I can even imagine… He noticed me in a 13th row or something and when the show was over he waved to say bye, he was actually looking at me in my seat but I didn’t wave, I was emotional… So somehow my hand went up ‘magically’ by itself to wave back to him… It felt like some energy waved back…
    I hope all that makes sense… As writing it, it makes me think, like this is what happens in a movies, but not in reality… Anyway.
    I only share this for the purpose of letting people know that there is something ‘magical’, more in this world that we can even imaging and that twin-flames as we can read do exist… He got married a year before all this happened, I remember reading his status on social network saying, ‘Not everything starts with a fireworks…” Isn’t this ironic?
    Please Elizabeth let me know what are your thought about all that… I would really appreciate your help to make me understand more about that.
    The only person I told this is my mom, as I. Like the hold in myself anymore… but if would take drugs or drink alcohol she would think I just got some as this make me sound to a normal person like I am nuts or in love with my idol…
    Looking forward to hear from you,
    It’s all real.


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Sande,

      I channelled quickly and was told he is not your twin flame. The heart is powerful when it comes to celebrities, especially when their songs or movies move us so deeply, so don’t be discouraged. The good news is that the Angels said you will meet your twin flame in this lifetime.

      Sending love and light,

      • Hi,
        Thank you for your answer.

        So what that was all about the time standing still and the fireworks,and all the ‘magic’ around it? you say that meant nothing? For sure it wasn’t in my head and only on my side…!? And it’s not about him being a celebrity… I don’t care about that, but I know what you are coming from… From your answer it seems like you are fed up of reading that someone is attracted to a celebrity, and it seems like your answer is saying “It’s an illusion, he is not the one”. As you can imaging you are not the first person I ask about that experience and I did read a lot about it and I am sorry to read your answer shame I even shared my story with you.

        All the best,

        • P.s I also wonder what kind of answer I would get if I wouldn’t say he is a celebrity… The most important thing is WHAT happened and not with WHO…

          It has been 3 years and I haven’t been to see his shows and won’t do so as I believe if we are destined to meet we will. And as you answer to someone above, I respect his vows… I believe in love and respect people’s choices and defo I would not want to break or even disturb someone’s marriage..and what happened than it wasn’t my choice… To me vows are too important…
          He communicated with me by the way…
          Also I am so grateful for his wife to save his soul and looking forward to see him having big family as he always wanted!

          Kind regards,

  96. Melissa LeBlanc says:

    In my case, I’ve been astrally talking to my twin flame since I was 10. It took me a while to learn the specifics, but the feeling was always strong. At the time I was too young to understand, and I had no knowledge of the magical world, so I simply thought my imagination was so strong that I had managed to conjure up a very realistic and independently thinking imaginary best friend. But then I delved into hypnosis, Astral travel, divination, and a bunch of other stuff – and hormones kicked in – and I realized he was a very real best friend, and a twin flame whom I’ve met in the past. A soul I want to be with forever. We’ve never been able to unite and have a happily ever after, and this is the first life in which I became aware of him before we’ve physically met, as far as I know. Now, I am in contact with his soul, and aware of it, but I’m not so sure if he is only subconsciously contacting me, or if he is also aware of it. I miss him greatly, and the Astral meetings are amazing, but if you could help me out, in terms of getting closer to meeting him physically or even just finding out more about his current physical version, I’d be forever grateful! I’m not trying to “cheat” to get us to meet faster, I’d just want to get to know him better or maybe even learn knew ways of contacting him or preparing myself for when we meet.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for sharing your story. How wonderful! I’ve channelled and understand that you won’t be with him in physical form. (He may not be in physical form at this time.) You’re communicating with his higher self. Enjoy this communication and your intimate connection. Your connection can become stronger with practice.

