How to Find Your Twin Flame

Love&Joy“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” Jalal ad-Din Rumi

How to find your twin flame? 

It’s quite simple.  Your twin soul will find you when you’re ready.  You’re permanently connected in the non-physical realm of spirit so you each know where your other half is, at least on a subconscious level.

You will have encountered your twin flame here and there over many lifetimes.  However, when you finally reunite permanently, it will be your final sojourn on Earth.  The twin flame union is the path to ascension.  It is not about marriage in physical form.  To ascend is to return to source and for this, you must become whole again through learning, growing and healing.  Once this happens, you’ll be lighter, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  When you’re both light enough, you’ll reunite to become one again.  Of course, it’s not that simple.  As you work to let go of fear, and come from a place of love, you must also help the world to lighten-up in the same way.

Where do you look for your twin flame?

To find your twin flame, simply look within.  The work you do to reconnect to a twin flame is all work on the self.  Your twin will find you when you’re both healed in every sense of the word.

Many of my clients request channelled readings to connect with their twin flames.  My hypnosis clients go into trance to connect with their twin souls on the astral plane.

Until you’re ready to transcend the physical world of suffering, your connection with your twin flame may be fleeting, or may not happen in this lifetime.

What is the path to ascension?

There are many prophesies.  The Bible is a good place to start.  Buddhism is another.  The path to ascension is the path of love that leads back to Source, God, Elohim, JHWH, Jahweh, and that is through ascended masters like Jesus and Buddha, the Angels, and God.

In information derived from Edgar Cayce’s channeled teachings, the A.R.E. writes, “Is our destiny to find and be reunited with some other special soul?” Such is not the point of view in the Cayce material. They refer to Jesus’ teaching that, in the heavenly kingdom, we are neither married nor given in marriage. As helpful as marriage relationships may be in the earth, beyond this material domain, it is our destiny to find wholeness within our own souls. If one must think in terms of being destined to ultimate union with some other soul, then think of that other soul as the Christ Soul. One reading made the point this way: “But know, the soul is rather the soul-mate of the universal consciousness than of an individual entity.” (2988-2)

Lots to think about!

Elizabeth Rose