How to Predict Your Future

“The best way to predict the future
is to create it.” Alan Kay   

Thoughts are things so in every waking moment, you are creating your reality. Simple and straight-forward, isn’t it?

Well, maybe it’s a little more complicated than that.

For years, you might have worked hard to think mostly happy thoughts. Perhaps you repeated positive affirmations like, “I’m happy and healthy, happily married and wealthy,” yet the joy, love or money didn’t arrive.

What’s the problem?

If your subconscious mind is burdened with an undercurrent of negative emotions (e.g. loneliness, fear, or anger), it can create more of what you don’t want. Research has shown that humans operate from their subconscious mind 95% of the time. In other words, we’re sleep-walking through life and on auto-pilot, without realizing it. In contrast, your conscious mind functions only 5% of the time, maybe less.


In addition to your subconscious mind dictating your future, there’s karma. Karma refers to the idea that intentional actions have consequences, both in this life and in future lives. It is karma that leads to rebirth. Most people caught in the karmic cycle of reincarnation have been “born again” in order to heal past life insults, wounds or traumas. Because of karma from previous lifetimes, daunting challenges can appear inexplicably in otherwise happy lives. When this happens, it’s important to take a moment and recognize that these added complexities are really life lessons and growth opportunities.

When you transcend the physical world of suffering, you break the karmic cycle. Then, you can ascend to a much higher level of consciousness. At that point, negative relationships, outdated thought and behavior patterns will simply fall away.

People who have healed much of their karma, likely over thousands of lifetimes, will soon find themselves on the dharmic or spiritual path.

Karma is about the five senses so people on this path may experience a more physical than spiritual reality, and may not understand spirituality, nor comprehend the people who are on the dharmic path.

Thankfully Jesus, Buddha, and other Ascended Masters have provided volumes of dharma guidance in the New Testament, Buddhist Sutras, and other teachings, on how to connect with the Creator, how to love unconditionally, and alleviate the suffering of all.

Why Not Clear Your Karmic Debts?

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing erase karma. Unlike most hypnotists, I channel healing, hypnosis, and messages, all at the same time. Through this process, my clients tell me that they’ve released deep-rooted layers of anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, guilt, or shame and their life has improved. The channelling clears negative thoughts, out-dated behaviour patterns, and erases karma, which means you don’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over again in other lifetimes!

As a result of this process, the deep healing helps you feel better plus clears room for your spiritual gifts to come in. Many of my Skype clients and Full Immersion Intensive graduates have said they felt more relaxed and lighthearted. Husbands and wives have commented that their spouses seemed happier, lighter or brighter. Some clients attracted new soul mates or twin flames into their lives. Other clients started working as direct channels and energy healers themselves.

After completing Full Immersion Intensive, several clients opened their own healing centers, including Krista Moore who created “” in Toronto and Theresa Walton and Barbara Stillman who will launch “Trancension” in Rothesay, New Brunswick.  Very exciting!

Last week, I thoroughly enjoyed channelling and teaching Dream Interpretation at Krista Moore Miracles. This summer, I very much look forward to channelling and teaching at Trancension in Rothesay!

When your spirit heals, you erase karma, and your future
just gets brighter and brighter!



  1. I was reading your recent blog on erasing karma and Full Immersion into Spirit which you taught me and I now teach, when I came to your kind mention of my healing centre in Toronto! Thank you Elizabeth for quite a ride. I highly recommend Elizabeth and her life changing work!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      You’re so welcome! Thank you for taking that wild ride with me and becoming Fully Immersed into Spirit!

      In Light, Love and Laughter!