      • Melissa LeBlanc says:

        Hullo Elizabeth,
        Thank you so much for the reply, I’m sorry that I’m seeing this so late! So that I understand this clearly, you are saying that in this life, I will not be meeting him physically?
        Blessed be,

  97. Hello, I am also very much certain my twin flame is famous. Though we seem a whole world apart, I’ve noticed that in spirit we’ve become closer. I suppose my questions would be, are there key signs like similarities in appearance other than the opposite sex. Such as matching palmistry or eye colours? Also, this particular person seems to have had many more adventures which I am certain would manifest into reality should we meet. I don’t particularly detect much age difference between us, so the closer you get to them, is the mirror aspect more defined? I also sense we’ve been through the same trials, only, he seems to be playing the hero role and in spirit I reward him with positive thoughts, so, how will I know when the timing is right to meet them in physical form? That’s probably my biggest inquiry. Thanks for this magnificent post! I hope to get some sort of positive answer. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Crystal,

      If you read through the comments, you’ll see a lot of people wonder if celebrities are their twin flame. Certainly some celebrities probably are. However, the public person and the private person are usually quite different. We can fall in love with an actor who’s playing a role we love, then find out when we meet them, they’re nothing like the character they portrayed.

      I just channelled and the famous person you’re thinking about is not your twin flame. However, twin flames are on your mind because you will meet yours in physical form in this life. Simply stay open, always come from a place of love, and enjoy the adventure!

      In Love & Light,

  98. I have severe depression and recently it faded but now it’s back again. One day I was sitting in my room and I just got this image of someone in my head. I feel kind of connected to them and I really wish to meet them. I have no idea of this is just my mind being evil and telling me that there’s someone waiting or if there’s actually a person I’m connected to. Can you catch a glimpse of your twin flame in your mind? When I saw him it seemed like he was in pain just like me. I could also tell he was calm (unlike me) and a few other things. Again, I’m afraid this is just my mind telling me that there’s hope but I want to know if he’s real and if I can find him.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Alexis,

      Thank you for sharing your story. Depression can be treated. I overcame a lifetime of anxiety and depression with hypnosis and also the following course was empowering and liberating:

      Everyone has a twin soul. You are no exception. Yes, you can connect with your twin soul energetically in any given moment. They are always trying to connect with you!

      If your twin has reincarnated into the same lifetime, they’re here physically. Whether they’re here physically or not, either way, their non-physical spirit self is more real than you can imagine. When you really tune-in.

      Speaking to spirit is like praying.
      Meditating is listening.

      Go into trance and simply open your mind. Listen, feel, sense, and see through your mind’s eye. Just be open to receive. With practice, you can increasingly feel your twin flame’s love both emotionally and eventually physically.

      When I’ve lost my keys, go into trance, and then he pushes me to exactly where my keys are.

      Does this sound impossible? One of my long term clients last night confessed she was having the same experiences I was having and wondered if she was going crazy. Of course she’s not. We’re spirits having a human body. The body is temporary. The soul is eternal. Our twin soul’s non-physical higher-self is very real, filled with unconditional love, reaching out to you, loving, guiding and supporting you. Trust, trust, trust.

      Learn to meditate, to tune-in, to more easily feel their presence, and their love.

      Wishing you peace and full connection with your twin soul. It’s time for twin souls to connect!


  99. Hi

    I know that this article is 2 years old. I hope you’re still active on this website.
    I have a question.

    I fell in love with my best friend who is not single. When it happened it was something I’ve never ever felt before. I’ve been in love many times before. But the love I started feeling for her was through every part of my mind and body. It’s like if I had to die over and over again for her happiness, so be it. I explained my feelings for her. She listened, she cared a lot. But the problem is the 7 year relationship she has with someone else isn’t her only one. Three years ago she started another relationship with someone whom she believes is her soul mate. She’s dating both of them now and only the second one knows of her 1st one. From what I hear from her about the 2nd one, I feel like he’s her twin flame. But I can’t help but feel like she’s MY twin flame. All the signs that I read online are between both him and her and then me and her too. If you understand what is happening can you please explain this. This issue driving me crazy. I have asked her to tell me every little detail about her relationship with him from day one, so I can figure out if he’s her twin flame. But I haven’t told her that I feel that she’s my twin flame. (Yes she knows how I feel for her but I discovered about twin flames just a week ago). Plus, if it helps you to understand, a few weeks after I first met her I automatically started asking questions about my existence and started meditating. Then we both started meditating, not together, she started by herself. And I started by myself. Later we both found out that we started it. We have been best friends for years now and have been meditating for years. I can’t tell her that shes my twin flame without knowing for sure. Because if I’m wrong, she will think that being in love with her is harming my mentality to believe unrealistic connections with her and she will leave me for my own good. (We both have tried twice to say goodbye because I’m suffering being in love with her, but we couldn’t stay without each other). We are still best friends. Meditation had helped me to be happy for her and live in peace with my feelings for her. But since I discovered twin flames, I am suffering even more.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you for sharing your story and for your question.

      If you’re suffering in a relationship, then perhaps you might study the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of “Detachment.” We hurt ourselves by holding on to that which is hurtful. When we let go or “detach” we don’t suffer anymore. If you can manage your feelings and hold on without suffering, then you’ve emotionally detached. If you haven’t, you can train yourself to do this.

      If you read-on about twin flames, you’ll realize they’re not primarily about romance. The initial romantic explosion helps you to identify a twin flame. However, the reunion is about positively impacting the world. It’s about the greater good. How is your relationship positively impacting the world?

      I just channelled and the Angels said the person you’re describing is not your twin flame.

      Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!

  100. Hopefully I’m not too late either, as I need help desperately. Me and mine been together many lives, we were together in Atlantis and it was us getting away, fighting evil and made sure the artifacts and records were safe. I remember us coming to South America. I remember it all, and about Atlantis, before that etc. We were high priest/ess. We were promised to come together and find the stuff again in this “end” time so we can help humanity and prepare for the new golden age.

    I’ve seen him haunting me since childhood with his blue eyes and Atlantean hood but that’s all I saw. I have always felt him strongly. He promised me, back then, he’ll find me here at the end but, no sight I think..

    I met a man, saw lots of signs, there was recognition, so I thought, lots of rememberings, when we hug, we melt in bliss, but him being from a troubled childhood, he can’t endure it for long. He’s been my very best friend until his past and past lives karma got the better of him and he turned on me and became someone I don’t know at all. Now I’m doubting its him despite connection and melting, which is confusing.

    I need to know, is it him or not?

    I have made contact with my twin flame back then his name was Iltar. He’s visiting me and there are contact but it hurts to know that he’s not here. So how do I find him?
    Were supposed to go to South America and do what we came to do in the end of this eon and its pretty real. I have all the memories intact, all I need is to rise up and get back. I’ve never seen anything from over there but when I did, on youtube I saw all I’ve seen in visions, dreams and memories even him making our special signs and its me and him on it, i remember him doing it. But it makes me cry even more as i so wanna do what we set to do and hes not here, and hes supposed to. So, where is he? Or can he be waiting there? I need to know. For the sake of humanity. Not so much for me even though its painful feel and see yet not.

    The other man has stopped speaking to me for a year yet living in the same house and is suffering a lot mentally emotionally and physically because of past karma and childhood to the point he throws up basically every night. I’m not sure how much is ignorance, but i think a big part of it is pain. Im reduced to his caretaker. But ive lost trust in him due to how he behaved towards me. I’m puzzled about the melting and the 180 degree turnaround in his behavior towards me and whom he is.

    But my twin, I must find him, so we can do what we came to do. We were promised back then to do this and find the stuff as were the same people. So I know its real. But where is he? Is he looking for me too? Hes not my current, is he?

    Thank you


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Helene,

      Thank you for sharing your story. Looks like the beginnings of a book about your experiences. You voiced several questions so I’d be happy to assist you in a channelled reading.


  101. Hello,
    I loved this, re-read a few parts; responses to posts that stuck with me, such as that a twin flame does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. I am married with two small children, and became aware, it took me a long time to be able to accept that, not only is he not my soul mate (though I had stopped believing in soul mates a long time ago; I had begun to believe marriage was about two people who want to share a life together, and are willing to do the work needed for their relationship, and change with each other, support, encourage each other. But that this could be done with different people that you’ve met at a time you were both open to this). That is not to say that I didn’t believe there are people, like minded people, that we may connect well with. I learned awhile ago that my husband is very verbally abusive, sometimes physically, but I was never until recently able to admit that we could not make it work, as long as we were both committed to making it work. I also promised myself that I would always put my children’s best interests first, always ahead of mine, because I chose their happiness as more important than my being unhappy in my marriage, & promised myself that, if he only hurt me, never in front of them, & more importantly, never hurt them, that I could go through hell & back for their happiness. I vowed though if he ever lay a hand on them, I would leave before he could even say, “wait,” or anything else. He’s involved so many people without my knowledge , my own family, telling them that I was too depressed to take care of myself or the kids, & my parents believed him, which was crushing, but he has the most convincing way about him, as I certainly learned, & i had not involved my family, so they had only been hearing from him. The first time I called them, asking if I could come home, with my kids, they turned me away, saying they knew I had been down, he was taking good care of me, & the kids, & that I needed him. They also do not believe in divorce, very religiously believing that you never leave a marriage, no matter what. Things have not become better, I’ve developed some kind of serious autoimmune illness, which is chronic, & anytime things are stressful, I can become so sick, I have been unable to get out of bed. This is of course tied to the mind body connection, or course, but also was diagnosed with lab work, & some of my sisters also suffer from some variation of it, but none of them as seriously. I’m sorry that that was long, & seemingly unrelated. But I am leading to the relation, I promise! I was stuck in bed one weekend, & trying to learn as much as I could about meditation, healing tones, binaural beats, & anything else I hoped would help me heal. I was reading about meditation, while my television was on, right after I had watched something about meditation, a Ted talk began. I was slightly paying attention to web pages, flipping through when I suddenly stopped in my tracks upon a few words from the speaker of the Ted talk. I was stunned as he was saying something I had just been saying to someone, something I had been thinking about, thinking about life. So I stopped what I was doing, just stunned, & looked up. I say there listening, only becoming more & more blown away. I just kept thinking, what is this? These are things, almost verbatim, I had been thinking out loud about in the last days, weeks, year. More even. It was as though someone shared my brain, or had heard everything I’ve ever even just thought to myself. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. My heart was greatly moved. Ironically as I write that I realize that is someone from HeartMath, who was talking about how at three years old, he had an experience, life changing, involving the heart, & he knew at a young age he wanted to work with the heart, & what struck me also was that he was saying he also knew that he wanted to devote his life on this & always giving back to the world. I did not feel any kind of romantic feelings, I truly believed that we must be kindred spirits. While knowing likely we’d never meet, I was so incredibly happy to know of someone that I felt could have been a great friend had we met, & happy to know he’s out there. It also made me realize that, if I could hear someone talking on tv that I felt connected to even without knowing him, it made me realize that it be exists, then I’ll remain hopeful of actually meeting a kindred spirit some day, & will hope to be as moved by them as I was by this man on the tv, & hope that maybe if they find me kindred too, maybe I will move them as well maybe even meet a twin flame, & maybe find a purpose together, one I hope will be meaningful, wonderful to someone in the world. I don’t feel the need to find romantic love, I feel that a kindred spirit, & the kind of love that a twin flame must feel is everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I long for so much in my life now. I think to the people wondering about same sex twin flames, I cannot think that gender is a matter, & as the beautiful article also mentioned, age wouldn’t matter either, if the meeting of mind, soul, spirit, heart, are your twin flame, the beauty is in finding that, & that is more beautiful truly the most beautiful thing to experience, with outer looks, age, gender, seeking to me to be superfluous, surface descriptions, but the attraction will be from within. Thank you so much for this article. I feel like I’m regaining hope for some kind of future, of still being able to meet someone some day that I will share the most important things of life with.

  102. Alright, here goes nothing

    Last year, I was at a convention of sorts, and I had a weird experience. I won’t go into detail, but basically: there was this guy, we met eyes, I immediately had an internal freak-out and looked away and adamantly refused to look back. It sounds mega cliche but it was probably like getting struck by lightning or something, I had such a strong reaction. For the rest of the day, we kept stealing glances at each other and it all felt so intense?? But we were both shy; the convention-of-sorts came and went and nothing happened.

    That should’ve been the end of it, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t (can’t) get him out of my head. This has never happened to me before—I’m not really a romantic type. I can easily analyze and differentiate between kinds of attraction but this was. Something else. There’s this deeper layer to my attraction to this one person that I know I’ve never experienced before?

    I came across him again at the same convention-of-sorts earlier this year, and spotted him immediately; again, it was intense, and I pretended I didn’t notice him the entire event haha. But I think he noticed me too, and there was this tension—which I can’t be sure about, but I think I’m good at picking up on those subtle energies. Nothing happened again, but we’ll both be at this same convention again real soon, and I feel like the events of this past year (some rough patches and a lot of spiritual growth and awakenings) have been in some way preparing me for this?

    But I’m constantly questioning myself and the legitimacy of this. I know I’m good at reading relationship energies and I know what soul mates and such feel like; I’ve met a number of strong ones. This is, again, different. I also think I’m a more mature soul than most, somehow (esp considering my young age), and thus more able to handle this kind of connection, so part of me wonders. I’ve been seeing more synchronicities recently too—including an 11:11 just a few hours ago while thinking about him.

    Oh, and there’s another part—I have these original characters (like story characters, but they just kind of live in my head), and I feel like one of them might be connected to him in some way. Is it possible that a character that I create could reflect a twin flame? The same way people dream of their TF? Especially because my connection to this character is particularly strong.

    Any help on this one?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Juliet,

      I quickly channeled and the Angels suggested that this was a past-life connection you might consider acting on, as there is something unresolved between you that needs healing. The feelings are “the push” you requested before you were born. The intensity of the feelings have helped you to identify a relationship with unfinished business that needs finishing, in this case.

      Wishing you great success Juliet!


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Juliet,

      I quickly channeled and the Angels suggested that this was a past-life connection you might consider acting on, as there is something unresolved between you that needs healing. The feelings are “the push” you requested before you were born. The intensity of the feelings have helped you to identify a relationship with unfinished business that needs finishing, in this case.

      Wishing you great success Juliet!


  103. A couple of months ago, I was attending a friend’s wedding and one of her cousins came for the wedding. He is from a different country. I was just standing there, I caught sight of him, and we both locked eyes. It felt like hours when in reality it was probably seconds. We never spoke to each other but he remained close to me, looking at me. I had a strange feeling of anticipation. It was very intense. After the wedding, we parted ways and he went back to his country. I thought it was a one-time thing and it was just a strange attraction. Then, I dreamed of him. In the first dream I had with him, he was wearing a bright white shirt (I don’t know why I remembered the colour of his shirt) and he was encouraging me to go up a stairway. He was in front of me, leading the way.. then I was alone on the stairway and he was down the stairs, telling me to keep going. The next time I dreamed about a lot of clocks on the wall and everywhere I looked there was a clock and the time on all the clocks was 11:11. In the dream I was wondering why I was seeing this and when I turned around …there he was wearing a white shirt (I never saw him in white in reality). In the dream, it clicked that he was my soulmate. I don’t know If he’s just a soulmate or my TF.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your dream. Everything in a dream is you. Your attitude (white shirt) means you seek perfection, but being a perfectionist is preventing you from using your heart (clock). I wonder what prevented you from chatting with the man you were attracted to? You’re being asked to use your individuality and creativity and be yourself, rather than follow the crowd (11:11), but these numbers may also suggest you’re also being a little selfish regarding the subject of the dream.
      Lots to ponder.

  104. I think we are all searchers of love. We express it by the images we are shown through movies and media. There is no getting away from these patterns we have installed and have been programmed into us unless our conscious awareness allows us to deactivate them.
    This said. We all speak with our twins. I never knew of this until I had a feeling of being programmed one evening when I woke up. I was shown images of a type of woman. I have been dating many African women these past 10 years but this image shows Italian woman or Latino. Which I don’t usually go for. I feel this was a gift from the universe to help me get through my awakening. When does one know they are truly awake or still waking up? Can you tell me?
    I am a gay woman. I know my twin is a woman and before truly undertaking any of this I found a rush of intensity at night, my body heat soared. I woke up wet and found myself in a waking state being with her.
    I am still on my new awakened journey. I am only 1 year into it. I try to forget her, leave it alone, get on with what is. Stop the delusions and romantic thought clusters that present themselves, yet I wake and it is like she doesn’t want me to forget.
    It is very odd and I am wondering what it all means. Is the universe preparing me for a meeting? Is it a test to see I can give her up to acquire a more ascended status?
    Your insight would greatly help.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Gillian,

      Thank you for your interesting story. Congratulations! You’ve achieved what many people dream of.

      The veil between the spirit world and physical world is getting very thin. Think of your twin soul more as the invisible woman than some ghostly spirit. She can (and will) get somewhat physical with you, in a loving way. You must have been ready, spiritually ready, for this reunion to happen. The reunion is forever.

      You can experiment with this. For example, try standing in the middle of an empty floor, close your eyes, and you might find yourself danced around the room. It’s happened to some of my clients who completed Full Immersion into Spirit.

      Learn to meditate/self-hypnotize and go deep into trance. Blank-out and wait for her to chat with you. Just in case, I went into trance and channelled to see if you had a negative spirit attaching itself to you. Ha! I had laugh because your twin soul came through, was overjoyed I’d reached out. Reach out to her. She’s right there, always.

      You’re a spirit having a human experience. Your twin soul is here to help you through that experience. Learn to connect and enjoy!


  105. I have had the same reoccurring dream of me being on stage in front of a large audience with a faceless man in an arena. I just turned 30, and I’ve had this dream ever since I was in my early 20s.
    We are both sitting in two wooden bar stool chairs, close together, and he is playing an acoustic guitar, and I am singing. Our chemistry is amazing!!! He has long black hair, tattoos and a rocker vibe. My soulmate is white. I am black.
    *I am a singer and I have aspirations of having my own band since I was a child. I am currently working towards this as a career now.

    I also have had a different dream of him in the past before. We were together and our toddler son was running around. I spoke his name, a name that I want to name my actual first born son in the natural, and I could see my son’s face, but my soulmates face was still blurred. My son had long curly brown hair.

    Last night, I dreamt of him again. This time his face was not blurred, but was still hidden at first. He was with a group of friends and myself, that I have never met before, but his face was hidden by a newspaper. Later on in the dream, I could see his beautiful lips and pale skin, and he was talking to me. His long hair was pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses that I want to buy in the natural. I was super attracted to him in the dream even though he was expressing to me that he was jealous of a relationship I had with one our guy friends and I couldn’t understand why.

    I am very in tune and have had many prophetic dreams and they have occurred, as well as foreseen things in visions. I am anxious about my soulmate though because I really want to meet the faceless musician who no man has ever measured up to. I’ve been single the majority of my life, with the exception of one failed short-term relationship, because I am waiting patiently for him.

    My question, is there a time span with first seeing your soulmate in a dream to actually conjoining with them in waking life?

    Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you Nikki.
      Reoccurring dreams tell you that you’re not getting the message from the dream.
      You being on stage in front of a large audience is about reaching delivering a message to a wide audience about what’s going on in the world. A faceless man in an arena means you’re facing a conflict, either within yourself, or with men in general. It’s impacting your colon and repressing your ability as a channel. Singing in a dream means you’re a channel. However, it may also mean you’re meant to sing professionally. Black hair means you’re fearful of being a channel or singer. Black is fear. Hair is thought. Perhaps you fear what others will think of you.

      If you’re prophetic, then you’ll know the difference between a regular dream and a prophetic dream. In a vision, perhaps in a dream too, when faces are blurred, you haven’t met the person in this life. When the face becomes clear, it means you’ll meet them soon.

      The newspaper means you have a counselling ability that needs to come to light. The sunglasses mean you’re not yet seeing what the dream’s been trying to tell you, that you can start using your heightened intuition.

      This “soulmate” may be symbolic of you because everything in a dream is you. The dream symbols are telling you to release your fears. However, if it’s prophetic, and you would know if it is, then I wish you great success in that relationship, when it comes to light!

      In my experience, I’ve never been able to tell from visions or dreams “when” something’s supposed to happen. As Jesus says, “Trust, trust, trust!” Just stay on your path, be courageous, and step into your magnificence.



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